Chapter 953: Fleeing Mu Qingyi

Late at night, Soul Palace’s Deep Palace.

Chu Mu sat alone in his courtyard. Tonight, Ye Qingzi was concocting medicine, so to avoid disturbing her, Chu Mu sat alone in the courtyard scattered with leaves, drinking tea.

In the past, Chu Mu would always hope to cultivate at night. However, there was no more use in cultivating, and Chu Mu also felt that sleeping was a waste, so he would spend his time reading books about soul pet species. 

This time, Chu Mu was reading a book about the phoenix species. Chu Mu had many areas about this species which he didn’t understand. If he was able to analyze this book, he would be able to conduct his battles and use techniques much more efficiently in the future; it may also make him more decisive. 

“Apparently each different attributed emperor species has its own special life-preservation technique. What life-preservation technique is the Dead Dream’s?” Chu Mu flipped through this extremely old book.

Unfortunately, this book only recorded two types of phoenix species. One of them was the fire type Crown Phoenix King, which Chu Mu had seen before. 

There was also a wind phoenix which was a combination of the wing type and wind type. Presumably, this wind phoenix was the most agile and talented at aerial fights among all species. 

As for the darkness phoenix species Dead Dream, there were no human records of it. Chu Mu could only gain an understanding about it through normal phoenix species records. 

Chu Mu drank a sip of tea, and flipped to the next page when a cold wind blew through from the small grove next to him. 

Chu Mu’s courtyard was extremely large and next to him was a tiny grove. This grove connected to Soul Palace’s gardens, making the layout rather unique. 

Chu Mu’s perceptive abilities were very strong. Chu Mu felt something slightly abnormal about the wind, and his eyes flickered with a sliver of silver light as he stared at the pitch dark grove. 

Suddenly, from the grove, a pair of snow white eyes with a dull light moved towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was stunned. Wasn’t this Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger? 

For some reason, the White Tiger’s aura was much stronger than what Chu Mu had seen before. It had probably stepped past the heavenly barrier of the emperor rank. However, this powerful energy was seemingly exceptionally unstable. 

This situation would normally appear the moment one broke through. The moment this happened, all of the potential in its body would be stimulated, allowing its strength to temporarily reach its peak. However, the White Tiger’s life force was extremely weak, causing it to lose much of its previous majesty. Instead, it seemed extremely tired. 

As the White Tiger walked closer, Chu Mu discovered a beautiful and delicate woman lying on its back. Her hair was draping down the side of her face while the other side of her face was incomparably pale. The corner of her mouth was also seeping with blood. 

Chu Mu was stunned. Wasn’t this woman Mu Qingyi? 

Why would a mighty dominator rank appear here in such dire straits? Moreover, her wounds weren’t light. 

“What happened?” Chu Mu hastily went forward and supported the semi-conscious Mu Qingyi before bringing her to his room.

Mu Qingyi didn’t even have the energy to talk. She depended on Chu Mu to reach his room, and only after she laid down did she close her eyes.

Chu Mu could see that Mu Qingyi had relied on her willpower persisting until here. However, he didn’t understand why she had come here so wounded. 


The White Tiger was also full of wounds. It crawled next to Mu Qingyi’s bed. Its eyes squinted, not letting anyone near its unconscious master. 

Chu Mu could see that the White Tiger was heavily injured as well. He retrieved a healing medicine Ye Qingzi had concocted and gave it to the White Tiger. 

“Defend this place. I’ll find someone to heal her.” Chu Mu said to the White Tiger. 

“Hou~~~” the White Tiger roared, telling Chu Mu to stop. It used a mental voice to tell Chu Mu not to let anyone know its master was hiding here. 

The White Tiger put Chu Mu in a bit of an awkward spot. Firstly, he couldn’t find Ye Qingzi because she was in a closed door state. Disturbing her would cause backlash. 

However, if nobody could know she was here, what could he do about her injuries? Would he, who only knew how to treat simple wounds, have to treat Mu Qingyi? 

“Ai, whatever. I’ve already seen it once anyways.” since saving her was urgent, Chu Mu didn’t think any longer. He retrieved medicine water from his spatial ring that one would soak in to heal.

Waving his hand, Chu Mu’s fingers transformed into several aerial blades that easily ripped apart her clothes. Instantly, a naked jade-white body was exposed to his eyes. 

Chu Mu momentarily went absent-minded. Soon after, he bitterly laughed. Why was this so similar to last time?

Chu Mu indeed wasn’t in the mood to enjoy this because like last time, she had several wounds on her body. 

After opening all of his medicines, Chu Mu condensed spatial walls around the bed, forming a container. Then, he dumped all of the medicine inside so Mu Qingyi could soak inside. It would probably take a while before she woke up.

Chu Mu wanted to ask tiger what happened; however, aside from barely being able to comprehend simple communications, there was a huge language barrier that prevented him from understanding everything that happened. Chu Mu could only sit there and wait. 


