Chapter 952

Killing intent poured forward. Mu Qingyi felt like there were countless ghosts screaming around her ears, causing her mental state to be severely impacted. She couldn’t even cast incantations in that state!

“Leave!” Mu QIngyi bit down on her teeth and gave her Evernight Emperor a command.

Evernight Emperor’s cape swept past and immediately, the nearby darkness within five kilometers became darkness. Even the palace lights were devoured.

Evernight emperor didn’t dare to stay long, escaping out of the main courtyard with the mentally incapacitated Mu Qingyi.

Yet, the entire courtyard had already formed a massive barrier that encased Mu Qingyi the moment she stepped into the court.

Evernight Emperor could move around infinitely in this darkness, but its darkness cape couldn't pass through the hard barrier.

Mu Qingyi was shocked. This diagram was probably prepared for a while and was just waiting for her to fall into it!

“Don’t waste your time and just give up, then I won’t make it difficult for sister. Once everything is over, naturally I’ll let you leave.” Emperor concubine said softly, seeming really like a little sister trying to convince her older sister something.

Mu QIngyi glanced at emperor concubine angrily and finally seemed to see through her false kindness!

Give up? Mu Qingyi knew very clearly that once she gave up, with emperor concubine’s power, she could instantly overthrow royal family Mu. Without her, the mu family had no backing, and the entire tianxia realm would be hers!


Suddenly, golden flames emerged from Mu Qingyi’s shoulder, its blinding flames instantly casting away all the darkness nearby, sending hot holy fire through the world.

Within the raging golden flames, a fire phoenix slowly appeared. Every time it flapped its wings, it would lift up golden flame clouds. It imposing manner took up the entire palace!

Seeing Mu QIngyi’s crown phoenix king appear, emperor concubine’s eyes flashed with a slightly careless laugh.

As the incantation was read, countless deep blue flower petals instantly floated around her. These petals were different from those in xiangrong city. These petals all had a watery sheen to them.

After last time’s punishment from fire type, emperor concubine wouldn’t make the same mistake. With water type imbued within them, the flower diagram she made was already somewhat resistant to fire type. In addition, she had prepared a large “gift” for Mu QIngyi’s crown phoenix king already!

When her incantation finished, the main courtyard suddenly swelled with a massive energy that instantly drained all the soul crystals buried within the ground.

All of these crystals were emperor rank, many of which were even high class emperor rank. Such a large source of power was enough to power the flower diagram to heavily wound even dominator rank soul pets!

The flower stems created a dazzling glow on the ground. Intersecting and blinking, this black space flashed, and caused one to fall into an illusion as a feeling of dizziness stumbled into their mental world.

The sky flower transformed, and all the flower stems became light blades full of killing intent, filling this dark world. The sword points were as numerous as the stars in the night sky, too densely packed to dodge!

“Kill!” A light yell and immediately, all the light swords flew became a hail of blades that pierced towards Mu Qingyi and Crown Phoenix King.

Crown Phoenix King quickly opened up her fire cloud wings, protecting the fragile evernight emperor and Mu QIngyi underneath it.

Flames darted between crown phoenix king’s feathers, quickly creating a sun shield that appeared around crown phoenix king’s feathers, stopping the light swords!

The golden shield only lasted a moment before dissipating. All the deep blue swords pierced towards the crown phoenix king’s golden body, each sword causing its flames to extinguish a little more!


Crown phoenix king let out a painful call. Its back and wings were already filled with deep blue swords, densely spiked into it.

However, new light swords still came regardless, causing the blue swords originally stuck in its body to pierce straight through. This was truly having countless swords piercing one’s heart~

“Phoenix!” Mu Qingyi’s eyes turned red as she gazed fuzzily at the golden figure, her heart feeling absolutely torn.

The diagram was far stronger than Mu Qingyi expected. As a dominator rank, crown phoenix king was already nearly dead from getting pierced!

The weak crown phoenix king difficulty lowered its head, and gazed at Mu Qingyi.


Suddenly, crown phoenix king let out a kingly call, and waved its tattered wings!

Two wing slashes flew through the sky and interlaced in the night, stopping most other spatial swords from landing.

The crown phoenix king’s dark golden fire came back and burned all over its body. The nearly heavily wounded crown phoenix king was finally showing dominator rank aura again.

