Chapter 954: Soul Alliance’s Provocation

The change happened very quickly. In a short period of time, Soul Alliance found embezzled funds from the Queen’s Palace, and a few Mu Family members relying on their family. Additionally, they announced that these people had stolen the lives of creatures inside the Sealed Tower.  

Simultaneously, Fang Wu and a few other concubine servants “divulged” that they had been forced by Mu Qingyi to do many shameful things all for her selfish desires.

All of these sudden accusations and spreading rumours grew in size. Initially, many people didn’t believe them, but gradually as they spread, conversations about the Queen about to inherit the Wanxiang Realm’s King spot could be heard in the streets and alleyways. 

“Ai, I always thought she was the same as Her Majesty Empress Concubine - a kindhearted Queen who empathized with her citizens. I never expected her to do these things.” a few old fellows sighed. 

“I used to revere her; I would be willing to give up ten years of my life just to see her. Who knew she was actually so wicked.” the emotions of young men were easily affected, especially those that had been attracted by the Empress Concubine. 

“No wonder her strength increased so quickly. What genius seldom seen in a thousand years is she? It turns out she was relying on those filthy things. If I had those things, I would also be able to reach that rank!” a few blinded soul pet trainers angrily yelled!

There were truthfully quite a number of admirers of Mu Qingyi. However, under Soul Alliance’s “irrefutable” facts, they were unable to speak up for the woman they trusted and admired. Adding on the fact the person who exposed Mu Qingyi was the noble and virtuous fairy, there was no one willing to believe that this unblemished fairy would frame Mu Qingyi. 

For a while, the city was full of gossip about Mu Qingyi, causing her to instantly lose her reputation! 

Presumably, aside from those deep-rooted families that supported the Mu Family, she would probably become a royal sinner to be imprisoned in the Sealed Tower no matter where she went in the future.


“If my influence is so meager and I maintain a neutral stance, will my ending always inevitably be like this?” muttered Mu Qingyi with a bitter face. 

Mu Qingyi didn’t want anyone aside from Chu Mu knowing that she was hiding here, because she maintained a neutral stance. 

She wasn’t sure that the three great palaces would be willing to help her because they ultimately considered her part of Soul Alliance. This could be seen from the precautions back in Snow City.

Therefore, from the perspective of the three great palaces, the sudden events this time was merely a Soul Alliance internal matter. They wouldn’t pay much attention to it and could even try and hit her while she was down in order to obtain benefits from Wanxiang Realm. 

Mu Qingyi chose to trust Chu Mu, but she didn’t trust those from the three great palaces. 

As for why she trusted Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi could only gamble. Fortunately, this man didn’t sell her out. 


“Don’t seal yourself in the room. Walk around the courtyard and breathe in the fresh air.” Chu Mu opened the door to the room. He saw Mu Qingyi sitting there all depressed. 

Mu Qingyi hesitated, but didn’t stand. 

Chu Mu walked up to her and handed a veil over. He said: “Then wear a veil; you’ll seem more mysterious this way.” 

But Mu Qingyi stood up with a stubborn expression and said: “I won’t hide.” 

“Fine, then let’s go out and walk. There is spirit grass in the grove here so the spirit aura is rather dense. It will help you recover. Wait for my wife to finish her closed-door cultivation, and I’ll have her help you heal your wounded soul.” said Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi had just taken a step before stopping in shock. She asked: “Your wife?” 

“Yes, she is a soul teacher.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“Soul teachers can heal souls?” Mu Qingyi then asked. 

According to what she knew, there were no soul teachers in this world that could heal souls. 

“Yes, she’s special.” Chu Mu didn’t say anything further, and brought Mu Qingyi to the grove filled with spirit grass to walk. 

A breeze softly swept past her face, bringing the smell of fresh grass. Mu Qingyi subconsciously smelled it and felt that the fresh air directly entered her lungs before dispersing the haze in her body. Instantly, she felt much more happy and free. 

In this period of time, she had been wallowing in sorrow and pain. Adding on the rumours and slanders, she had felt much more sad and depressed. However, when she smelled the fresh air, she felt much more clear about many things. 

“Perhaps this is like unloading a burden for me. Now, I can pursue my soul pet path without any more worries.” muttered Mu Qingyi. 

She quietly stood there and closed her eyes, enjoyably breathing in the air here. 

Chu Mu stood to the side. Seeing that Mu Qingyi’s mood had changed, he let out a slight sigh of relief. 

Otherwise, if she went to the demon realm in that state of mind, it would be tantamount to suicide. 

“Wu wu~~~~~~~” the small Mo Xie was lying on Chu Mu’s shoulder. She opened her small mouth, and adorably gave a lazy yawn. 

The small Mo Xie wanted to head to the demon realm as soon as possible and fight to her heart's content with the creatures inside. Indeed, staying all day inside Soul Palace was too boring. 

Initially, when Mu Qingyi appeared, the small Mo Xie was itching to fight against Mu Qingyi’s soul pets. Unfortunately, Mu Qingyi was in no mood to do that, so the small Mo Xie could only continue to boredly lie on Chu Mu’s shoulder and sleep. Her nine small tails would occasionally wave around, sometimes sweeping Chu Mu’s face, telling him that she was truly very bored!

