Chapter 944: Unforgivable Crime!

Any attack on the soul caused the purest of pain!

In the past, the devilized nightmare ancestor would get a perverted sense of joy every time it devoured young lives and heard them scream bleakly.

Selfish, cold blooded, cruel, the nightmare ancestor had lived so many years it had habitualized this behavior. Even this time, the nightmare ancestor definitely didn’t want to give up its inheritance. He wanted these humans to give up their strongest white nightmare so it could regain life and energy.

Yet, the nightmare ancestor used to wreaking havoc never expected that, as its life was nearing its end, he would have a taste of its own medicine, getting eaten alive by a young white nightmare using same species devour.

The most painful thing was that this young nightmare wasn’t even eating it in one go. Instead, it was ripping its old soul apart piece by piece first. The soul ripping pain caused it to want to die!

An old yet pathetic cry came out constantly, echoing through the dark space.

Seeing a protector god of their hearts get devoured by a young white nightmare, emperor nightmare jiang, old hermit, and the father and son duo were all dazed.

How dare this Chu Fangchen actually kill nightmare ancestor!!!   

Not only kill, but use the cruelest way to devour this protector god’s soul!!

Though nightmare ancestor was near death and wasn’t as powerful as before, believing that their protector god of thousand years would just die through the devouring of a young nightmare was too much!

Yet, the scene in front of them shocked them, and made them have to believe this reality!


White Nightmare’s devilish calls came. At this moment, silver white flames completely overtook nightmare ancestor’s original body. Even its face was now Chu Mu’s appearance. This meant that nightmare ancestor was completely taken over by White Nightmare!


Devil flames burned. White Nightmare converted its resentment into power and caused its energy crystal to show a bare trace of silver. However, now its energy crystal was completely silver white.

The resentment silver white flames were temporary, and would disappear after battle. One could tell, though, that White Nightmare’s silver flames were now its own flames. This meant that White Nightmare took a real step towards dominator rank. At least it was now beyond the barrier of invincible emperor rank!

“A thousand year old monster- devouring it should have pushed White Nightmare to dominator rank. Sadly, its life force was too weak and it was too old…..” Chu Mu walked out of the devil flames and gazed at White Nightmare’s silver White Nightmare flames!

“However, not bad. At least now, White Nightmare should be a rank or two stronger than invincible emperor rank, able to fight against Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain giant.” Chu Mu smiled.

Directly devouring a white nightmare soul was better than receiving an inheritance. At least White Nightmare showed signs of going towards dominator rank. Presumably, after one more opportunity, there would be real hope for it to get into dominator rank.

Also, with the strength increase in White Nightmare, Chu Mu becoming half devil could get even better at dealing with dominator rank enemies!

“How did it feel?” Chu Mu smiled and looked at White Nightmare.

“Nie!!!!” White Nightmare let out an excited call.

White Nightmare felt extremely good now. Not only did it kill its most hated same species nightmare, it got significantly stronger!

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!” White Nightmare looked at Chu Mu and let out another call.

“What has passed has passed, there’s no point in blaming yourself, let alone I’m fine now, right?” Chu mu said.

White Nightmare suppressed its anger and resentment before because it felt guilty about Tianxia City’s events. If it didn’t have its instinct of hating similar species and tried to defeat its father, Chu Mu wouldn’t have become half devil and nearly lost his life. Even then, he caused their original group to split apart.

When Chu Mu was woken up by the monument tear, White Nightmare also slowly recovered its mind, and started to feel real remorse.

Yet, Chu Mu always remained forgiving to white nightmare. Even when he woke up, Chu Mu was very scared White Nightmare would disappear. After all, white nightmare was Chu Mu’s real first soul pet. He grew it stage by stage to where it was now. Chu Mu had long since overcome his initial fear of this devil, and slowly just saw it as a mischievous and misbehaving little brother…...

Also, if not for White Nightmare, Chu Mu couldn’t step into dominator rank in such a short time. He had to win somewhere and lose somewhere!

“Go back and rest. Digest the power you just got well.” Chu Mu said.

White Nightmare’s wounds were very heavy already. After this battle, it indeed needed to rest well.

