Chapter 964: Is this person really Chu Fangchen?

"This… this real? Did the Tai Mountain giant’s defense just get broken this easily?” The scathing woman in thick makeup stared in disbelief at the massive wounds on the tai mountain giant.

Every evil slash reached a few kilometers in range, and this was after being compressed. When these cracks appeared on the tai mountain giant’s body, it seemed much more shocking and obvious, visible to everyone!

Bin Liao was also shocked. Tai Mountain Giant had an insurmountable defense. Its true power was its thick defense, so how could it get ripped apart in a single hit?

When everyone was shocked, the silver white devil again attacked. Its phantom body quickly darted through the clouds, leaving a floating glob of fire every time it pivoted directions!

The fire globs slowly connected, and became a massive fire cloud that shrouded the tai mountain giant’s overhead, burning severely.

Tai mountain giant’s massive pupils were filled with rage. This rage rolled in its pupils like molten lava!

Suddenly, Tai Mountain Giant extended an arm, and slammed it towards the silver white fire clouds in the sky!


A frightening mountain appeared from tai mountain giant’s palm that quickly morphed into a rock snake, rolling through the raging silver white flames!

The rock snake flew through the sky, and chased after white nightmare who was putting down its devil flame territory.

White nightmare looked at the mountain-range-sized rock snake but only laughed.

White Nightmare stood in place and stared at the massive being, slowly extending a palm.

The flames on its palm faded back and revealed a wind cave!

The wind cave seemed to only be the size of its palm, yet strangely, when the huge rock snake collided with it, it fell head first into the wind cave, getting its entire body devoured!

In a few short seconds, the giant snake disappeared from the sky. This bizarre scene caused Mo Ling’s expression to become even worse.

“Give it back!” Chu Mu gave a command from afar.

White Nightmare’s palm tightened. After getting Chu Mu’s command, it smiled wide and slowly lifted its palm, reversing the wind cave!!

“Long long!!!!!!!!!”

The sound of rolling stones were like strikes of thunder. When the wind cave was reversed, from the strange palm space came a silver white devil flame burning rock snake darting out!!

Silver white devil flames covered its body. When its massive mountain-like body reappeared in the sky, it suppressed everyone outside the barrier. They stared as the unbreakable devil flame snake dragged out a long arc through the sky and collided straight into the tai mountain giant!!

Because the tai mountain giant was so massive, it meant it had nearly no dodging power. Seeing its rock snake get sent back with devil flames, the tai mouintain giant could only quickly block its head using its arms.


The rock snake landed heavily onto Tai Mountain giant’s body. The tai mountain giant’s body was constantly knocked back by its own power, causing its body to slide to the edge of the barrier, shattering the barrier to barely stop its backpedalling.

Its chest was clearly caved in and breaking. The tai mountain giant had many small cracks covering its body now, looking very sorry.

“Damnit!!!” Mo Ling’s face was steely.

He finally knew why this youngman dared to challenge him. Clearly, he was relying on a similar near dominator rank white nightmare!

Watching the silver white devil in the sky, Mo Ling’s heart was filled with jealousy and anger. Why did a twenty something year old young man have such a powerful soul pet? How did he get such power? One had to know that barely anyone in all of the human realm stepped into that realm!!

“I, Mo Ling, cannot allow any person to defy and anger me!” Mo Ling yelled out furiously, commanding tai mountain giant to charge at White Nightmare!

End hero Mo Ling, with tai mountain giant, indeed wasn’t someone that could be easily messed with. However, Chu Mu wasn’t easily messed with either.

Daring to be so arrogant in front of the gates of soul palace, who else would Chu Mu beat up?

Today, end hero Mo Ling was going down!

“White Nightmare, devil flame tsunami!”

White Nightmare sent up flame clouds in the sky that just weren’t for decoration. When Chu Mu gave the command, White Nightmare extended a hand, and pointed at the massive flaming cloud in the sky.


Like a king commanding his army to charge forth from behind him, after White Nightmare let out this cry, the flaming cloud became a massive tsunami of flames that spilled forth from the skies!

