Chapter 965: Sword Piercing Through, Defeating the Giant

Ending in two techniques?

Mo Ling could no longer speak such arrogant works. His face was ashen and serious, and he was suppressing the burning anger in his heart.

“Stamp him to pieces!!” Mo Ling roared.

The Tai Mountain Giant’s body suddenly squatted down before it leaped into the air, transforming into a Tai Mountain in the clouds. It smashed in the direction of the White Nightmare!

The White Nightmare used Displacement Specter, teleporting several times and appearing outside of the area covered by the Tai Mountain.

However, the area of attack encompassed by the Tai Mountain wasn’t merely the area in which it would land. Indeed, when it did land, it created a huge energy blast of sand that proliferated around Wanxiang City!! 

The White Nightmare was instantly knocked up by the energy and out of the barrier, buried in the thick powder. 

The Tai Mountain Giant’s attack hadn’t ended. After landing, it raised its enormous leg and stamped on the ground. Instantly, sharp rock spikes split open the ground and rose up in a straight line right towards the buried White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare wasn’t able to crawl out of the sand dune before being knocked several thousand meters into the air by the sharp spikes. Its silver white body was incomparably small in comparison to these spikes.


The Tai Mountain Giant gave an angry roar. It opened its right palm and all of the sand on the ground began to rapidly gather, instantly forming a terrifying Tai Mountain Hammer! 

The Tai Mountain Giant roared, and the Tai Mountain Hammer was launched through the air!!

A sandstorm surrounded the warhammer, creating a tornado spiral in the air as it flew towards the stunned White NIghtmare in the air. 

Seeing the Tai Mountain Hammer fly across, Chu Mu’s heart clenched. This was clearly its ultimate technique. 

Promptly, Chu Mu stopped the White Nightmare from restraining itself, and he hastily had it use a dominator rank technique! 

“Worldly Devil Sword Array!” 

By the time the White Nightmare managed to stabilize itself in the air, the Tai Mountain Hammer was imminent. It was impossible to dodge. 

After hearing Chu Mu’s order, it immediately began to chant.

The silver white devil flames began to separate from its body, spreading around it before slowly expanding. 

The silver white ball of flame gradually took form, morphing into scorching hot silver white devil swords!

Each devil sword was several thousand meters long, towering between the heaven and earth. Such an imposing majesty of swords reaching from the clouds to the ground couldn’t help but make those outside the barrier tremble in fear! 

Beauty, evil, and reverence. The appearance of the Worldly Devil Swords made the Tai Mountain Giant’s sandstorm Tai Mountain Hammers pale in comparison. Indeed, the Worldly Devil Sword Array was a genuine dominator rank technique! 


The Tai Mountain Hammer smashed into the Worldly Devil Sword Array, emitting the sound of metals colliding. The sound echoed through the city!!

Sand covered the skies as the Tai Mountain Hammer seemed to shatter the heavens. People could see that all rays of light were swallowed by the sand energy, transforming the area into a sandy dusk, layering their hearts with a terrifying shadow. 

The barrier could no longer hold up defensively. Cracks began to appear before it quickly shattered. 

The moment it shattered, everyone could feel the true aura of the Tai Mountain Hammer. Those with weak soul remembrance even kneeled on the ground as their legs were shaking so bad they couldn’t stand. 

A sweep of one’s eyes and outside the barrier a huge number had fallen to the ground with extremely pale faces! 

However, the terror didn’t stop here. In the dusky sky, the bright silver white devil flames continued to occupy their original space. Despite the might of the world-destroying Tai Mountain hammer, the Worldly Devil Sword Array towered there unmoving! 

The devil sword array began to spin. Shocking cracks could be clearly seen on each devil sword.     

However, these cracks didn’t mean that the devil sword had lost its original might. Instead, they resembled cracks left from years of fighting, making the swords seem even more fiendish and baleful! 


The White Nightmare let out an extremely sharp devil cry. 

Instantly, nine Worldly Devil Swords began to emit otherworldly hums as they all locked onto the Tai Mountain Giant! 

Long devil flames were left in the paths of these swords as they streaked across the sky. It was so beautiful and imposing that it made people forget to breathe! 

Mo Ling raised his head, and sank into a panic. 

He never expected that after being able to withstand the destructive attack of the Tai Mountain Hammer, the White Nightmare would be able to instantly retaliate. Moreover, the weapons that were retaliating were the Worldly Devil Swords that had blocked the Tai Mountain Hammer! 

The first sword pierced towards the Tai Mountain Giant’s chest. The Tai Mountain Giant reached out its hands, and grabbed onto the enormous devil swords. 

