Chapter 938: Challenging Three Great White Nightmares

Chu Mu spoke very firmly. However, the old hermit evidently didn’t know much about Chu Fangchen. He nodded his head towards Shen Mo’s decision, but was dissatisfied with the arrogant and naive Chu Mu. He coldly said: “Since you want to fight, don’t blame us for bullying the younger generation.”

Shen Qiu saw that Old Jiang objected against Chu Fangchen so he awkwardly explained: “Chu Fangchen’s white Nightmare is very strong. It’s best if Old Jiang doesn’t underestimate him. He truly has the qualifications to be arrogant.” 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang knew about Chu Mu’s situation, so when Chu Mu said he was going to fight, he wasn’t very surprised. Indeed, as Shen Qiu had said, Chu Fangchen’s White Nightmare was a paragon emperor. Even a tenth phase Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was defeated by it!

However, there still was the saying that the older one got, the wiser one was. Chu Fangchen was indeed outstanding, but compared to these three old Nightmare Palace experts, there was still a gap; even if they were all paragon emperors... 

Therefore, while Nightmare Emperor Jiang didn’t look down on Chu Mu like Old Jiang, he didn’t consider him a difficult opponent. He figured he only had to be careful of Old Jiang and Shen Qiu.

Shen Qiu’s White Nightmare was a noble species White Nightmare, and possessed resentment gathering. It was able to slowly increase its strength while fighting. Moreover, the speed at which it grew more powerful was faster than most White Nightmares’ resentment gathering abilities. These White Nightmares were thus considered the most difficult to deal with, especially in a same rank fight.

Old Jiang’s White Nightmare was a noble species White Nightmare with the devil flame crystallization ability. It innately possessed greater control over devil flame crystallizations than normal White Nightmares. It was because of this that a very slim silver color could be seen in his White Nightmare’s devil flame. 

Although the strength crystallization didn’t manifest itself very evidently at the peak emperor rank, when everyone was at the paragon emperor realm, this advantage was crucial in a fight.

Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s White Nightmare was a noble species White Nightmare that devoured soul power. Its growth speed was faster than other White Nightmares. Most importantly, his White NIghtmare also possessed the Soul Power Absorption technique. 

This technique allowed Nightmare Emperor Jiang to pay his own soul power and allow his White Nightmare’s fighting strength to recover. Therefore, if the fight was prolonged, Emperor Jiang would emerge victorious!

As he was in the midst of pondering, Nightmare Emperor Jiang discovered that Chu Fangchen had summoned his White Nightmare. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang immediately looked over, and used his soul remembrance to determine the power of this White Nightmare.

White devil flames, an evil and sleek body, a pair of apathetic eyes and a reserved aura. However, he could tell that this was a genuine paragon emperor. Moreover, for some reason, Nightmare Emperor Jiang felt that this White Nightmare was a bit yin heavy.

When the old hermit saw that the aura of the White Nightmare Chu Mu had summoned wasn’t inferior to their White Nightmares, he was a bit shocked. Indeed, this young fellow had a bit of ability. 

However, this old hermit couldn’t see anywhere that this White Nightmare was special in, thus making him relax a bit. Indeed, the three of them all had noble species White Nightmares and at the same rank, their species abilities gave them a certain advantage. Added on their experienced battle commands, he estimated that this young man would be eliminated by the three of them.

Shen Mo took the initiative at this point to retreat to the side. The right to inherit fell on the four others who waited for Shen Mo to announce the start of the competition.

“Start!” Shen Mo raised his voice!

The moment he spoke, the four of them all looked at each other, but didn’t immediately take any actions.

“Get rid of that brat first!” suddenly, a mental voice floated into Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s ear. The person who spoke was the old hermit.

“Ok.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang nodded his head.

This matter concerned the White NIghtmare inheritance, and could even allow a White Nightmare to reach the dominator rank. Nobody was willing to just give it up and Nightmare Emperor Jiang obviously wouldn’t care about bullying a younger generation. Moreover, with Chu Fangchen’s current strength, there existed no younger and older generation problem.

As expected, the older hermit’s White Nightmare launched the first attack. Amidst the flames, the White Nightmare with a sliver of silver crystallization let out a devilish cry. Its voice transformed into a powerful mental clock that reverberated in the mind of Chu Mu’s White Nightmare! 

After harassing with the devil cry, the old hermit’s White Nightmare transformed into an enormous half moon blazing with devil flames!


The devil flame half moon was visibly a combination of the other and fire type. It rapidly flew towards the White NIghtmare, slashing away all of the devil flames nearby!! 

The old hermit’s crystallized White Nightmare’s flames had been fully released. It clearly wanted to knock down Chu Mu’s White Nightmare!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare coldly stood there. Its pair of white pupils stared unmovingly at the incoming devil flame half moon. Unexpectedly, it had no intentions of dodging.

Suddenly, its pale white pupils began to revolve and a demonic light emerged from the depths of its pupil. This yin heavy White Nightmare seemed to have been stimulated by some energy and the devil flames on its body abruptly surged forth. Extending its two powerful hands, it unexpectedly used the energy in its hands to grab the devil flame half moon!!!


