Chapter 947: Sealed Tower, Broken Seal Soul Pet

Wanxiang Altar, Queen Palace

“This event is slightly hard to deal with. Hero Aide is still out, it will be difficult for us to join forces.” 

Mu Qingyi nodded and furrowed her brows, “You still don’t know what the reason is?”

Lead hero Yuan Sui shook his head, “No, its hard to believe that after being sealed for this long, not only did it not get weaker, but it got this powerful. It’s hard to believe.”

“Let’s go forth, are you ready?” Mu Qingyi didn’t say much more and stood up, starting an incantation in queen palace.

Mu Qingyi didn’t summon crown phoenix king, and instead summoned the super emperor in front of her. The white tiger laid down on the floor and let Mu Qingyi sit on.

Yuan Sui nodded and summoned a creature with a tail of a purple snake, body of a wolf, and a back with a pair of lightning wings.

Mu Qingyi looked at Yuan Sui’s purple lightning wolf emperor. Mu Qingyi knew that this purple tailed lightning wolf emperor was probably a main soul pet that had followed yuan sui for a while. Its strength was most likely paragon emperor rank. However, the purple tail lightning wolf emperor was far stronger than many other paragon emperor ranks, able to possibly even fight two by itself.

Mu Qingyi’s strength is below Yuan Sui. As a competitive person, Mu QIngyi had always wanted to know how strong Yuan Sui truly was and how he was able to sit in the lead hero position so unmovingly.

“Let’s leave.” Lead hero Yuan Sui spoke.

As he spoke, the two people rode their soul pets towards wanxiang altar already.

Wanxiang altar’s top had a palace with no one in it. This palace stood at the tip of the majestic wanxiang altar. It seemed like it was reinforced onto the edge of the cliff, creating a fearful and dangerous architectural feat.

This palace was cold toned. Its ledges were rampant like swords, walls smooth as cold ice. It was currently pouring rain, spattering the palace with rain, yet it left no mark. No matter how wind or rain blew, the palace stood lonely!

Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui flew onto the ground and walked into the palace.

The entire palace was empty. The main palace was decorated very solemnly and anciently. Every symbol and rune on the walls seemed to exude a certain significance.

The two stepped into the center of the palace. At the center, there was a ground painting that took up almost half of the entire palace’s area. The runes on the ground painting blinked with strange lights occasionally.

Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui both stood at the center of the ground painting. Yuan Sui lifted his head and gazed at the roof of this palace.

The inner walls of the roof also had a huge painting. This wall painting was similarly complex, filled with shining cold symbols, yet the two paintings were different.

“Your majesty, cast the incantation.” Lead hero Yuan Sui said.

Mu Qingyi didn’t think any further and casted an incantation!

Her long hair started dancing as she chanted the incantation. Immediately, both paintings above and below her started vibrating a little. Countless rays of light shot out of the runes, interlacing around Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui, shooting out a diagram within this space!

The diagram became more and more shining. When the glow reached a peak, the space suddenly shook and the next moment, Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui disappeared from their places at the same time.

The glow slowly dimmed away and the palace reverted back to its previous calm and serene state. The ground symbols and roof were still juxtaposing each other, yet Mu QIngyi and lead hero Yuan Sui disappeared as if they never existed.


Rusty chains filled the dark sky, interlacing in a stunning manner.

These large ancient chain links were connected to each other, each seeming ancient and corroded. However, these chains in the skies have existed for countless years already.

There were many small marks on the chains, likely remnants of the strongest hit an angry sealed organism could inflict. However, to date, no chain had been truly broken before!

The long chains extended beyond where the vision could see. No one knew how long the organism on the other end of the chain had been locked for.

“Jiang! Jiang!!!! Jiang!!!!!”

Suddenly, a few thick chains started shaking, constantly letting out deafening metal crashes.

Standing under all the chains, Mu Qingyi lifted her head up but gazed at the sky where all the chains interlaced.

It wasn’t Mu Qingyi’s first time being here this was the sealed tower that had been in wanxiang realm for countless years!!