The devil swords had very powerful forces of impact, and the Tai Mountain Giant that grabbed the flying devil swords slid backwards. 

Its arms were taut, and only after sliding back a long distance was it finally able to neutralize the devil sword’s power, crushing it to pieces. 

The first devil sword transformed into countless wisps of flame that gently fell. 

However, before the Tai Mountain Giant could put out the devil flames that had caught onto its hands, a spatial fluctuation appeared above its head. A devil sword, like the blade of an executioner, terrifyingly hung above its head before speeding up as it slashed down!! 

The Tai Mountain Giant slid back in panic. The terrifying Worldly Devil Sword sliced down the side of its face before piercing the sandy ground in an upright position. The length of the sword was equivalent to the Tai Mountain giant!   

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

The devil flames dissipated. Although the Tai Mountain Giant had dodged the devil sword’s pierce, it was caught by the devil flames around it! 

Mo Ling wiped the sweat on his forehead, as he fearfully looked at the terrifying devil sword. He was about to use soul remembrance to detect the location of the other devil swords when he suddenly discovered that the Tai Mountain Giant was violently trembling. Immediately after, he heard it let out a loud miserable cry!!!


Mo Ling looked down in shock, and abruptly discovered that a devil sword had pierced the Tai Mountain Giant from the middle of its back to its stomach. In a ghastly fashion, it had pierced all the way through its body! 

This third devil sword had appeared pretty much at the same time the second sword did. Thus, when the Tai Mountain Giant dodged backwards, this devil sword had noiselessly pierced it!

Mo Ling’s attention had been solely on the second devil sword; however, those watching from a distance could clearly see Chu Mu’s second and third devil swords appear, without a warning, like the death god himself! 

There were a total of nine swords. If the first three were so frightening, would the Tai Mountain Giant be able to survive the last six considering that they didn’t fly in conventional trajectories? 

The fourth devil sword wasn’t gaudy at all. It appeared in front of the Tai Mountain Giant, slashing at its body. 

The Tai Mountain Giant was barely able to use its arms to block, but the mixed in darkness effect in the sword made it so that the Tai Mountain Giant’s defenses were no longer absolute! 

This sword’s slash caused the Tai Mountain Giant to let out another anguished roar. Its arms and body exerted energy as it was knocked far away! 

The fifth devil sword pierced its chest. The chest was where it had the thickest armor, and the devil sword was unable to successfully pierce through. 

However, the sixth devil sword also aimed at its chest. The armor there was shattered, leaving everything bare! 

The seventh sword, under everyone’s watch, pierced its chest!!

Now, there were two devil swords burning with violent flames that had pierced its body. Such a scene was inconceivable! 


The eighth devil sword pierced towards its knees! 

The Tai Mountain Giant was finally unable to bear this attack, and its mountain-like body fell backwards, crashing heavily onto the ground! 


An enormous sound rang out across the city. Once it fell, it was unlikely that it would stand back up.

Yet, things still hadn’t ended as the ninth sword appeared! 

Above the handle of the ninth devil sword, a silver white Nightmare was chillingly standing there in arrogance. When it cracked a merciless smile, the devil swords transformed into the light of a death that pierced straight down at the Tai Mountain Giant’s head!! 


As the terrifying devil sword descended, the Tai Mountain Giant was barely able to extend a hand to block in front of it. 

However, the devil sword pierced through its hand and into its head, nailing it to the sandy city ground!! 

“Weng weng~~~~~~~”

The entire city district was deathly silent. The only thing that could be heard was the echo of the sword’s hum! 

Outside the shattered barrier, several tens of thousands of soul pet trainers, each with different statuses and from different factions, had the same expression. It was one of fright and shock!!

The Tai Mountain Giant had fallen!! 

The Tai Mountain Giant that could practically sweep through humanity had unexpectedly lost! Moreover, it had lost to a White Nightmare and a young man!!

The Tai Mountain Giant was as large as a mountain. Although it was far away in the barrier, it seemed so close. Yet, the Worldly Devil Swords were even more majestic and imposing. Each sword was several thousand meters long and looked as shocking as frozen lightning. 

This enormous scene occupied everyone’s vision, making their breathing feel oppressed. 

Yet, who present was willing to believe that the scene in front of them was a reality? 

Soul Alliance’s Bin Liao and the poison woman were frozen, as they stared in shock at the three devil swords pierced through the Tai Mountain Giant. 

What had collapsed wasn’t only the Tai Mountain Giant but also the deep-rooted idea that the Tai Mountain Giant was undefeatable. It wasn’t merely an idea, but a truth to them! 

Yet, now, their truth had been absolutely destroyed!! 

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