Chapter 935: Just that day, he became half devil!

Her white flaming long hair fell down to her behind, caressing her completely silver body. Her face was also silver, but one could tell that this white nightmare was mimicking a truly world-shakingly beautiful face!

Chu Mu had seen this face many times before, or at least “seen”. She usually wore a thin veil that covered her appearance.

However, the few times he really saw her face, the heart-stirring appearance was something Chu Mu could never forget!

This was princess Jin Rou!

And, Chu Mu had seen white nightmare princess before, which looked identical to this white nightmare!

“Look carefully.” Shen Mo said.

Chu Mu again looked her over and after a moment furrowed his brows. The white nightmare that morphed into Bai Jinrou’s appearance was slightly more mature. Instead of a young woman, it was like a pretty married lady!

“This…...what is wrong?” Chu Mu looked at the vacant white nightmare, and asked full of confusion.

Shen Mo glanced as his father Shen Qiu. Seeing him give a nod, he slowly continued, “She’s not Bai Jinrou, but she’s very similar. You should know who she is now?”

Chu Mu paused and quickly reacted, blurting out, “Bai Jinrou’s mother?”

Shen Mo nodded and said, “This white nightmare morphed into Bai Jinrou’s mother, and is her soul pet.”

“Then why is it here?” Chu Mu asked.

Since this was princess Jin Rou’s mother, then it was nightmare emperor Bai Yu’s wife. Why did he want to seal away his wife’s white nightmare in a place like here?

“In reality, nightmare palace avoids speaking about these matters. However, since you know Bai Jinrou and will see Nightmare Ancestor soon, I think its fine to brief you a little.” Shen Mo said.

“This white nightmare is Bai Yu’s wife’s soul pet, which is our last empress Mu Menglian.”

“Mu Menglian.” Chu Mu repeated once to remember the name.

“Empress Mu Menglian is the descendant of Mu Jia, so she’s the grand daughter of King Mu. If you’ve seen princess Jin Rou, then you should know that Mu Menglian was also a true beauty.

As Shen Mo gazed at the sealed female devil’s pupils, his gaze slowly was lost.

Chu Mu nodded. Speaking of appearances, other than defector young girl, Chu Mu truly had never seen anyone else more attractive than Bai Jinrou. Anyone who had seen the two women’s true appearance would most likely say the same thing and agree.

“Empress Mu Menglian’s soul pet trainer talent was extraordinary, not any less than Mu Wang’s descendant Heavenly Concubine Mu QIngyi. She was known by everyone in wanxiang realm.

“Many people tried to chase after Empress Mu Menglian. I’ve even heard that the lead hero Yuan Sui today still is deeply attached to her. However, nightmare emperor Bai Yu gained her favor in the end. In reality, Bai Yu was extremely talented at the time, many times even defeating Yuan Sui.

“About twenty years ago, our nightmare palace suddenly faced a large catastrophe, and so we had to open up our most ancient summoning totem to bring nightmare ancestor from the sacred region to our world and beg him to help.”

“Yet, the opponent was incredibly powerful. Though we averted the disaster, nightmare ancestor was heavily injured as a result.”

“Nightmare ancestor devours white nightmares and can heal himself through that. At the time, nightmare ancestor wanted to devour empress Mu Menglian’s white nightmare, which was the one sealed away.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Nightmare Palace summoning nightmare ancestor to fight must have a cost. Yet, the cost ended up being empress Mu Menglian’s soul pet. A lot of struggle must have happened in between here.

“Nightmare ancestor had to use Mu Menglian’s white nightmare as food to recover, and the entire nightmare palace couldn’t exist without nightmare ancestor, so all the senior elders were planning on sacrificing Mu Menglian’s soul pet for the greater good…..” As he got here, Shen Qiu’s eyes were downcast, and his face was full of bitterness and pity.

“Mu Menglian was a soul pet trainer, she couldn’t possibly sacrifice her soul pet, so she rejected.”

“So, the senior elders started a conference and forced nightmare emperor Bai Yu to tell the empress to give up her soul pet.”

“Originally, senior elder thought that, caring about all of nightmare palace, nightmare emperor Bai Yu would give up her soul pet but the senior elders didn’t think that nightmare emperor Bai Yu firmly declined the decision and even put down the mad words “why do we need a nearly dead old monster, in a few years I, Bai Yu, will easily surpass it!”

