Chapter 959: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (1)

Chapter 959: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (1)

Diagram supreme Ke Yin specially told them to fight with one soul pet, because he knew that Chu Mu could only control one soul pet.

Originally, Diagram supreme thought Chu Mu would summon the white nightmare with nightmare ancestor’s inheritance. However, Chu Mu didn’t cast any incantation, instead telling the cute little silver fox on his shoulder to jump forward. This caused diagram supreme to have nothing to say.

To deal with Nie Yunbing, if he had to tell white nightmare to fight, it would be overestimating Nie Yunbing.

Most importantly, Mo Xie truly was bored right now. If she didn't get some fighting practice, her strength would probably start falling backwards.

Mo Xie’s strength was always very stable. Chu Mu had a lot of faith in Mo Xie, especially in a one on one situation. Chu Mu believed that none of Nie Yunbing’s soul pets would be able to beat Mo Xie.

“Heng, I knew you would let this seven sin fox fight!” Nie Yunbing stood on a treetop far away and laughed coldly.

Immediately, Nie Yunbing casted an incantation to start his summon.

Cyan patterns swept through, and countless light spots interlaced amongst the treetop, becoming countless brilliant symbols that covered the entire summoning diagram to create a majestic cyan green shadow!

The cyan green dragon slowly became solid. First, its powerful wings drooped down. Next, its majestic and imposing head extended forth. Finally, its body covered in thick scales and power appeared!

The forest plants were all around fifty meters tall. Yet, when this cyan organism was summoned, its wings pushed the nearby plants downwards. Standing at the center, its head was already above the treetops. Its towering stature caused even the people spectating from afar to gasp!!

“Cyan hidden dragon!! It’s cyan hidden dragon!!!!”

“This should be poison desolation Nie Yunbing’s strongest soul pet. Clearly, it was an invincible emperor rank with claws full of poison!!”

“Dragon species’ type were all very powerful. If it were invincible emperor rank, its strength was definitely higher than that of similar species. How could it be match for poison desolation’s cyan hidden dragon!”

Countless discussions started with the sight. Everyone could tell that the cyan hidden dragon was easily an emperor amongst emperor ranks. Its defense, attack, and speed were all insurmountable. Adding on the poison desolaiton’s poison effects present in every soul pet, it caused this emperor rank cyan hidden dragon to become even scarier!

Hearing the discussion come from afar, Nie Yunbing couldn’t help but smile.

If not for this cyan hidden dragon, how would Nie Yunbing dare to fight Chu Fangchen with just a soul pet? Nie Yunbing counted before; probably not many top tier emperor ranks in all of three palace could beat his cyan hidden dragon in a one on one situation.

“Chu Fangchen, my cyan hidden dragon was sleeping, or else you would have been very dead the other day!” Nie Yunbing pointed at Chu Mu and said evilly.

At this moment, Nie Yunbing noticed the opponent’s expression clearly change from its previous calm composure, and Nie Yunbing smiled even wider. Looks like he didn’t expect a cyan hidden dragon to be summoned either.

Chu Mu stood there and had a change in expression, but it wasn’t fear that they displayed.

“It has a soul, but it had fallen already.” Chu Mu mumbled.

When meeting the cyan hidden dragon in tianxia city, it was going through the wash of memory fluid, almost losing its ability to become the slave of the soul labor

Yet, Nie Yunbing summoned a cyan hidden dragon that had its own soul. However, this soul already was obedient to Nie Yunbing. In fact, even if Nie Yunbing told it to attack the empyrean cyan hidden dragon, it probably wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest.

Empyrean cyan hidden dragon already had missing memory after the soul alliance’s torture, so after it escaped, Chu Mu couldn’t allow its descendants to stand amongst the soul alliance faciton!

Thus, since it had fallen already, Chu Mu wouldn’t show any mercy, even though cyan hidden dragons were virtually of the same species to him.

In such a case, Chu Mu wouldn’t worry about if it were right or wrong. As long as he thought it should be done this way, he wouldn’t hesitate!


Little Mo Xie laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder, and could feel Chu Mu’s inner vicious tendencies and let out a battle hungry call.

She also knew very clearly that Chu Mu wanted more than the victory, but also the death of this cyan hidden dragon who had lost its soul to soul alliance already.

“Help me kill it, can you?” Chu Mu said icily.

