Chapter 929: Playing with the Enemy

“You can’t hide!!” Nie Yunbin was a bit jittery as he spoke, and he ordered his three poison pets to begin spraying poison! 

As the three poison pets opened their mouths, the Tianxia King’s Palace was instantly engulfed and submerged in a poison tide.

The poison had extreme corrosive properties and the frozen ground and walls slowly began to melt. Even the specially made pillars began to collapse from the bottom!

The poison began to rise, and a thick stench filled the palace!

Zhi Zizhan’s strength was comparatively much weaker. Even the stench itself was enough to make him suffocate. In an instant, this fellow’s face turned green and veins began to bulge! 

Of course, Nie Yunbin wouldn’t allow Chen Fang and Zhu Zizhan to be infected by the toxic poison. When the poison submerged practically half of the great hall, Nie Yunbin used a poison screen, protecting Zhu Zizhan, Chen Fang and Chen Fang’s soul pets inside. 

“Let’s see how long you can last for!” Nie Yunbin continued to order his soul pets to use poison to drown the entire great hall! 

“The poison has already submerged half of the great hall. Why hasn’t the illusion broken?” Chen Fang creased his brows and looked at the isolated space on the other side. 

The poison wasn’t blocked by the spatial isolation, and it flowed into the special space where Mo Xie and the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor were fighting. However, Chen Fang discovered that his attempts to recall the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor were blocked by some special force. This meant that he and his soul pets were incapable of interfering in the fight between the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor and the Seven Sins Fox! 

“My three soul pets respectively have blood poison, soul poison, and life poison. Even a stronger person and his soul pet’s body, soul and life would be heavily poisoned by staying for a long time in this poison-filled space. I can guarantee that within five minutes, he will appear!” Nie Yunbin was very confident as he spoke! 

Nie Yunbin’s proficiency towards utilization of poison had already reached a godly realm. When the three poison properties were combined together, the poison would be even stronger. Even if the enemy could use a poison screen, they wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed! 

Chen Fang was helpless right now and could only wait. 

However, before long, he began to grow nervous!

He wasn’t nervous because Chu Fangchen hadn’t appeared yet, but because in the isolated space, his Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was gradually falling into a losing situation under the Seven Sins Fox’s berserk attacks! 

The isolated space was only 100 meters away, but Chen Fang couldn’t do anything but watch as the wounds on his Blue Galactic Demon Emperor continuously accumulate. 


The more Mo Xie fought, the braver she got. It had been a long time since she last fought and the flames covering her body were even more intense than the past, while her method of fighting was more ferocious. The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor could only weakly deal with her. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Beautiful and bewitching red flames filled the area above the poison, and Mo Xie’s silver body slowly became illusory in the torrential red flames. The only thing left behind were her silver pupils, that seemed particularly demonic amidst the flames!

Suddenly, a demonic light blossomed from Mo Xie’s eyes. It was as if a silver light shot out of a serene flaming world!

Red Flame Purgatory!!

Space began to strangely distort, and everything around her was filled with thick red flames!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

Tongues of flames danced in the breeze, resembling countless long red dragons that proudly and domineeringly flew through the space filled with red flames. 

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was at the depths of this Red Flame Purgatory. It didn’t matter how fast it was. It was trapped. The only thing it could do was fearfully dodge the flying fire dragons! 

The omnipresent red flames were like an enormous flaming cauldron. The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was incapable of dodging these powerful fire dragons’ charges and flames. It also had to suffer the high temperature burning of the Red Flame Purgatory! 

“Hui!!!!!!!!!!” the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor let out a pained cry. Its blue body had been lacerated by the flames. 

Seeing this, Chen Fang grew panicked! 

Obviously, in a one on one fight, the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was not this powerful Seven Sins Fox’s opponent. It now had heavy injuries from the red flames. If he didn’t recall it back in time, it would be killed! 

“Why hasn’t the illusion been broken yet!” Chen Fang was a bit angry as he spoke. 

The moment he finished speaking, one of Mo Xie’s tails, in the form of a long dragon, whistled past the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, striking the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s body was engulfed by flames and was knocked flying into the wall of the great hall. It nearly reduced the great hall into rubble! 

“How are you so trash! Is breaking the illusion so hard?!” Chen Fang impatiently roared. 

A little bit longer, and his Blue Galactic Demon Emperor would be roasted to death! 

Nie Yunbin’s face immediately became dark. He silently cursed Chen Fang. If he had the ability, why didn’t he just break the illusion himself? Why bother yelling at him?!

However, Nie Yubin was also a bit anxious right now. Logic dictated that once the great hall was covered by poison, Chu Fangchen should be quickly forced out. A normal person would not be able to withstand this extreme poison for so long. 

