Chapter 930: Swords Drawn and Bows Bent

The appearance of the dominator rank Crown Phoenix King ushered in the enormous might of the strongest creature there!

A dazzling golden light covered the area. The Crown Phoenix King lightly beat its wings, and its arrogant eyes coldly stared at the three soul pets acting wildly in the Tianxia King’s Palace! 

Several gaps had been opened up by Chen Fang’s soul pet’s destruction. A noble figure was silently waiting above the great hall. Chen Fang’s three soul pets were initially wantonly and fearlessly releasing techniques. However, when those eyes fell on them, they timidly retreated back to their master. 

Under the Crown Phoenix King, the six peak emperors were insignificant. They no longer dared to make any rash moves. Chen Fang and Nie Yunbin were soaked with sweat as they stood there, staring in fear at the woman standing atop of the Crown Phoenix King!

Wanxiang Altar was the most magnificent symbol of Wanxiang Realm. Although most of it was controlled by the three great palaces and Soul Alliance, neither faction dared destroy the palaces because the owner of the palaces here was the Wanxiang King, Mu Zitian. 

Mu Zitian’s deterrence ability in Wanxiang realm was not inferior to Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master. He had given Wanxiang Altar’s palaces to humanity’s experts as a gift, while also forbidding the destruction of humanity’s first great palaces that had taken countless years to construct. 

Every expert that obtained a Wanxiang Altar palace complied with these rules extremely strictly. This included even the Hero experts. 

However, the Tianxia King’s Palace had been completely destroyed by Chen Fang. Even the barren mountains extending outwards were wobbling. This was absolutely a huge taboo to Wanxiang Altar! 

Unfortunately, right now, the successor of the Wanxiang King, Mu Qingyi, was coldly glaring at them. Adding on the powerful might of the dominator rank, Chen Fang, Nie Yunbin and Zhu Zizhan were all in a panic. Why would they dare continue acting recklessly with the War Goddess’ dominator rank Crown Phoenix King above them? 

Mu Qingyi swept her gaze across, and saw the poison all of the great hall and she her heart sank. 

Mu Qingyi knew that Chu Fangchen could only dual control at most. However, the people that had ambushed him were Nie Yunbin, with Desolation strength, and Mo Ling’s trusted aide Chen Fang, whose strength was even above Nie Yunbin’s! 

If the two of them had allied together, it should have been very difficult for Chu Fangchen to have dealt with them in this confined space. Perhaps he had already transformed into pus that was now mixed in with this nauseating poison. 

Mu Qingyi’s chest faintly undulated. A mysterious anger surged in her heart. She had initially believed that Soul Alliance’s people would at least be mindful in Wanxiang Altar. Yet, here were Soul Alliance’s people brazenly taking advantage of the palaces to kill others. They had even destroyed the important Tianxia King’s Palace to such a degree!! 

“Your Majesty, please calm down, please calm down!!” when Chen Fang saw Mu Qingyi appear, his brain immediately awakened, and he fearfully kneeled down. 

Nie Yunbin realized that the situation had gotten out of control and he hastily kneeled down as well. He pointed at Chen Fang and said: “Your Majesty, I reminded Chen Fang not to forget the Wanxiang King’s rules many times. However, Chen Fang didn’t listen to me and he monomaniacally ordered his soul pets to use techniques to destroy this palace…” 

“You!” Chen Fang saw that Nie Yunbing was unexpectedly putting all of the blame onto him. Instantly, his eyes went red and he roared: “This was your idea! It was you that chose the Tianxia King’s Palace. And here you are now betraying your benefactor… Nie Yunbin…” 

“Your Majesty, you can see that the destruction of this palace all came from his soul pets’ techniques…” 

Both of them knew very well that angering this woman would not lead to a good end. Now wasn’t the time to speak of friendly relations. Moreover, Nie Yunbin already didn’t like Chen Fang’s arrogant attitude. Perhaps he could use this opportunity to make him fall. 

Mu Qingyi looked expressionlessly at these two people, allowing them to continue their laughable performance. 

A while later, Chen Fang and Nie Yunbin realized that this queen simply didn’t care about their squabbles. Gradually, they shut up because they understood that if they continued, they would only increase the anger of this woman they couldn’t afford to offend. 

“Are you finished?” Mu Qingyi sneered.

The two of them lowered their heads, not daring to say anything.    

“The three of you can return.” Mu Qingyi coldly said. 

“We can return?” the three of them kneeled on the ground looked at each other. This outcome was very surprising. 

“Yes.” Mu Qingyi apathetically nodded her head. Then she coldly added, “In three days, someone will come to bring you to the Sealed Tower.” 

When the three of them heard “Sealed Tower”, they instantly paled, and a mysterious coldness welled up inside of them. 

The Sealed Tower was a true hell. Chen Fang and Nie Yunbin had both guessed that they would be punished this time. However, they never expected Wanxiang Realm’s Queen would lock them up in the Sealed Tower!!

“Your Majesty, we… we definitely will restore this palace. Please calm down!” fearfully said Chen Fang!

Perhaps Chen Fang carried a bit of hope that at least with the Fourth Hero Mo Ling, his punishment wouldn’t be as severe. However, if he was truly sent to the Sealed Tower, his entire life would be ruined! 

