Chapter 949: Eighth Remembrance Spirit Emperor

Elder Li was in charge of hunting Nightmares. He had walked through Nightmare Danger Ground for tens of years now and was very familiar with this place.

Due to a new group of people coming with him, Elder Li, who understood much about the danger of Nightmare Danger Ground, instructed all of the new people to be careful. They had to act properly, and he gave everyone a heads up that the child Nightmares were not easy to capture, especially the White Nightmares.

However, when they reached the four finger seal, they hadn’t walked a few steps more before they encountered a child pet. They even saw groups of child pets nearby. This made Elder Li flabbergasted.

What on earth was going on ! Was there anyone looking after these child pets? Where did those adult Nightmares run off to? 

Elder Li had seen groups of unmonitored child pets before, but normally only when a tribe had been annihilated and they had nowhere to go. Moreover, the chances of encountering a group like this was extremely rare.

Seeing these child pets, Elder Li felt happy. It seemed that their luck this time wasn’t bad being able to encounter child pets with nowhere to go. Promptly, he gathered up the group of Cyan Nightmares with a few Blue Nightmares. 

After happily taking the child pets, Elder Li brought everyone forward. Yet, before they had even made it two kilometers, they saw several childish figures wandering in an area that wasn’t being watched!

People who frequently hunted knew that when they saw young soul pets wandering in an area with no other creatures, it was like gold was beckoning towards them.

Encountering groups of young pets two times in a row made Old Li so happy he couldn’t close his mouth. 

However, Elder Li didn’t know that this was merely the beginning.

Elder Li began to sweep through the area around the four finger seals. Ostensibly with each step, he would encounter child pets of Cyan Nightmares, Blue Nightmares, and even rare White Nightmares!

The entire hunting team went crazy over these child pets. They began to split up and capture these child pets that littered the area like gold into their soul capture rings!

Initially, everyone was just capturing every child pet they saw. However, afterwards, they found that their soul capture rings were full, and that there were still blue and rare white figures wandering in the distance!

Elder Li decisively released the captured Cyan Nightmares and focused on capturing the Blue and White Nightmares!!


“Elder Li… you’re saying that your soul capture rings are full of Blue and White Nightmares?” the old hermit, Old Jiang, was stunned as he stared at Elder Li.

Everyone inside Nightmare Palace’s great hall were stunned!

The fact that the team that frequently went to hunt could fill their soul capture rings with Blue and White Nightmare child pets was a shocking harvest. They never thought that it was possible!!

“Indeed. Although most of the White and Blue Nightmares have been captured by us, there are still a huge amount of Cyan Nightmare child pets that haven’t been captured. Therefore, we came back to grab a few more soul capture rings and to request Emperor Jiang to send a few more hunting teams.” said Elder Li.

“What are you stunned for. Have someone go to the storehouse and take out all the soul capture rings! Also send more people!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang glared at Senior Elder Han who was in charge of this!

Senior elder Han had been stunned by Elder Li’s description and when he heard Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s urging roar, he hastily summoned his underlings to deal with this situation as fast as possible!

“Emperor Jiang, what on earth is going on? The moment the Nightmare Ancestor left us, most of the Nightmare Empire should have been contested by those kings. Perhaps their internal strife has led to numerous child pets to end up homeless, but most of them should be protected by adult Nightmares. Moreover, the fights should have easily spread to us. Why did so many child pets suddenly appear and why can we capture them so easily?” after Senior Elder Han gave his order, he was extremely confused. 

Senior Elder Han voiced everyone’s confusion. This situation was unprecedented in Nightmare Palace!

“It… it can’t really be that brat tidying up right?” at this point, Senior Elder Teng spoke.

“That brat?” the elders naturally didn’t know who Senior Elder Teng was referring to.

“It must be him!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang said very certainly.

Two days ago, it was him who told Nightmare Emperor Jiang to send people to the area around the four finger seals to capture child pets. Moreover, the entire Nightmare Danger Ground had been sealed for two months. In these two months, only Chu Fangchen had been able to tidy up the Nightmare Empire.

Therefore, only Chu Fangchen could have created the overflowing amount of child pets!    

Only, Nightmare Emperor Jiang couldn’t understand how Chu Fangchen had reorganized such an incomparably large Nightmare empire so that so many child pets appeared. Did the Nightmare empire really fall under his command and place those child pets, according to his command, all there for Nightmare Palace to capture?

“How on earth did he accomplish that?! That’s impossible! Impossible I tell you!” Old Hermit Jiang was thunderstruck. Nightmare Palace had been established for countless years, but noone had tidied up the enormous Nightmare empire before. Yet, here was a young man accomplishing it.

