Chapter 924: Demon Realm, Phoenix Species Lost Ground

Chu Mu stood in the empty yet unbelievably luxurious palace at the center. To the left and right of Mu Qingyi were orange and red light-armored concubine girls who stood valiantly.

Chu Mu was at least a hundred meters away and a few white fur carpeted stairs apart from the queen’s throne. When Chu Mu had just entered the palace, the two concubine girls were standing beside Chu Mu and telling Chu Mu about etiquette that he would have to uphold when he saw her majesty. These were things such as where he should keep his eyes, how he should walk- they were telling him everything so he wouldn’t have bad manners.

“When her majesty speaks, you have to look down. When you speak, you can stare straight ahead, but you can’t raise your head. If you see her majesty’s robe garments, she will enforce punishments as if you committed a profane crime against her……”

“You must be careful with your words and can’t use vulgar phrasings, you can’t…..”

The two servant girls had no end to their requirements and often repeated them. Chu Mu originally thought he stood only a hundred meters away from Mu Qingyi’s throne, but after the two servant girls gave him such a large set of manners to follow, Chu Mu realized that many times, there may not be inequalities between people themselves, yet this entire hierarchy of society wanted to maintain distance between people.

“Her majesty is here.”    

At the main entrance of the hall, a servant girl announced crisply.

Chu Mu instinctively turned around but was instantly stopped by the two servant girls’ quieter but shrill warnings, telling Chu Mu to back away and to bow to down as her majesty got into her seat.

Chu Mu didn’t want to care about these things, but secretly he wondered why Mu Qingyi wanted to make it so formal to see him. Why couldn’t she just arrange a private room…...

“Speak quickly, her majesty has others she has to see, and their positions are all probably higher than yours.” Servant girl said in a light voice.

The servant girl said this and Chu Mu seemed to understand. It looked like the queen was truly busy today, and was just finding time temporarily to see him.

“Salute by half-kneeling!”

Suddenly, Chu Mu heard the servant girls’ dissatisfied voice aside him again.

Chu Mu directly ignored her, still simply half lowering his head.

Looking down like this, Chu Mu not only could see the edges of Mu Qingyi’s long robe, he could even see My Qingyi's waist and behind wrapped tightly in her robes, creating an alluring scene as she walked lightly.

Chu Mu couldn't help but be attracted by the scene. After a moment, he realized that it was wrong to do this and lowered his gaze more, using the salutation as a cover.

However, Mu Qingyi didn’t walk straight to the throne, instead stopping right in front of Chu Mu.

“You just got to Wanxiang City?” Mu Qingyi first looked over Chu Mu before saying.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded and naturally lifted his head.

Yet, the next moment Chu Mu’s eyes lost some focus.

Her hair fell down like a waterfall, unadorned by any accessories. It wasn’t tied up intricately like usual; instead it was scattered out naturally. Having just showered, Mu Qingyi seemed like a whole other person, elegant, gentle, angelic. She had none of the dominator rank aura or powerful manners, instead more gentle, composed, and sacred, leaving a slight ripple in Chu Mu’s heart!

Beside him, the two servant girls were still chiding him shrilly. If Chu Mu could be accused for profanity for seeing the edges of her robe, Chu Mu might as well be assaulting her now!

Mu Qingyi’s gaze held a hint of laughter. Seeing Chu Mu lose his focus like this, she was rather pleased.

Mu QIngyi indeed didn't mind the Universe Ice Gate, but every time she remembered that a man rejected her goodwill, she would feel uncomfortable. After all, she was the queen of Wanxiang Realm, completely unique.

Such a thing would cause anyone to feel unacceptance, let alone a person like Mu QIngyi.

When Fangchen said he wanted to see her, Mu Qingyi initially wanted to reject the request due to her “hatred at heart”. However, she thought about it and realized that instead of adding to the problem, this was a good chance for her to regain some of her face.

So, today she specially brought out her more feminine side to see if Chu Fangchen could still be utterly unmoved.

“You guys go down.” Mu Qingyi waved her hand and signaled for servant girl to back off.

