Chapter 946: When Did They Return?

“Your Majesty Diagram Supreme, were your words just now the truth?” in a senior elder meeting, the long bearded senior elders of Soul Palace looked at each other. The atmosphere was extremely strange. 

“Yes, Nightmare Emperor Jiang just informed me that Chu Fangchen really did obtain the Nightmare Ancestor’s inheritance. After bestowing its power upon Chu Fancheng’s White Nightmare, it was consumed of power.” the Diagram Supreme spoke seriously. “Chu Fangchen is already heaven defying and now that he has this opportunity and grasped it well, he will definitely become a leader of our three great palaces in the future!”

“Yes, it’s truly difficult for such an incomparable genius to emerge from our Soul Palace. He was even chosen by the Nightmare Ancestor. Indeed Chu Fangchen is very special; otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the Nightmare Ancestor’s inheritor. I really want to know whether he’s able to enter the dominator rank or not.” 

“I say that he can!” Senior Elder Teng was full of confidence towards Chu Mu.

When Diagram Supreme heard the senior elders praise Chu Fangchen, his lips slightly smirked. 

When was the brat Chu Fangchen chosen by the Nightmare Ancestor… he had heaven-defyingly killed the Nightmare Ancestor!

If this matter was publicized, it was unknown how many intense waves this would cause in Nightmare Palace or even the soul pet domain. 

As for obtaining the Nightmare Ancestor’s inheritance, the Diagram Supreme didn’t have the courage to publicize the truth because if it wasn’t for Nightmare Emperor Jiang telling him himself, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin wouldn’t have believed that Chu Fangchen would have so brazenly devoured the Nightmare Ancestor! 

Being chosen by the Nightmare Ancestor and obtaining a fortuitous inheritance was obviously a lie. Diagram Supreme Ke Yin even felt like bitterly laughing when he heard this. But he could only helplessly guard this secret that would shake both Wanxiang Realm and Tianxia Realm. 

“Where is Chu Fangchen?” the senior elders had discussed for a long while before they realized that Chu Fangchen wasn’t here. 

“He’s planning on going to Nightmare Holy Region to train.” said Diagram Supreme Ke Yin.

However, when he remembered Nightmare Emperor Jiang telling him Chu Fangchen was going to Nightmare Holy Region to tidy up the Nightmare empire, Ke Yin felt another headache. Where on earth did this fellow jump out from? He was always doing such abnormal things! 

“This fellow really doesn’t know how to relax!” everyone sighed in exclamation. 

“Being hard working while young is a good thing. Not arrogant or impatient!” 

“That’s right, Your Majesty Diagram Supreme, Pang Xing mentioned a while ago that an extremely strong soul pet would be temporarily stationing itself at Soul Pet Palace in Tianxia City in about a month.” said Senior Elder Ruan whose connections with Soul Pet Palace were rather close.  

“What soul pet?” asked the Diagram Supreme.

“He seems to have said a Warbeast Mo Ye.” responded Senior Elder Ruan. 

“Warbeast Mo Ye?” the senior elders were all confused. 

The Warbeast Mo Ye’s species rank was commander rank and there ostensibly was nothing special about it. Could this Warbeast Mo Ye have strengthened itself to a very high rank? Did it reach the high or peak emperor rank?” 

“What’s its strength?” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin continued.

Senior Elder Ruan laughed and said: “I previously asked Old Pang, but he began to hem and haw. He originally wanted to keep it a secret, but after a few drinks he told me…” 

“If that Warbeast Mo Ye fought Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant, the loser would definitely be the Tai Mountain Giant!!”

Senior Elder Ruan’s words caused the senior elders and Diagram supreme to suck in a breath of air!

Everyone understood how strong the Tai Mountain Giant was. If it was stronger than the Tai Mountain Giant, wouldn’t it be a genuine dominator rank?! 

“Is… is it a dominator rank?” Senior Elder Teng asked with a bit of excitement. 

The three great palaces lacked dominator rank experts the most. If a soul pet appeared that could deal with Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s soul pet, this would be a huge deal to the three great palaces!

Senior Elder Yuan shook his head and said: “Old Pang said that it is an emperor. However, its abilities are extremely special. He didn’t tell me the details and no matter how much I pestered him he didn’t say. But judging from how satisfied he was, that Warbeast Mo Ye is probably very strong!”

“Which expert’s soul pet is it? Can this person be trusted?” immediately asked Diagram Supreme Ke Yin.

“He can definitely be trusted. Only…” at this point, Senior Elder Ruan hesitated a bit before regretfully saying: “that Warbeast Mo Ye is Chu Mu’s soul pet.” 

“Chu Mu? The Chu Mu who transformed into a half devil and fought Bai Yu?”

“I’ve heard that Chu Mu’s talent is exceptional, and his strength is outstanding. However, back then, his soul pets were only about the low class emperor and middle class emperor rank. How could it have become so powerful in such a short few years? Moreover, Chu Mu has become a devil. Does that mean his soul pets have become masterless?” 

The senior elders were all shocked! 

Nobody would expect that a person who had passed away a few years ago would suddenly give the three great palaces an ultra strong soul pet that could take charge of a frontier! 