In these past two months, the old hermit had been waiting for that brat to appear so he could say something and change Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the others’ minds about making a young man a Supreme. His bragging words of tidying up NIghtmare Danger Ground gave this old hermit not a bad excuse to do so. He wanted to wait until he failed at doing so before accusing him of misconduct. Yet, what ended up transpiring was far from misconduct. In his shock, this old man even began to question his stubborn thinking. He silently felt that perhaps this young man truly could change the state of Nightmare Palace and cause Nightmare Palace to truly walk towards the apex!


Chu Mu, who hadn’t silently cultivated for a long time, spent ten days silently cultivating in order to breakthrough to the eighth remembrance. In these ten days, Chu Mu finally felt his seventh remembrance bottleneck loosen! 

That evening, Chu Mu took the soul remembrance medicine Ye Qingzi gave him and did one thorough push before finally entering the eighth remembrance of the spirit emperor rank!

“Success?” Ye Qingzi sat beside the bed, her charming eyes revealing a happy expression.

“Ya.” Chu Mu was full of smiles as he nodded his head. A flicker of silver devil flames suddenly rose from his body, instantly engulfing him. Even his skin transformed into a mercury cast mold, causing him to exude a powerful evil character!

“What are you doing! You scared me!” Ye qingzi rolled her eyes at Chu Mu who suddenly transformed into a devil before carefully examining him. She muttered in her heart that Chu Mu had a lot of charm after transforming into a devil, as he resembled a genuine supreme king!

Chu Mu gave an embarrassed laugh. His palm ignited with silver devil flames slowly clenched and he felt the power after the soul of his eighth remembrance and the near dominator rank White Nightmare’s soul combined!

“So how is it, Mr. Devil?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“My strength should have risen by a level.” said Chu Mu.

After reaching the dominator rank, raising one’s strength was even harder. Increasing power by a level was not insignificant. At the very least, Fourth Hero Mo LIng’s Tai Mountain Giant was negligible in front of him. 

“You even rose in power. It won’t be long before I won’t be able to keep up.” grumbled Ye Qingzi.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up. I’ll support you.” Chu Mu laughed. 

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes and said: “Who needs you to support me? The soul crystals and inner crystals you gave me allowed me to concoct a ninth rank emperor spirit item. In a few days, I’ll be able to reach the peak emperor rank. I’ll definitely succeed.” 

“If you don’t succeed, I’ll head to Nightmare Danger Ground and grab a few more for you. I have the materials, so you just need to mass produce the spirit items.” said Chu Mu. 

Right now, probably only Chu Mu could treat Nightmare Danger Ground as a place wherehe could take what he pleased. 

“However, there aren’t wood type, wind type or rock type resources there. If you get the chance, I can help you raise them to the peak emperor rank first.” 

Ye Qingzi was very confident now. With Ning Maner’s catalyzation ability and Chu Mu’s strong supply of resources, Ye Qingzi could indeed continuously concoct ninth rank spirit items. There probably was no soul teacher in the human realm like Ye Qingzi who had it so easy. 

“No rush. They mainly lack fighting experience. Raise your own soul pets first.” said Chu Mu.

Most of Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were support soul pets. If they could add all types of effects onto soul pets, that soul pet’s fighting strength would multiply, especially if it was Mo Xie.

With Ye Qingzi, the Water Moon’s Cold Moonlight effect would raise Mo Xie’s strength by a level. The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil’s Dark Fire Armor could raise her defense and Dark Fire Death could raise Mo Xie’s fire power. The Tray Wood Spirit’s Wood Spirit Dew would raise Mo Xie’s life force. The Bell Noise concubine’s Healing Light would raise her strength while also sustain her healing… 

If all of these were added to Mo Xie, her fighting strength would be very terrifying! 

Of course, if these soul pets were to reach the peak emperor rank, their effects would be even stronger!

“Oh, I nearly forgot. A few days ago Senior Elder Liu came to Wanxiang City. He came here twice, but when he found that you were undergoing closed door cultivation, he didn’t disturb you.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu was stunned. He never expected Senior Elder Liu would return to Wanxiang City. Promptly, he removed the devil flames on his body and walked out of his room. 

He didn’t know if Liu Binglan had returned with him. As Chu Mu sped up, he couldn’t help but remember the haggard and tearful beautiful face… 

In the blink of an eye, over two years had passed. That tear crystal had made Chu Mu realize the importance of family! 

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