Chapter 951: Emperor Concubine’s Plot

 Sealed Tower

In the gray skies, the rusty chains shook back and forth in the rain.

Within the rain, a golden phoenix swung its wings, and caused all the rain to become gold, becoming countless brilliant dots that fell onto the ground.

The golden phoenix was war goddess Mu Qingyi. Over the past two months, she had come to the sealed tower many times, but never found the organism that broke the sky chain.

Over the observations of the past time, Mu Qingyi discovered that the sealed tower had many sealed soul pets that were dying and getting their innard crystals, soul cores, and soul crystals stolen. Many long term prisoners were becoming corpses.


Golden pupil crown phoenix king let out a light call, and flapped its wings towards the ground.

Mu Qingyi’s gaze immediately fell on the ground between two chains, but she suddenly noticed a blue petal between the chains, unnoticeable unless one was watching extremely closely.

Mu Qingyi furrowed her brows and carefully watched the blue flower petals. In her mind, these special flower petals should be everywhere in the flower queen’s palace, yet why were there a few petals here?

The sealed tower didn’t belong under emperor concubine’s jurisdiction, and only a few people could enter this place. At least emperor concubine’s subordinates definitely couldn't enter without giving prior notice.

Just as she was confused, Mu Qingyi suddenly noticed a strange shift in the large cloud in the sky. Soon after, a glow from the heavens appeared, shining radiantly!

“Who opened the totem door?” Mu QIngyi was dazed. Clearly someone was trying to enter sealed tower.

However, the opening and closing of this place were only controlled by Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui. No one else should be able to come in!

When Mu QIngyi noticed the issue, she instantly told her crown phoenix to revert back to its skylark appearance and summoned a black cloaked figure; an Evernight Emperor. 

“Hide.” Mu Qingyi said to her dark type esoul pet.

The evernight emperor swung its cape around, and became a rather dark shadow that slowly disappeared in the rain. Slowly, it moved towards that direction.


“Let’s kill the abyss beast that had been trapped for a hundred years. We’re missing around ten more innard crystals. If we come a few more times, we should be able to fix it.” A man riding a cyan large eagle said.

Mu Qingyi glanced at the man. She recognized him; it was eighth desolation Bing Liao, who was subordinate to emperor concubine!

Beside eighth desolation Bing Liao was a woman. This woman Mu QIngyi had seen before. It seemed to be a very powerful soul pet trainer called Hua Qin.

However, hiding in the rain, Mu Qingyi was incredibly angry because she didn’t expect the sealed prisoners were simply getting killed by Bing Liao and Hua Qin. It seemed also that they had collected a good amount of soul crystals. No wonder there were more and more dead soul pets recently!

Compared to Mu Qingyi, who thought it was Chu Tianmang’s rampant soul pet, if she didn’t specially check this time, she wouldn’t know how many more lives they would have collected.

“However, two people couldn't possibly have the guts.” Mu Qingyi quickly realized a more severe problem.

Clearly, both of them were emperor concubine’s seals. That meant that the people who were stealing advanced soul crystals from soul tower was likely under orders.

Hearing about that near immortal and pure girl, Mu Qingyi again showed some loss as she tried putting things together. Mu Qingyi was again unsure whether the nice and merciful emperor concubine would truly do such a thing.

“I have to find out!” Mu QIngyi pushed down the anger in her heart and didn’t stop the two from their objectives, deciding to hide along with them instead.

The two didn’t speak much. After opening the seal, they immediately killed the soul pet within it and harvested the innard crystal.

Mu Qingyi calculated that there were many deaths in sealed tower already, of which many were top tier and high class emperor ranks. There were uncountable other emperor ranks too. With such a massive amount of innard crystals, the collective energy was massive. If all this energy were given to one person…….

Either they were plotting a massive scheme, or they were satisfying an enormous greed!

After the two thieves left, Mu Qingyi didn’t follow them. She didn't want to disturb the plotters behind the scene. Instead, she wanted to figure out what was happening step by step.

After Bing Liao and Hua Qin left, Mu QIngyi returned to the sealed tower and her palace.

“Your majesty, did you find any leads today?” Fang Wu walked over and, seeing Mu Qingyi extremely grave expression, she asked.

Mu Qingyi repeated the situation she saw and asked, “Fang Wu, how do you see it?”

“That isn’t likely, it might be Bing Liao’s own greed…..” Fang Wu didn’t want to be suspicious of emperor concubine.

