Book 2 Chapter 93 - Heavenly Flame Rite, Killing a Spirit Master

Chapter 83: Heavenly Flame Rite, Killing a Spirit Master

When Chu Mu entered the Xiling Region, he didn’t stop at all, nor did he enter any city. He continued to follow the wilderness route, which he was best at traversing, and rushed towards the forbidden region.

Although Mo Xie had mutated into a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, her endurance was definitely inferior to the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s. For Chu Mu’s entire course throughout the Xiling Region, the majority of it had been on the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon attribute hadn’t received a full strengthening.  Aside from the Mo Ye, it was probably Chu Mu’s weakest soul pet in a fight.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type restriction techniques were dependent on Chu Mu’s powerful soul remembrance, as well as its intelligence, in order to use them to the greatest effect.

Therefore, Chu Mu had to think of a method to raise the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type and dark type, as well as its phase and stage. Only by doing so could it display a relatively large use.


Although the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s endurance was strong, it was still stuck at the sixth stage, and it ultimately could not compare with that spirit master’s high class commander rank seventh phase eighth stage Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

Chu Mu continued to rush towards the southern border of Xiling Region. Just as he was about to enter the forbidden region which had extremely complicated and strange topography, he was ultimately caught by the spirit master guard riding a seventh phase eighth stage Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

The stingingly cold and violent wind hit Chu Mu’s face. In front of Chu Mu, horizontally, was shockingly a mountain ridge river valley!

The river valley was extremely deep and, after looking downwards, one could only see those thick clouds and mist.

The roaring sound of river water resounded in his ears. Chu Mu rode the Night Thunder Dream Beast and turned around to look at the chasing whirlwind.

“Jump down!” Chu Mu patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horns and stabled his seated body. He had the Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately jump into the deeply terrifying river valley where the bottom couldn’t even be seen.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast could only use Night Dance in a shadowy area.  When its body leapt into the black clouds lingering above the river valley, the sunlight happened to be obstructed. The Night Thunder Dream Beast then stepped into the shadow area and, after the downward velocity was slightly buffered, it jumped up into the clouds like those misty clouds soaring into the air!

The Star Wilderness Devil Colt chased to the edge of the cliff. That spirit master whose face was covered in a black veil flashed a sneer in his eyes. However, he didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately ordered the Star Wilderness Devil Colt to also jump into the misty river valley!

The Star Wilderness Devil Colt didn’t have the ability to walk on air. Instead, the spirit master guard chanted an incantation while the Star Wilderness Devil Colt was descending, creating a special stream of air that allowed it to slowly descend.

The raging stream of water smashed into the river valley’s rocks, unceasingly creating sprays of water.

On top of the glossy eroded rocks in the river, Chu Mu sat on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back, and he slowly chanted an incantation.

Not far away from Chu Mu was Mo Xie, who had already transformed into the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. The fire on Mo Xie’s body wasn’t burning. Instead, she merely haughtily stood on the rocks in the river; as the spray of water splashed beside her body, it caused her to seem even more demonically charming and elegant!

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!!”

Seeing the spirit master’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt descend, Chu Mu raised the corners of his lips and issued an order to Mo Xie!

After mutating to the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, Mo Xie’s techniques had completely transformed. This Heavenly Flame Rite happened to be amongst them- a powerful seventh rank fire type technique!

The Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s fire type talent was comparable to a peak fire type elemental world’s talent. Even if it possessed the most average fire, the seventh rank fire type technique that it performed would still be extremely terrifying. Moreover, Mo Xie further possessed the two types of fire, the Demon Fire Evil Flame and the Blood Flame, which combined to form her two royal flames!

The Demon Fire Evil Flame’s effects already doubled the damage of fire type techniques, while the Blood Flame was a terrifying flame that could pass through defenses and burn blood. When overlaying these two effects, their might was extremely close to an eighth rank!

“Chong Mei- Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Chu Mu chanted the incantation, and his two eyes were rapidly ignited with exceptionally pale-white fires. From head to toe, a terrifying white colored soul devil fire emanated from his body!

A ninth remembrance spirit teacher. After rising two remembrances, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had become even stronger. Even if he was using Chong Mei to duplicate Mo Xie’s seventh rank fire type technique, it wouldn’t pose any problems whatsoever. In fact, he could even raise its might to nearly the eighth rank. If he further added on the White Nightmare’s flame effects, its might would be even more terrifying!

Molten Fury was originally Mo Xie’s strongest fire type attack. At that time, the sixth rank double Molten Furies overlaid together created an effect that nearly reached double that of an early eighth stage.

Yet, presently, two even stronger seventh rank fire type techniques of Heavenly Flame Rite being overlaid together meant that its might was even more terrifying!


When the technique was used, the entire river valley let out an acute buzzing sound!

Scarlet colored Demon Fire Evil Flames; the fire type technique’s formidability doubled!

A captivating red Blood Flame; a terrifying flame that could directly pass through the skin and burn the blood!

A pale white colored soul devil fire; a serene and cold devil fire that burnt the soul!

