Chapter 961: Nine Tail Hanging

Nie Bingyun couldn’t lose like that. Looking at the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s swaying body, anger welled up inside Nie Yunbin.

Normally, even if the Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t win, it couldn’t be felled either. Why did it become like this today after a few strikes?! 

Nie Yunbin swept his eyes across, and discovered that everyone’s attention had fallen on the Seven Sins Fox. Thinking that he could suffer humiliation again, he grew even more crazy!

“Poison transformation!’ Nie Yunbin angrily gave an order to the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon rocked its head. It took a while to lower the confusion effect. After hearing Nie Yunbing’s order, it sluggishly extended its sharp claws into its armor before savagely tearing away!!

“Ao hou!!!!!!”

With each scale it ripped off, it let out a roar. In the short period of time, its cyan body was ripped open and cyan blood seeped out of its wounds, rolling down the patterns on its armor! 

Everyone watched the Cyan Hidden Dragon mutilate itself, and felt a wave of terror. Clearly, Nie Yunbin was going to fight the enemy to his last gasp!

The price of its own life force was paid to obtain poisonous dragon blood; nonetheless, it allowed the Cyan Hidden Dragon to transform into a Cyan Poison Dragon. Terrifying poison clouds lingered around it, forming a poison barrier that forced others back! 

“What a terrifying technique. This Poison Desolation’s methods are too cruel!” when people from the three great palaces saw the Cyan Hidden Dragon use this unceasingly spilling of blood to fight, they couldn’t help but worry for Chu Mu. 

The dragon blood poison was extremely powerful. If it caught onto a creature, there was a chance it would deal a fatal injury. The Seven Sins Fox could not be hit by it. 

Chu Mu looked at the Cyan Hidden Dragon, which blood was full of extreme poison. 

Mo Xie coldly stared at her opponent. Her claws were already dug into the ground, transforming the surrounding ground into a flaming scorched earth. Tongues of flames danced around her, drawing a gorgeous and conspicuous arc. 

“Ao hou~~~~”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon let out an angry blood roar. Its enormous body began to charge, transforming into a huge tumor that charged at Mo Xie!

Poisonous fog began to spread. The ruins of buildings were corroded into pus after being covered. It was a shocking scene!

Mo Xie didn’t retreat. She rapidly exploded with speed. The only thing that could be seen was a silver ray of light with red behind it as he flaming tails flew towards the tumor-like Cyan Hidden Dragon! 

Mo Xie stepped into the air from the ground. Just as she was about to collide with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, her nine tails suddenly spun around, her silver body hiding in the interweaving tails. 

The Cyan Hidden Dragon stretched out its poison claws and ripped at Mo Xie. Two intersecting claws streaked past. Although the movement speed was a bit sluggish, the strength was shocking!

The poison attribute cyan claws swept past the nine tails. Mo Xie didn’t attack at all. Instead, her body flew over the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head in an arc, appearing behind it, before continuing to run without slowing down!

Her nine tails were like chains that looped around the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s neck the moment it passed it! 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie let out a wild cry, and ran in the opposite direction as the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s forward momentum moving body. The tails behind her transformed into a fatal lasso!! 

“Ge zhi!!!!!!!”

A horrifying sound of bones cracking rang out from the joint between the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head and its body!!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s neck instantly lost connection, and its enormous head was nearly split from its body, snapping all the way back until its head was nearly against its back!

It was as if its head was snapped backwards. Its neck bones were completely exposed. The only thing connecting its body to its heavy head were blood vessels and flesh!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body came to a stop. Its head was facing up and shortly afterwards, its enormous body was dragged into the ground, as it came to a crashing fall! 

With its head twisted, the Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t even able to struggle before death. It lay there unmoving. 

Cyan Blood continued to flow from its opened wounds, forming an enormous blood pool...

“De...Dead?” Fourth Hero Mo Ling looked at the Cyan Hidden Dragon with eyes filled with shock.

The people beside Mo Ling also wore shock. This hanging by the nine tails was too terrifying!

Imagining these nine tails wrapped around their own necks was a terrifying thought. Indeed, even a creature of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s calibre had its neck snapped!!

Nie Yunbin looked flabbergasted at the Cyan Hidden Dragon. The poison spots on his face were violently twitching. 

Quickly, a mental rupture transmitted into his soul, causing him to open his mouth and suck in a breath of air. 

After breathing in, Nie Yunbin’s face went pale. 

Pain, anger, and humiliation were all on his ugly face, making him seem extremely dismal. His face wore no happiness from purging his humiliation; rather, it was the misery, hatred and malevolence of being heavily wounded and trampled upon! 

