Chapter 940: Why Stay Loyal to Nightmare Palace?

The spectating Shen Mo’s jaw dropped, and he looked at Chu Mu as if he were looking at a monster.

Shen Mo gave up competing because of Shen Qiu, nightmare emperor Jiang, and the old hermit- three nightmare palace authorities that were all more powerful than he was. With their fighting experience, there was no way he could get lucky.

“Originally I thought if I competed, I could at least compete against Chu Fangchen. Who knew that man was even more powerful than the rest. It’s a good thing that I gave up.” Shen Mo was inwardly rejoicing his choice of giving up.

None of the four were easy to defeat, especially Chu Fangchen!

Shen Qiu already had some mental preparation. After all, when they were in soul city, he saw Chu Mu’s white nightmare cast spatial storm. If not for this, Shen Qiu wouldn’t have told Chu Mu to come specially.

“Chu Fangchen, why can your white nightmare cast this technique?” Nightmare emperor, Jiang’s eyebrow was still lifted as he asked very solemnly.

“Heavenly earth devil sword diagram can only be casted by white nightmares very close to or at dominator rank. Your white nightmare is clearly invincible emperor rank, and hasn’t taken a step towards dominator rank!” Old hermit immediately added.

The old man felt the power of the heavenly earth devil sword diagram. If they hadn’t yelled in time, another wave of techniques could have ended his crystal white nightmare’s life. At their level of power, a tiny difference could mean an instant loss!

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried to give a response, instead telling white nightmare to come back first.

White nightmare clearly hadn’t released all the troubling energy in its mind, so it continued to stare evilly at nightmare emperor Jiang’s white nightmare and shen qiu’s white nightmare.

However, Chu Mu already called it back. No matter how much resentment it had, it had to suppress it all. It slowly floated back to Chu Mu, and returned to its previous gloomy self.

Chu Mu glanced at white nightmare, and found that the fellow had become extremely well behaved compared to in the past. This caused Chu Mu to actually feel less accustomed to this. The past ill-tempered white nightmare was always very reckless in battle, much like a runaway horse.

“Chu Fangchen, we’re asking you something!” Old hermit yelled out redfaced. He thought the young man truly ignored him too much.

Nightmare emperor Jiang also stared at Chu Mu, awaiting a response.

“Techniques are just learned. My white nightmare’s talent is just higher than normal.” Chu Mu answered very simply.

“Not possible, our white nightmares all have top tier talent too. Why don’t our white nightmares have these techniques?” Old hermit said slightly excitedly.

“There’s no such thing as top tier talent, only higher and lower.” Chu Mu deflected.

“Are you saying our white nightmares all have low talent!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang steeled his face. This young man truly didn’t know what was coming out of his mouth. Though this young man really had a white nightmare with higher talent, couldn’t he say it in a more tactful manner? They represented the three strongest people of nightmare palace after all!

Chu Mu didn’t want the others to get hung up on the problem and said, “soul pets occasionally learn techniques more advanced than their rank, it only knows heavenly earth devil sword diagram anyways.

Seeing the young man stay so adamant on saying nothing, they knew further interrogation would lead to nothing and gave up. Maybe his white nightmare truly just happened to learn a dominator rank technique. He might have just been extremely lucky.

However, when Shen Qiu heard this last sentence, he mentally shook his head and thought, “This Chu Fangchen is so full of lies, able to say something like that in front of me. Is the spatial storm his white nightmare cast in soul city an emperor rank technique?!”

Shen Qiu knew that Chu Mu was hiding some secret, but he didn’t expose the lie there.

“Ancestor is waiting for us to win. Nightmare emperor jiang, elder jiang, since Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare is stronger, let it inherit the power of the nightmare ancestor.” Shen Qiu said.

Nightmare emperor jiang and old hermit clearly weren’t very willing, but they knew they would lose if they went back to fighting.

In reality, nightmare emperor jiang and old hermit could band together and defeat Chu Mu first, but such a move would go against the nightmare ancestor’s original intentions. Nightmare ancestor wanted the strongest white nightmare. Since the ancestor could see the fight here presumably, such actions of banding together could anger the ancestor and potentially put the inheritance in jeopardy as well. If that were the case, who would support the nighmtare palace after this?

Nightmare palace was in a place of absolute danger right now and nightmare emperor Jiang and old hermit didn’t dare to take any drastic measures. If they jeopardized the inheritance, they could become the eternal reason of the downfall of nightmare palace!

“Chu Fangchen, you must use your soul to swear your loyalty to nightmare palace.” suddenly, nightmare emperor Jiang said in a stern voice.

“Let’s wait until I get the inheritance.” Chu Mu didn’t like using his soul to swear on anything.

“No, you must swear now!” Nightmare emperor Jiang was very adamant.

