Chapter 932: The Endangered Nightmare

Soul Pet Palace

“What!! You’re saying Chu Fangchen took Nie Yunbing down?!” Qin Yutong’s eyes went wide and he stared tightly at the half kneeled servant before him.

“Though he didn’t take him down personally, it was indeed Chu Fangchen’s contribution that caused it.” The servant’s forehead started beading with sweat.

“How is that possible, it’s only been a day!” Xiao He was even more dumbstruck.

After they all proposed the fair competition, they went through a lot of trouble trying to decide how to defeat Nie Yunbing’s subordinates. It would be even better if they could get rid of Nie Yunbing himself too.

Yet, they never would have imagined that in a short while, Chu Fangchen already attacked and even dealt with Nie Yunbing himself!

One had to know that in the original fair competition, whoever could take down Nie Yunbing would cause the rest of them to exit the competition and even help the person get the marriage under way!

Now, though their agreement went into many people's ears, a mere day had past and everything was already settled. There was no chance to even compete!

As the main subject, Pang Yue’s emotions were pretty jumbled too, mainly because of the meaningless thing that her courters had come up with.

This headache was obviously caused by Qin Yutong, Xiao He, Wang Bosha’s fair competition. Pang Yue had many gossiping servant girls around her, so when they enforced the competition, it naturally fell into her ears.

Originally, Pang Yue didn’t think much about it. Yet, the Chu Fangchen that she couldn’t even see had actually taken Nie Yunbing down along with Chen Ye, who was also so powerful that senior elders were wary of him. This was a great matter for three palaces since the two people all had desolation level powers!

As for the third person Zhu Zizhan, with a high class emperor rank, he should have been important, yet when put on the same level as Nie Yunbing and Chen Fang, he was a mere complimentary gift!

This act clearly reached the requirements for the “fair competition”, if not surpassing it greatly. Thus, in the next few days, the rumors said that she had to marry Chu Mu now!

As a princess and a famous beauty of wanxiang altar, her marriage was naturally watched by countless people. Once such a rumor came out, usually it was impossible to disband!

Tonight, Pang Yue and Chu Fangchen were about to meet. Though Pang Yue seemed normal on the surface, she still felt strange on the inside.

“Would I just get married to this fellow now without reason?” Pang Yue was actually scared her father would just marry her to a man she hadn’t even seen before on a whim. One had to know that rumors can be fake, but if things come together, the elders often would add a pushing force disregarding that!


When Pang Yue was having a headache, Chu Mu was also helpless.

When Chu Mu was in soul city, he already had some wedding pact with princess Wan Ning, which was well-received by all the elders of soul palace.

Yet this time in Wanxiang City, after getting schemed against and almost killed, it suddenly became a story of him “bravely running into Wanxiang Altar to bring back justice for beauty Pang and capture Nie Yunbing!”

“What is this even.” Chu Mu rubbed his temples, and laughed bitterly at his wife pouting to the side.

Ye QIngzi thought that being beside Chu Mu constantly should reduce his ability to accidentally attract other women, yet she found that her status as wife was nearly useless. The three palaces still married women to Chu Mu however they wanted too!

Seeing Ye Qingzi pout her luscious lips, Chu Mu shamelessly hugged her soft body and comforted, “I haven’t even seen this person. Those old men in soul palace have nothing better to do all day but to connect others. Don’t listen to their nonsense about spreading the seeds and passing on my genes. You are my wife.”

“Maybe they’ll assign concubines to you? Oh, never mind, she’s a princess, how could she be a concubine? One mistake, and next thing I know- I’ll become your concubine.” Ye Qingzi faked her anger and said.

“That’s impossible! You would be my wife in that case!” Chu Mu said righteously.

Hearing this, Ye Qingzi’s fist fell on Chu Mu’s chest and she complained, “You really are trying to get concubines!”

“Uh…..I didn’t mean that, it was just because you were leading me in that direction.”

As the couple were teasing each other, a man slowly walked up. Seeing the two hugged together and flirting, he couldn’t help but smile, “We’re in broad daylight and you two are already showing your love shamelessly.”

Ye Qingzi glanced at the person who came and saw Nightmare Palace prince Shen Mo. Her face instantly reddened, and she quickly struggled free of Chu Mu’s hug. She said in a low voice, “Let me go concoct some medicine. If you have time, help me grab the wild girl back so she can help me grow some soul items. If we’re lucky, two more top tier emperors will be born.”

