Chapter 936: Nightmare Ancestor, Appearance!

…...This time coming to nightmare danger ground, it was to extend the life of the nightmare ancestor. Chu Mu knew that the existence of the nightmare ancestor was key to the wellbeing of nightmare palace!

However, Chu Mu himself felt that a white nightmare that had lived for a thousand years, and could die at any moment wasn’t too valuable. They might as well let it die instead of forcefully trying to keep it alive. Nightmare palace was definitely training white nightmares that could inherit the nightmare ancestor’s position. Rather than helping the ancestor, focusing their efforts on the new white nightmare could end with better results.

“What rank are your other white nightmares?” Chu Mu asked.

Shen Qiu replied, “white nightmares aren’t as easy to train, unlike the other seven sacred pets. You know that a white nightmare's growth relies on the soul and soul power. 

Chu Mu’s thinking was very acute. He quickly understood why he was included to go together!

“This means that if the nightmare ancestor dies, one of our white nightmares will get the inheritance?” Chu Mu said.

Shen Qiu and Shen Mo both nodded.

Able to accept the nightmare ancestor’s inheritance, this truly was an event that caused their hearts to beat faster.   

The whtie nightmare that received the inheritance will definitely get much stronger, abd maybe even could reach dominator rank’s bottleneck!

“The inheritance should be given to you guys, why did you specially bring me along too?” Chu Mu was skeptical as to why the four were bringing along half an outsider. They should take it themselves, instead of giving it to someone that was technically from soul palace.

Shen Qiu laughed bitterly, “If we decided who got the inheritance, of course we wouldn't bring you along. The problem is us four aren’t sure the picky nightmare ancestor would pick our white nightmares. For safety’s sake, we wanted to bring you along. We’ve seen your white nightmare, and it isn’t any weaker than ours…..”

“Ok, then thank you elder shen!” Chu Mu was very grateful, but also silently cursed for the nightmare ancestor to be beyond help. Then, there would be a one in five chance of the inheritance falling on him.

White Nightmare was currently stuck on invincible emperor rank, not moving at all. His soul remembrance was also stuck at seventh remembrance soul emperor with no progress. This way, Chu Mu’s half devil strength would also see no growth. If White Nightmare could accept the inheritance and move towards dominator rank, then Chu Mu’s half devil form would have an easier victory against crown phoenix king in the future.

“Always keeping it sealed away isn’t the best either, is it.” Chu Mu pointed at the female white nightmare in the devil flame pupils.

“The old hermit aside Nightmare emperor Jiang was an elder at the time. He probably wouldn’t agree to release it. Ai, in a bit longer, maybe. Such an event must be considered in the long term. After all, Mu Menglian’s white nightmare is very strong too. In a one versus one, none of us are its match.” Shen Qiu said helplessly.

For some reason, seeing the sadness and loss in the pupils of the white flame woman, Chu Mu felt somewhat upset.

“If I have the chance, I’ll let it out.” CHu Mu thought.


After leaving the four fingered skeleton seal, Chu Mu and the Shen father and son pair returned to the previous location.

Chu Mu specially glanced at the old hermit that participated in the Bai Yu disaster, as well as at the silently resting Nightmare Emperor Jiang. Beforehand, Chu Mu was curious as to why the two didn’t want to see the white nightmare. Presumably, they were still a little remorseful about the events that happened in the past.

“Let’s go, we don’t have much time.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang stood up, and jumped onto his own soul pet.

The four didn’t say much, and they all rode their soul pets deeper into the nightmare danger ground.


Going through the territory of the Dark Devil Buddhists, what appeared in front of Chu Mu was a frightening piece of burnt land!

Cyan, blue, and white flames darted out of the cracks in the ground occasionally. The sky and the ground were interlaced without any patterns due to spatial whirlpools and quicksands. There were also patches of dangerous deep darkness…..

Nightmare danger ground, the scene before them already explained just how terrifying of a place this was!

The land of the nightmares were very broad. With a top tier emperor rank speed, it still took them nearly a day to get to the center of the nightmare land.

In the center, CHu Mu saw that most of the organisms were blue and white nightmares. They constantly roamed around, occasionally glancing viciously at the non-nightmare intruders that were in their territory, and letting out shrill devil calls.

Going through the long medium portion, the entire ground started burning. Glancing over the endless devil flames, it was like a flaming sea!

“Pass through!” Nightmare emperor jiang went first, similarly riding a star sky devil colt through the flaming sea, parting the flames with its sheer speed.    

