Chapter 928: Separate Mirror Space

Chen Fang had a reason to be proud. Chu Mu could feel that that fellow was an eighth remembrance spirit emperor!

Sixth remembrance to seventh remembrance was already a hard leap to make. And when Chu Mu got to seventh remembrance, it’s been half a year without much progress. One could see just how large the gap between eighth and seventh remembrance was. At least in a pure collision of soul remembrances, Chu Mu could feel the pressure Chen Fang could put on him!

After finishing his incantation, a demon appeared before Chen Fang, a familiar soul pet that Chu Mu had seen in a bewildering world before: Blue Galactic Demon Emperor!

The blue galactic demon emperor at the time was only pseudo emperor rank. Yet, the blue galactic emperor rank that Chen Fang summoned was definitely top tier emperor rank, with a demon aura even stronger than Mo Xie!

Mo Xie had already removed pitiful appearance. Her silver eyes glared coldly at the demonic blue galactic demon emperor!

The blue galactic demon emperor was incredibly fast. After Chen Fang summoned it into the palace, the blue ghostly figure disappeared in front of Chu Mu. A leaf blade extended with the blue cape like tail, drawing a sharp arc within the flaming palace!

Mo Xie’s seven life fox shadow was instantly scattered by this technique, sending countless silver fur around the palace.

Mo Xie’s real self couldn’t dodge such a swift attack in such a small space. When she stepped again down in the hall full of flames, a bright red wound was now on her body, dripping blood slowly under the bleeding effect of the blue galactic demon emperor.

Mo Xie didn’t care about the blood leaking out because, being naturally fight-seeking, Mo Xie hadn’t felt pain and bled in a while. Such a stimulus only strengthened Mo Xie’s fighting intent!


Mo Xie’s body became a silver blur, as her long tails spread through all the sturdy pillars of the hall, creating countless confusing clouds!

Mo Xie hid within the massive tails that kept interweaving between the pillars. The blue galactic demon emperor also became a nearly invisible blue blur. Both of their speeds were at an extreme of emperor rank!

Cold glows, demon shadows, blood marks, the hall was completely barraged by clashes of silver and blue energy. The energy that usually would spread tens of kilometers away were all compressed into this sturdy palace, creating an energy that caused space itself to distort and the palace to shake!

“Shua!!!! SHUA!!!!!!!!

Silver glow and blue blade beams suddenly intersected at the center of the palace. Immediately, two spurts of blood sprayed out, and Mo Xie’s countless silver figures stacked together and appeared in front of Chu Mu.

The blue galactic demon emperor slid to the edge of the palace and heavily slammed into the wall, leaving an imprint. Blood flowed down from the arm that could shift into a blade.

The blue galactic demon emperor clearly was wounded due to Mo Xie’s many types. Mo Xie’s nine tails especially had a great threat to the blue galactic demon emperor. Not only could they be used to block techniques, they could also explode forth as weapons with surprising power!

However, Mo Xie didn’t have much of an advantage in this fight either. The poison of the dark fog snake was already taking effect, causing Mo Xie’s defense to be very weak and her wounds to start getting rotten from the poison.

Seeing that Mo Xie was evenly matched against the blue galactic demon emperor, Chu Mu remained calm.

He remembered that at the time, being chased by Xia Guanghan to the edges of the forbidden realm bewildering world, the blue galactic demon emperor that Chu Mu saw was shockingly powerful to him.

Now, the blue galactic demon emperor was far stronger than the one he met before, yet Mo Xie could still come out evenly matched against it after fighting the dark fog snake. It seemed as if the powerful organisms in Chu Mu’s past were no longer anything significant.

The opponent clearly couldn’t continue to fight single control against him!

Indeed, when Mo Xie and the blue galactic demon emperor fought, Nie Yunbing cast an incantation and summoned three soul pets at once!

In this battle, no matter how sturdy Tianxia palace was, no matter how sturdy the outer layer was, someone will eventually notice. Once the three palace people came forth, their plan would fail, so Nie Yunbing had to take Chu Mu down quickly.

After Nie Yunbing summoned the three soul pets, he immediately commanded them to pounce at Chu Mu!

These three soul pets were beast type, bug type, and vine type top tier emperor, but they had a commonality: all of them had poison. Even emperor rank organisms had lethal danger if they touched this poison.

