Chapter 958: It’s You Who Are Too Weak

“The evidence is like a mountain, and you still want to refute. From the very beginning, the Dancing Desolation has been pressured by you, not willing to publicize your crimes. Even now, you still wish to threaten her into hiding for you? That’s impossible!” Mo Ling pointed at Mu Qingyi.

As Mo Ling spoke, he took a few steps forward, displaying an overbearing aura. Clearly, he wanted to take down Mu Qingyi with his hard-line approach!

A counter trap had already arisen in Wanxiang City. In order to not prolong it, the best course of action was to capture or kill Mu Qingyi now. If she was dead, there would be no evidence, meaning that whatever Soul Alliance said would be the truth. Therefore, Soul Alliance had come to Soul Palace without any intentions of retreating!

Mu Qingyi’s eyes were filled with anger. She wanted nothing more than to rip apart this incomparably shameless person!

However, her wounds had yet to recover, and the White Tiger was also still healing. She was not Mo Ling’s opponent!

Yet, every time she thought of the Tai Mountain Giant killing her Evernight Emperor, Mu Qingyi was unable to quell her anger. Seeing Mo Ling overbearingly step forward, she planned on chanting an incantation. However, a smooth voice walked in front of her, standing in between her and Mo Ling.

“I’ll deal with it. You’ve already said what you needed to say. Whether they believe it or not is up to them.” Chu Mu’s tone was calm.

Mu Qingyi was stunned. Looking at this man, she didn’t know what to say for a moment. 

Mu Qingyi also had disciples in Soul Palace, and she learned from them that the storm of outrage on her behalf had arisen in Wanxiang City was because he had convinced the three great palaces to help her. 

Now that he was standing in front of her, although Mu Qingyi knew he wasn’t Mo Ling’s opponent, his actions that required no justification caused her cold heart to warm. 

“It’s best if you just bear it.” Mu Qingyi quietly said to Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi was convinced that with so many experts, Mo Ling wouldn’t dare let his Tai Mountain Giant run amok. Mu Qingyi also didn’t want Chu Mu to completely offend Mo Ling.

Chu Mu was indifferent. He just stood there, staring at the Fourth Hero Mo Ling.

Chu Mu was someone who held grudges. He had yet to settle his debt for sending Chen Fang to kill him. Today was a perfect chance to do so!

“Brat, I really never imagined that you would be so daring. You even dared offer your care to our grand Heavenly Concubine. Could you two have already done some secret things? Or perhaps you were involved in her matters. Otherwise, how would your strength have risen so quickly in such a short period of time?” Fourth Hero Mo Ling saw Chu Mu step forward and let out a laugh.

“Senior Fourth Hero is correct. Chu Fangchen isn’t even forty and already has a peak emperor rank soul pet. He has definitely done something improper. Him stepping forth this time to protect a criminal means there’s definitely some shady dealings involved!” Nie Yunbin immediately added.

The moment the two of them spoke up, instantly countless lackeys began to clammer, indicating that they would also take Chu Mu down.

“Everyone here is someone with status. Why is there a need to shout like a bunch of shrews?” suddenly, Senior Tan De spoke with discontent.

His words contained a mental force that instantly quieted the shouting. Nobody was daring enough to continue randomly shouting. 

When Senior Tan De saw that everyone had quieted, he immediately turned towards Chu Mu and asked: “You are Chu Fangchen?”

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. During the clamor just now, Chu Mu’s expression hadn’t changed at all. While facing enemies, his face would be as staunch and cold as iron. His emotions would never break because of enemy provocations. Even Mu Qingyi was surprised by how calm this man was. Ostensibly, no matter what happened, nothing would affect him.

“Then can you explain how you were able to increase your strength to such a shocking level in such a short period of time?” asked Tan De.

Tan De’s question immediately made the three great palaces somewhat discontented. Why did he have to explain just because he was strong? Everyone had their own encounters. There would always be people on the cultivation path who would act in their own self interests just reach the very top. Who hadn’t done anything shady to reach those heights? The only difference was that some people had a bottom line while others didn’t. 

“Senior, he definitely used Mu Qingyi’s embezzled resources!” Nie Yunbin spoke very certainly as if he had seen it himself. 

When Chu Mu saw Nie Yunbin grit his teeth and threw a glance at him as he indifferently said; “Just because, I’m strong I need to give an explanation? That can only mean that you’re too weak.”

Chu Mu’s words were like a meteor that exploded in the crowd!!

