Chapter 950: Special Training Method

Senior Elder Liu hadn’t been in Wanxiang City for long yet. A servant passed on to him that Chu Mu had emerged from his closed door cultivation, and he hastily made his way to the meeting hall in the back palace. 

However, when he arrived at the meeting hall, Senior Elder Liu surprisingly found Nightmare Palace’s big shot sitting there, seemingly waiting for someone.

“Excuse me, what have you come for?” Senior Elder Liu sat down and stared at Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang sat to the side. The head seat was empty. It seemed that Nightmare Emperor Jiang was waiting for some virtuous person, perhaps a Supreme. 

Aside from Nightmare Emperor Jiang, the old hermit, Senior Elder Han and Senior Elder Shen had come to represent the highest authority in Nightmare Palace. It was even difficult to invite all of them to discuss Soul Palace matters. Senior Elder Liu didn’t understand why they would come to this meeting hall. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang was in a very good mood. In a pleasant mood, he exchanged greetings with Senior Elder Liu; even Senior Elder Han, who was an irreconcilable enemy with Senior Elder Liu, surprisingly didn’t start arguing with Senior Elder Liu today. This made Senior Elder Liu feel uncomfortable as he muttered to himself: It’s only been a few years since we’ve last seen each other, and their characters have changed so greatly?

As they were speaking, Chu Mu quickly entered the meeting hall. When he saw the four people from Nightmare Palace, his brows instantly creased. 

Chu Mu nodded his head first at Senior Elder Liu. Since there were outsiders here, Chu Mu continued to act as Chu Fangchen.

“The four of you have so much time that you came here to drink tea and chat?” casually said Chu Mu. Seeing the head seat open, he sat down there. 

“Eh, this…” Nightmare Emperor Jiang looked embarrassed. He normally didn’t enter Soul Palace; however, when he remembered that the young man in front of him had brought Nightmare Palace a huge amount of child pets, he absolutely had to come here and say thanks. 

“Fangchen, where’s your etiquette in front of the elder generation?” tepidly said Senior Elder Liu. 

There were guests here and they were all big shots from Nightmare Palace. The younger generation had to have etiquette, especially since Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Emperor, a reclusive expert and three senior elders had come. All of them were from the highest rank of the three great palaces. Wasn’t it unfitting that Chu Mu sat at the head seat? 

“It’s fine, don’t worry. Etiquette is too much of a phony thing anyways.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang immediately amiably spoke. 

If it came to etiquette, since this young man’s White Nightmare had become the Nightmare Ancestor, they were the ones who had to kneel down. 

However, having a group of old men kneel down in front of a young man was too embarrassing. Allowing him to sit on the head seat was already generous for them.  

“What have you come to find me for?” asked Chu Mu. 

“We’ve come to say thank you.” said Nightmare Emperor Jiang. As he spoke, he glanced at the old hermit. 

The old hermit suddenly began to squirm and he stammered a while before standing up. He bowed at Chu Mu and said: “This old man has come to say sorry. In the past I doubted and reprimanded you. I hope that you haven’t taken it to heart…” 

After speaking, the old hermit didn’t raise his head. Instead, he maintained his bow. His apology was rather sincere. 

Nonetheless, the adjacent Senior Elder Liu was shocked. This Old Jiang’s status in Nightmare Palace was higher than senior elders; moreover, it was said that he was obstinate and strange tempered. Personally witnessing this old fellow apologizing to a young man so sincerely was a stunning matter! 

“It’s fine. Why don’t you guys go back to work.” Chu Mu waved his hand. He couldn’t be bothered to talk with these fellows. 

“Eh… we also wanted to ask where there were heavy distributions of child pets?” asked Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

“....” Chu Mu was instantly speechless, and he cursed in his heart that these old fellows were too greedy. He already had the Nightmare Ruler and the others gather the orphans nearby the four finger seals. Such an enormous amount would take ten days to capture and provide a five year supply for Nightmare Palace. It was practically all of the orphans of an empire which were all child pets! 

“Emperor Jiang, just manage your Nightmare Palace. Don’t you know that asking for too much will render the Nightmare species incapable of developing…” bitterly laughed Chu Mu. 

“Ok, I was just asking.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang truthfully didn’t have much hope in this. 

“You guys can walk towards the Dark Devil Buddhist territory. In the western side of the Nightmare Empire where it intersects with the Dark Devil Buddhist Empire, about ten thousand kilometers from the holy region entrance, there is a dark type and fire type vein of ore. You can send a few experts there to gather supplies. Don’t enter the Dark Devil Buddhist territory; just go around from the Nightmare Empire territory. It will be safer that way. Of the ores you take, leave 40% in the Nightmare territory and the other 60% you can take away.” said Chu Mu.

“What rank is the vein of ore?” when Old Devil Han heard of the vein of ore, his eyes lit up. 

Crystal ores and soul crystals had equivalent effects. If they could refine pure crystal ores, they would have a huge batch of spirit items! 

