Chapter 934: Enormous Four Fingered Skeleton Seal

Past the dark corridor, a black mass of land flowing with devil flame magma appeared in front of Chu Mu!

In the endless and boundless darkness was a sudden terrifying drop into a huge valley. In this valley were lofty and towering stone peaks, and a dusky air that covered vision of the sky!

In this black world, it was frightening that what was flowing in the rivers was not water, but rather scalding magma. It resembled complex arteries that intersected and slowly spread out over the land. Occasionally, spouts of fire could be seen shooting out, evidencing the heat of the magma!

However, even in this flaming danger ground of a world, the feeling one got wasn’t of cracking heat, but rather soul penetrating coldness. It was as if one had fallen into a cauldron of cold flames! 

“Follow me!” said the old hermit. 

As he spoke, the old hermit rode his Star Sky Devil Colt across the frightening danger ground!

Nightmare Emperor Jiang followed close behind, maintaining the same speed. 

Chu Mu and Shen Mo were at the very back. Chu Mu could only ride on Mo Xie right now. Fortunately, Mo Xie had the fire attribute, and although it was the yang fire attribute, it didn’t mean that the yin attribute would suppress her strength. 

Soul Palace’s Seven Great Holy Realms all had unique attributes. When other attributed soul pets stepped within them, their power would largely drop. This Nightmare Danger Ground was the same. Light and plant type soul pets would probably be incapable of using even fifty percent of their strength. 

The old hermit was extremely familiar with this Nightmare Danger Ground. As they rushed forth, they didn’t encounter any communities. Adding on the fact that the five of them had extremely high strength, this also acted as an insurance. 

With someone leading the way, Chu Mu just had to follow. As he examined his surroundings, he saw beautiful and towering black mountains reaching the sky. He felt shocked, and wondered what kind of powerful creatures this danger ground was home to! 

“This area is Dark Devil Buddhist’s territory. Their tribes and empires in the holy region are rather compressed. Moreover, they have tendencies towards certain attributes. From the stone doors we entered until here, which is ten thousand kilometers, it has all been Dark Devil Buddhist territory. In order to pass through this territory, one’s strength must be at the spirit emperor rank. Therefore, unlike the Seven Great Holy Regions, our Holy Region is not suitable for training and hunting. The strength in the outer circle of the region is already very terrifying.” Shen Mo knew that Chu Mu was curious about this place, so he gave a detailed explanation to Chu Mu. 

“Then where do you normally obtain child Nightmares?” asked Chu Mu.

“We have a team of specialized Nightmare Danger Ground hunters. They are in charge of finding Nightmare, Dark Devil Buddha, Dark Fairy, Dark Fire Heavenly Devils and Evernight Warrior child pets in the Nightmare Holy Region.” 

Shen Mo gave a rough overview of the common dark creatures in the Nightmare Danger Ground. 

Chu Mu had seen all of the dark creatures Shen Mo spoke of. The Dark Devil Buddha was one of the more difficult to tame dark soul pets. The Dark Fairy species, like the other attributed fairies, had a total of five subspecies. From the lowest ranking Dark Fairy to the Moon Fairy Emperor, they formed one attribute of the Fairy Clan. 

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil was a rather rare dark and fire attributed soul pet. Ye Qingzi had one. It had been raised to the high class emperor rank by her and it was approaching the peak emperor rank. 

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil also controlled devil flames which purity was actually higher than the White Nightmare species’. However, the White Nightmare’s main attribute was the other type, which was no inferior to its fire type. 

The Dark Fire Heavenly Devil should have been a creature with extremely powerful attacks. However, in order to cater to Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi had strengthened the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil’s transformation abilities, changing it into a support type. With the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil supporting the White Nightmare in a fight, the latter’s strength would probably be able to rise several times. Of course, the precondition was that the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil had to reach the peak emperor rank. 

The Evernight Warrior was also a large species. Its highest rank was the Evernight Emperor, which was the ruler of darkness! 

Shen Mo indicated that an enormous Evernight Empire dwelled in this Nightmare Danger Ground. Its ruler was an unmatched Evernight King who had fought the Nightmare Ancestor in the past! 

Their route wasn’t all smooth. Occasionally, tribes and communities would appear. 

However, once they revealed how high their ranks were and intimidated these creatures, since all of them were riding on peak emperor ranks, these weaker tribes didn’t even dare breathe. The five of them were able to easily pass through, even if they had to sweep through an unfriendly tribe to save time. 

This domineering nature couldn’t help but remind Chu Mu think of the past. The current him was finally in a position where he could tell these lowly creatures to scram. 


“What is that?” Chu Mu pointed ahead of him and asked in astonishment. 

About 100 meters in front of Chu Mu were four towering and snaking mountain peaks! 

These mountain peaks could be seen from everywhere, but when Chu Mu looked down on it from high up, he discovered that the four mountain peaks together were like an enormous black hand that was half-clutched. The four peaks themselves were like four withered fingers that touched the tall sky!! 

