Chapter 926: Nie Yunbing’s Plot

The blood robed man didn’t turn around. He continued up the stairs, and gradually disappeared in a palace that was extending outwards. 

Chu Mu followed his figure until he disappeared from his line of sight. 

“How strong is her?” Chu Mu wondered to himself. 

The Hero Chief was definitely stronger than Mu Qingyi. However, nobody actually knew how strong he was. Perhaps this was because he had never met someone who could force him to truly reveal his full strength!

Chu Mu stopped for a while, and remembered the tall man as he continued walking down the stairs. 

Wanxiang Altar’s palaces would frequently dazzle people. Given that flying was prohibited, it was often that people would get lost on their way down because they took the wrong path. 

Chu Mu was not familiar with this place at all, and could only follow the servant girl down as he surveyed the palaces in Wanxiang Altar. 

“Who does this palace belong to?” Chu Mu pointed at three palaces with magnificent auras. 

“This place is the realm king’s palace. In the past it belonged to Senior Li Hong. Right now it belongs to someone else.” softly said the servant girl. 

“Oh?” Chu Mu raised his brows. As the Tianxia King, wasn’t this his palace? 

“Do you want to go in and take a look? This palace isn’t actually occupied by anyone and you can enter at any time.” said the servant girl. 

“Sure, let’s go in and look.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

The servant girl seemed to have let out a sigh of relief, and quickly walked in front of him, seemingly guiding him in a hasty manner. 

Chu Mu found it a bit strange, but didn’t think too much of it. He stepped into his own palace, and wondered when the day would come that he could bring Qingzi here and confidently present these palaces, even more magnificent than Soul Palace’s palaces, to her. How happy would she be? 


The Queen’s Palace. 

Guan Guan was waiting outside the great palace, and suddenly discovered a servant girl walking towards her. 

“Xiao Jing, weren’t you supposed to bring Young Master Chu down the mountain?” Guang Guan had naturally recognized Chu Mu, and it was her that had arranged for this servant girl to bring him down.

“Qing Qing said that she happened to be going down the mountain anyways to do something for you. Therefore, she replaced me…” the servant girl called Xiao Jing lowered her head as she spoke. 

“Huh? I didn’t want Qing Qing to do anything.” Guan Guan creased her brows, and was somewhat confused. 

A moment later, she suddenly realized something very serious, and hastily ran towards the great hall.

Right now in the great hall, Hero Chief Yuan Sui and Mu Qingyi were discussing things. Guan Guan stood outside the great hall, hesitating a moment, not knowing whether to tell this to Mer Majesty.

When she had summoned Chu Fangchen, Mu Qingyi had specially told Guan Guan that when she brought Chu Fangchen up, she had to avoid the Soul Alliance palaces. Indeed, Chu Fangchen was essentially a thorn to Soul Alliance, and they would use any methods to get rid of him. 

Chu Fangchen had come alone, and if he was discovered by someone who badly wanted to get rid of him, he would probably be met by some dangerous plot to kill him. 

Therefore, Guan Guan had gotten the rather sharp servant girl, Xiao Jing, to lead Chu Mu. If he didn’t go to Soul Alliance’s palaces, he wouldn’t be met with obstruction. However, Guan Guan never expected Xiao Jing to, without her permission, hand this task over to another servant girl, Qing Qing. 

The servant girl, Qing Qing, was the newest servant girl given to Guan Guan, and she was not very trustworthy. Yet, here she was now, leading the way for Chu Fangchen… 

If this was only a coincidence, there probably wasn’t a problem. However, if someone were to know of Chu Fangchen’s whereabouts and had intentionally bought out Qing Qing or threatened her... 

After hesitating a moment, Guan Guan still decided to tell Her Majesty. If something happened to him, not only would Her Majesty heavily punish her, but the three great palaces definitely would not let her off easily. 

Guan Guan quickly walked up to Mu Qingyi’s throne and used soul remembrance to whisper to Mu Qingyi: “Your Majesty, the person I sent to send Chu Mu down the mountain was switched without my permission. The person switched in is the servant girl most recently added to our Queen Palace.” 

Mu Qingyi immediately creased her brows and began to think.

A moment later, she felt that things were too fishy. Thus, she said to Hero Chief Yuan Sui: “I have something small to attend to. Could Hero Chief please wait a moment.” 

The Hero Chief nodded his head. He didn’t say anything. 

Mu Qingyi quickly left the great hall. If something happened to Chu Fangchen because he had come to see her, Mu Qingyi would become an enemy of the three great palaces. 


In the main Soul Palace. 

“Young Master, I discovered a corpse.” Holy Guard Captain Jia Ren half knelt in front of Teng Lang, and softly spoke. 

“This matter shouldn’t be dealt with by you, the Holy Guard Captain, no?”

“This person was your messenger. He killed himself through poison.” said Holy Guard Captain Jia Ren. 

“Suicide by poison?” Teng Lang’s expression immediately changed. 

Teng Lang reacted extremely quickly. He didn’t come to the main Soul Palace very often. All of his servant girls, servants, messengers and subordinates were all new. Their trustworthiness completely depended on the people that sent them to him. 

“Immediately notify the palace members and Wanxiang Altar’s experts. Have them immediately find Chu Fangchen. Make it their top priority.” said Teng Lang, anxiously. 