White Nightmare nodded. Not needing Chu Mu to cast an incantation, its silver white body slowly merged into Chu Mu’s body like a shadow, and slept in Chu Mu’s soul pet space.


After retracting the White Nightmare, Chu Mu slowly walked towards the other four people who were still stock-still, staring at Chu Mu like they saw a monster. Chu Mu smiled at this reaction.

With Chu Mu’s smile, nightmare emperor jiang and the other three all felt a shiver down their spine.

This young man was the real devil!!!!

“I already told you, your protector “god” was, in reality, near death. It was putting on a show of being powerful just so you would continue to respect it and send it tribute. In reality, if you summoned your main soul pets, any one of them could kill it. Why would you keep such an old thing around?” Chu Mu said.

Hearing Chu Mu’s words, the four of them no longer even wanted to curse at Chu Mu for being disgraceful. In reality, nightmare ancestor was indeed not as powerful as they thought. Even so, it was a nightmare ancestor, one that had protected nightmare palace for a thousand years. Such an existence shouldn't be easily killed!!

“Chu Fangchen, don’t you know you’ve committed an unforgivable crime!” Old hermit had a conservative way of thinking, and couldn’t help but finally yell out.

“Oh?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow and continued lightly, “Then why didn’t you stop me?”

“This……” old hermit was at a loss of words. In reality, he indeed wanted to know just how powerful this nightmare ancestor they poured resources into was.

Of course, if it were him, he wouldn’t dare to test the nightmare ancestor’s strength no matter what!

“Chu Fangchen, nightmare ancestor is like a belief in nightmare a place. You killing it could cause unrest throughout the entire faction.” Shen Qiu sighed.

Since it happened already, Shen Qiu felt that any more talking wouldn’t mean much. Shen Qiu personally was against keeping the nightmare ancestor alive through this expensive and cruel method, yet it remained anyways as a tradition that nightmare palace definitely had to follow. No one dared to change it or be disrespectful towards nightmare ancestor.

Nightmare emperor jiang remained silent, not saying a single word.

After a while, nightmare emperor jiang finally spoke, saying something that shocked everyone, “Chu Fangchen, your white nightmare is now the nightmare ancestor!”

“Emperor Jiang!” Old hermit couldn’t even process the fact that the nightmare ancestor was killed yet, and now this idea was thrown out.

Shen Qiu was thinking about whether the parasitic nightmare ancestor’s death was good or bad for nightmare palace, yet didn’t expect nightmare emperor jiang to make such a decision. From what Shen Qiu saw, nightmare emperor jiang would summon his main soul pet in anger and capture Chu Fangchen for being disgraceful.

“Looks like you aren’t stupid.” Chu Mu similarly paused, but quickly smiled.

Killing nightmare ancestor was truly a disgraceful act that raises trouble.

However, nightmare ancestor was already dead. The White Nightmare who devoured nightmare ancestor basically got its inheritance, and was the strongest white nightmare in nightmare palace.

Nightmare palace views powerful entities as their leader. Without nightmare ancestor, Chu Mu’s white nightmare was the most powerful. Instead of fighting it through with Chu Mu and making it a lose-lose situation, they instead could make him a new leader and possibly bring nightmare palace to prosperity.

This was a simple idea, but making such a decision in such a short amount of time was difficult. Nightmare emperor jiang truly was the highest command of nightmare palace. His view of the great picture caused even Chu Mu to feel respect.

“If nightmare palace perishes you, Chu Fangchen, will be the worst criminal in our history.” Nightmare emperor jiang said coldly.

“Doesn't matter, but you quickly will know your choice is smart.” Chu Mu said confidently.

Old hermit saw that nightmare emperor jiang’s attitude switched around but still couldn't’ change his conservative and obstinate views and said to Chu Mu, “You’re but a twenty something year old young man, what can you bring to nightmare palace? A large faction like this needs more than just guts and power!”

“At that time, a man able to bring nightmare palace to prosperity was forced to become a devil by you. Have you not realized then that the thousand year old monster had devolved from a protector to a vampire because of its age and selfishness? It was using your obstinance and conservative nature to create a kingdom of its own!”

“As long as the nightmare ancestor remained, nightmare palace would never see a dominator rank expert!!”

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