Chapter 942: Crazy Devil, White Nightmare’s Resentment Anger


This young man was too disgraceful! 

The Nightmare Ancestor was Nightmare Palace’s genuine guardian. It was a god among the older generation that was consecrated, revered, and honored without any defamity! 

However, the old hermit and Nightmare Emperor Jiang were seething with anger because Chu Fangchen was disgracefully attempting to kill the Nightmare Ancestor!! 

Killing the Nightmare Ancestor was equivalent to challenging the entire Nightmare Palace. Was this Chu Fangchen crazy?!!

Chu Mu ignored Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the old hermit’s angry roars. He allowed the White Nightmare to give the fight its all!

The Nightmare Ancestor was too old, and its strength could not be at the dominator rank anymore. Chu Mu understood this clearly; thus, he allowed the White Nightmare to settle its own grudges with the Nightmare Ancestor.

As the resentment aura began to build, the White Nightmare’s strength grew stronger!

The painful remnant memories of countless generations of ancestors had formed the resentment aura that became a huge energy, releasing in the form of an evil translucent silver devil flame! 


The Nightmare Ancestor jumped up in shock, abruptly rising from its seat. It let out an alarmed devil cry, its deep set of eyes glaring at the emperor rank White Nightmare that dared provoke its dignity! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~” silver devil flames ignited on the Nightmare Ancestor’s body. The torrential flames seemed to illuminate the pitch black world in a bright white!!

Its dominator rank aura suppressed the area, causing Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the three others to make their breathing hard. It felt like their hearts were going to stop!

This was a dominator rank White Nightmare that had lived for a thousand years. Even if it was exceptionally old, killing them would be as easy as flipping its hand! 

“Chu Fangchen, are you thinking of suiciding? Hurry and kneel and beg the ancestor for forgiveness!” the old hermit released an incomparably unpleasant sharp cry.

The old hermit’s pale face was twitching. Such actions were equivalent to destroying Nightmare Palace! 

“Chu Fangchen, you mustn’t be impulsive! This is the Nightmare Ancestor!!” Shen Qiu also cried out in shock.

Attempting to kill the Nightmare Ancestor was too appalling!! 

“You guys are too naive. Do you really believe that this old monster will pass on his strength to you?” Chu Mu sneered. Seeing the four of them with faces full of shock, he continued: “It is a devouring type White Nightmare. Even if it doesn’t devour a blood-related species member, devouring any powerful White Nightmare will allow it to obtain energy. It wanted you to come here not to pass on its strength. Instead, the White Nightmares you offered to it were too low in rank, and its wants to eat your paragon emperor rank White Nightmares!” 

“Blasphemy!! If you continue acting rashly, we will not let you off easy!” the old hermit was extremely angry. 

“Its life force is exceptionally weak now. It’s so weak that it’s fundamentally impossible to complete an inheritance of strength!” Chu Mu was certain! 

Passing on one’s inheritance was no easy matter. At the very least, from Chu Mu’s own assessment, the Nightmare Ancestor on its last breaths was incapable of passing on its inheritance of strength! 

"Chu Fangchen, do you truly understand what you are doing?!! How could the Nightmare Ancestor not have the strength to pass on its inheritance!” roared Nightmare Emperor Jiang!

“Then I’ll prove it to you!” Chu Mu wasn’t in a good mood either. He didn’t waste any more words with them and ordered his White Nightmare to attack the Nightmare Ancestor!!


The White Nightmare’s entire body was burning with flames of rage. Its young body was much more energetic than the Nightmare Ancestor’s old body. As its body rose up into the air, the White Nightmare didn’t hesitate to use a powerful dominator rank technique! 

Spatial Windstorm!!

The White Nightmare’s claws fiercely ripped apart space. In the Nightmare Ancestor’s chaotic domain, it made it even easier for the White Nightmare to use an other type technique!! 

When the crack appeared, the White Nightmare reached its hand into the chaotic world and forcibly dragged a terrifying windstorm from that world into this!!

“Long long long long~~~~~~~”

The Spatial Windstorm was emitting a terrifying sound. In an instant, the White Nightmare’s skeletal treasure throne was ripped to pieces! 

As for the Nightmare Ancestor, it used Displacement Specter. However, this was a mighty dominator rank that was avoiding a mere paragon emperor’s technique, hiding far away from the range of the Spatial Windstorm, before angrily glaring at the reckless emperor White Nightmare! 

After having fought with Half Devil Bai Yu, the Nightmare Ancestor had never been challenged again since then. But now it was being challenged by an emperor rank! 

The Nightmare Ancestor was angered and let out a cry that deeply struck souls!!

“Hmph, all you know how to do is exercise your throat and shout!” contemptuously said Chu Mu!

This dying old monster was unexpectedly still putting on airs. It wanted others to give it face, and thought that everyone treated it as a god! 

The White Nightmare had entered a devilized state. After the Spatial Windstorm swept forth, it surprisingly launched itself at the Nightmare Ancestor, looking malevolently as if it was going to eat this old thing! 

