Chapter 963: White devil battling Tai Mountain Giant

It was the same battered battlefield. Considering end hero Mo Ling’s strength, Tan De specially told some experts to create some extra sturdy barriers around the battlefield to avoid the rest of the city getting affected.

After accepting the battle, Mo Ling immediately swore on his soul that if he lost, he would immediately bring everyone and leave, never asking Mu Qingyi about anything ever again and would also go around Chu Mu every time he saw him.

Swearing on one’s soul could be circumvented, but it had a certain limiting ability as well. And if soul alliance people wanted to deny responsibility again, the older generation wouldn’t let them off as easily!

Chu Mu went on to fight again. This time, he already retracted Mo Xie into his soul pet space and stood on the battlefield alone.

End hero Mo Ling stood on a higher building ruin and smiled coldly.

He didn't know where the young man got the courage to go up against him, but since he came up recklessly to him, Mo Ling wouldn’t let him off easily. He would at least kill this fellow’s strongest soul pet.

Mo Ling didn't waste any time. With an incantation, the summoned soul pet was his strongest one - Tai Mountain Giant!

Tai Mountain Giant was massive, standing like a towering mountain. Being in its shadow, one felt pressure that caused you to be unable to move!

The mountain stood tall, being even more imposing than Nie Yunbing’s massive cyan hidden dragon. When the people outside the barriers looked at this massive body that blotted out the sun, they all sucked in a breath!

Humans were truly like ants in front of this mountain!!

“Truly terrifying, how can such an organism be defeated!” Many of three palace people had only seen this giant for the first time. The mountain-like powerful body battered their eyes and caused their minds to be disturbed for a while.

“How is this going to turn out well? Even if Chu Fangchen summons his seven sin fox again, it would probably be killed in a single move!” More people started worrying for Chu Fangchen.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Chu Mu. To them, attempting to fight such an enemy was already impossible mentally, let alone trying to defeat it.

However, what surprised them was, Chu Fangchen was far calmer than anyone expected. This calmness made it seem like the explosive mountain giant was a mere object!

Chu Mu slowly casted an incantation.

The incantation was read very fluidly. A silver devil flame burned on Chu Mu’s body and slowly filled Chu Mu’s body, causing the already handsome Chu Mu to become even more demonic.

“If it were me, I may not even be able to chant anything.” Seeing Chu Fangchen already summon the white nightmare that had defeated Zhu Chao’s soul pet, Qin Yutong of nightmare palace muttered.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to do it.” the other young generation members all agreed.

Silver white devil flames grew thicker and thicker, as a cold aura started spreading out. A spatial swirl started with Chu Mu at the center, slowly flowing around him.

Chu Mu took a step back and the silver white devil flames on him remained burning, creating an identical copy of Chu Mu, as if it were a devil flame shadow!


White Nightmare slowly lifted up a flaming silver white devil flame claw and laughed slyly, sending shakes through its whole body.

Its sly flaming face hid a violent thirst for blood thirst. Within its arrogant eyes that saw above everything was a zeal for death.

This was a devil. Wild, cruel, bloodthirsty. Around it were countless resentful ghosts that could cause any organism to think twice before approaching!

“This white nightmare already has silver white devil flames!!” Nightmare palace elders were the first to make a judgement based off its flame color!

White nightmare’s different energy crystals created different types of white. Low level white devil flames were simply pale. Once it were resentful flames, it had a ghostly nature. But, whatever level wouldn't’ leave the base of white color.

Only dominator ranks, like nightmare ancestor, could change devil flames into silver completely!

As for silver white, it meant the white nightmare was morphing into a dominator rank!

“This white nightmare, it truly digested nightmare ancestor!” Nightmare emperor jiang’s heart rolled.

It was a white nightmare heading towards dominator rank. To almost everyone stuck at invincible emperor rank, this was too much to ask for!