The massive silver white wave covered the skies, and seemed to devour the whole world. All the devil flames fell forth in all its raging glory.

Tai mountain giant was just about to cast a technique when it immediately was attacked by this tsunami of flames. It quickly slammed a fist down against the desert ground, half kneeling down.

After the fist fell, tai mountain giant’s surrounding lifted up with sand waves that swiftly covered the tai mountain giant over, creating a massive sand mountain!

The devil flames swept through, its burning coldness seeping through the sand and attacking the tai mountain giant.

Though the sand mountain provided som resistance, the pain of the soul burning was still there. Even Mo ling had to withstand the pain, yelling out in agony.

The devil flame tsunami ravaged through, burning everything and almost filling the entire world within the barrier with flames. This entire city area was rendered into burnt ground.


The tai mountain giant yelled out. Getting burnt, the black mountain shattered and tai mountain giant quickly appeared from underneath, instantly accelerating towards white nightmare!

The tai mountain giant’s massive body smashing over was nearly impossible to dodge. White nightmare already casted displacement specter but was still hit by an arm, getting sent far away.

However, such a degree of attack still wasn’t enough to do much damage to white nightmare. White nightmare easily steadied itself using the power of space and smiled at the mocking and angry tai mountain giant.

The tai mountain giant hid behind a hill, and didn’t seem hurt but its soul was definitely still burnt heavily. Otherwise, its two eyes wouldn’t be raging red like a beast.

“Spatial quicksand.” Chu Mu gave another command.

White nightmare casually waved its hand and a strange shiver went through the space near tai mountain giant. Right after, one could see tai mountain giant’s steps become slowed, as its movements became incredibly sluggish!

“Evil slash!”

Chu Mu continued commanding.

The reason he told white nightmare to cast evil slash was because Chu Mu needed white devil’s dark type to break through the tai mountain giant’s defense.

Tai mountain giant’s defense was indeed thick. Even a true dominator rank couldn't easily kill it.

The biggest counter to rock type was dark type. Since white devil’s evil slash was a combination of other and dark type, this technique could cause the most direct damage to the tai mountain giant. This was a great benefit of white nightmare having so many types.

Four evil slashes again broke straight through the tai mountain giant, reaching deep inside. Before, the white devil’s attacks were too swift and people may not have reacted. However, this time, everyone clearly saw that this white nightmare indeed could easily threaten the thick defense of the tai mountain giant!

After a few rounds, it was clear that tai mountain giant’s wounds were only increasing, while other than that one arm swat, it didn't cause much trouble for the white nightmare. This was something no one expected.

Soul palace great elder Chao’s jaw was still agape. He was just advising Chu Mu to give up immediately if he found he couldn’t win, yet who would have thought this young man would be this abnormally overpowered, able to do such harm to Mo Ling’s tai mountain giant!

Elder Pang, elder Xiao, and elder Teng were also all rubbing their eyes, unable to believe what they were witnessing.

“That guy… that really Chu Fangchen? His white nightmare…… how is it this powerful?!” Teng Lang was dumbfounded.

One had to know that in snow city, to restrict the tai mountain giant, three palace had to send eight elders and senior elders to barely restrict it. Then, the power of dominator rank left an unerasable mark on Teng Lang’s mind.

Now, Chu Fangchen could fight it with just one soul pet. This contrast caused Teng Lang to start questioning whether the man in the battle was truly Chu Fangchen!

“He said he would deal with Mo Ling, turns out he truly could…… this is end hero Mo Ling!” Elder Xiao and a few of the other conservatives couldn’t calm themselves.

As for Mu Qingyi, who was spectating, and had her gaze fall on Chu Mu multiple times, she seemed calm, yet her beautiful eyes were also shining with disbelief.

Just as Teng Lang was confused, she was also wondering whether this was truly the same young man who trained in silence in snow city?

Why did this shocking man suddenly seem so unfamiliar and strange?

Or, maybe she never truly understood this person. Only now was she seeing this man’s true self, a low profile expert that had a near dominator rank organism!!

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