Chapter 927: Great Palace Fight, Dark Fog Snake

The original Nie Yunbing just finished speaking when, from the shadows unilluminated by candle light, two people slowly walked out.

One of them lifted a corner of their mouth, revealing a smile that he prevailed. Those eyes stared at Chu Mu as if he already enacted revenge.

Chu Mu thought this person looked familiar. After thinking carefully, he remembered that this was Zhu Chao’s adopted son Zhu Zizhan!

“Chu Fangchen, you didn’t expect me to be here, did you!” Zhu Zizhan laughed.

Zhu Zizhan’s hatred for Chu Mu was much higher than Nie Yunbing. While Zhu Chao was still there, he was the successor of Medicine Desolation, having a high position within soul alliance.

When Zhu Chao disappeared, Zhu Zizhan’s status fell a thousand meters. If not for his spirit abilities being barely good enough to heal poison desolation Nie Yunbing, he would have it found it very difficult to stand within soul alliance. At least in this period of time, he had already had to deal with many people he had wronged in the past using his status.

Even now, Zhu Zizhan couldn’t forget princess wanning. Though he knew that even after killing Chu Fangchen, he wouldn’t get princess wanning. However, he couldn’t accept the idea that his beloved woman would fall into the hands of the man that ruined his life!

Thus, today, he had to make Chu Fangchen pay the biggest price, letting him get a taste of terror and wishing he were dead!

Zhu Zizhan actually knew that it was impossible for him to deal with Chu Fangchen himself, so he decided to strike with Nie Yunbing and Mo Ling’s loyal subordinates.

Mo Ling’s loyal subordinate didn’t get a desolation title but was, in reality,not any weaker than most desolation title experts. Many people thought that soul alliance’s experts were restricted within sixteen absolute and eight desolations, but the truth was that there were many experts that were loyal to these titles. They were also just as powerful, but they were also low profile so not many have heard of them.

To Zhu Zizhan, Chen Fang was such a person. Though in the soul pet trainer realm, some experts have heard of their name, no one knew he was loyal to soul alliance and to Mo Ling.

With Cheng Fang and Nie Yunbing combined, no matter how powerful Chu Fangchen was, he wouldn’t be able to escape this guarded Tianxia Palace.

“Boss Mo Ling said he wanted him alive.” Cheng fang was cool and silent, as if even speaking wastes his time.

“Of course, I will keep him alive and well!” Nie Yunbing laughed.

As he spoke, suddenly the candlelight projected a long, and wriggling shadow that opened its large mouth beneath Chu Mu.

Chu Mu lifted his head and suddenly noticed an icy snake wrapped around the pillar, its neck and skull slowly extending forward while its scary body disappeared into the dark palace roof. One could see a huge coiled silhouette.

Nie Yunbing was still smiling, pleased with himself. This dark fog snake had been laying in ambush in the palace for a while. The poison it exhaled didn't have any smell, but brought with it the effects of Evernight.

Most of the time, others would mistake the poison for a rather dark shadow, but no one realized that they were already in the poison area of dark fog snake.

Nie Yunbing knew that Chu Fangchen wasn’t weak. In a one on one, he probably couldn’t win. However, the reason he was smiling was because Nie Yunbing never used normal methods in battle. The poison allowed Nie Yunbing to easily kill many people higher levels than them!

While talking, the opponent had already stood in the poison area for a while. Not much longer, his nerves will be paralyzed and the soul pet trainer and soul pet will lose their fighting strength.

“Let’s fight!” Nie Yunbing didn’t want to waste time anymore. Chu Fangchen were destined to be trapped!

After Nie Yunbing gave the command, the large snake on the roof suddenly unfurled and became a black thunder bolt that pounced downwards, attempting to coil around Chu Mu!

Chu Mu stood motionless, but he glanced at the little Mo Xie on his shoulder.

Little Mo Xie’s silver eyes were already bursting with light. Chu Mu knew she was extremely excited. After all, it has been a while since they fought with top tier emperor rank enemies. This dark fog snake was perfect for her taste!


After this little fellow entered battle state, her aura changed drastically. The forgiven fox’s imposing demon aura and red flames were released at once, instantly dispersing the dark-like poison fog towards the edges of the palace.

The silver shadow dashed forth. Using Chu Mu’s shoulder as a launch pad, her beautiful body pierced through the darkness in a cold crescent, passing by the black snake!!


The poison fog became a spray of blood that scattered out into the rest of the palace. The dark fog snake’s massive body was thrown outwards like a broken piece of rope, heavily slamming into a pillar and falling onto the ground, leaking blood everywhere!