There were ten people present with peak emperor ranks or higher. If you included those not from the two great factions, there were more. Thus, the present crowd could be described as a gathering of experts. Thus, the words “You’re too weak” caused Soul Alliance and the old experts in control of the situation to turn ashen!

Soul Palace’s people looked unsightly as if they had eaten a mosquito while the three great palace’s people stared with their eyes wide open, exclaiming to themselves: The brat Chu Fangchen was too arrogant!

However, his arrogance this time had made them pleased. These people didn’t want to make trouble for no reason, or be accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Thus, why not just use strength to talk!

When Mu Qingyi, standing behind Chu Mu, heard his explanation, she couldn’t help but laugh.

If Mu Qingyi had to explain why she was so strong, she wouldn’t be able to. Her talent, effort, and encounters other people hadn’t had were not easy to explain. 

On the other hand, Chu Fangchen’s words represented the most simple stream of logic while also delivering a slap to that group of people with jealous eyes. He was telling these troublesome people that if their strength was weaker, they couldn’t blame it on others!

“Chu Fangchen, you really have the guts! Even Senior Tan De doesn’t dare speak like this. Yet, you, a young man, dares to say such arrogant things! Are you looking down on everyone here?!” Nie Yunbin was so angry that his eyes nearly popped out.

Senior Tan De had been so shaken by Chu Mu’s words, that he didn’t know what to say. He was silently cursing to himself that this brat was too irrational! 

There were things that everyone knew, but once voiced, they would incite hatred and abhorrence. 

Clearly, this brat wanted to flip the table, and stop anymore condemnations! 

“I indeed am looking down on you.” indifferently said Chu Mu.

His words caused Nie Yunbin to seethe with anger. His face full of poison spots began to flush red!

“Chu Fangchen, do you dare fight me here?!!” Nie Yunbin roared!

“If you lose, you’ll bring your group of barking dogs away from here?” asked Chu Mu.

“Fine!” Nie Yunbin heard Chu Mu agree to his fight so he immediately answered yes. However, when he felt a cold wind behind him, he realized that by saying yes, he had admitted that the people behind him were a group of barking dogs! 

Nie Yunbin had gone mad with anger and he began to curse again!

“If you lose, then… then you won’t involve yourself in this matter!” said Nie Yunbin.

Nie Yunbin hadn’t completely lost his mind. He understood that their real goal this time was to take down Mu Qingyi.

“Sure.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“Fine, then could Senior Tan please act as the witness!” Nie Yunbin cracked a malevolent smile. The time had come to purge his humiliation with blood!

Tan De looked at the two young experts. Presumably, these individual fights would be the best at resolving things and he nodded his head in affirmation. 

“The two of you are both from the young generation; thus, this is a fair fight.” said Senior Tan De.

“Senior Tan, they both have peak emperors. You probably don’t want the city to be too destroyed or even people to be affected. Why not have one pet decide things?” the Diagram Supreme spoke up.

Senior Tan De emphatically agreed and nodded his head: “Yes, one pet to decide the winner.”

“This…” Nie Yunbin was a bit hesitant. 

“If you don’t have the guts, then scram.” calmly said Chu Mu.

Nie Yunbin immediately reacted and straightened his posture: “Why wouldn’t I dare?!!” 

“That’s good. Then everyone step back. We will create a barrier in the city forest to prevent energy from leaking.” said Senior Tan De. 

The three great palace members still occupied the stairs and the plaza. The fight would occur underneath the stairs in the city forest.

The city forest was about a kilometer in area. Such a small space was not a suitable space for peak emperor rank creatures to fight. Therefore, to uphold justice, Senior Tan De had people clear those living nearby and formed a barrier in the area.

Thus, the battlefield enlarged by several times. When the residents within a few kilometers had heard that Soul Alliance and the three great palaces would have a standoff, they had already cleared the area. They couldn’t stay where they were because if a war broke out, they would suffer from the disaster. 

After the enlargement, the battlefield became the huge city forest in front of the main palace of Soul Palace, the living residential area of the Huang Family which was adept at using plant world soul pets and a rather busy merchant district. 

Due to the news of conflict between these two great factions having already spread, these areas had already been cleared earlier. Changing these areas into a battlefield wasn’t hard. They just had to send a few people to protect the buildings by creating a large barrier. 

As for whether things would be destroyed, the rich and imposing Soul Palace and Soul Alliance probably wouldn’t care. Indeed, reconstructing things was easy. Fast construction earth type soul pets would be able to create a building within a day...

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