“Young Master, we can’t order Wanxiang Altar’s experts. Moreover, mobilizing them without reason, this will probably…” said Holy Guard Captain Jia Ren. 

“What do you mean without reason?! Chu Fangchen’s whereabouts have been exposed. Someone is plotting against him!!’ said Teng Lang. 

“This subordinate… this subordinate will notify them.” the Holy Guard Captain finally realized how serious this matter was and hastily left the palace. 


Wanxiang Altar, Tianxia King’s Palace. 

This palace originally belonged to Li Hong. However, after Li Hong retired from his post, this palace indeed lost an owner and became uninhabited. 

When Chu Mu entered the palace, he felt the coldness of the palace. He couldn’t help but secretly shake his head. Such an expensive palace, built by countless people, was wasted just like this… 

“Young Master Chu, please take a look around wherever. This servant will pour a cup of spring water for you. The spring water here is particularly special.” the servant girl’s words were rather nervous. 

After speaking, she didn’t wait for his reply and quickly walked out of Tianxia King Palace’s main hall. 

Chu Mu ignored her. His focus was on the totem drawn on the enormous palace pillars. 

The totems were mainly depicting legendary creatures that had appeared in Tianxia Realm. These creatures were only recorded by name in a few ancient texts. As for what shape, attribute or abilities they had, nobody was sure. 

Seeing the ancient and mysterious totems drawn on the palace pillars, Chu Mu couldn’t help but think of when Old Li told him about looking at humans from a different point of view. 

As he was pondering, the temperature of the great hall suddenly dropped! 


Immediately after, the great hall’s exit was locked shut. There were two tall doors and after being closed, there wasn’t a gap left! 

The loud sound interrupted Chu Mu’s thoughts. He turned around and discovered that the hall doors had been tightly shut. Moreover, all of the golden windows in the great hall were being shut. 

When the golden windows finished shutting, the brightly lit great hall descended into a dark and cold prison! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

Candelights abruptly ignited on the tall candles. They faintly illuminated everything in the hall while also accentuating many of the totem figures. 

In the bewilderment, a few of the mighty models and statues looked even murkier and the entire great hall grew more ominous. 

“After my decoration, isn’t this place very similar to the underworld?” suddenly, a voice carrying a trace of a sneer resounded in the hall. 

The firelight flickered, illuminated an ugly face. This face was smiling, but the fakeness could make people shudder. 

Chu Mu looked on, staring at his tiny, sinister, eyes. 

The sudden change had made Chu Mu very shocked. However, Chu Mu’s expression hadn’t changed at all. He watched the exit close very calmly and looking at the darkness enveloping the area, he saw the man who called this place an underworld, appear. 

“Who are you?” Chu Mu looked at the man who had lured him here. 

“Me? I am the magistrate of this underworld. Today, I want you to die. The only choice for you is the death penalty.” said the ugly man. 

“You have issues.” Chu Mu curtly responded. 

“Hmph, you still don’t know that your death has come!” sneered the ugly man. 

Nie Yunbin had hesitated to sacrifice a few of the spies he had planted in Soul Palace for many years in order to gather information on Chu Fangchen. 

Nie Yunbin hated Chu Mu to the heart, because he had killed someone very important to him!

“Chu Fangchen, the last thing you should have done was offend me, Nie Yunbin!” said Nie Yunbin. 

“Oh, so you’re Nie Yunbin. Tell me, how did I offend you?” Chu Mu said without a care in the world. 

“You obviously didn’t directly offend me. Someone that directly offended me wouldn’t have been able to survive until now…” said Nie Yunbin.

Nie Yunbin wasn’t a soul teacher. The reason why he was called the Poison Desolation was because many of his soul pets were very poisonous and he was known for his poisoning through them. 

Because he had come into contact with poison too many times, his body had been negatively affected by a bit of the poison. 

The negative reaction could only be cured by “Zhu Chao”. Nie Yunbin had done many things for “Zhu Chao” to finally make “Zhu Chao” agree to cure the poison on his body. This would also increase the poison of his soul pets. 

However, despite his great efforts to pander to “Zhu Chao”, “Zhu Chao” had been captured by the three great palaces because of the man in front of him. Whether he was dead or alive was unknown. 

Nie Yunbin didn’t care about “Zhu Chao’s” life or death. However, what made him upset was that all he had done had gone to waste. Moreover, there was a high chance he would remain ugly forever! 

The ugly appearance made Nie Yunbin, who was originally considered handsome and who loved to play around with women, increasingly temperamental. Although his outstanding strength allowed him to live the same lifestyle as before, every time he saw the woman who he was on top of secretly reveal a disgusted and terrified expression, he found it increasingly hard to stifle the violence in his heart. Often, he would let it out and use poison to destroy these women so that not even their bodies remained!

The reason why he would be unable to heal was because of Chu Fangchen!! 

Nie Yunbin’s hatred was basically anger over his destroyed appearance. Therefore, Nie Yunbin definitely had to destroy this fellow’s handsome face first and then use poison to torture him to death! 

“So it was because of Zhu Chao…” Chu Mu finally understood. 

He happened to be looking for Nie Yunbin, but it turned out that Nie Yunbin was already targeting him. This would save him time. 

“Just because you defeated Zhu Chao, you think you can look down on everyone? I’m not the only person in Soul Alliance who wants to deal with you!” Nie Yunbin let out an evil grin. 

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