“Wuwuwu!!!!” Mo Xie jumped down from his shoulder onto the ground, ger silver noble fur instantly lifting up, creating an imposing scene!

Red flames spread out, and became a swirl that surrounded Mo Xie’s body. Mo Xie slowly extended, and grew under the enveloping of the flames!


Nine tails danced in the red flames. These were the special traits Mo Xie inherited from royal flame nine tail interno fox. This caused Mo Xie to be different from a true seven sin fox. While she was soft, demonic, wild, she was also dominating!

After Mo Xie became seven sin fox, her aura clearly became stronger. The flaming light caused the entire city forest to become red, unable to stare directly at it. Compared to the beast covered in cyan scales, her aura wasn’t any weaker!

Many people had never seen a real seven sin fox before. The moment Mo Xie transformed, it caused many people to yelp in surprise. This was going to be a very glamorous battle!

Mo Xie’s red flames were burning brighter than usual. On one hand, she hadn’t fought for a while and was excited at fighting a powerful opponent. Her blood was nearly boiling. On the other hand, it was naturally because of Chu Mu’s soured emotions after seeing the enslaved cyan hidden dragon, empowering Mo Xie with a determination to kill!!


Mo Xie’s eyes were calm yet excited, nearly crazed. She let out a call and the flame enwreathed body almost instantly disappeared. Everyone could only see a crimson after image flash through the forest and light up the entire forest on fire!

“Looking for death!! Step it into the ground!” Nie Yunbing humphed and said with resentment!

Cyan hidden dragon flapped its wings and became a large cyan light that darted into the clouds.

Right after, it fell down, its massive cyan body becoming a cyan meteor that flew right at the path Mo Xie was about to take!


The cyan energy spread outwards, causing the entire well decorated city forest and nearby streets to get destroyed. The running red flame fox shadows all became leaves that shook within the energy shockwave.

With four paws lit with flames, the slightly off balance Mo Xie stepped in the air multiple times and readjusted herself to become a fox shadow that flew through the seeping cyan energy and charged directly towards the cyan hidden dragon’s body.

The fox shadow flew past and its nine tails danced visually shockingly as it slammed heavily into the cyan hidden dragon’s body!

Cyan hidden dragon didn’t dodge. Instead, it used its powerful armor defense to block the attack and let the flames burn its armor while its claws slammed towards the fox fire shadow!!!


The fire fox shadow immediately blossomed into a fire lotus that continued to burn the cyan hidden dragon’s body!

Cyan hidden dragon let out an angry roar. Clearly, that wasn’t the seven sin fox’s real body, instead an image conjured purely by flames. It turned its head around to look for the seven sin fox’s real body!

However, the cyan hidden dragon was already too slow. When Mo Xie sent a fire fox shadow forth, she already used nine tail confusion to appear behind the cyan hidden dragon!

Comparing nimbleness, cyan hidden dragon couldn’t even compare to Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s nine tails quickly wrapped around cyan hidden dragon’s body and, with a call from Mo Xie, its massive body was lifted right up into the air, and swung in an arc back into the ground!!


The city floor shook with the cyan hidden dragon’s landing. However, Mo Xie’s attack didn't seem to stop with it falling. As her eyes blazed with flames, the sky quickly conjured a flame cloud!

The flame cloud, controlled by Mo Xie’s evil pupil, became gusts of sun-like flame that fell down from the blue skies, leaving long tails of flames behind them as they descended with destruction!

Cyan hidden dragon climbed out of the pit slightly dizzily, and was just about to fly up when the massive flames fell down, and cause it to get sent back into the ground!!

The flames nearly destroyed the entire forest, and Nie Yunbing’s ugly emotions were clear to everyone by firelight.

He was at a disadvantage at the beginning of the fight, which caused Nie Yunbing to be even more sullen and caused him to yell angrily at Cyan Hidden Dragon!

The cyan body stood up slightly shakily from the flame covered ground. The normal flames on the grounds couldn’t affect its thick armor, but there were two clear burn marks on its body already!!


The cyan hidden dragon’s eyes were already bright red. This was the first signs of it getting angry. Its wings stirred up the air nearby and with a quick flap, all the nearby flames were extinguished!!

Cyan hidden dragon lifted its head and conjured cyan energy within its throat while also enshrouding this energy with a green poison gas.

With an angry roar from the dragon, the poisonous dragon beam flew parallel to the ground, through dozens of structures and straight towards Mo Xie!!

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