Approximately when the sun was about to rise, the wounds on Mu Qingyi had basically healed. 

Of course, these were all outer wounds that had healed. Ye Qingzi’s medicine soaking indeed allowed for quick recovery. However, Mu Qingyi’s mind had been heavily injured as well, and her soul had been injured. These wound both take a long time to heal. 

When the red sun hung on the horizon, Mu Qingyi finally opened her eyes. 

The first thing she saw was Chu Mu sitting on a chair, propping his head as he slept. Then, she glanced at her naked body which was exposed before him. Fortunately, his eyes were closed right now, making her feel less embarrassed. 

Mu Qingyi got up, and retrieved a loose robe to cover her dripping wet and alluring body. 

She didn’t immediately wake up Chu Mu. She just sat next to the bed container and stared with her darker eyes at Chu Mu. 

She herself didn’t know why she chose to flee here. Perhaps it was because he had saved her before in the Universe Ice Gates. If he wanted to do something improper to her, he could have just killed her then. 

Of course, Mu Qingyi didn’t know that Chu Mu had actually planned on killing her then...

“Chu Fangchen.” softly called Mu Qingyi. 

Chu Mu opened his eyes, and saw Mu Qingyi who was now wearing clothes. The truth was that he had just been faking sleeping because he felt that staring at someone else putting on clothes would be too rude. 

Unfortunately, the medicine wasn’t transparent either, so Chu Mu didn’t actually have a chance to admire her unblemished body. 

“Nobody knows I’m here, right?” Mu Qingyi bit her pale lips and softly spoke. 

Chu Mu shook his head and asked: “Who injured you to this extent?” 

Mu Qingyi didn’t answer him. She felt that this matter was unrelated to Chu Mu, so it was best not to involve him. 

“Wait for me to recuperate before we head to the demon realm. Is it safe here?” asked Mu Qingyi.

 “It’s safe, it’s safe…” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi recalled her White Tiger back to her soul pet space, so that it could nurse itself at peace. For a moment, the two of them were silent. 

Every so often, Mu Qingyi would go absent-minded. Each time she remembered her Evernight Emperor being trampled to death, she couldn’t help but want to cry. Yet, she stubbornly didn’t want Chu Mu to see her like that. Thus, she could only sit there lost in thought alone, and heartbroken alone. 

Chu Mu could see that Mu Qingyi’s soul pets had been killed. He didn’t know how to console her and just sat there, looking at her, waiting for her to talk. 

However, as she sat there, the corners of Mu Qingyi’s eyes ultimately still got moist. 

The Mu Family indeed was the emperor family of Wanxiang Realm. However, after the Mu King went missing, his descendants could only wear the emperor family in name in Wanxiang Realm. The population of the family grew so sparse that Mu Qingyi became the only heir and only branch of the family left.  

The present Wanxiang Realm had been partitioned by Soul Alliance, and the three great palaces. The Mu Family was only able to preserve a bit of its ancient authority and had ceded authority over ostensibly every city to the two large factions. 

Yet, in the end, their wolf-like ambitions had no room for respecting the Mu Family. Instead, it was her that was eradicated!  

Having already given up the country, the Mu Family had chosen to retreat and hide. They even chose to protect the safety of humanity for free. Yet, why did they have to be exterminated?! 

Towards this, Mu Qingyi felt an unprecedented humiliation and rage!

“What on earth happened. Tell me.” Chu Mu could see that this obstinate War Goddess could no longer restrain her tears. He sort of couldn’t look on anymore so he spoke. 

Mu Qingyi looked up and looked at Chu Mu. Tears were moving in her eyes. 

However, she wasn’t used to sharing things with others, and didn’t know where to start. 

After all, this matter wasn’t as simple as laying a trap for her. She was certain that in no less than a month, the Mu Family would completely disappear from Wanxiang Realm. There could even be countless more blackened names! 

Chu Mu saw that Mu Qingyi wasn’t talking and could only sigh. He said: “Whatever, put your mind at ease and heal up. You’re very safe here.” 

After speaking, Chu Mu stood up and walked out of the room. He let Mu Qingyi heal herself alone. 

Can you help me leave Wanxiang Realm?” suddenly, Mu Qingyi softly asked a question.

“Is leaving Wanxiang Realm very difficult?” Chu Mu didn’t understand. 

“Yes, it’s very hard. I tried last night, but no matter which direction I fled, there would always be Soul Alliance people. Ultimately, I could only hide here.” said Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu creased his brows. How strong was Soul Alliance’s ability that they could stop Mu Qingyi from even leaving the city. 

“It should be fine. Just rest up here. Don’t think of anything else.” consoled Chu Mu. After speaking, he left the room. 

Mu Qingyi watched Chu Mu’s calm figure leave, and she slowly went absent-minded. However, her mood seem to dull and she once more sank back into a sinkhole of pain. 

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