“Why did the last part sound weird?” Chu Mu teased again.

Ye Qingzi’s face turned red again as she gave Chu Mu a glare before quickly disappearing into the rear court.

Shen Mo couldn’t help but lose focus for a second. He was secretly envious of Chu Mu. Though his woman wasn’t truly country-destroying in beauty, she had a unique allure. No wonder Chu Mu was furious at the time. How would anyone not feel protective towards such a beauty!

“Prince Shen, how do you have time to come visit today?” Chu Mu was decently familiar with Shen Mo and asked casually.

“Haha, you caused such a ruckus in the city, how can I not come? Speaking of which, Chu Mu, you truly are high profile. You’ve only come to wanxiang city for a few days, yet everyone knows your name already!” Shen Mo said.

“I didn’t want to. Who knew that Nie Yunbing came to trouble me before I could even go find him.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu always wanted to go find Nie Yunbing’s cyan hidden dragon to fight, but in the fight that day Nie Yunbing didn’t summon it at all. This confused Chu Mu. Did the man’s cyan hidden dragon die in combat sometime earlier?

“Ai, if you could truly kill him, it would have been much easier for us.” Shen Mo sighed.

“What, he can still live?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow.

“En. That guy can’t be killed right now. After all, he’s a pretty significant person of soul alliance young generation. If we kill him, soul alliance won’t let it go so easily. The best way is to use the man’s life to trade for the control of a few high ranking kingdom capitals.” Shen Mo said.

Nie Yunbing’s life for a high ranking kingdom’s command, this was a good exchange for three palace.

As for Chen Fang, he was definitely imprisoned- his death dependant on his future value.

“Chu Fengchang, there was a very important thing I wanted to discuss with you today. I heard from Teng Lang that you may go train soo,n and won’t stay around for long. But, I hope that you can still stay around for a while, because this is an incredibly important event!” Shen Mo said sternly.

“Oh, I won’t leave any time immediately then, tell me about it.” Chu Mu nodded.

Mu Qingyi said that they were going to demon realm after a while, so she was perfectly free these days.

Shen Mo specially looked around, and finally used his mental voice to tell Chu Mu, “Let’s talk here.”

Seeing Shen Mo so careful, Chu Mu realized this event definitely wasn’t anything average.

“Tell me, what is it, why are you being so mysterious?” Chu Mu asked.

“Your soul palace has a trump card, which is the seven kings of sacred region, each having dominator rank strength. We nightmare palace have a single king……” When Shen Mo got here, he specially paused and gazed at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s eyes immediately brightened and he said, “You mean nightmare ancestor!”

“Indeed!” Shen Mo nodded.

Nightmare ancestor!

In the earliest time, Chu Mu heard Old Li mention the existence of nightmare palace’s strongest nightmare ancestor. That was a being that was able to defeat empyrean cyan hidden dragon. Though it was old now, as long as nightmare ancestor was alive for another day, nightmare palace wouldn’t fall for another day!

“Shen Mo, this event you’re about to tell me is about nightmare ancestor?” An extremely powerful dominator rank white nightmare was something that definitely piqued Chu Mu’s interest.

“En, the ancestor has lived for nearly a thousand years. At its peak, it was probably stronger than even sacred pet Thousand Wave Beast!”

“However today, the ancestor truly has regressed…..” Getting here, Shen Mo hesitated but ultimately continued.

“In fact, it may disappear from this world soon.”

Chu Mu was thrown into absolute shock!!

Nightmare Palace’s god-like organism was near death, hanging onto its last breaths!

If anyone from soul alliance knew, nightmare palace without a real dominator rank behind it could face a crisis that completely eradicates it!!

Chu Mu stared at the solemn Shen Mo. Shen Mo’s pupils didn’t waver at all. Clearly, what he said wasn’t fake, and Nightmare Ancestor truly could die soon.

However, Chu Mu didn’t understand why Shen Mo told such a highly confidential piece of information to him!

“Brother Chu, I, Shen Mo hadn’t known you for long, but I trust you. Only four people know of this so far, and adding you it’s five now.” Shen Mo said.

“Why tell me this?” Chu Mu asked gravely.

Such a matter should be something Nightmare Palace keeps absolutely secret. After all, it directly concerned the survival of the entire faction.

“Because you also have an invincible emperor rank white nightmare.” Shen Mo said.

“What does that have to do with Nightmare Ancestor’s imminent death?” Chu Mu was even more confused.

“It matters a lot!”

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