“Chen Fang, try your best. If the three palace people get here, all of our efforts will be lost.” Though Nie Yunbing was very dissatisfied by Chen Fang’s arrogance, he had to use him to defeat his opponent quickly.

Chen Fang nodded, and no longer fought Chu Mu’s seven sin fox with one soul pet, summoning another three main soul pets!

Chen Fang’s three main soul pets were clearly stronger than Nie Yunbing’s. And from his perspective, six top tier emperor ranks could cause Chu Fangchen to lose all chances to even struggle!

Chen Fang gave a command, and his three main soul pets pounced over as well!

This way, six top tier emperor rank soul pets attacked Chu Mu at once. In such a situation, even invincible emperor ranks would find it hard to deal with!

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried. In his silver pupils, these six top tier emperor rank’s attacks were unimaginably slow. In fact, Chu Mu even had the time to casually exchange a few thoughts with Mo Xie mentally.

“Mo Xie, your mission today is to defeat that blue galactic demon emperor. Qingzi just happens to be missing a top tier emperor rank demon crystal as an ingredient.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie with his soul remembrance.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~” Mo Xie quickly replied with her mental voice as well.

“Don’t get greedy, deal with the blue galactic demon emperor first. These fellows aren’t that easily defeated.” Chu Mu said.

If Chen Fang, Nie Yunbing, and Zhu Zizhan knew that Chu Mu was still talking to his soul pet about unrelated matters when their soul pets already attacked, their expressions would definitely go sour.

In reality, when the soul pets all attacked Chu Mu, their expressions weren’t much better. Their eyes nearly popped out in shock!

Because, when all their soul pets attacked at once, Chu Mu disappeared!

“How… is this possible! He…… where did he hide?” Nie Yunbing was the first to speak out!

Chen Fang reacted quickly. After their initial surprise, they immediately used their soul remembrance to look around for where Chu Mu disappeared within the palace.

“He’s still in this palace, his aura is still here!” Chen Fang said.

“But where is he?!” Nie Yunbing, of course, knew that Chu Fangchen was still in this palace. Unless directly destroyed, this palace can’t be escaped. Even other type spatial movements would get stopped by the prison barrier outside!


Suddenly, a ripping sound came from aside, sending a spurt of blood onto a pillar and onto Chen Fang’s feet!

Chen Fang quickly turned around to find that the seven sin fox had since sometime engaged his blue galactic demon emperor too, starting a bloody battle on the other side of the palace.

“Go, kill that seven sin fox!” Chu Fangchen wouldn't let his blue galactic demon emperor be hurt further, and immediately commanded his ice witch demon emperor to cast an ice type technique towards the seven sin fox!

The same moment the ice witch demon emperor was released, almost the entire plaza was frozen over, creating a thick layer of ice over the ground, roof, and pillars.

Yet, the ice witch demon emperor’s ice power couldn't completely cover the thin distance between seven sin fox and ice witch demon emperor while they fought!

This strange scene caused Chen Fang to be utterly confused. When he used his soul remembrance to inspect the space, it was close yet extremely far for Chen Fang- as if there was a light source he could never reach!

“What…...what is wrong!!” Chen Fang seemed worried. He had never met such a strange thing in the past!

“It has to be Chu Fangchen, it could be a dreamland technique!” Nie Yunbing was the first to react and said angrily.

Both of them silently summoned soul pets yet they didn’t notice this deamland within the palace. Now that the opponent was probably hiding in a corner of the dreamland. If they broke this illusion, they could easily take this person down!

“Why is this illusion so realistic?” Chen Fang stared cluelessly at the blue emperor rank.

In such a realistic dream, didn’t this mean that his demon fox was more powerful than all his soul pets?

Looking at the palace become dark again, Chu Mu’s eyes burned silver, as they hid in the shadows, intently watching these clowns!

To kill them, it was very simple. Yet, to kill them would also reveal his techniques. No other being could kill Nie Yunbing and Chen Fang other than dominator rank power.

Thus, upon dealing with them, Chu Mu just used a simple mirror space technique. Putting Mo Xie and Blue Galactic Emperor Master together, Mo Xie had a 60% of winning. 

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