Chapter 962: Facing Fourth Hero Mo Ling

“Senior Tan, how should we have these troublesome people leave?” asked Diagram Supreme Ke Yin. 

Tan De glanced at the group of Soul Alliance members slowly gathering up and softly sighed: “It seems like they’re unwilling to leave things.” 

Indeed, after losing, Soul Alliance hadn’t retreated. Instead, they gathered around the city forest and even pressed closer to Soul Palace’s steps. 

“What? You want to go back on your word?” Nightmare Emperor Jiang was slightly angered. 

Soul Alliance’s people were so shameless. They had clearly lost, but still lingered here. They weren’t afraid of this matter spreading and destroying their reputation? 

“What do you mean going back on our words? Hasn’t Nie Yunbin already taken his people away?” Fourth Hero Mo Ling raised his eyebrows and spoke very seriously. 

“Nie Yunbin said that he was going to fight against Chu Fangchen. Since he lost, he naturally brought his people with him. What does that have to do with us? Do you really think a single Nie Yunbin can represent our entire Soul Alliance? That can only mean that you overvalue him.” snickered Eight Desolation Bin Liao as he turned around and glanced at Nie Yunbin who was leaving with resentment. 

These words caused extreme anger in the three great palace’s people, and they instantly began to curse! 

Soul Alliance naturally didn’t want to be outdone and both sides immediately drew their daggers. 

Seeing both sides about to start a fight, Tan De hastily used his soul remembrance to suppress everyone’s voices. 

“Senior Tan, you also heard just now that Nie Binyun had only spoken about himself and his subordinate. Could I, a member of the great Four Heroes, really be his subordinate? Or are Bin Liao and the others also be his subordinates?” Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s voice carried traces of ridicule. 

“This…” Tan De didn’t expect Soul Alliance to do something like this. In a somewhat awkward position, he said, “Then how can we resolve this matter?” 

“Obviously, only by having the Mu woman coming back to receive punishment.” as Mo Ling spoke, a slight smile rose on his face. With a bit of contempt he said: “Unless, the three great palaces can find someone who can defeat me; in which case, I will leave with my people just like Nie Yunbin. Hahaha!!!”

Mo Ling’s last words were obviously to return the slap that Chu Mu had just given him! 

When Soul Alliance heard this, they began to laugh. 

In terms of strength, the three great palaces really didn’t have this qualification. Their Fourth Hero was enough to deal with three peak experts from the three great palaces. With such a strength discrepancy, if fights were how they were going to resolve the problem, Soul Alliance obviously had the advantage. 

Soul Alliance’s laughter made the three great palaces red with anger. Their army strength was capable of challenging Soul Alliance, but everyone knew that in a one on one fight, nobody from the three great palaces could beat Fourth Hero Mo Ling! 

“Chu Fangchen, weren’t you so arrogant? How about you fight against me one pet against one pet? If you win, I’ll take all my people away from here; I will also go out of my way to avoid you wherever you appear in the future. If you lose, my requests aren’t too much. You can just scram like Nie Yunbin; after all, you alone cannot represent the three great palaces.” Mo Ling carried a clearly provocative and ridiculing tone. 

“Hahaha, Senior Fourth Hero, how can you bully a young man? Isn’t that too much?” the concubine next to the Fourth Hero laughed very sharply. She seemed like she was helping Chu Mu. 

“Didn’t this person say it himself? Strength doesn’t need to be explained. It can only mean he is too weak.” at this point, Bin Liao spoke very fittingly! 

The act from the three of them caused the senior elders from the three great palaces to go ashen-faced. These people were clearly trying to humiliate Chu Fangchen! 

It wasn’t only the senior elders. The palace lords and elders were all swallowing their anger because they understood that the opponent was trying to bait them into sending someone to fight. 

The problem was that there was no one who could fight Mo Ling! 

“This is too excessive! He’s just relying on a Tai Mountain Giant! Without it, Mo Ling would just be trash!!” angrily yelled Teng Lang! 

“Your majesty, I’ll deal with it. We probably can’t avoid this fight. If we were to cower in fear, it will be difficult for us to lift our heads in the future.” softly said Great Senior Elder Chao. 

Often, losing was better than cowering away from a fight. Indeed, everyone knew what Mo Ling’s strength was so losing to him wasn’t that disgraceful. It wouldn’t affect the reputation of the three great palaces much. However, if they didn’t even have the guts to fight, rumors would spread that the three great palaces didn’t dare stand up against Soul alliance. This was a huge disgrace! 

“Just bear it for now.” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin shook his head. 

“This matter arose because of me. I’ll deal with it.” said Mu Qingyi. 

Mu Qinyi’s White Tiger had broken through, so it probably wasn’t a problem for her to fight against Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant. However, the White Tiger was excessively injured and was still recovering. Yet, without anyone to suppress Mo Ling, Mu Qingyi could only go herself. At least it would make everyone realize that although her Crown Phoenix King had perished, she wouldn’t be beaten by anyone! 

“Diagram Supreme Ke Yin shook his head and said: “Young Lady Mu, you cannot lose. If you do, the effect would be huge on both you and us. It’s best if one of us deals with this. Don’t worry, since we’re willing to stand on Young Lady Mu’s side, we will naturally use all our strength to protect Young Lady Mu.” 

