Chapter 925: He is the Hero Chief!

“In a place like demon realm, you know clearly what would happen if you aren’t dominator rank.”

Of course, Chu Mu knew. Given that the guardian of the demon realm was a dominator rank Forgiven Fox, if he encountered a dominator rank in the demon realm, if he couldn’t summon his own dominator rank, he would be forever trapped there. 

“Have you walked that path before?” asked Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi shook her head and said: “My ancestor left a few trails.” 

Chu Mu went silent and quietly considered things. 

Mu Qingyi saw that Chu Mu wasn’t speaking and coolly said: “The second pathway into the phoenix species’ inheritance ground has a higher chance of succeeding…” 

“Then how do I get there?” Chu Mu wasn’t planning on giving up. 

Chu Mu needed to find a higher ranking forbidden region anyways to undergo ample training. He also had to immediately finish the Dead Dream’s nirvana. Indeed, Chu Mu still needed some time to raise the Dead Dream’s phase and stage. Most importantly, after the Dead Dream finished its nirvana, it would get stronger, and this was crucial to fighting the Soul Alliance Alliance Master in the future. 

"Tell me your strength.” Mu Qingyi said. As she spoke, she felt that Chu Mu would still hide things so she added, “Don’t hide anything.” 

Chu Mu figured that if Mu Qingyi wanted to harm him, she could just summon Soul Alliance’s people here and make him die a miserable death in this palace. Moreover, there was no point in hiding his strength to a dominator rank expert. He promptly said: “A paragon emperor White Nightmare, a Forgiven Fox that’s a grade stronger than a peak emperor, an Ice Air Fairy close to the peak emperor rank, and a Devil Tree Battle Soldier also close to the peak emperor rank.” 

“Freak.” Mu Qingyi muttered. 

Mu Qingyi had guessed that Chu Mu had those first three peak emperors. She never expected him to also have a wood type peak emperor. This meant that he probably had the qualifications to fight Desolation experts. 

Having heard her muttering, Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Ignoring his half devil transformation, he had three peak emperors, while this woman was a genuine dominator rank. Who was the bigger freak? 

Of course, Chu Mu couldn’t voice his words. Otherwise, she might get unhappy, and not tell him how to head to the phoenix ground. That would be a headache. 

Chu Mu also had a wood type xuan item. Although it was being occupied by the Dead Dream in preparation for its nirvana rebirth, the Dead Dream was only absorbing its life force aura. It would not completely consume the entire xuan item. It probably wouldn’t be an issue for Chu Mu to use the xuan item to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to the peak emperor rank. The problem was that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hadn’t received enough training, and didn’t meet the requirements to advance a rank. 

During the time he traveled to Wanxiang City, Chu Mu had put much effort into extracting a bit of energy from the wood type xuan item using his soul remembrance and nourishing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Now, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength had neared the peak emperor rank, and only needed a fitting opportunity to breakthrough to become a genuine peak emperor. 

“If you find a soul pet trainer most proficient at supporting while also being a soul teacher, and if you find a thunder type high ranking soul pet trainer, we can leave,” said Mu Qingyi.

“WE can leave?” Chu Mu was stunned, and didn’t know how to react for a moment. 

“Didn’t you want your phoenix species child pet to undergo nirvana?” Mu Qingyi raised her brows and countered. 

Chu Mu had only come to ask how to undergo nirvana. He didn’t expect that Mu Qingyi also had the same idea. He expected even less for her to be more straightforward than him!

“I just didn’t expect for your Majesty to accompany me.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu. 

Mu Qingyi felt that everytime this man used honorifics with her, he was being very fake. She said: “I’m not going with you. You’re going with me. Perhaps the phoenix inheritance ground will only permit one phoenix species to undergo nirvana, or it may allow many phoenix species to undergo nirvana. Therefore, you can only come with me.” 

The reality was that Chu Mu knew nothing about the demon realm. There wasn’t anything bad about following Mu Qingyi there. With her strength, their safety would rise. 

However, Mu Qingyi also said something that gave Chu Mu a headache. If the demon realm’s phoenix inheritance ground only allowed one phoenix species to undergo nirvana, that would definitely go to Mu Qingyi’s phoenix, and he would have wasted his time. 

“There isn’t another phoenix inheritance ground?” asked Chu Mu.

“What do you think?” said Mu Qingyi. 


Chu Mu initially hadn’t thought that the phoenix nirvana wasn’t too difficult of an issue. However, he was now faced by two problems. Firstly, getting into the phoenix inheritance ground wasn’t easy. Even if he was going with a dominator rank expert, if they used the second path, they wouldn’t be able to summon dominator rank creatures. Yet, without dominator rank strength in the demon realm, it would be very difficult to defend oneself. 

Secondly, it was uncertain whether there were two phoenix nirvanas. If there was only one, he would be left without one. Regardless of anything else, the phoenix inheritance ground was known by Mu Qingyi and she would not just give these resources to him for no reason. 

After leaving the queen’s palace, Chu Mu began to ponder whether to follow her to the demon realm or not. 

It was obvious that Mu Qingyi had planned on leaving there, and she would have gone regardless of whether he asked about the emperor species nirvana. 

“Even if I cannot complete the nirvana, I will at least be able to use the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch to find a way to complete Mo Xie’s forgiveness method. This will probably allow Mo Xie’s strength to rise.” Chu Mu walked down the steps and muttered to himself. 

If he wanted to increase his power, he had to go to the demon realm. Chu Mu felt that he couldn’t continue wasting more time and ultimately decided to follow Mu Qingyi to the demon realm. 

“Young master, quickly bow. Senior Hero Chief is walking towards you.” suddenly, a servant girl’s voice rang out beside Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was in the midst of thinking and didn’t hear her. 

At this moment, a tall man wearing a noble blood red robe, with two attendants behind him, walked over. 

The servant girl had already retreated to the side and was bowing in respect. However, Chu Mu was still standing on the narrow stairs, slightly blocking this man’s path. 

The blood red robed man didn’t even lift his eyelids or make a sound. He just tilted his body and brushed past Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t care and kept walking down. However, he discovered that the two attendants behind the man were staring at him with anger. 

“In front of Senior Hero Chief, do you not know how to make way and bow?!” 

“You truly do not know how high the heavens are!’ the two arrogant attendants berated. 

Chu Mu was stunned, and immediately turned around and looked at the tall blood red robed man!

He was the Hero Chief!!

Below the Alliance Master, he was the strongest person in the entirety of the human realm!!

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