“I've underestimated a phoenix species!” Emperor concubine’s expression changed slightly.

The water poison light blade would cause great depression to crown phoenix king, and under normal circumstances, a phoenix had to have fire to cast rebirth.

However, Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king fire had been mostly severed, but not completely with water poison. 

The reborn crown phoenix king brought Mu QIngyi some breathing space. However, Mu Qingyi couldn't feel lucky because such a rebirth without fire required burning its lifespan in return. She could only keep this up for a very short time.

Crown phoenix king was indeed naturally giving Mu Qingyi time to escape. Mu Qingyi didn't think much, casting an incantation swiftly to summon her silver tiger.

Mu Qingyi decisively jumped onto the white tiger. At this moment, the evernight emperor was already ahead, using its body to slam into the thorny barrier.

This phantom vine barrier was incredibly solid. The evernight emperor’s techniques couldn't break it open, leaving only shallow marks. This caused Mu Qingyi to become extremely anxious.

Such a terrifying diagram and sealed barrier meant this woman truly wanted her to die here!!

“Your majesty, why are you in a hurry to leave? Let I, Mo Ling, have a fight with you?” A strange voice came aside, giving Mu Qingyi shivers.

Mu Qingyi glanced over to see the ten meter tall Tai Mountain Giant appear behind her. On its shoulder was end hero Mo Ling!

Mo Ling smiled coldly. Seeing the war goddess so pathetic and hurried, he felt strangely excited!

Beforehand, because the crown phoenix king was definitely dominator rank, Mo Ling always had to kneel before her. At that moment, Mo Ling already felt hatred for Mu Qingyi. Today, after years of planning, Mo Ling had to corrupt the high and mighty woman!

Mu Qingyi’s face grew even paler, but her eyes watched Mo Ling calmly and coldly.

Mu Qingyi didn’t continue to entertain Mo Ling’s mocking and glared at the woman that seemed to be very plain, “You’ve called all the heroes your own, yet you don’t want to be queen of the world?

“Queen? Not interested, its just resentment in my mind I can't get over. Emperor concubine said.

After speaking about this, emperor concubine’s killing diagram appeared again, stopping in front of Mu Qingyi’s Phoneix.

Mu Qingyi turned away but was already crying. What she saw in those golden eyes were only calm and peace. This time, crown phoenix king didn't show any pain on its face.

“Die!!” Mo Ling laughed frenziedly, and told Tai Mountain Giant to punch white tiger and Mu Qingyi!

The Tai Mountain giant had ten thousand tons of strength. This attack caused white tiger and Mu Qingyi to fly off and land heavily against the barrier, sending blood flying!

Mo Ling followed up and wanted to end white tiger in a single punch. At this moment, evernight emperor flew towards Tai Mountain Giant.

Tai Mountain Giant was just about to drop a punch when suddenly behind it, a shadow appeared. This shadow was almost identical to tai mountain giant. The shadow also threw a punch at tai mountain giant, which caused the giant to shake and lose its balance- its punch instead landed on the barrier!

The entire barrier field shook wildly, and the top showed signs of cracking!

White tiger was already spitting blood, but when it noticed the barrier had cracks, its steel-like body darted out, and heavily clawed at the broken bits.


The barrier shattered like a mirror!!

White tiger didn't dare to hesitate at all. One sweep of its tail carried Mu Qingyi onto its back. It then quickly disappeared into the crack without even turning around.

“Garbage- I’ll shatter you!” Mo Ling saw Mu QIngyi was about to escape, yet he was trapped by the evernight emperor. He immediately roared here, and told the tai mountain giant to turn and face it!

Though evernight emperor could be a shadow, its capabilities were rather limited. After a few techniques, the evernight emperor was stepped on by tai mountain giant.

White tiger flew in the skies as Mu Qingyi sat up on its back. She glanced back weakly just as she saw evernight emperor get stepped on like crazy…...

This cruel scene got further and further away from her, but her heart hurt more and more until her soul pact finally broke and she nearly fainted.

Mu Qingyi didn’t dare turn around, because she knew clearly that turning back meant white tiger would also die.

The golden flames were still helping make time for her to escape.

Mu Qingyi’s mouth corner bled as she stared, her eyes teared up, at the vast wanxiang city.

This city belonged to her, yet she didn't know where to escape to now…...

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