However, the opposing party was still hidden somewhere in the great hall, leaving him in a bind. Everything was too weird! 

“Senior Poison Desolation… Senior, could you get your soul pets to expel the poison? I… I can no longer breathe.” at this point, Zhu Zizhan began begging in a weak voice. 

Zhu Zizhan’s expression was no longer filled with the elation of vengeance. His entire being was fumigating with poison so badly that it was difficult to look at. Even the skin on his face was lacerating, making him look disgusting and ugly! 

“Hmph, useless thing!” how could Nie Yunbin recall the poison? He ignored Zhu Zizhan, as if he wanted him to just commit suicide.

“No!!” suddenly, Chen fang let out an unpleasantly sharp cry! 

Nie Yunbin immediately turned around and discovered that the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor in the isolated space had been completely engulfed in flames. Its skin was torn open and the flames were spilling into its flesh. 

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor no longer had the ability to stand. It could only move in a disarray amidst the red flames. and struggle in pain on the brink of death. 

The flaming energy was linked to the soul, causing Chen Fang to experience the scorching pain. Seeing the Blue Galactic Emperor’s life force rapidly fade in the flames, Chen Fang clutched his indignant and pained face as if he was going to rip off his own skin! 

The previous arrogance on Chen Fang had vanished without a trace. His berserk eyes resembled a starved and berserk wild beast searching for prey. The moment he found Chu Mu, he would eat him alive! 

However, no matter how much resentment there was in Chen Fang’s heart, he was incapable of finding Chu Mu! 

“Even if I destroy this place, I will take your life!!” Chen Fang madly roared.He unexpectedly ordered his soul pets to use a technique on the entire Tianxia King Palace! 

“Don’t be impulsive! If you destroy this place, we’ll all be in trouble!” Nie Binyun hastily warned. 

This place was the Tianxia King Palace. Although it had been abandoned for many years, it still carried an extremely important meaning in Wanxiang Altar. If it was destroyed, not only would they incur the wrath of Wanxiang Realm’s lord, but the next Tianxia King would not let them off easily, and force them to atone for the sins of destroying the palace. It was no easy matter to construct a palace that could withstand the attacks of a peak emperor attack! 

Chen Fang was seething in anger and couldn’t care less. Thus, he didn’t stop his order! 

“Show yourself!!! Show yourself for me!!!” Chen Fang, who had lost a soul, transformed into a berserk beast, not controlling any of his soul pets’ energy. 

The energy created by peak emperors was not something a mere great hall could withstand. As the techniques of the three peak emperors blossomed, the entire great hall began to violently shake!!

The barrier on the outside of the Tianxia King’s Palace began to crumble and everything inside the great hall was destroyed. The poison began to also seep through the cracks, and onto the outside. 

“Long long long long~~~~~~”

The mountains around the Tianxia King’s Palace also began to tremble and the numerous intersecting pathways of stairs began to split apart. 

Rocks began to roll down the mountain, smashing into a few palaces at the bottom. 

The cowardly servant girls living nearby let out a shrieks and fled in a fright towards the wider patch of land. 


As Chen Fang madly sought vengeance, at the very peak of the great hall, a pair of silver eyes were demonically staring at him and his soul pets. At the depths of these eyes was a sense of mockery! 

With dominator rank other type strength, Chu MU could cause space to intersect and change as he willed. Added on the secondary darkness attribute, he could hide himself. Even if Chen Fang’s soul pets were to randomly attack the entire Tianxia King’s Palace, they would not be able to harm even a hair on Chu Mu. 

Chen Fang, Nie Yunbin, and Zhu Zizhan simply didn’t know that they were not able to find traces of Chu Mu not because Chu Mu had used some witchcraft and confused their line of vision. Nor had he created some illusion. Instead, what they were facing was a dominator rank expert, who fundamentally was not on the same level as them! 

Moreover, as long as the enemy wanted it, the lives of their soul pets and themselves would be left behind here. 


Under Wanxiang Altar.

“It’s there!! It’s the Tianxia King’s Palace!!” Senior Elder Teng raised his head and pointed at the wobbling Tianxia King’s Palace where enormous energy was seeping out of as he shouted. 

The moment Senior Elder Teng finished speaking, a Titan Giant appeared. It stepped on the misty clouds and quickly flew towards the Tianxia King’s Palace! 

The man controlling the Titan Giant was the Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, who possessed absolute power and status in Soul Palace and Soul Pet Palace!!

At the same time, above the Tianxia King’s Palace was a unique phoenix species with golden flames that was beating its wings. It resembled a noble and haughty ardent sun that was descending on the Tianxia King’s Palace. 

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