“I feel so too.” Mu QIngyi nodded.

“However, subordinate thinks your majesty should still go and figure out the truth. We’re afraid of the small possibilities too, since this is such a great matter.” Fang Wu said.

“En, when it enters night time, We’ll go into her palace secretly…..” Mu QIngyi didn’t understand the situation and felt that something was off.


Fang Wu had entered the Emperor Flower Palace before and knew the layout well. When it was night time, Mu Qingyi and Fang Wu rode their dark type soul pets and entered the palace secretly.

Emperor flower palace was massive. There were blue flowers all over the palace walls and pillars. When one walks in, its like they entered a heavenly realm. One could easily lose oneself amongst the beautiful palace.

Mu Qingyi and Fang Wu didn’t have much direction. After all, emperor concubine’s bedchambers were definitely heavily guarded, so looking into it would be hard.

“Your majesty, a while ago I saw some traces of special setups in the main courtyard of the emperor flower palace. It looked like a flower diagram. When I went to check it out of curiosity, I was blocked anxiously by flower concubines. I felt like they might be hiding something there.” Fang Wu whispered to Mu Qingyi.

“En, let’s check it out.” Mu Qingyi nodded and told Fang Wu to lead the way.

Two dark shadows passed through the hallway and through many of the courtyards full of plants to near the main courtyard.

Emperor flower palace main courtyard was very large, almost like a small forest. Around it were walls filled with flower stems. There even seemed to be a barrier around it.

The barrier didn’t pose much of an obstacle for Mu Qingyi, so they easily entered the main courtyard.

The main courtyard actually didn’t have a single plant, but it was covered in different shades of flowers. It seemed to join together like strips of color, creating a huge ground painting of a dazzling diagram.

Mu Qingyi glanced over and noticed all the flowers emitting a strange aura. Though they were incredibly beautiful, Mu Qingyi was vigilant.

Mu Qingyi slowly move forward, and suddenly felt some energy escape from underneath her.

She crouched down to throw some dirt aside.

The next moment, Mu Qingyi’s face turned grave as she discovered an extremely high ranking innard crystal!

These innard crystals were buried under the flower branches, and were constantly absorbing the energy within the innard crystals, using it as nutrients to grow.

Mu Qingyi looked in a few more locations and found that almost every inch of this flower garden were filled with innard crystals, soul cores, and soul crystals that were used as energy sources that gave power to the plants above!

“It really is her!” Mu Qingyi’s heart was in turmoil. She didn’t think that emperor concubine truly told people to go steal the lives of prisoners in sealed tower to use their innard crystals and soul crystals for plant fertilizer!

If not for seeing this herself, Mu Qingyi couldn’t believe that emperor concubine’s otherworldly appearance hid such a large appetite and ambition. This was hard to believe!

“Sister Mu, coming so late in the night, why don’t you come to my bedchamber to talk? It’s dangerous outside.” Suddenly, a sonorous voice appeared!

Though this voice was pleasing, it caused Mu Qingyi to shiver. She didn’t expect to be discovered despite her hiding!

“Why do you say such meaningless things, sister, I just want to know why these lives of sealed tower prisoners ended up in your plant garden. Are Bing Liao and Hua Qin bringing these things to you to please you without your knowledge, or did you tell them to do it?” Mu QIngyi didn’t want to small talk and asked directly.

After speaking, emperor concubine slowly drifted out of the side of the main palace, dressed in a golden silky sleep gown and a golden mask. Her star-like pupils gazed at the darkly dressed Mu Qingyi and couldn’t help but laugh charmingly.

“Sister Mu truly looks valiant in your outfit.” Emperor concubine teased, her crescent brows slightly lifted as she continued, “Do you want to know why all these crystals appeared here”?”

Mu Qingyi suddenly felt a killing intent hidden in emperor concubine’s smile and started an incantation.

“It’s because all of this was prepared for Sister Mu.” Emperor concubine’s sonorous voice suddenly turned icy cold as a roar of killing intent went forth!

Mu Qingyi’s face turned pale, because she felt the killing intent come not from emperor concubine but instead from the massive ground painting of flowers!!

Mu Qingyi turned around instantly but noticed Fang Wu quickly retreating already!

“You!” Mu Qingyi’s face went red as her eyes spewed flames!

It was indeed a plot!!!

However, Mu QIngyi didn’t expect this plot to be targeting her!!!

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