Atop the enormous skeletal hand was also a ball of pale white devil flames. The devil flames were silently burning and they seemed to have existed for countless years. No matter how cold the black wind was or how wild the devil flames became, it was still holding the flames like a ball. The flames were silently burning, just existing. 

“That… we should rest for a moment first.” Shen Mo, who had an answer to every question, hesitated and changed the topic. 

Chu Mu was a bit puzzled by Shen Mo. This fellow had told him about the Nightmare Ancestor dying. Why was he not willing to tell him about the four skeletal fingers in front of him? 

“Forget it, since we’ve come through here, we may as well go over and look. It won’t take too long.” at this point, Shen Qiu took a look over and spoke. 

“I’m not interested.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang sat down where he was and closed his eyes. He seemed to be recuperating. 

The old hermit didn’t have any intentions of going either. He only instructed: “Go quickly and return quickly.” 

Shen Qiu looked at the two of them and sighed. He didn’t say anything and urged his soul pet to rush towards the four large skeletal fingers. 

Chu Mu, who was extremely curious, decisively followed behind. Shen Mo, seeing his father going, obviously didn’t hesitate to follow either. 

“That place is actually a seal.” Shen Mo softly said to Chu Mu.

“There’s a seal inside the Holy Region?” Chu Mu was even more perplexed. 

If a seal was placed in an area where devil creatures roamed about, wouldn’t it be destroyed by those creatures? 

Or perhaps this seal’s restriction was so strong that there was no need to fear other creatures destroying it. 

“What is it sealing?” asked Chu Mu. 

“When you arrive you’ll find out.” Shen Mo didn’t tell him. 

A hundred kilometers didn’t take a long time for peak emperor ranks to cross. 

Soon, Chu Mu was standing underneath the four large skeletal finger mountain peaks. From far away, the scene of the solitary skeletal fingers towering in the black earth had made Chu Mu astonished. Now that he was right by it, the shock was even harder to describe. It seemed that every time he looked at it from this close, a cold feeling would pass through every pore, making him shiver!! 

“This is a palm type seal. The space encompassed by the palm and four fingers are isolated by a powerful barrier. It’s impossible to enter.” Shen Mo quietly explained to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was a very able and courageous person now. He unexpectedly walked up to the space between two of the finger peaks and used his hands to touch the invisible barrier! 

“Hu hu hu hu!!!!!”

Abruptly, a violent white devil flame ignited in front of Chu Mu. These devil flames formed an enormous flaming curtain that covered the space between the skeletal fingers, cutting off the world inside the palm from the world outside! 

“Brother Chu, can you not be so hasty? I’ve already said that there’s a barrier and you used your hands to go touch and it!” Shen Mo bitterly laughed as he looked at Chu Mu. He really didn’t know where this freak came from! 

“Let’s go up and look.” Shen Qiu didn’t say anything, however. Instead, he urged his soul pet to move up the finger peak. 

The finger peaks were several thousand meters tall. From the ground, these fingers were quite a distance away from the hovering ball of white flame. 

A red flame ignited under Mo Xie’s feet, and she stepped into the air as if she was stepping on land. 

Chu Mu’s eyes, however, were glued to the ball of white devil flames in the skeletal fingers. 

Just now when he had used his hands to touch, he had felt the strength of the barrier. It was obvious that even a dominator rank creature would have difficulty breaking the seal from the outside. Chu Mu was thus exceptionally surprised that this enormous skeletal hand seal situated in the middle of the Nightmare Danger ground was so sturdy!  

As the devil flame curtain incited by Chu Mu slowly disappeared, Chu Mu was able to see the devil flame hovering in between the four enormous peaks. 

However, in the next instant, Chu Mu felt a cold intent rush into the depths of his soul. His heart began to violently beat!

“How… how… how is this possible!” Chu Mu’s eyes expanded. His face was full of disbelief!! 

The ball of white devil flames in front of Chu Mu now looked like a burning pupil! 

Inside the pupil was a graceful and absolutely beautiful woman, quietly hovering in the white devil flames. Her eyes were vacant as she looked at Chu Mu. They seemed to radiate a solitary and antediluvian nature, as if she had been cast aside by the world. Her eyes, however, pierced into Chu Mu’s soul!!  

“You recognize it?” as Chu Mu cried out in shock, Shen Qiu and Shen Mo both looked at Chu Mu. 

“Isn’t… isn’t that Bai Jinrou’s White Nightmare?” blurted out Chu Mu.

Shen Qiu and Shen Mo were both stunned. They were very confused as to how Chu Fangchen would recognize Bai Jinrou who had passed away a few years ago.


“It’s not Jinrou’s White Nightmare…” 

A moment later, Shen Qiu’s eyes grew abstruse, and he spoke in a melancholic tone. 

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