In this era, the human realm didn’t have any dominator rank white nightmares, so most people didn't know what silver devil flames meant. Even some people in nightmare palace who hadn’t seen nightmare ancestor wouldn’t know, let alone others with no knowledge of white nightmares.

Thus, when Chu Mu summoned his white nightmare, though most people were surprised at the evil nature of this white nightmare, no one realized it was a super strong white nightmare about to become dominator rank.

Yet, Nightmare Emperor Jiang and some others who knew simply stood around very mischievously and held in their excitement and zeal as they watched the worried three palace people and the joyous soul alliance members. Everyone would see the truth soon enough!

If it had made a step towards dominator rank, why wouldn’t this white nightmare dare fight the Tai Mountain giant?


In the battlefield, Mo Ling clearly didn’t see anything special about the white nightmare. From its aura, one could tell that it was only a super emperor rank.

“Finish it in two techniques!” Mo Ling told his Tai Mountain Giant.

Tai Mountain Giant immediately let out a deafening roar, and caused the very ground to split as it moved!

Lifting up a fist high, the air was filled with countless high speed spinning rock crystals surrounded its arms. When looking upwards, one could see rocks fall from the skies like a mountain shattering and descending upon the ground!

When the shocking technique appeared, all the people protecting the barrier turned pale!

The entire city region was completely shrouded by rocks. Even though it was far away, it felt as if one was in the region, giving one immense pressure!!

Tai mountain giant's technique showed the truth of top tier rock type techniques, able to destroy everything- including their minds!

The massive fist flew down at the center of all the rocks, instantly turning the ground into powder. No one could see the white nightmare's ant-like figure in front of the massive tai mountain giant.

“He…...he wants to kill Chu Fangchen along with it!” Everyone saw Chu Fangchen get devoured by the technique himself and immediately, their eyes went red.

Chu Fangchen hadn’t had the chance to move farther away after summoning his soul pet, when Mo Ling already told his tai mountain giant to attack. This seemingly direct hit on the soul pet was in fact enough to hit the soul pet trainer as well. Who could survive such a rock type technique!!


Within the barrier, everything was shattered. This tiny battlefield wasn’t enough for near dominator rank organisms to truly expend all their destruction!

The city, forest, and streets were all powderized. When people looked over, they could only see an uneven desert!

With such a powerful attack, all of soul alliance and three palace were shocked. Who could survive under that attack?


Dust lifted and blew past Mo Ling’s body.

Standing on tai mountain giant’s shoulder, Mo Ling’s eyes flashed with satisfaction as he laughed, “Seems like one technique was enough for both lives!”

Killing one soul pet may not be enough, and Chu Fangchen could always come back. Mo Ling wanted to get rid of the threat completely!

Suddenly, Mo Ling’s laughter stopped.

He noticed that, among the slowly fading dust, Chu Fangchen stood there completely unharmed, while his eyes were emitting a very uncomfortable glint.

At the same time, Mo Ling felt an icy coldness come from his neck. This was an aura full of lethal threat!!!

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!! Shua!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ten evil slashes went past tai mountain giant’s back!!

Every dash left a long mark on tai mountain giant’s body. Even the mountain giant’ sturdy defense couldn’t block it!!  


Tai mountain giant let out a large roar. Turning around slowly, it used its arms to protect its critical points!

The evil slashes continue to barrage it, leaving multiple shocking cracks along the tai mountain giant’s arm. Even its massive body had to back off multiple times under the attacks, causing it to almost losing balance and falling over!


Tai mountain giant stepped down with both feet suddenly, and steadied its body.

After the attacks stopped, Mo Ling glanced at the deep wounds on tai mountain giant, and a coldness spread through his body, causing his heart to palpitate!

This white nightmare not only survived unscathed under the tai mountain giant’s attack, it even broke through the tai mountain giant’s defense, which was its strongest suit!

How, how was that possible!!

At this moment, Mo LIng was gazing at the silver-white nightmare floating in the air, smiling strangely, and his face was plastered with shock!

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