Chapter 939: A White Nightmare Able to Cast Dominator Rank Techniques

Spectating to the side, Shen Mo’s face went stiff. Did Chu Fangchen even know that his soul pet was currently targeting three people? He was truly too bold!

Clearly, the white nightmare angered the three white nightmares. Chu Mu himself was very helpless about the situation. The only thing he could blame was the unusually bad mood of white nightmare.

Because Chu Mu’s white nightmare was born to hate its own species, Chu Mu couldn't do much about this.

However, since he upset all three, Chu Mu could only continue commanding. Using his other pupil, and his experience as a dominator rank to command this invincible emperor rank battle was enough to let white nightmare deal with them for a while!

White nightmare remained in the air, still unsettlingly angry. This fellow’s arrogance utterly angered the old hermit. Originally, he had to care about his face as an older generation member and didn't want to fight this young generation member. Now, he knew that if he didn't give this arrogant kid a lesson, he wouldn’t even care about the true authority within nightmare palace!

“Let me deal with him!” Old hermit said.

Glowing silver, his white nightmare’s body floated towards white nightmare currently casting Shattering Sky Imprint. Its body nimbly evaded all the nightmare claws one after another, dodging most of the attacks.

White nightmare’s gaze fell on old hermit’s crystal white nightmare, and let out a call, as if it were the emperor of all nightmares- evil yet dominant!

All the shattering sky imprints in front of white nightmare became incredibly dense as the space started showing even more shockingly long cracks. The mysterious energy was threatening to shatter everything!!

“You want to defeat my noble white nightmare with these petty tricks?” Old hermit humphed.

Old hermit’s white nightmare suddenly extended its arms and grabbed in the air, creating long severe twists in space!!

At the same time the space twisted, all the cracks that fell in the skies clearly were warped, some shattering sky imprints even dissipating due to the energy!

The remaining shattering sky imprints had no threat to old hermit’s white nightmare. The old hermit’s white nightmare let out a mocking laughter!

As the laughter came out, the silver creature’s organism suddenly had a shadow appear behind it, rendering it invisible under the black night sky, despite the raging flames on the grounds.

“Dark type disguise?” Chu Mu smiled, quickly judging what the old hermit’s white nightmare cast.

Chu Mu glanced over. The next moment, in the dark night sky, Chu Mu saw a slowly writhing shadow come close to white nightmare from beside it.

White nightmare was basically a part of Chu Mu now, so their vision was shared. If Chu Mu could see through the dark type disguise, so could it.

However, though the white nightmare was antsy, it was incredibly sly in battle. It looked around very lost, as if it was anxious that it couldn’t find the enemy.

Old hermit’s white nightmare smiled in the darkness, and slowly neared!

It slowly extended the nightmare claw, as a storm started appearing in its palm, extending its range of influence slowly!

However, just as crystal white nightmare was about to launch its attack from the dark, white nightmare suddenly smiled even more wickedly, and its lost eyes became cruel and violent. Without the old hermit’s white nightmare reacting, it suddenly extended an arm to choke the crystal white nightmare’s throat, dragging it out of the darkness!

Spatial explosion!!

The white nightmare’s extended hand also gathered energy, but it had no precursor and instantly blew up!!


At such close distances, the crystal white nightmare that had been tricked completely took the entire hit directly!!

The explosion was nothing to scoff at. Crystal white nightmare’s entire neck and skull was blasted off, while its body fell heavily onto the ground.

Old hermit didn't expect his white nightmare’s dark type disguise to be seen through. Seeing his wounded white nightmare, his sunken eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“How did he see through it, this isn’t possible……” Old hermit said slightly dazed.

Shen Qiu and Nightmare emperor Jiang specially glanced over. When they noticed the old hermit’s white nightmare so quickly being disposed of, they were also shocked!

Old hermit’s white nightmare was top five within all of nightmare palace, with incredible fighting experience as well. There was no reason for it to fall into a disadvantage in its own rank!

“This Chu Fangchen truly is a monster!” Nightmare emperor Jiang muttered and daring not underestimate Chu Mu again.

Elder Shen Qiu laughed bitterly at the old hermit. He had told the old hermit beforehand that Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare was very powerful, and that they shouldn’t underestimate him, yet the old hermit was still tricked.