When Chu Mu was mentioned, the atmosphere grew heavy for a moment. Clearly, everyone felt remorseful over the fall of a genius. He had saved Tianxia City and the most significant foundations of the three great palaces. However, he had lost his life at a young age and became the youngest Tianxia King in history. At the same time, he was also the only Tianxia King to have not sat on the treasured throne. 

A moment later, the topic fell naturally onto Female Supreme Liu Binglan. However, it had been a long time since anyone had seen her. They were both worried and helpless because everyone knew that she, due to the pain of her son’s death, had shut herself off. Probably only training like her life depended on it could gradually and slowly lessen the pain…. 


In Northern Forbidden Region, on the vast and barren land, countless multicolored devil insects crawled out from cracks in the ground. 

Pale white skeletons were disheveledly buried in the sand. Air-dried blood could be seen everywhere, simultaneously emitting a disgusting smell that filled the air. 

There were no clouds in the sky, but the sky looked yellow. Occasionally, arrogant and malevolent flying insect groups would fly across the sky, emitting piercing sounds. This scared the cowardly bug type creatures on the ground into burying back underground. 

The yellow horizon and grey earth made things seem bleak and miserable. It continued for tens of thousands of kilometers. There were no signs of flourishing life forces. There was only death, rotting and decayment. 

At some point, on the horizon of the grey murky sky appeared a black figure. 

Its body was robust and sleek. Armored spikes were evident as if its body was fully covered in weapons. 

It ran as fast as lightning. Its four limbs full of strength, when it stepped on the earth, it would leave a series of footprints and shocking fissures! 

It was a fully armed black war beast!! 

On top of its head that seemed to be cast out of metal stood a short legged racoon old man whose hands were behind its back. It faced the whistling wind and stared into the distance looking impassioned and filled with an otherworldly spirit! 

“Ai, Ancient Power Awakening was even harder than I imagined. It seems that we can only find the materials in human territory. Nonetheless, we’ve at least raised your defensive abilities to a level where a dominator rank creature cannot instakill you.” said Old Li. 

“Hou Hou~~~~~~” Zhan Ye let out a low roar and it suddenly got faster, surprisingly running at its fastest speed! 

When Zhan Ye was running at its fastest speed, the only thing that could be seen on the vast grey earth was a black light streaking across. It was proud, cold, liberated and godly!!

“What… what are you doing?! What are you running so fast for?!” Old Li hastily grabbed Zhan Ye’s head. Its short body was lifted horizontally into the wind! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!”

Zhan Ye let out an incomparably excited shout. Its eyes that had gone dull for the past few years now were emitting a radiance. It sped up again, moving so fast that its body was able to fly past the enormous mountains next to it in an instant. 

“What… what on earth is it?!!” Old Li didn’t know why Zhan Ye had gone crazy. Running like this wasted a lot of physical strength! 

Zhan Ye ignored Old Li’s shouts and continued to run...

However, as it ran, Zhan Ye slowly came to a stop. 

It ran up a mountain to the very top. Its radiating black eyes were gradually replaced by disappointment, and it stared at the distant human world. 

“You felt his soul?” Old Li saw Zhan Ye’s expression change and quickly guessed as much.

Zhan Ye didn’t respond. It just slowly lowered its head before turning around and jumping down towards the rocks under the mountain peak. It jumped a few times before reaching the ground again. It returned to its original apathetic appearance and began to slowly step forward again… 

“If you can feel his soul’s fluctuation, that means his soul hasn’t completely disappeared. There’s still hope if you can become strong enough.” encouraged Old Li.

Zhan Ye suddenly stopped. It looked back at the rugged mountain peak it was just on.

This mountain peak was a bit similar to the seventh realm’s centipede mountain where innumerable caves could be seen. 

“Hou!” Zhan Ye let out a roar!

In these past few years Zhan Ye had never given up!

Just like in the centipede abyss where Chu Mu didn’t abandon it, it would absolutely not give up on hope. Even if it the hope was miniscule and far away! 


In Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Danger Ground Holy Region’s entrance. 

“Big brother, what’s the matter?” Ning Maner was following beside Chu Mu. Seeing him suddenly stop, she was confused. 

“Just before I entered the holy region entrance, I seem to have felt my eighth soul fluctuate.” Chu Mu glanced at the holy region entrance that was now closed. 

“Eighth soul? Isn’t that the Warbeast Mo Ye that brother often says can be knocked down but cannot be defeated?” Ning Maner’s eyes lit up. It seemed that she really wanted to see this main pet of Chu Mu’s. 

“Ya.” Chu Mu nodded his head. His mind wandered back to the scene outside of Tianxia City when Zhan Ye had resolutely turned and left. 

These soul pets had always accompanied Chu Mu and Chu Mu had never never thought about a day when he would separate from them. 

However, just before he transformed into a devil, when he saw the Little Hidden Dragon throw a tantrum as it was carried away by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Night running off full of tears and Zhan Ye’s resolute figure as it turned around, Chu Mu truly felt his heart being dug out. 

“Big brother, when will they return?” Ning Maner looked at Chu Mu who wore a hurt expression and softly asked a question.

A bitter smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he softly said: “It should be soon.” 

Chu Mu took in a deep breath and adjusted his emotions. 

Then, his body gradually transformed into a lonely and proud silver color as he brought ten White Nightmares into the depths of the Nightmare empire… 

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