Chapter 941: Today I Will Annihilate This Old Monster!

After both sides came to an agreement, their emotions had calmed down a bit.

However, upon entering the Nightmare Ancestor’s space, the restrained emotions burst out again, causing Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the three others to even be careful breathing. They didn’t dare to think about anything crazy in their heads.

It was still a pitch black space, and a burst of bright silver flames were burning on the white bone altar.

The Nightmare Ancestor’s body was the same shape as a human’s. However, when it opened its eyes and looked down on them, it gave them the feeling that they were confronting an incomparably large giant. A feeling of insignificance couldn’t help but manifest. 

The Nightmare Ancestor slowly stood up, and its silver devil flame fingers pointed at the White Nightmare next to Chu Mu. Then, it let out a series of noises that Chu Mu couldn’t understand. 

The old hermit knelt and hastily nodded his head in affirmation. A moment later he said to Chu Mu: “The ancestor wishes for you to bring your White Nightmare over.” 

Chu Mu nodded his head and stood up. He slowly walked up the craggy bone altar towards the Nightmare Ancestor seated atop of pale white bones. 

The Nightmare Ancestor stared at the White Nightmare. Its silver and old eyes didn’t change. 

Chu Mu was initially afraid that the White Nightmare would go berserk again. Indeed, this fellow even dared to rush at and kill Half Devil Bai Yu. 

However, surprisingly, the White Nightmare was extremely calm. It was so calm that Chu Mu felt it exceptionally strange!

“White Nightmare?” Chu Mu used a mental voice to communicate with the White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare had been very unusual today, making Chu Mu slightly afraid. 

The White Nightmare didn’t respond, but from the soul pact, Chu Mu could feel that it was forcibly suppressing certain emotions from erupting. 

Chu Mu suddenly stopped, and stared at the White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare followed beside Chu Mu. Seeing its master stop, for a moment it didn’t dare walk forward. It merely lowered its head, and a complicated expression circulated in its eyes.

“White NIghtmare, what are you not telling me?” Chu Mu asked in a mental voice.

The White Nightmare had been raised by Chu Mu from the first phase first stage. It could be considered Chu Mu’s genuine first soul pet. However, after awakening at Soul City, its silence had made Chu Mu feel extremely strange. There were many times when Chu Mu even thought that it had been completely assimilated by him, losing its original memories and thoughts in the process.

“Nie!!!!!!” the White Nightmare answered Chu Mu’s words, but requested Chu Mu to recall it to its soul pet space. 

Chu Mu creased his brows and sized up this White Nightmare again. Suddenly, he noticed that its eyes would glance up at the somewhat impatient Nightmare Emperor. Each time he threw a glance, his eyes would flicker with extremely fearsome anger. This made Chu Mu much more confused, because the White Nightmare was about to expose its hatred and anger that it had suppressed. 

Chu Mu understood that the hatred and anger towards the Nightmare Ancestor meant this was the true White Nightmare. However, why was it suppressing its emotions?

Suddenly, Chu Mu remembered that Old Soul Teacher De had once told him that the White Nightmare was a devouring White Nightmare and the emperor species among White Nightmares. Its blood had a high chance of being related to the Nightmare Ancestor!!

“Chu Fangchen, why did you stop? Go up. Don’t anger the Nightmare Ancestor.” Shen Qiu’s urging voice entered Chu Mu’s ear. 

“Senior Elder Shen, after you sealed Half Devil Bai Yu, didn’t Nightmare Palace order all of Bai Yu’s White Nightmare’s descendants to be eradicated?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still remembered the devil transformation Bai Yu letting out its berserk roar. It was precisely the reason why Nightmare Palace didn’t let Half Devil Bai Yu reawaken. They had killed all of his descendants, including his White Nightmare’s descendants. 

“This… why are you suddenly asking about that?” asked Shen Qiu, confused. 

“Please tell me the whole story.” seriously said Chu Mu.

Shen Qiu hesitated a bit. However, seeing that Chu Mu wouldn’t continue walking unless he knew the truth, he used his mental voice to say: “That really did happen. However, the order didn’t come from Nightmare Palace, but from the Nightmare Ancestor.” 

“Indeed, it was this half-dead old fogey.” Chu Mu’s face turned dark.

Chu Mu finally understood why his White Nightmare harbored deep resentment towards its own species. It was because the one who had wanted to kill it was the Nightmare Ancestor! 

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s White NIghtmare was the Nightmare Ancestor’s descendant, while his White Nightmare was Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s White Nightmare’s descendant. Therefore, the Nightmare Ancestor, devil form Bai Yu and the White Nightmare were all directly blood related! 

“The truth is that in that year, the Nightmare Ancestor’s life had already reached its end. In order to prolong its life, it devoured numerous of its directly related descendant White Nightmares to obtain another 20 years to live.” Shen Qiu quietly added. 

