Chapter 948: Young soul pet, Too Much to Fit!

Nightmare Danger Ground

Blackness filled the devil flame earth. Countless cyan shadows, blue shadows, and white nightmare shadows stood neatly and tidily like they were on the battlefield, taking up the entire land.

Their terrifying devil flames and dark aura pervaded this turbid space, constantly creating storms of cold and darkness that spread throughout the area!

Of these nightmares, most were cyan, standing at the far back and connecting into a cyan ocean of fire, burning into the far distance.

The blue nightmares were in the center forward, their bright flames constantly waving.

The white nightmares stood at the forefront, their pale flames always emitting a cold and evil nature.    

Standing at the head of them all was nightmare conqueror and the other nine emperor rank south forbidden realm hegemons that followed their king into the human world.

In two months time after their king got rid of the nearly dominator rank nightmare, this entire nightmare kingdom posed no threat to the nightmare conqueror anymore. This was where they could display their talent as commander of the entire southern forbidden realm, and quickly tidy up and gather the leaderless nightmare empire.

Chu Mu burning with silver flames stood arrogantly among the ten commander white nightmares. To white nightmares, silver devil flames were a symbol of royalty. Chu Mu standing in the nightmare emperor army was enough to cause all of them to stand still docilely.

“You continue to tidy them up. Remember what I told you before, nightmare palace people will walk in and pick a few young soul pets with potential or a few with no guardians and sign soul pacts with them so they don’t die too early.” Chu Mu said.


Nightmare conqueror and his nine confidantes immediately gave a response back. It was truly exhilarating to come out with their king. Before when they were in south forbidden realm, they still often were harassed by other empires. Without a dominator rank organism, they didn’t dare to do anything to the other empires. Now that they were in thehuman realm, they were either destroying cities or recouping entire empires. This was much more interesting than the matters they were working on before!

I’ll tell them to give you food. The food should be enough for you to expand the empire. If you can, take over the dark devil buddhist territory too.” Chu Mu said ot the nightmare conqueror.

“Nie!!!!” nightmare conqueror heard Chu Mu wanted to invade other people's territories and immediately burn them up!

The other nine nightmares all let out light and couldn’t help but bring their army towards the dark devil buddhist territory.

“Why are you excited, its not now. The current nightmare army is only about the same as the dark devil buddhist. The dark devil buddhist empire definitely has dominator rank too. We aren’t much stronger than them, so fighting them will hurt us greatly too, and cause us to get taken over by the dark fire heavenly devil empire.” Chu Mu stared at the group of restless nightmares.

The ten white nightmare flames instantly darkened, as they lowered their heads and accepted Chu Mu’s instructions.

“Brother, you aren’t really trying to make the nightmares be peaceful with nightmare palace are you?” Ning Maner grabbed Chu Mu’s arm and said.

“That’s impossible.” Chu Mu shook his head.

Species were species. Though in the past thousand years, nightmare palace and nightmare sacred realm’s nightmare empire had an implicit agreement, the peace of the two sides wasn’t possible.

The only thing Chu Mu could do was provide a better capturing environment for nightmare palace people.

Another thing was, Chu Mu would let some of the young white nightmares without father figures to be taken to a safer place and given to nightmare palace people.

What Chu Mu did was actually beneficial for both sides. First of all, nightmares are extremely aggressive organisms. The chances they died in battle were high. Once they died, if they had descendants, their descendants would be left without protection. With no one providing food for them, these young nightmares will ultimately become the food of others.

Instead of letting them die early, it was better to collect the young soul pets and give them to nightmare palace.

Nightmare palace had so many members. Though feeding nightmares was a high danger, many people still wished to have a nightmare. The nightmare orphans could sign a contract with humans, and fix the infant mortality rate in nightmare empire as well as bring huge benefits to nightmare palace.

As for management, Chu Mu wasn’t as interested. The following work he handed to the much more experience nightmare commander.

“White two, white four, follow Maner.” Chu Mu told the other eight white nightmares to stay and brought Ning Maner and two other white nightmares along.


After being sealed for two months, the nightmare palace gates were finally open. Chu Mu’s silver flames slowly faded away, revealing a handsome young man in white clothes.

Devil palace guards saw Chu Mu walk out, and they all saluted. These devil guards definitely couldn't guess that just a moment ago, this young man also commanded the nightmare empire that all of nightmare palace relied upon!

“Chu Fangchen, what is the situation like inside? Is nightmare palace split between multiple leaders now?” The Devil Guard elder quickly walked over and asked Chu Mu hurriedly.

However, before Chu Mu spoke, the guard elder quickly shook his head and sighed, “The nightmare palace already had a few organisms that reached emperor rank. They have been fully prepared to take the king’s seat once nightmare ancestor dies. Presumably, these two months would be full of nightmare blood. Once everything settles down, we may not even be able to get twenty percent of the original yield of young soul pets.