Three different flames being overlaid. When used on this seventh rank technique, Heavenly Flame Rank, it completely exploded to reach nearly a ninth rank’s might!!

A triple royal flame beam silenced the entire river valley. It gorgeously descended from the sky and suddenly, a pulverizing force at the center of this light beam abruptly struck downwards, pressuring down on the entire river valley!

“Hu hu!!!!!”

In the next moment, a long flaming dragon coiled around the entire beam that descended from the sky into the depths of the river valley as it incomparably and magnificently soared into the air!


The Star Wilderness Devil Colt was still situated in midair, but this terrifying energy nearing the ninth rank powerfully swept it up. Completely unable to resist the flames, the Star Wilderness Devil Colt and this spirit master were fully swallowed!!

In the expansive mountain ridge, an imposing yet majestic long gorgeous flaming dragon soared into the air, charging towards the clouds!

Three different colored fires sparkled, illuminating these mountains in a fiery color. It was as if the mountains had been thoroughly ignited!

This eminently violent energy of fire didn’t last too long. After the energy was released, it practically instantaneously faded away. However, it was like a terrifying aura that struck the vast mountain ridge and once it swept through, after a brief delay, the mountain range suddenly flared up!!

The clamorous noise of numerous cries of fear rang out. From within the green sea of forest frightenedly flew out hundreds and thousands of wing type soul pets. Wild beasts confoundedly ran about. The scene was chaos!!


Three days later, a mighty Ice Winged Tiger slowly folded its wings. It descended beside this completely changed river valley. Riding on this seventh phase commander rank soul pet’s back happened to be the cold faced Xia Guanghan.

Behind Xia Guanghan respectively were ten Secret Killer Attendants, who were wearing cold cyan clothing. These Secret Killer Attendants were all riding high class commander rank Ice Winged Tigers. Although the bodies of these Ice Winged Tigers were not as godly as Xia Guanghan’s, it was clear that these were extremely staunch creatures.

“Go down and look.” Xia Guanghan pointed at the river valley below, where water no longer flowed, as he coldly spoke.

Two Secret Killer Attendants immediately gave their soul pets an order, and they rode on their Ice Winged Tigers into the deep river valley.

Not long later, the two Secret Killer Attendants returned to the side of the river valley. One of them was carrying a charred, black corpse.

“Already dead.” the Secret Killer Attendant said to Xia Guanghan.

Xia Guanghan creased his eyebrows, and he stared at the completely scorched corpse. He then intentionally looked at the river valley destroyed beyond recognition.

That guard of the princess’ was Xia Guanghan’s underling. Xia Guanghan had somewhat of an understanding of his strength and, although he only had a normal seventh phase monarch rank soul pet, as a spirit master, it shouldn’t have been a problem to get rid of the two soul Chu Mu.

What Xia Guanghan completely had not expected was that a glorious spirit master was actually killed by the two soul Chu Mu.

“I still really underestimated that brat’s ability!” Xia Guanghan’s gaze turned rather gloomy!

Chu Mu had truly received Xia Guanghan’s attention because, when he had came back from Prison Island, Xia Guanghan thought he was a person with potential. If Xia Guanghan control him well, he would have an extra sharp weapon.

However, from these indicators, Xia Guanghan’s actions had already become the characteristics of nurturing a tiger to invite calamity. If it wasn’t for the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox mutating into an Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, Xia Guanghan fundamentally would not have detected that Chu Mu possessed this ability. After all, even if Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox had powerful fighting strength, he absolutely could not solely rely on this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox to defeat a Nightmare Palace spirit master!“There’s marks of a fight and the corpses of a few soul pets. Presumably, Chu Mu took advantage of his unpreparedness and used a powerful soul pet. After heavily wounding him, he then killed him.” said the Secret Killer Attendant carrying the corpse.

Xia Guanghan nodded his head, and he looked at the boundless and ash gray unending forest to the south.

“Hmph, do you believe that by escaping into the southern land’s forbidden territory you’ll be able to free yourself from my pursuit?!” coldly said Xia Guanghan!

Chu Mu had survived an entire three years on Prison Island. This complete disconnect from the rest of the world made it easier for Chu Mu to assimilate into the wilderness, as compared to other hunters. He also understood how to survive in the tangled and complicated, the strange and multivariable, and the dangerous and primitive mountain forests better.

However, ten years ago, Xia Guanghan had also left Prison Island as the Prison Island King. His experience surviving in the wilderness was definitely not less than Chu Mu’s. In Xia Guanghan’s opinion, Chu Mu hiding like this in the southern land’s forbidden region was merely engaging in a few small tricks!

“The forbidden region. The soul remembrance imprint will be concealed by a few unique and natural phenomenons. You guys split up into teams of two and enter the southern land’s forbidden region. You must bring him in front of me within a month!” Xia Guanghan waved his hands, and he spoke to the ten Secret Attendant Killers behind him.


After the ten Secret Attendant Killers responded, they immediately rode on their Ice Winged Tigers and flew in straight lines as they went down different paths, flying towards the southern land’s forbidden region. Clearly, they were conducting an omni-directional search and encircling chase in the forbidden region for Chu Mu!

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