“So that’s how it ended up.” Chu Mu finally understood. The so-called execution was probably all an excuse. The real goal was to prolong the life of the thousand year old monster using its blood related White NIghtmares as spirit items. What a cruel method!

“This method will prolong its life for 100 years. The ancestor was initially going to devour its species, but for some reason, it decided to only devour the Empress’ soul, leaving behind her White Nightmare. However, because of this, it only prolonged its life for 20 years, and would extend its life once every five years.” Shen Qiu told Chu Mu a secret that only the senior elders of Nightmare Palace new. 

Chu Mu’s heart sank and he quietly said: “So you Nightmare Palace really only cultivate White Nightmares that are directly related to the Nightmare Ancestor only as a means to feed the old devil every five years?”

“It was like this twenty years ago…” said Shen Qiu. 

How selfish and merciless did one have to be in order to use the lives of one’s descendants to prolong one’s own life!

Chu Mu felt an indescribable feeling of anger surge in his heart! 

There were many life forms that were worth Chu Mu’s respect. For example, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would never forget the noble instinct of strengthening and prolonging its offspring’s existence even if its memory would be wiped numerous times.

The Mo Ye species would abandon their own species, not own of cruelty, but in order to cultivate experts through natural selection. Through this harsh cruelty, their species would ultimately grow stronger! 

As for the Binding Wind Spirit, when Chu Mu first saw Qin, Qin had rather Chu Mu capture it than the child Binding Wind Spirit that it was protecting. When it returned to its tribe and saw its tribe annihilated, Chu Mu was able to understand from its tear-brimmed eyes how precious it saw its species and companions! 

They were willing to sacrifice their powerful and precious lives in order to protect their species members and descendants. However, the Nightmare Ancestor was like a deranged vampire that craved that tiny bit of useless life, and used its own offspring as sacrificial pieces. In the eyes of this old Nightmare, were these blood related descendants no more than a group of livestock used to fill itself? 

In the past 100 years, all of Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s families - in other words its 100 year family had fallen into this old devil’s mouth- chewed up so finely that not even their bones remained! 


“Chu Fangchen, don’t waste time! Do you want to anger the Nightmare Ancestor?” the old hermit’s cawing voice rang out in Chu Mu’s ear. 

“Hurry up and receive the inheritance.” urged Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

Shen Qiu looked at Chu Mu. After telling him the information, he found that Chu Fangchen’s face had turned exceptionally dark. There was even an enormous aura of resentment emanating from him! 

Chu Mu didn’t take another step forward. He could hear the Nightmare Ancestor’s impatient cries, but right now its cries sounded just like a disgusting vampire’s treacherous laugh in his ears.

“White Nightmare, why are you suppressing your hatred?” Chu Mu stared intently at the White NIghtmare and earnestly asked a question. 

Such hatred was as deep as the ocean. With its temper, it should have erupted already! 

Yet, it didn’t do so. It was just intensely restraining itself as it stood next to Chu Mu. What on earth was stopping it from releasing its irreconcilable hatred! 

“White Nightmare, look at me and tell me the reason!” anger had already erupted on Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s anger was his soul pet’s anger; conversely, his soul pet’s anger was his anger!

Chu Mu’s words were an order. It forced the White Nightmare to look up. Its evilly smiling face carried pain and restraint. This wasn’t the White Nightmare Chu Mu normally saw. 


Finally, the White Nightmare let out a sound, telling it the reason why it was suppressing all the violent anger in its heart.

Hearing the White Nightmare’s words, Chu Mu’s eyes slowly changed… 

Chu Mu believed that the White Nightmare had a very important reason that didn’t let it act. However, after listening to it, a ripple emerged in his heart. 

“What are you worried for? Are you really willing to endure even when you see your irreconcilable enemy?!!” 

“Release the unruliness and hatred in your bones and chop that old thing to pieces!!!” Chu Mu pointed at the Nightmare Ancestor sitting up there and loudly reprimanded! 

The White Nightmare was stunned. Seeing its master so arrogant, the blood in its body instantly began to boil!! 


The White Nightmare let out a devil cry. It seemed to have come alive. The bloodthirstiness and fiendish aura in its bones were released without restraint. The accumulated anger immediately transformed into resentment gathering strength, causing the pale white devil flames on its body to show a shocking silver color!! 

The irreconcilable anger transformed into a terrifying storm that surged towards the Nightmare Ancestor seated above!!

“Chu… Chu Fangchen, what are you doing?!!” 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang stood up in anger and looked, flabbergasted, at Chu Mu and his White Nightmare!

The old hermit trembled in fear and proceeded to faint!!

Shen Qiu and Shen Mo were stunned and watched Chu Mu charge at the Nightmare Ancestor… 

 This fellow was challenging the Nightmare Ancestor!!! 

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