Seeing the devil guard elder sigh, Chu Mu finally knew why nightmare palace people were so worried about nightmare ancestor dying.

Once nightmare ancestor died, the nightmare empire would be heavily hurt by the fight afterwards. That would cause nightmare palace to have trouble capturing young soul pets in the future.    

“The situation is fine.” Chu Mu knew this wasn’t something that could be explained in a sentence or two so he replied simply.

Nightmare guard elder laughed bitterly, “You should go see emperor jiang, he has been waiting for your news.”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Brother, I want to walk around in nightmare palace.” Ning Maner wanted to go to nightmare palace, looking as if she found a new world.

Devil guard showed a benevolent smile, and quickly summoned two guards over to bring her around the palace.

Chu Mu didn’t mind Ning Maner, and let her go play by herself.

Chu Mu specially brought Ning Maner this time when he went to tidy up nightmare empire. It was to use her overpowered ability to convince more resilient factions using gentle measures. Many times, dealing with situations using power caused too many losses.

After Ning Maner ran off, Chu Mu glanced at devil guard elder and walked into nightmare emperor palace.

“After getting nightmare ancestor’s inheritance, how is your white nightmare doing? Has it broken through?” Devil guard elder asked a question everyone cared about.

“It has taken a step towards dominator rank, so stepping into that realm is just a matter of time.” Chu Mu said.

After devouring nightmare ancestor, white nightmare’s situation was great. They were at least two ranks higher than before!

In reality, organisms near dominator rank weren’t as powerful as dominator rank, because they couldn’t cast dominator rank techniques.

Since white nightmare could cast any dominator rank technique, white nightmare was actually extremely close to dominator rank!

As for when white nightmare would step forward and become real dominator rank, this needed time. Chu Mu knew clearly that stepping into dominator rank isn't an opportunity that came in a day. It would take a long time to slowly bring change.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t have much time to wait for white nightmare to morph, so Chu Mu planned to find a way to speed the process up. In the next few years, he wanted to bring white nightmare to dominator rank and allow it to truly stand by itself!

The moment white nightmare broke through, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance would finally loosen, and may in the near future reach eighth remembrance spirit emperor. If he became half devil then, his power would be even scarier!


Nightmare guard elder brought Chu Mu to nightmare emperor jiang’s palace, where the emperor didn't ask anything different.

“You can bring nightmare hunting team towards the nightmare danger ground now. In the location of the skeleton finger seal, there will be a lot of young soul pets appearing.” Chu Mu said to nightmare emperor jiang.

Chu Mu told all the tribe leaders to put their young soul pets near there. Nightmare hunting team only has to go there to get them. It wasn’t even hunting, but Chu Mu wanted to put it in a more tactful fashion.

“Chu Fangchen, there is no way the fight in nightmare empire could end in two months. Even if they finished, the entire nightmare palace would be heavily wounded. The young soul pets definitely would be heavily guarded as fresh blood. What hunting would we do?” Old hermit elder Jiang said as he was about to rage!

“Chu Fangchen, go to nightmare palace to rest first, I’ll send someone forth now.” Elder Shen quickly mediated the conflict

“En, go check it out.” Nightmare emperor jiang didn’t feel like Chu Fangchen would lie, but sending someone would clear the situation up easily.

Chu Mu didn’t bother to explain. He was indeed tired, but he didn’t stay in nightmare palace to rest, instead going back to soul palace.


Two days later

Nightmare palace, nightmare emperor jiang sat on the high seat, with many old timers and senior elders nearby.

About nightmare palace’s following development, the near two months have been discussed by nightmare emperor jiang many times. However, before truly figuring the situation out, they still had to hold the meeting together with anxious faces.

“Emperor jiang! Emperor jiang!!” Suddenly, an elder hurried into the palace.

“What’s the matter, you finished hunting in two days?” Nightmare emperor jiang furrowed his brows and stared at Li Elder, who was in charge of the hunting team.

A hunt usually lasted one to two months. After all, white nightmare young soul pets didn’t just stay there to let you capture them.

“Uh…...We, we didn't bring enough soul capture rings so I specially came back to grab more and tell you.”

“Idiot, you don’t need to tell me such a stupid mistake!” Nightmare emperor jiang was instantly furious. They knew they were going to hunt, yet they didn’t bring enough soul capture rings, looks like he had to switch off this elder soon!

“Nono…..” Elder Li quickly explained, “Emperor jiang, we brought enough soul capture rings like we do usually, but there were just too many young soul pets, we filled all our rings and there’s still more!”

Elder LI’s words caused the entire palace to go silent!

Everyone’s heads were resonating with “too many young soul pets”, all wondering if they heard the elder wrong!

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