Nie Yunbin also didn’t expect the Heavenly Concubine to send him into the Sealed Tower because of a single palace. He froze up and his mind went blank. 

Nie Yunbin was part of the younger generation, and his future was definitely much more promising than Chen Fang’s. The entirety of Soul Alliance viewed him with much importance. If something happened to him, Soul Alliance would even use a Hero to protect him. 

He had pushed the blame to Chen Fang, because he understood that Soul Alliance would rather heavily punish Chen Fang and allow him to escape harm. Moreover, he was certain this woman would take account of Soul Alliance’s power and put all the blame onto Chen Fang. 

However, the reality of the situation completely surpassed his expectations. He was absolutely shocked that Mu Qingyi wanted to throw him into the Sealed Tower!!

“Your Majesty, although the two of them are in the wrong, there’s no need to be so harsh with the punishments.” at this point, a man’s voice slowly floated in. 

Hearing this voice, Chen Fang seemed to have seen his saviour. His face broke out into a trace of happiness and he looked with expectation at the man flying in. 

Mu Qingyi didn’t need to look at the person arriving and knew it was the Fourth Hero Mo Ling. She knew that Mo Ling harbored hard feelings towards Snow City, and thus would have Chen Fang assassinate Chu Fangchen! 

“It’s not harsh. It’s merely sealing their three main pets!” Mu Qingyi harrumphed. 

“Three.. Three main pets!” Chen Fang and Nie Yunbin were stunned! 

Wasn’t it merely a palace? At the very least they could just spend a lot of money to restore it. If their three main pets were to be sealed, they would pretty much be crippled! 

Indeed, sealing soul pets was even more severe than wounding a soul or the death of a soul pet.

One year after a soul pet died, the soul would recover and that person would be able to look for a new soul pet. However, if a soul pet were to be sealed, that soul would be forever unusable! 

Chen Fang and Nie Yunbin would both rather have five souls wounded than three soul pets sealed! 

The Fourth Hero Mo Ling creased his brows. He also never expected Mu Qingyi to be so fierce. She didn’t seem like she would give him face. 

As they were speaking, an enormous saint beast appeared beside the palace. The rider was Soul Palace’s Diagram Supreme Ke Yin! 

Behind Diagram Supreme were a group of three great palace experts flying here. There were a total of fifteen people and they were all senior elder and elder rank experts!!

Mo Ling creased his brows. Didn’t such a powerful team of experts from the three great palaces mean that they were going to start a war with Soul Alliance?!

“If he’s dead, you will accompany him!’ Diagram Supreme Ke Yin didn’t even look at Nie Yunbin and Chen Fang. Instead, his eyes were like lightning as they stared at the Fourth Hero Mo Ling!

Ke Yin knew that the person who wanted to kill Chu Fangchen was Mo Ling. Chen Fang simply didn’t have the guts to touch a person of this rank in the three great palaces! 

“The previous Diagram Supreme probably wasn’t even as bold as you.” Mo Ling contemptuously laughed. 

However, when he discovered that four senior elders, three elders and three retired experts had appeared behind Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, his expression grew visibly unsightly. 

There were a total of fifteen people. If they attacked, he would not be able to defend against them. Most importantly, none of these elders, senior elders, or retired experts were to be trifled with. Among them were a few that even he feared!

The baseline requirement for an elder of the three great palaces was a high class emperor while for a senior elder, one had to have a peak emperor. 

However, this didn’t mean that everyone with a high class emperor or peak emperor was an elder or senior emperor. Elders and senior emperors were chosen from these experts. Their strength had to be outstanding, or they had to be a person of virtue and prestige. It was undoubted that all of these people were those with outstanding strength in the three great palaces!

Mo Ling never expected that a single Chu Fangchen could make the three great palaces mobilize such a high ranking team!

“Do you still feel that I’m being arrogant?” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s tone carried killing intent. It seemed that he really had the intention of taking action! 

Mo Ling grit his teeth in anger. However, he couldn’t afford to underestimate them at all! 

“I didn’t teach my subordinate strictly enough. He had evil intentions towards your people. I’m only asking you to be lenient, but you can do whatever you want.” Mo Ling’s attitude quickly changed, and he pushed all the blame onto Chen Fang. 

When Chen Fang heard this, he seemed to have been struck by lightning and was stunned!

“Senior, how can you…” Chen Fang had always been loyal to Mo Ling. He never expected Mo Ling to betray him!

“What a scumbag!’ at this moment, a mocking voice rang out from the elders and senior elders. 

This voice immediately angered Mo Ling. Mo Ling immediately went red and he stared daggers at the person who spoke. 

The person who had cursed Mo Ling was Teng Lang. Teng Lang happened to now have a ice type peak emperor because of Chu Mu. If something happened to Chu Mu, Teng Lang would take that person on even if he knew he wasn’t his opponent. He wouldn’t forget Chu Mu’s favor! 

“Diagram Supreme… We couldn’t find Chu Fangchen…” in the deadlock, four elders walked out from the completely destroyed Tianxia King Palace. Their faces were abnormally unsightly as they spoke. 

Their words caused the faces of the three great palace members to change. Could Chu Fangchen really have perished under the poison so much so that not even his bones remained?! 

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