The other four quickly followed and sped up even more!

Five brilliant streaks split the burning grounds, going further into the flaming sea…...


“Top tier emperor rank white nightmare!!” Chu Mu glanced surprised at the lone floating devil shadow in the sky, immediately determining its rank!

At this moment, the five of them were already at the deepest part of nightmare land. They saw original tenth phase normal white nightmares, all the way to emperor rank, and now even stronger emperor ranks…….

Nightmare danger ground clearly had a hierarchy of strength, but seeing wild top tier emperor rank white nightmare still caused them to be shocked!

The old hermit glanced at Chu Mu strangely, silently wondering how the young man detected the top tier emperor rank white nightmare’s existence before even he did, and was even able to determine its rank instantly at such distances.

“Let’s not alarm it.” The old hermit said in a low voice.

“En.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

After speaking, the five hid their auras. It wasn’t that they couldn't defeat this white nightmare. They all knew that this top tier emperor rank definitely had a ninth rank white nightmare tribe. If they alarmed it, they would have to start a huge fight, and waste a lot of time.

The nightmare ancestor didn't seem to live with the rest of the nightmare emperors. Going around the patch of high ranking white nightmares, they slowly saw a region that was warped strangely!

The mountains were bent into strange curves as well as the flames coming out of the grounds. Even the space itself was abnormal.

“There’s a spatial warping diagram here.” Chu Mu thought to himself in surprise.

Spatial warping diagrams were naturally an other type ability. Chu Mu could cause space to warp without effort, but truly making into a diagram would be hard.

This space was like a meandering river, sometimes bending, moving swiftly, sometimes unmoving. Anyone who walked in would either be sent in circles by the bends in space, sent forcefully to another region by the fast moving space, or get stuck in frozen space…..

If Chu Mu wanted to break through it himself, it would take a while, so one could see that the nightmare ancestor truly did have some ability.

“Follow me, don’t take a single wrong step.” At this moment, the old hermit said very seriously.

After saying that, Shen Qiu turned around to glance at Chu Mu and especially told him to follow closely.

Chu Mu nodded. In reality, even if he took a wrong step, he could definitely make it back. One had to know that a half devil’s control over other type was even stronger than a white nightmare’s!

Passing through the spatial diagram was very successful. Chu Mu originally thought that after the spatial diagram, there would be a flaming world, but Chu Mu only saw darkness.

“The spirit aura in the air is very dense!” The moment Chu Mu stepped in, he felt a wave of comfort pass through his body.

The spirit aura here was precisely a mix of other type, fire type, and dark type, perfect for white nightmares. Chu Mu was now half a soul pet, so this spirit aura was beneficial to him too.

However, Chu Mu didn't realize that when he felt the comfort wash over him, the other four had their hackles raised.

“Uh, the aura here is really strange.” Chu Mu noticed the strange stares he got from the others, and quickly masked his comfort and said gravely.

Thankfully everyone’s attention was on nightmare ancestor. Though they found Chu Mu’s reaction weird, they didn’t give it much thought.

“Ancestor, we came by your summoning.” At this moment, the old hermit took a step forward and half kneeled down, speaking very respectfully.

The nightmare ancestor has lived for a thousand years. Its thinking could be stronger than even humans. The actions of the old hermit were therefore necessary. After all, the nightmare ancestor was the protector of nightmare palace.

At this moment, nightmare emperor Jiang and Shen Qiu, Shen Mo also half kneeled down. Though Shen Mo had his head lowered, his eyes were shining with excitement and fervor!

This was Shen Mo’s first time meeting the nightmare ancestor. The entire nightmare palace’s wellbeing was based off this deity. He finally got to see this god-like organism for the first time. Having been raised in nightmare palace, Shen Mo clearly was fervent!

Chu Mu didn’t stand out and reluctantly half kneeled as well. However, his gaze was lifted so he could see what this old devil who had lived for a thousand years was like!


A silver devil flame silently appeared in this dark space, floating in front of the five kneeling people.

Within the burning flames, a silhouette slowly appeared, made through the wavering tongues of silver flames, slowly solidifying into a body.

This technique Chu Mu was incredibly familiar with, it was displacement specter!


And old and raspy laughter came from the devil flames!

Instantly, a frightening feeling passed through them, causing jiang devil emperor and the other three to shiver!


Clearly, this silver devil flames arrival marked the advent of nightmare palace’s god - the laughing Nightmare Ancestor!


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