The White Nightmare let out a cry. Like the devil incarnate, it wantonly grasped the domineering devil flame half moon. Afterwards, it tyrannically lifted the devil flame half moon and hurled it at Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s restless resentment gathering White Nightmare!!

Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s White NIghtmare had just used a technique towards Chu Mu’s White NIghtmare. Seeing the devil flame half moon being thrown over, he hastily chanted an incantation, having it use Displacement Specter to dodge the terrifying half moon!

The old hermit and Nightmare Emperor Jiang were both simultaneously stunned. They never expected this young man’s White Nightmare to be so tyrannical. Before they had even begun coordinating their attacks, it had taken the initiative to provoke Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s White Nightmare!

“Arrogant!” after the old hermit’s first attack failed, his face showed an angry expression. He ordered his crystallized White Nightmare to use Displacement Specter and fight Chu Mu’s White Nightmare at close range! 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s soul power White Nightmare had also been angered. It repeatedly used Displacement Specter to teleport towards Chu Mu’s White Nightmare.

Seeing the two White Nightmares launch simultaneous attacks, Chu Mu understood that the two controllers of Nightmare Palace wanted to eliminate him first.

Chu Mu wasn’t anxious. He calmly stood to the side and didn’t even command the fight.

For some reason, he felt that the White Nightmare was very strange today. There was a powerful feeling of resentment and anger in its heart. However, it had all forcibly suppressed these emotions. 

Moreover, the White Nightmare also seemed to be very agitated, and impatient with the three White Nightmares of its kind in front of it. 

Chu Mu didn’t understand why his White Nightmare would show such complicated emotions. Ever since it had awakened in Soul City, it had spent most of its time sleeping in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. It wasn’t like the past, where it would always want to come out whether there was something to do or not and would do something strange and confusing. 

In other words, the current White Nightmare gave Chu Mu a feeling of calm and depression that Chu Mu didn’t understand. Chu Mu had attempted to communicate with it, but the White Nightmare had chosen to remain silent. 

Today, the White Nightmare’s state was exceptionally abnormal. It hadn’t told Chu Mu the reason it was just jittery and uneasy!

“Hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!”

The White Nightmare passed through the devil flames of the two same ranking White Nightmares. Its devil flames evilly burning all over its body were suppressed by the two great paragon White Nightmares. However, it continued to maintain its devil flame domain. No matter how much Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s White Nightmare’s pale white devil flames or the old hermit’s White Nightmare’s silver devil flame crystallization tried, neither was able to break its domain!  

The fight had transformed into a two against one. To the side, Shen Qiu, who was being ignored, couldn’t help but bitterly laugh. 

Shen Qiu knew that the moment Chu Fangchen was eliminated, the next one would be him. Therefore, he couldn’t have Chu Mu exit the fight so quickly. Thus, he ordered his resentment gathering White NIghtmare to face Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s soul pet!


The jittery White Nightmare was harassing the two other White Nightmares. However, when it saw Shen Qiu’s White Nightmare appear, it suddenly broke free of the other two opponents and launched an Evil Behead at Shen Qiu’s White Nightmare!!

“Chu Fangchen, what are you doing!” Shen Qiu instantly cursed! 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed at the extremely arrogant White Nightmare. He knew that there was no point in explaining so he didn’t say anything. He just watched the fight.

Shen Qiu grit his teeth. He took it as Chu Mu’s making a mistake in his commands. He ignored it and had his White Nightmare continue to face Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s soul pet.

However, his face instantly changed!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare lifted a single hand high into the air. Above its head, the originally low hanging sky began to sink even lower. Suddenly, devil claws that could rip open the air appeared!

Shattering Heaven Imprint!! 

The White Nightmare’s chanting speed was rather quick. In the blink of an eye, countless devil claws began to dance around it, completely displaying its arrogance! 


One of the Shattering Heaven Imprints appeared above the old hermit’s crystallized White Nightmare. The old hermit hesitated, but ultimately creased his brows, and had his White Nightmare retreat. The Shattering Heaven Imprint’s destructive power was too great. 

The second and third Shattering Heaven Imprints appeared simultaneously. Like to interweaving devil claws lightning bolts, they criss-crossed where Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s soul power White Nightmare was!

A devil flame shield instantly ignited on Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s White NIghtmare, defending it against the two devil claw shattering imprints. 

However, the fourth Shattering Heaven Imprint appeared without omen, targeting Shen Qiu’s resentment gathering White Nightmare.

Shen Qiu’s resentment gathering White Nightmare simply wasn’t prepared. A deep wound appeared on its chest, causing it to let out an angry roar. It stared daggers at the White Nightmare that sneak attacked it! 

Shen Qiu was annoyed too. He had reassured himself that the Evil Behead just now had been a command error on Chu Fangchen’s part. However, now that the Shattering Heaven Imprint had struck his White Nightmare, that couldn’t be a command error too! 

Did this brat have a mental illness? He wanted his own White Nightmare to simultaneously challenge three paragon emperors and fight one versus three?!! 

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