A trace of appreciation flashed in Mu Qingyi’s eyes. However, when she saw Mo Ling’s unbridled arrogance, she instantly felt exceptionally embarrassed. She finally realized what it meant when the tiger that fell from grace would be bullied. 

“If you lose, you’ll take everyone here and scram?” suddenly, a dark voice rang out, breaking the strange atmosphere. 

Mo Ling was stunned. He looked across and discovered that the speaker was Chu Fangchen. He couldn’t help but arrogantly smile and say: “If you can beat me, I will naturally leave. Why? Do you want to fight me?” 

“Use your soul to swear upon it. I don’t want certain people to renege on their promises.” Chu Mu walked forth and spoke in a calm voice. 

“If you dare fight me, I will use my soul to swear upon it. It doesn’t even have to be you. If anyone from the three great palaces fights me, I will swear upon it. Hahaha.” Mo Ling loudly laughed. 

Mo Ling’s arrogant words instantly incited anger from the three great palaces again. 

“Too condescending!!” 

“Incomparably arrogant! Do you really think our three great palaces has no one?” 

“That’s right. If you have the ability, then say those words to Li Hong!” 

When Li Hong’s words was mentioned, Mo Ling laughed even louder as he said: “Why would Li Hong bother paying attention to these ordinary matters. It’s best if you don’t count on him!” 

Mu Qingyi coldly stared at Mo Ling. In the past when this fellow was in front of her, he would always be respectful and reverent. She originally thought that aside from his slightly lacking character, he was still tolerable. She never realized this fellow would be so overbearing and arrogant. 

Mu Qingyi creased her brows and coldly said to Mo Ling: “There will be a day when your soul pets perish. That will be the day you pay the price for today.” 

“Sure. I will wait for that day. But before that, you had best not thinking of escaping my grasp!” said Mo Ling. 

“Stop speaking nonsense. Use your soul to swear.” at this point, Chu Mu walked in front of the stairs and stared at the arrogant Mo LIng who stood at the very front of the enemy. 

Chu Mu’s words stunned Mo Ling and he contemptuously said: “You’re going to accept my challenge?” 

"Yes, one pet to decide victory. If you lose, you will scram from here with your people.” Chu Mu’s tone was calm. 

“Sure. Everyone heard that, right?!!” Mo Ling excitedly shouted. He still hadn’t forgotten about the Snow City matters. If it wasn’t for this brat destroying their monarch legion, they wouldn’t have been defeated in that battle! 

A wave of mocking laughter came from the vast army behind Mo Ling.

Haha, there’s unexpectedly someone who is challenging Senior Fourth Hero. Isn’t this just suicide?!” 

“Didn’t you heard him say one pet to decide victory? Did this brat grow up in the wilderness? Doesn’t he know what Senior Fourth Hero’s greatest reliance is?” 

Mo Ling’s concubine feigned a smile and said: “Husband needs to show mercy. Although he has defeated Nie Yunbin, if you beat him, it won’t give you a sense of victory. Instead, you will wear an infamous reputation for bullying the weak.” 

“That’s right, senior, you should just let those senior elders from the three great palaces accept the challenge. Fighting that brat will lower your status.” said Bin LIao. 

Chu Mu’s words not only surprised Soul Alliance, but also made the three great palaces think Chu Mu was crazy! 

“Didn’t you see everyone just swallow their anger? Why can’t you contain your anger!” Senior Elder Xiao was a bit anxious. 

“That’s right, that fellow clearly has ill intentions. One small mistake and your soul pet could be killed.” said Senior Elder Pang from Soul Pet Palace. 

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin stared at Chu Mu, but didn’t say anything. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the others were a bit nervous, because they weren’t sure if Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had surged with enough strength after devouring the Nightmare Ancestor that it could fight against Mo Ling. Chu Mu had been daring enough to kill the Nightmare Ancestor because it had aged to the point where its strength had greatly fallen. 

“Perhaps this is fine. Even if he loses, it won’t affect us much. Moreover, it will just be Chu Fangchen himself not participating in the wider event.” said Great Senior Elder Chao. 

If Chu Fangchen from the younger generation accepted the fight, his loss wouldn’t affect the reputation of the three great palaces since Chu Fangchen’s status, as a younger person, wasn’t on the same level as Mo Ling. 

“Ok, Chu Fangchen. Once you think the situation has gone bad, immediately surrender. We just need to accept the challenge and Soul Alliance won’t have the ability to stay arrogant.” Soul Pet Palace’s Pang Xing nodded her head as she spoke. 

Chu Mu didn’t say anything else; instead, he just glanced at Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi also didn’t say anything. After treating the poison on Mo Xie’s body, she let Mo Xie return to Chu Mu’s soul pet space. 

“Chu Mu, give him a good beating.” Ye Qingzi used her mental voice to speak to Chu Mu. Obviously, Ye Qingzi couldn’t really keep watching this spectacle anymore! 

Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi who was adorably waving her small fists in encouragement and he couldn’t help but crack a smile. 

In terms of arrogance, Chu Mu really wanted to see if the Tai Mountain Giant was more arrogant than the extremely evil and murderous White Nightmare! 

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