“At the time, Bai Yu was only invincible emperor rank. All the older generation knew that dominator rank was not something that can be broken into with just talent and power. If Bai Yu didn’t enter dominator rank, all of nightmare palace would lose nightmare ancestor’s protection and disappear.”

“So in the end, senior elders used a forceful method to take down Emperor Bai Yu and Empress Mu Menglian. They then forced Mu Menglian to bring out her white nightmare. However, something no one expected happened then!”

Chu Mu gazed at Shen Qiu unwaveringly, watching his expression change along with the reminiscence.

“Originally, everyone thought that nightmare ancestor was just going to devour Mu Menglian’s white nightmare, yet no one expected the nightmare ancestor to suddenly change his mind, and it devoured the soul of Mu Menglian, killing her talent along, with her life…….” Shen Qiu said gravely.

“Nightmare ancestor devoured Bai Jinrou’s mother’s soul!!” Chu Mu was shocked!!

Shen Qiu nodded heavily and his eyes were already misty, “At the time, nightmare emperor Bai Yu had his soul remembrance sealed off by the senior elders, so he could only watch aside as his wife was devoured by the nightmare ancestor. I was right by emperor Bai Yu as this happened. Watching him scream and cry as he kneeled on the ground, I understood what the phrase heart-wrenching meant for the first time…..”

Nightmare emperor Bai Yu, Chu Mu even now still remembered what the lone king looked like, with eyes so deep one couldn't tell what he was actually thinking.

However, even without Shen Qiu describing further, Chu Mu could imagine the utter sadness nightmare emperor Bai Yu felt because Chu Mu himself saw the same emperor cry first hand!

“It was on that day that he became a half devil!!”

After Shen Qiu recounted all this, he abnormally solemn.

After hearing this, Chu Mu’s heart continued to roil for a while!

Resentment, grief, pain! A half devil that bounced between these three emotions. Half devil Bai Yu didn’t appear out of nowhere. It was the senior elders and nightmare ancestor of nightmare palace that single-handedly caused it!

It was also probably the gravest calamity of nightmare palace in its entire history!!

“Before going into slumber he watched as his wife was devoured by a devil, leaving behind a cold corpse. The moment he woke up, he was hugging the corpse of his young daughter, who died to save him…..” Chu Mu mumbled as a deep sorrow overwhelmed him, causing even his breathing hard!!

Initially, when Chu Mu saw the nightmare emperor shed tears, he only understood half of it.

If Chu Mu were in his place and woke up to see an almost identical woman laying in his lap, closing her eyes forever, the desolation and heartbreak would be unbearable!


Chu Mu took many deep breaths, but still couldn’t completely shake the influence of these events.

He slowly turned around and glanced at the beautiful white nightmare that was sealed away and couldn’t help but remember the princess. She stood silently on the boat deck, her hair and clothes slightly raising with the wind. Her clear eyes were shrouded by an indecipherable yet faint sadness. She was beautiful beyond measure, yet no one could enter her heart…...

“Why is it sealed away here?” Chu Mu asked.

“After losing its master, it burnt its master’s body and kept her appearance as it sneaked into this Nightmare Danger Ground.”

“The senior elders knew they made a grave mistake and simply let Mu Menglian’s white nightmare be, not giving it much attention. However, they realized later that in the following ten years, the white nightmare never stopped trying to take revenge for its master, so they had to seal it away here out of helplessness.” Shen Qiu said slowly.

“In the past, princess Jin Rou would always come down to see it with some guards every few years.” Shen Mo added.

“Since nightmare ancestor is nearly dead, why not let it out, and let this nightmare finish its wish?” Chu Mu said.

Shen Qiu and Shen Mo clearly were slightly stunned before Shen Qiu replied, “It’s already near dominator rank. If we let it out, its resentment alone could cause all of nightmare palace to be uneasy. And, aren’t we finding a way to continue the nightmare ancestor’s life, how can it just die?”

“That old fellow can just die, it’s lived for a thousand years already.” Chu Mu said.

The main culprit of this tragedy was this nightmare ancestor, so Chu Mu didn’t have much good feelings for it at all.

“Uh….. we’re currently fighting against soul alliance. If we don’t have the ancestor, what would we have against them?” Shen Qiu said slightly awkwardly.

If anyone else said that, Shen Qiu would immediately sentence them to a crime of high treason.

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