Chapter 960: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (2)

Chapter 960: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (2)

With Mo Xie’s dodging abilities, such a far attack could hardly hit Mo Xie. What was hard to deal with was, when the dragon beam flew out, the poison fog constantly spread out and covered Mo Xie’s area.

Chu Mu’s understanding of poison wasn’t lacking. He knew that such a poison could easily go through the pores of a soul pet and into their body to cause their mobility to decrease. If she stayed in the fog for too long, her speed and power would all be severely weakened.

A large cloud of poison blew up in the dragon light like a sandstorm, filling up the position Mo Xie was in.

Mo Xie quickly ran out of the reaches of the poison fog. However, the poison fog was something even the fastest demon couldn't completely dodge. Slowly, Mo Xie felt her bones starting to numb, and that she couldn’t use all her speed when she ran.

“Without speed, she’s waiting to die!!” Nie Yunbing watched the seven sin fox slow down and his eyes sharpened, immediately commanding cyan hidden dragon to chase after.

Cyan hidden dragon continuously flapped its wings to near Mo Xie and circle above Mo Xie.

Cyan hidden dragon’s wings started flapping faster and faster, causing it to start spiraling faster and faster as well. Slowly, people could see a cyan shadow constantly spinning above Mo Xie.

A wave of cyan dragon power slowly lifted up around Mo Xie, creating a spatial disturbance that gradually formed a whirl!

The cyan hidden dragon’s wings started flapping even faster. The cyan energy was already forming a massive dragon power storm that forced Mo Xie off the ground!

Suddenly, Cyan hidden dragon stopped spiraling, but the dragon storm was already fully formed. Mo Xie, in the storm, already lost her balance and started wavering amongst the violent energy.

Within the storm, the cyan hidden dragon’s angry eyes locked onto Mo Xie, its massive body slamming towards her!

Mo Xie could hardly keep her body steady now. Seeing the cyan hidden dragon barrel over, she could only use her nine tails to create a fan to block the cyan hidden dragon’s attack.


Cyan hidden dragon slammed into Mo Xie and instantly the dragon exploded with power, causing the entire storm to dissipate and send Mo Xie flying to the edge of the entire battlefield!

A long gorge was created from the city to the business district. The nearby structures had already all fallen, lifting up a wave of muddied dust.

At the end of the gorge, the flaming Mo Xie stood up shakily, and her snout was slightly oozing with blood.

Mo Xie’s defense wasn’t high. In such a battle, if she got hit one more time, the wounds would really affect Mo Xie’s ability to fight. This could be a large disadvantage at high class emperor rank. After all, the three main types of Mo Xie's couldn’t provide her an invincible emperor rank’s life and defense. If not for nine tail shield’s hardiness blocking most of the damage, she could even get instantly killed by a powerful organism like cyan hidden dragon!

Mo Xie stuck her tongue out, and licked away the blood. Instead of showing pain from the wound, her silver demonic eyes instead lit up with excitement and blood lust!

The taste of blood was something she hadn’t tasted in a while. Especially when fighting against someone stronger than her, the near-death experience she had constantly during the fight caused Mo Xie to focus completely, allowing her to enjoy the danger, excitement, and blood burn!


The airflow moved irregularly and created a raging wind that lifted up countless yellow dust around Mo Xie. Mo Xie’s silver fur danced among the wild winds, her nine flaming tails also waving along!


Suddenly, within the opposing winds, Mo Xie’s burning silver body disappeared!!

Everyone saw a string of red footprints come along, but strangely, when the prints reached a certain place, it split into seven and quickly went into the skies!

Nie Yunbing stared blankly. He couldn’t tell which set of prints were the real seven sin fox and dind’t know how to respond accordingly.

Cyan hidden dragon’s judgment was even more limited. It constantly turned its head around to try to find one special one amongst them all. However, the foxfire shadows were identical in every way, even in speed!

The seven sets of prints dind’t go directly towards the cyan hidden dragon, instead making seven elegant paths to the surrounding of cyan hidden dragon!


Immediately, strange flames started rising, connecting each shadow with another!

Slowly, the flames started becoming more and more dense and people suddenly discovered that the seven fox in the sky had their tails connected and interlaced, like flame chains that created a three dimensional flaming diagram!