To date, Mu Qingyi still didn’t know how many organisms were locked in sealed towers and how many dominator ranks who brought humans have brought disaster but died under the effects of time. Their corpses would remain shackled to the other end until it completely rotted!

“In the past, the Blooddrinking Demon would be the most irascible. Is it finally settled?” Mu Qingyi glanced at the grey yellow chain not far ahead of her.

This chain was one Mu Qingyi shackled onto Blood Drinking Demon herself. In the past, every time she appeared in this sealed tower, the Blood Drinking Demon would go crazy and pull at its chain to express its anger.

Strangely, this time the Blood Drinking Demon was extremely well behaved.

“You’ll know why soon.” Lead hero Yuan Sui said.

Mu Qingyi didn’t ask further and rode her white tiger towards the intersection of chains.

When they ran, they slowly saw a large and ancient tower stand up within the grey space!

The large tower was like a mountain, where its bottom took up a large amount of space. The middle part shot into the skies and seemed to break through the skies at the top, so high one couldn't see the tip!

Mu Qingyi and lead hero Yuan Sui naturally jumped over the space beneath, and flew towards the highest few floors.

Mu Qingyi followed the blood drinking demon’s chain to the sixteenth floor.

Sealed tower had nineteen floors. Floor sixteen organisms already showed great threat to humankind. Mu Qingyi had sealed away this devil on the sixteenth floor!

The entire sealed tower’s top were made of densely paved ancient stone. The top of them were engraved with a myriad of texts and diagrams, all of which created the space for the sealed towers, while the chains were restrictive.

Mu Qingyi told white tiger to fly up where blood drinking devil’s chain connected to sealed tower. There, she chanted an incantation towards the connected portion.

Chanting the incantation, the chain shook and diagrams started floating forth, becoming a projection that quickly gathered together in front of the sealed tower!

The chains were intersected, and one could clearly see a fuzzy figure appear on the sealed tower. Chains wrapped around the tower and, where the fuzzy figure appeared, the chains bulged forth like a restrained corpse!

Its body shook with the space, and slowly became clearer before completely solidifying. This was an organism with flesh and blood!!

This organism was wrapped around by chains tightly. More shocking was how the organism directly pierced through this organism’s body and into the tower. As long as the tower didn't fall, this body would permanently be locked there!!

“How did it die?” Mu QIngyi looked at the lifeless blood drinking demon, and furrowed her brow.

The light chains only restricted an organism’s movement. The ancient sky chains, on the other hand, pierced through their soul which caused immense pain with every movement!!

However, none of these things killed soul pets! It only subjected them to the tortures of time.

The death of the blood drinking demon caused Mu Qingyi to be very shocked. Clearly, its chest was ripped apart by some claw and its innard crystal was stolen!

Lead hero Yuan Sui shook his head and said, “I’m guessing it was trying to recover energy and used sealed organisms here as food.”

“Let’s go up one level.” Mu Qingyi showed some worry.

Mu Qingyi already rode her white tiger to the seventeenth floor.

However,  when she reached the seventeenth floor, a chain hung desolately from the seventeenth floor down the side of the sealed tower.

All the sky chains were connected to some part of the sealed tower, while the other end extended into the great unknown, and each was pulled taut.

This sky chain clearly was different, but the real problem wasn’t that it was hanging loose. The sky chain was broken!

The seventeenth floor chains were powerful enough that even dominator rank organisms may not be able to rip it apart. Even if it did, the shaking alone could cause huge damage to the soul, able to shatter a soul pet’s soul!

“This…..” Mu QIngyi stared blankly at the broken chain and her face grew very solemn.

Mu Qingyi originally thought the organism simply got out using a strange way, but she didn't expect it to be a result of directly breaking the strongest sky chains!

“This sky chain, whose soul pet was it locking?” Mu Qingyi said in a solemn voice.

Lead hero Yuan Sui slowly spoke, “The main character of the sealed mouth event - Chu Tianmang!”

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