Chu Mu didn’t care what the old fellow thought currently. Since he had the advantage, Chu Mu wouldn't give his opponents a chance to get back up!

The antsy white nightmare immediately became a nightmare flame meteor after that attack, diving down from the skies!!

The nightmare flame meteor had a long comet tail, signifying its majestic destructive power as it dived towards the crystal white nightmare on the ground!

The crystal white nightmare didn’t even have the time to reconstruct its head. It quickly lit itself on fire, and casted displacement specter to escape!


The nightmare flame meteor fell, and immediately a large wave of nightmare flames extended outwards to the entire land, instantly extinguishing over half of the flames originally present!!

As the space shook, though crystal white nightmare already moved five kilometers away, the massive technique still created a huge shock to its body!

Old hermit’s face instantly turned black. Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare seemed to have infinite stamina, continuously casting massive techniques without worry, causing his white nightmare to have no room to dodge!

However, as the crystal white nightmare was sent far away, the old hermit commanded his whit nightmare to no longer be as aggressive and start a long incantation!

Seeing the opponent start an incantation, he also told white nightmare to cast an incantation to fight it technique head on!

“Ten evil slash!”

The old hermit let out an angry technique name!

As the crystal white nightmare finished its incantation and rendered its arms into nightmare flame blades, many thin yet sharp spatial blades were conjured near it!

"Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!”

The ten evil slashes went through space and cut the sky into many pieces. A piercing sound rang through the space as they all appeared in front of the white nightmare’s face.

As the opponent’s technique came over, white nightmare also finished its incantation. It floated in the skies and slowly lifted the flames in its palms upwards!!


Eight nightmare flames popped up around whtie nightmare, and quickly became heavenly earth nightmare swords that threatened to span the entire skyline!

Eight flaming nightmare swords appeared facing downwards, each filled with the sharpest killing intent. They surrounded white nightmare in the most awe-strucking manner, as if hanging over everyone’s necks, sending shivers down all their spines!!

The nightmare swords were massive and acted as the perfect protection, blocking all the evil slashes. As the evil slashes left their marks on the swords, it didn’t seem to affect the power in the slightest!!

“This…..this technique is…..” Old hermit was dumbfounded, as he stared at the massive heavenly earth nightmare swords!

“It’s the heavenly earth nightmare sword diagram!!” The watching Shen Mo suddenly shouted out!

“How is it possible, why does this kid’s white nightmare have such a technique!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang was also shocked by the imposing swords!

Heavenly earth nightmare sword diagram!

This was a dominator rank white nightmare technique, yet why did it appear on an emperor rank white nightmare?


The swords let out a resonating ring, as the resentment aura gathered like tides!

At this point, white nightmare let out a call and controlled the eight heavenly earth nightmare swords to fly towards the old hermit’s crystal white nightmare!!


The nightmare swords were like meteors. Only when they flew past could one tell its path of movement. The surprising speed caused crystal white nightmare to be unable to dodge at all!!

The heavenly earth nightmare swords either sliced, pierced, or swept- each causing great damage to the crystal white nightmare. The crystal white nightmare could only frantically dodge under the assault, unable to gather any effective defense. Over half of the flames on its body instantly extinguished!!

Seeing the crystal white nightmare under the onslaught such attacks, the old hermit was still in shock!

“Stop, stop, I surrender!!” finally, old jiang came back to his senses, and quickly stopped Chu Mu from continuing.

At this moment, elder Jiang’s face was full of worry and embarrassment, no longer underestimating the young man and more so feeling disbelief and shock at just how powerful this young man’s white nightmare was!

“He gave up.” Nightmare emperor jiang heard the old hermit’s shouting, and finally recovered from his own shock.

Originally, nightmare emperor jiang thought the old hermit would be his strongest competitor and even if it wasn’t him, it would be Shen Qiu.

However, the battle didn’t last long. Elder Jiang surrendered, a turn of events he didn’t expect at all!

Shen Qiu showed a face of bitter laughter and helplessness. It seemed like the spatial storm that Chu Mu’s white nightmare casted in soul city wasn’t a coincidence. This white nightmare truly could cast dominator rank techniques!

The heavenly earth nightmare sword diagram caused the other three nightmare palace figures to no longer want to continue competing.

Who could beat a white nightmare that was able to cast dominator rank techniques?

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