A shocking flame tail diagram caused cyan hidden dragon to fall into a massive trap. As Mo Xie called out, all of her locking tails started pulling taut!

Facing such an attack, cyan hidden dragon had nowhere to hide. As countless flaming tails pulled tight, the cyan hidden dragon dind’t even have the ability to move. No matter how powerful it was, it couldn’t struggle free of Mo Xie's soft, resilient foxtails!


Cyan hidden dragon’s defense couldn't do much under this technique. The tight chains directly destroyed the bones. Even an organism as powerful as the cyan hidden dragon would have to break a few bones under the power of this!


Cyan hidden dragon’s meat wings were the first to get nearly snapped. The pain caused it to roar out and struggle to try to break free!

Mo Xie’s attacks didn’t stop because of the wings snapping. When all the clones started disappearing, Mo Xie’s real form still had its nine tails around the cyan hidden dragon as it ran away from the ground!

Mo Xie flew down and left a string of footprints that instantly brought the massive cyan hidden dragon into the clouds.

Just when everyone was wondering what technique the cyan hidden dragon was going to cast, in the clouds, the silver body appeared and hurtled towards the ground like a meteor!

Behind this silver comet, the struggling cyan hidden dragon was also pulled downwards!

The moment before the silver meteor was about to hit the ground, her tails heavily slammed downwards, sending the massive cyan hidden dragon into the ground head first like a cyan hammer!!

This technique was the simplest close combat technique Mo Xie knew, nine tail hammer. However, after the nine tail chain diagram and the help of elevation, this nine tail hammer became extremely terrifying!!

Nine tail hammer itself was supposed to create a concussive effect. The larger the being was, the stronger the defense was, the more damage the organism would have to sustain. After this nine tail meteor hammer landed, the cyan hidden dragon wouldn't’ be able to stand up in a short while!


Cyan hidden dragon’s thick body fell into the ground and, the ground in a few kilometer radius all started cracking, densely spreading out. The rocks all flew upwards, spreading through the barrier protected battlefield!!

Outside the barrier, everyone looked at the cyan hidden dragon fall down and felt a shiver down their spines as their own necks shrunk in dread!

Anyone could see that the two continuous techniques caused great damage to cyan hidden dragon!

Indeed, within the dust, cyan hidden dragon’s wings were snapped and its body was already out of the crack. However, when it stood up, it constantly shook and shivered, unable to stand up straight. Its massive head clearly was tilted sideways as well and its eyes were no longer violent, instead showing dizziness and loss, unable to know what to do next.

“Chu Fangchen’s understanding of battles is very high. Since the beginning, he never wanted to make the seven sin fox rip through the cyan hidden dragon’s defense, nor did he want to whittle through its massive life force. Instead, he used a soft strategy to directly affect the cyan hidden dragon’s bones, causing its armor and meat shield to instead be its lethal weakness, while its self-regeneration would be useless as well.” Diagram supreme Ke Yin smiled with satisfaction and analyzed the battle.

“Your majesty, you mean that Chu Fagnchen is about to win?” The elders said quickly.

Cyan hidden dragon seemed to only have some misshaped bones and didn’t have any wounds. It should still have a lot of life force and the battle shouldn't end yet.

“En, this battle is over. Cyan hidden dragon doesn’t seem to be wounded, but its bones are definitely severely broken. A few more attacks and the cyan hidden dragon won't’ be able to stand up.” Diagram supreme Ke Yin said.


Chu Mu smiled, confident yet coldly. Chu Mu knew cyan hidden dragon species even better than Nie Yunbing. It was powerful, had good defense, powerful life force and regeneration. It sounds unstoppable, but it had a lethal blow. Once it gets hit and loses its balance, it will cause great damage to all its bones!

Chu Mu told Mo Xie to use a soft strategy since the start and target the cyan hidden dragon’s bones. As long as Mo Xie didn’t get heavily wounded first, cyan hidden dragon will definitely feel restricted fighting against Mo Xie, and it won’t have a complete bone after!

Now, the cyan hidden dragon’s skull, neck bone, chest cavity were all severely wounded. Following this, Mo Xie no longer needed to worry about defeating it; she needed to explode with even greater strength and directly kill this cyan hidden dragon by breaking its bones!!

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