Clearly, this dark fog snake didn’t expect such an insignificant silver fox to explode with so much power. This attack landed fully on its body, ripping open a large bloody wound!!

Nie Yunbing was suppressed by this little fox suddenly appearing, his face full of shock!

One had to know that his dark fog snake was truly a top tier emperor. If the enemy took in some poison before hand, even top tier emperor ranks could be instantly killed. Nie Yunbing would never have expected that after he put his poison in place and told his dark fog snake to assault in surprise, it was still wounded by a seemingly insignificant little fox!

“Boss Nie, be careful, this is a seven sin fox fallen inferno monarch!” Zhu Zizhan saw Nie Yunbing’s first hit fail and quickly warned.

Nie Yunbing coldly glanced at Zhu Zizhan. If this fellow knew that the opponent had a soul pet that could hide its aura, why didn’t he say so sooner?


Little Mo Xie hadn’t even released her pitiful appearance. Looking dainty and delicate, she stood in the candlelit palace, and gave a taunting call to the dark fog snake.

If the opponent were only this powerful, little Mo Xie was destined to be disappointed today!

Nie Yunbing, of course, felt the slight disdain in the little fox’s calls towards the dark fog snake. This caused Nie Yunbing to be even angrier. This fox was near death, yet it was still strutting around arrogantly. He’s definitely going to pull out the fox’s silver fur and throw it in poison for a while!

“Get up, kill it for me!” Dark fog snake wasn’t that fragile. Nie Yunbing let out a command.

Dark fog snake’s body bled a bit, but it slowly became black pus that formed scars and stopped the bleeding. It slowly climbed up and suddenly spat out a huge mouthful of poison!!!

The poison covered a wide range. If not for the palace, it would be equivalent to sending out a large wave of poison ocean!


The poison hit the insides of the palace, and sent out black poison gas that filled the palace.

To top tier emperor ranks, the palace wasn’t a good place to fight no matter how big the palace was. It caused almost any technique to be unable to be dodged. Yet, this palace was incredibly sturdy, so non dominator ranks would have difficulty destroying it. It looked like Nie Yunbing intentionally picked this place, so he wouldn’t leave any chance of escape to Chu Fangchen.


The poison corroded Mo Xie’s silver fur, giving her wounds a lot of ugly splatters. Mo Xie immediately let out an angry call!

This was the clean and tidy hair that Ning Maner helped her clean. Seeing Mo Xie’s state, if she didn’t rip this poison breathing snake into a thousand pieces, she probably wouldn’t calm down.

The dark flames burned, and became a large sea of fire that filled the palace. The firelight lit up the entire palace!

In the red of the flames, Mo Xie leaped up over the flames as her nine noble tails constantly extended, to the point where it was even larger than the dark fog snake!

Lifting up her nine massive red flame tails, Mo Xie’s body became seven silver figures that pounced forth towards the snake!


The seven sin fox silver claws all fell onto the dark fog snake. Even if the dark fog snake was coiled up to protect itself, it still suffered multiple extremely deep wounds that sent blood flying in every direction!

Mo Xie’s attacks had the effects of red flames. Once a wound was ripped open, the flames would enter the enemy’s body and create even worse burning damage. This dark fog snake clearly was only good at setting poison traps and ambushing. It wasn’t match for Mo Xie head-on. After one wave of the seven sin fox, the dark fog snake was full of wounds!

“Looks like your poison isn’t without any use.” At this moment, Chen Fang said coldly to Nie Yunbing.

Nie Yunbing saw that the dark fog snake wasn’t match for seven sin fox and quickly cast an incantation to retract it into his soul pet space.

Nie Yunbing’s expression became graver, as he no longer dared to underestimate his opponent.

No matter what, Chu Fangchen caused Zhu Chao to lose multiple times in upfront combat. His strength was definitely similar to desolation title experts. Nie Yunbing originally thought his poison realm could allow him to easily take down Chu Fangchen, yet somehow the opponent had a way to resolve his poison.

In reality, Chu Mu had no real way of dealing with the poison. However, Chu Mu was dominator rank so this poison, at most, made it slightly hard for him to breath. As for Mo Xie, under Chu Mu’s protection, she wasn’t affected by the poison either.

“Let’s fight him together in case of any accidents.” Nie Yunbing said.

“No need, I’ll watch aside.” Chen Fang said arrogantly.

After he spoke, Chen Fang casted an incantation, from his calm and disdained expression one could tell that this loyal subordinate of Mo Ling didn't truly take Chu Mu seriously!

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