“Chu Fangchen, I, Nie Yunbin, will have your life!!” Nie Yunbin angirly roared, as he became berserk!!

When everyone present heard Nie Yunbin’s roar, they all turned and looked at Chu Mu. They wanted to see how this young man would react to this terrifying Poison Desolation’s desire for revenge. 

Towards Nie Yunbin’s idiotic threat, Chu Mu had seen enough. He glanced at Mo Xie and called her back. He didn’t say anything as he turned around, and walked towards Soul Palace’s stairs. 

Chu Mu’s solitary and calm figure walking away gave many Soul Alliance members who wanted his head an unforgettable shadow in their hearts. After this fight, some of these people probably wouldn’t be willing to find trouble for Chu Mu any longer! 

“Very good!!!” 

"Nice kill!! Too nice of a kill!! Perfect!!!!” 

The three great palace’s side erupted into a thunderous noise. The cheers boosted the morale of all of their members. They felt that ostensibly after this fight, there was nothing to fear about Soul Alliance’s people.

“Chu Fangchen!!! Chu Fangchen!!!!!!”

“Chu Fangchen!!! Chu Fangchen!!!!!!”

No one knew who started the cheers, but for a while, the army of the three great palaces began to yell the name of this young man who was calm, terrifying, and made them feel invigorated!! 

During their struggle against Soul Alliance, most of the fights against Soul Alliance’s higher ups resulted in them being severely pressured. Often, the three great palaces could only swallow up their anger against their higher up’s provocations and refuse to fight. This caused their reputation and morale to fall. 

However, Chu Fangchen had defeated one of the most savage member of the Eight Desolations - the Poison Desolation. He had left a deep, impressionistic fight by using soft to defeat hard. Therefore, in an instant, this young man’s status had skyrocketed in the hearts of everyone in the three great palaces. He became revered like Xiao Hai, Xiao Yufeng, and Qin Yutong, these powerful and virtuous people!! 

Who else could cleanly kill a paragon dragon species that was full of extreme poison?

 Chu Fangchen had done just this. He had used his own strength to obtain the three great palace’s complete support and used his own strength deliver a fierce slap upon Soul Alliance!

One calm and collected young man and one fierce and wild Seven Sins Fox had defined what was strong, and what a fight was to everyone present!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie quickly followed Chu Mu. The fire on her body slowly faded and her body, a combination of beauty and power, slowly turned back into its pitiful appearance - a small bewitching fox with nine small waving tails. She then lithely jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu tilted his head and used his hand to stroke the satisfied small fellow’s head. He wore a smile as he asked: “Were you injured?” 

“Wu wu~~~~” Mo Xie shook her head. Evidently, these wounds wouldn’t affect her much. Thus, she narrowed her eyes, and just laid there. 

This small fellow was genuinely satisfied. She could sleep, eat, and fight. This alone was sufficient! 


Mu Qingyi stood on the stairs and stared at Chu Mu. She watched Chu Mu petted his soul pet, and a smile could be seen in her eyes… 

Although this perhaps was just a regular small action by this man, Mu Qingyi saw much more than that. Not only was it praise after obtaining victory, but it also symbolized a deeper connection, and the usual habit of partners. 

It was undoubtedly that this simple scene caused Mu Qingyi to feel jealous. She subconsciously thought of her Crown Phoenix King that had transformed into a pillar of fire, and her heart sank. 

When Chu Mu walked into the three great palace’s faction, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin wore a smile. From his eyes, it could be seen that he found this young man increasingly pleasing. Moreover, Senior Elder Xiao, who was originally very hesitant about Chu Mu’s strength, also wore a smile and was even continuously praising him! 

Despite everyone’s praise, Chu Mu didn’t change at all. This made all of the senior elders surprised. Even after obtaining a huge victory, becoming a giant among men and continuously lauded, he showed no expression of arrogance. 

Obviously, there was no way these old men realized that in Chu Mu’s opinion, because he had already reached the dominator rank, winning a fight at this level was nothing worth being happy about.

“Mo Xie, come here.” seeing Chu Mu walk over, Ye Qingzi’s first priority was to check Mo Xie’s wounds. 

The opponent used poison and if there was a wound, it was easy for poison to seep in. If the poison wasn’t quickly eradicated, it would likely affect health, life force and recovery of wounds. 

Mo Xie jumped in front of Ye Qingzi, and obediently let herself be examined. 

Ye Qingzi quickly discovered a long wound on Mo Xie’s abdomen. That was a wound incurred during the final strike by the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s claws. The poison had already seeped in. If it wasn’t treated in time, it would be a while before Mo Xie would recover her fighting strength.

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