“There are high emperor rank crystal ores. Go and look yourself. I also don’t know what rank the vein of ore is.” said Chu Mu.

“High emperor rank!!!” 

The big shots from Nightmare Palace all let out surprised shouts. If they could obtain high emperor rank crystal ores, after refinement from soul teachers, they would definitely be able to manufacture high emperor rank spirit items!!

A number of the high ranking materials Chu Mu brought back to Ye Qingzi had come from there. Only, that vein of ore was too large and Chu Mu just took however much he needed. The left would remain for Nightmare Palace and Nightmare Empire to develop with. There was no point in him taking too much. 

“These veins of ores are always protected by tribes…” softly said the old hermit. 

“I’ve already cleaned that up. However, the route is a bit long so you’ll have to think of a method. I mean a gold mountain is just sitting there… go do your own thing. Don’t just hang around here.” said Chu Mu.

Just as Chu Mu had said, it was a gold mountain!!

The four people from Nightmare Palace were incomparably excited. After hastily saying thanks, they quickly walked out of the hall, making it their first priority to return to Nightmare Palace and send people to make their way to the golden-bright vein of ore!

Att his point, they were deeply trusting of Chu Mu’s words. Indeed, just ten days ago, their hunting team had obtained an equivalent of five year supply of child pets for Nightmare Palace. This amount was too terrifying; so terrifying that these old fellows were so excited they couldn’t sleep in the past few days. Therefore, the moment they heard Chu Mu exited his closed door cultivation, they came here to say thank you! 

Inside the hall, Senior Elder Liu rubbed his eyes to make sure these four people were actually big shots from Nightmare Palace as he saw them run out of the hall like children who had just gotten candy. 

“Chu Mu, what happened? Why are those arrogant people, towards you, so…” Senior Elder Liu could see that the problem came from Chu Mu.  

“I killed the Nightmare Ancestor and swallowed its soul. Then I tidied up Nightmare Empire, and gave a few of the resources to Nightmare Palace.” Chu Mu stood up from his seat and sat down next to Senior Elder Liu. 

Senior Elder Liu was stunned by Chu Mu. He looked in shock as he said: “You killed the Nightmare Ancestor?? Didn’t they say you obtained its inheritance?” 

“...” Chu Mu never realized the rumors were like this. He promptly laughed and said: “It’s probably something they made up.” 

“The Nightmare Ancestor is a dominator rank. You truly killed it?” asked Senior Elder Liu.

“Ya. The Nightmare Ancestor was already too old by that point. It’s strength was incomparable to before.” nodded Chu Mu. 

Seeing Chu Mu speak so casually, Senior Elder Liu felt his heart churn! 

When Senior Elder Liu saw Chu Mu for the first time again, he could clearly feel his temperament had changed. 

Back in Tianxia City, Chu Mu had only been a calm and steady young man who was brave down to his bones. 

However, seeing him today, Chu Mu gave Senior Elder Liu a feeling of brashness and casualness. His two eyes, emitting a brightness, carried a freeness and naturalness. He even seemed more carefree from before; or perhaps it was more apt to say he was more like a young man! 

Yet, when he had received the respect of Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the others without a care in the world, casually accepted the old hermit’s apology and played down the matter of the vein of ore that could very likely greatly increase the strength of a faction’s higher-ups, the calmness and casualness and the temperament of a king had hugely shocked Senior Elder Liu. A feeling that this young man already stood at a height they could no longer reach couldn’t help but manifest in Senior Elder Liu. 

Senior Elder Liu didn’t avoid it. He told Chu Mu about his thoughts of him changing. 

Chu Mu rubbed his nose. He laughed and said: “It seems that I really am becoming more like those my age.” 

Chu Mu didn’t mind this. In the past, his perpetual lifelessness had undoubtedly come from Nightmare Island and Prisoner Island’s tempering. After this period, the more people he came into contact with, the more sincere his feelings became. He obviously could not be the same as the past, who hated the world, was angry at the norm and felt there was no such thing as a good person in this world. 

Chu Mu asked about Liu Binglan since he was rather concerned about this. 

When Liu Binglan was mentioned, Senior Elder Liu couldn’t help but sigh, and he gave a description of her situation. 

“Concentrating solely on training. How long does she need before she finishes?” asked Chu Mu.

“It should be soon. Binglan’s talent is outstanding and is the only person whose soul remembrance can break into the ninth remembrance. In the past, her soul was continuously set back, causing her strength to come apart. However, the first ranked female soul pet trainer may no longer be the War Goddess Heavenly Concubine anymore. After being stimulated by your devil transformation, she has already made up her mind to break into the ninth rank remembrance spirit emperor rank. If she succeeds, she will head to the Six Star Space to raise her Star River’s strength. Whether or not it can enter the dominator rank will depend on the next half a year. If she fails, her soul will be set back again... “ said Senior Elder Liu.  

Chu Mu always found it strange, because Liu Binglan seemed to have her own special cultivation method. Moreover, she had her own special cultivation space. This seemed to be a bit different from most soul pet trainers. 

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