He could give this chance of inheritance to Chu Fangchen and his limitless potential, but he had to ensure that Chu Fangchen was part of nightmare palace.

Chu Mu saw that nightmare emperor Jiang had such an attitude and furrowed his brows, “If nightmaer place is in danger, I naturally will help, but don’t you think telling me to vow loyalty to nightmare palace is laughable?”

Chu Mu specially emphasized “vow loyalty” when he spoke!

Loyalty? Chu Mu could even kill nightmare ancestor if he wanted to right now, so why would he vow his loyalty? It should be nightmare palace vowing loyalty to him!

Initially, Chu Mu had no good feelings for Nightmare palace. Now that the three palaces combined and soul palace was also in danger, Chu Mu just graciously extended his help to the others.

However, this didn’t mean that Chu Mu was a slave of the three palaces!

In fact, not even soul palace has told Chu Mu to vow his loyalty, instead very indirectly trying to bind him using marriages. What qualification did nightmare palace have to make him swear on his soul?

“You! What do you mean!” Nightmare emperor Jiang was truly angry now!

Caring about the greater picture, he painfully gave the chance to Chu Fagnchen, so what did it matter to vow his loyalty to nightmare palace? Did this man want to take the inheritance and forget about the blessing? If so, Nightmare Emperor Jiang would rather summon his other soul pets and get rid of Chu Mu before letting the inheritance fall on him.

“Emperor jiang, don’t get impatient. Chu Fangchen meant that he would help without holding back if Nightmare Palace needs it, but he wants to be free. After all, he’s still young and wants to pursue the long journey of soul pets. In reality, even soul palace hasn’t told Chu Fangchen to become loyal to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be telling soul palace princesses to marry Chu Mu. Even soul pet palace is the same, wanting to instantly marry Pang Yue to him……” Shen Qiu could only be the middle man now, trying to alleviate the conflict.

“Chu Fangchen, which nightmare palace girl do you like, marry immediately after you get the inheritance!” Nightmare emperor Jiang humphed and slightly lowered the requirement.

“......” Chu Mu became speechless.

He finally knew why all the old men were so worried about his marriage. It turned out they just want him to stay loyal. After all, if his wife were a part of a faction, he couldn’t just ignore them.

Ai, these old men were all truly careful!

Nightmare palace indeed had someone Chu Mu liked, but she was in a permanent slumber now, and Chu Mu wouldn’t consider such things now that he had Ye Qingzi.

Thus, nightmare emperor jiang’s seemingly lowered standards became even less acceptable for Chu Mu.


Suddenly, an old yet forceful devil cry came from all directions, diving into everyone’s souls and causing them to shake!

“The ancestor calls us!” Old hermit and nightmare emperor Jiang’s faces changed and no longer dared to trouble Chu Mu with more questions, quickly bringing everyone back to the ancestor’s space.

The nightmare ancestor helped Chu Mu out of his problem but Chu Mu didn’t say much, following nightmare ancestor back into the space of nightmare ancestor.

“Brother Chu, nightmare emperor Jiang is rather straight forward. As an emperor, he really cares about his face too. If you continue, you may lose your chance of getting the inheritance.” Shen Mo said using his soul remembrance to Chu Mu.

“Can’t do much about it, it’s against my fundamental values.” Chu Mu said.

Shen Mo laughed bitterly and slowly started trying to persuade Chu Mu, figuring out where his lower limit was.

On the other side, Shen Qiu was also trying to calm emperor Jiang and elder Jiang down.

“Old nightmare Jiang, you’re over 50 years old now, why are you still getting angry over a child? You know these young ones are always ill-tempered. Just talk with them nicely or indirectly and, with my understanding, he won’t reject any requests. That kid reacts well to soft requests and not demands.” Shen Qiu said sincerely.

“This kid is too irritating. Just because his white nightmare is special doesn’t mean he can just ignore us!” Nightmare emperor Jiang was still angry at this point.

“Ai, he indeed has the ability to do so. As the nightmare palace emperor, you should treat him even more so with manners. Think about it - Snow City Mo Ling, Soul City Zhu Chao, poison desolation Nie Yunbing, and Chen Fang- these were all people that have troubled us for a while. Yet, they were all dealt with by Chu Fangchen. And from the Diagram Supreme’s attention, this kid may be the future of our three palaces. If you told him to be loyal to nightmare palace, wouldn’t you be dragging him down?” Shen Qiu said.

Hearing this, Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s emotions finally got better.

“Maybe I’m just angry that the inheritance is going to him. Whatever, he’s currently binded by soul palace anyways, and would probably take some supreme position in the future.” Nightmare emperor Jiang said.

Taking over the position was no different for nightmare palace.

The supreme position was a position of power that both factions respected. At the same time, supremes helped guard both factions. When Bai Yu went half devil and sent the entire nightmare palace into a crisis, the last generation of supremes all fought without reason and died for it.

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