The Nightmare Ancestor created a silver devil flame that outlandishly appeared near the White Nightmare. It then terrifyingly exploded in a dozen kilometer radius! 

Instantly, a silver flame lotus filled with an aura of death engulfed the area between the Nightmare Ancestor and the White Nightmare. Each petal of the lotus carried powerful destructive forces, forcing Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the three others back!

The White Nightmare kept charging, but each time it was knocked flying by the silver flame lotus. It wanted nothing more than to rip the Nightmare Ancestor to pieces, but it was unable to exert any force for the time being. It could only stare with anger and grievance at the old monster staring at it from the darkness several tens of kilometers away. 

White Nightmare could release dominator rank half devil techniques at will. This made it truly unrivaled in the emperor rank. However, its defensive capabilities and life force hadn’t reached that level. Therefore, while dealing with the Nightmare Ancestor, Chu Mu couldn’t be careless. 

Seeing the White Nightmare forced back, Chu Mu decisively had the White Nightmare use techniques to exhaust the Nightmare Ancestor!

Chu Mu believed that the Nightmare Ancestor didn’t have the physical strength to continue a drawn out fight with the young and vigorous White Nightmare. Nightmare Ancestor wouldn’t be able to maintain its cool if this happened.

Indeed, when the White Nightmare began to use dominator rank techniques to launch long-ranged attacks at the Nightmare Ancestor, the Nightmare Ancestor was unable to sit still. Its body transformed into an enormous devil flame sun that surged towards the White Nightmare!

Grand Sun Devil Flame. Chu Mu extremely familiar with this technique! 

Seeing the enormous sun approaching, Chu Mu immediately gave the White Nightmare an order.

The White Nightmare raised its hands. The space it was pointing at began to strangely twist as if there was a cyclone forming in a space that could be twisted! 

There was not only one of these cyclones. Instead, more and more appeared along the trajectory of the whistling devil flame sun. 

Spatial Quicksand. Chu Mu had the White Nightmare use so many Spatial Quicksands because the suction force and spatial sinkage would slow down the Grand Sun Devil Flame! 

“Ok, meet it head on!!” said Chu Mu!

The White Nightmare didn’t hesitate. After using the final Spatial Quicksand. Its tiny body flew straight at the enormous devil flame sun!!

The devil flames were like a scorching sun that were both boundless and shocking, delivering an enormous unbearable pressure! 

On the other hand, the White Nightmare’s body transformed into as shooting star that flew through the darkness, knocking into the devil flame sun!!

A silver energy blossomed in the dark space. When the two techniques collided, the black world seemed to have been stripped off; piece after piece fell off, revealing a chaotic scene!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The aftermath of the clash could be felt tens of kilometers away, even striking Nightmare Emperor Jiang, the old hermit, Shen Qiu and Shen Mo, as well as their soul pets. Immediately, the four of them trembled in fear!

“Didn’t… didn’t he say that his White Nightmare only knew one dominator rank technique?” the old hermit no longer knew how to describe the shock in his heart!

It was very difficult to believe that aside from the devil transformation Bai Yu, there was someone who, in a sober state, dared to challenge the thousand year old Nightmare Ancestor!!

“Could this be Chu Fangchen’s true strength…” Shen Qiu stared, dumbfounded, at the young man’s arrogant figure that had flown far into the distance. 

As for Shen Mo, his eyes didn’t leave the stunning fight between the White Nightmare and the Nightmare Ancestor. For some reason, he was filled with admiration for the other young man’s bravery. 

Only, would his White Nightmare truly be able to defeat the Nightmare Ancestor?

Challenging a dominator rank wasn’t something even Nightmare Emperor Jiang or the other experts from Soul Palace dared to do!


White Nightmare’s cry was mixed with anger and hatred. It was berserk and filled with power!!

Nightmare Ancestor’s shouts were filled with soul attacks. However, due to its age, it lacked any form of unruliness and aggressiveness!! 

More importantly, White Nightmare simply didn’t care how many wounds accumulated on its body. Due to the accumulation of resentment aura, it had already forgotten the feeling of pain. The only thing in its eyes was the irreconcilable Nightmare Ancestor. Yet, just as Chu Mu had predicted, Nightmare Ancestor’s life force was extremely weak. It was so weak it couldn’t even muster the might of a dominator rank- it couldn’t even near the dominator rank! 


Evil claws slashed across the White Nightmare’s body, instantly extinguishing the devil flames on its abdomen! 

"Jie jie~~~~~~~~”

However, the White Nightmare let out an evil laugh!

When it had transformed into a devil, White Nightmare had slaughtered its way through the forbidden regions. The amount of blood shed could fill the sea. It was the devil of slaughter back then. 

And now, like Chu Mu, it had recovered the ability to think rationally. Yet, the memories it had obtained from its ancestor’s bloodline and the berserk blood in its bones, when facing the Nightmare Ancestor, caused it to transform into a berserk devil. The result was a berserk manner of fighting that even the Nightmare Ancestor was extremely afraid of! 

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