The small Mo Xie was a lady killer. After acting like a spoiled child, she even attracted Mu Qingyi over with her cuteness. Mu Qingyi wanted to reach out and pet her. 

“Let her pet you. Act comforting.” Chu Mu spoke mentally with the small Mo Xie, not letting her avoid Mu Qingyi. 

The small Mo Xie let out a whimpering, indicating she was opposed to this. 

There were countless people who would want to be treated like this, yet this small fellow didn’t even care about this level of a beauty. 

“Has it always followed you?” Mu Qingyi softly stroked the small Mo Xie’s silver fur and softly asked a question. 

“Yes, always.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu, and saw that he had spoken very certainly and using the most simple words. Mu Qingyi could sense that this man saw this soul pet of his as his own life or perhaps even more valuable than his life. 

Subconsciously, Mu Qingyi saddened and softly said: “My Phoenix was the same. Although I only signed a soul pact with it after reaching the spirit emperor rank, before then, I had always taken care of it.” 

“Could your Crown Phoenix King have also…” Chu Mu was stunned. 

If her Crown Phoenix King had perished, that was equivalent to a fatal blow to her! 

Mu Qingyi shook her head: “Every phoenix species member has its own fleeing technique. My Phoenix will transform into a pillar of flames and hide in my soul pet space before its life comes to an end. If I am able to find the land where I can let it undergo nirvana rebirth, it will resurrect.” 

“That’s good.” Mu Qingyi’s words caused Chu Mu to remember the book about the phoenix species he had read. Inside it was recorded that the phoenix species had its own unique method of preserving its life. 

“Someone seems to have come.” Mu Qingyi softly said.

“Then go back to the room first. I also heard a bit of noise outside.” Chu Mu spoke as he brought Mu Qingyi back to her room. 


A moment later, a man could be seen grumbling as he walked into Chu Mu’s courtyard. 

“Too excessive. Could they want to stir things with our Soul Palace? Those dogs that rely on their masters… if they dare be more arrogant, I’ll beat them up!” 

Chu Mu could see Teng Lang walk over along with his jabbering voice. 

“Brother Chu, oh Brother Chu, have you heard about your goddess Mu Qingyi?” Teng Lang saw that Chu Mu was sitting in his courtyard and quickly walked over.

“Please drop the “your”.” Chu Mu’s face went black. 

Mu Qingyi probably heard that. 

“Ai, it will happen sooner or later.” Teng Lang very untactfully added on. 

“I’ve heard. What happened outside?” Chu Mu felt if he continued on with that subject, Mu Qingyi would heard more unpleasant things. Thus, he quickly changed the topic. 

“I was about to speak with you about this. Soul Alliance, that group of dogs. They unexpectedly accused us of harboring a fugitive. They said that on that day someone was pursuing nearby and Mu Qingyi had disappeared in our Soul Palace zone. They truly think that just because the forest is big, any bird can be found in it. I can’t believe they found such a stupid excuse to provoke our Soul Palace. In my opinion, even if she’s hidden here, given that she’s such a beautiful and strong woman, if Soul Alliance doesn’t want her, we’ll take her!” solemnly vowed Teng Lang. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Did Teng Lang really have to say that last sentence so righteously? It was like he was afraid Mu Qingyi wouldn’t hear him! 

“Who has come?” asked Chu Mu.

“The Fourth Hero Mo Ling has brought a group of dogs. They said to let them search or to hand over the person. Otherwise, we had better not blame them for making a big fuss over this. I’ll say, Brother Chu, how can you stand something like this? Soul Alliance has injured your woman, and come to our territory to stir matters up…” blabbed Teng Lang. 

“Can we switch to mental communication?” Chu Mu’s face was extremely black. 

“How did they injure me?” 

Suddenly, a pleasant voice could be heard. 

Chu Mu turned around and discovered an alluring and beautiful Ye Qingzi standing there with a face full of confusion, as she watched Teng Lang rant away. 

Chu Mu had obviously sensed Ye Qingzi walk over, yet Teng Lang had still been speaking in a loud voice that everyone could hear. 

“Eh, nothing. I was just saying that if they dared harm my brothers and sisters… hmph!!” Teng lang reacted exceptionally quickly and instantly spoke with a serious face. It didn’t look at all as if he had changed the content of his words! 

Ye Qingzi glanced at these two strange men and figured that since it had been a while since she had come out , she was probably a bit hard of hearing. Therefore, she ignored them and said: “I’m going to rest. You guys talk.”  

Chu Mu thought about stopping Ye Qingzi, but after thinking through it, Mu Qingyi was probably hiding. Ye Qingzi would discover her for the time being so there was no need to ask her to stay.

However, things happened to surpass Chu Mu’s expectations! 

Before the door closed, a ball of dark flames suddenly ignited and the aura of a peak emperor rank Dark Flame Heavenly Devil swept through the area!! 

At the same time, a biting cold aura surged forth, smashing into the Dark Flame Heavenly Devil’s aura. The ice and fire instantly proliferated, forming a torrential aura that expanded around the area. 

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