Mu Qingyi didn’t really mind manners, as long as someone didn’t stare unreservedly at a certain part of her body…...

The two servant girls aside Chu Mu both were slightly stunned. They originally thought that the man who rudely looked at her majesty would cause her to anger. Instead, they saw her majesty smile gently. For some reason, even they felt that her majesty was incredibly beautiful today.

“Yes…..yes….” The servant girls quickly nodded and backed off.

“You can leave too.” Mu Qingyi glanced at her personal servants and said.

The personal servants all paused too. If they left, this great hall would only have her majesty and this man left. Wouldn't this be too…….

The servant girl finally decided to step back and guard the outside of the palace. Rumors were bound to spread between them, though.

“I heard about the soul city event. It sounds like I truly have to reevaluate how I see you with more respect. However, aren’t you only able to control one soul pet because of your soul wounds?” Mu Qingyi couldn’t just let Chu Mu stare at her, and had to say something to break the awkwardness.

“One of the white nightmares isn’t mine, elder Shen helped me in secret” Chu Mu came back to his senses and quickly explained.

Chu Mu was truly worried that Mu Qingyi would connect him to the silver devil man. If so, he would be in great trouble.

“That means that you already have two top tier emperor ranks, and neither are normal. Other than that, the ice spring should make you another top tier emperor rank. Then, you would have three.” Mu Qingyi said.

After saying this, Mu Qingyi lightly turned around and followed the snow white carpet up the stairs.

“I guess so.” Chu Mu knew he couldn’t hide this.

Chu Mu didn’t care about the servant girls’ previous warning about not being able to go up the stairs and followed Mu Qingyi to the throne.

Seeing the golden throne, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile. He seemed to have one of these thrones that represented the highest authority within humans in tianxia city’s palace. Sadly, Chu Mu hadn’t had the chance to sit on it yet.

Chu Mu didn’t care much. Seeing Mu Qingyi sit on her throne, he sat down on the seat aside.

“Do you know that you’re sitting in the hero rank spot.” Mu Qingyi lowered her eyes. She just didn’t want to stand and speak to Chu Mu, but she didn’t expect Chu Fangchen to follow her up so casually.

Mu Qingyi didn’t care about identity issues. The issue was, even if queen palace were heavily surrounded by soul alliance palaces, if any hero expert came without warning, Chu Mu’s current actions were enough to sentence him to death instantly, and three palace couldn’t even retaliate.

“I came this time to ask you about the rebirth of phoenix species.” Chu Mu didn’t care much and went directly to his main subject.

Mu Qingyi clearly didn’t expect Chu Mu to ask such a question and asked, “Why do you ask this?”

Chu Mu hesitated and didn’t know whether he should say the truth or give a random excuse.

Thinking about it carefully, Chu Mu felt that if he lied, Mu Qingyi probably wouldn't help him.

“I got a phoenix species young soul pet, but it's asleep and needs to be reborn before I can sign a contract.” Chu Mu kept the truth short.

Mu Qingyi was just about to speak more but after hearing that Chu Mu got a phoenix species soul pet, her beautiful pupils also showed some of her surprise.

Mu Qingyi naturally wanted to ask about the phoenix species soul pets source, but Chu Mu kept it vague, as if he didn’t know the origin either.

Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu and guessed that he just didn’t want to say it. If this was so, there was no point for her to ask more.

“I spent a while collecting texts related to phoenix species to try to find a way for my soul pet to be reborn, but before I get a second domiantor rank soul pet, I won’t step into the phoenix species lost grounds.” Mu Qingyi siad.

“Phoenix species lost grounds? Is it dangerous there?” Chu Mu was hearing this word for the first time.

Mu Qingyi hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Didn’t I tell you I saw a atoned sin fox thunder monarch in demon realm? The thunder monarch was protecting the phoenix species lost grounds.”

“Phoenix species have a special location to undergo their rebirth. This location is called a phoenix species lost grounds. It’s usually a powerful phoenix’s burial ground. A few years ago, to strengthen my soul pets, I specially went deep into forbidden realm’s demon realm, but the demon realm was protected by the forgiven fox thunder monarch, so I couldn’t even enter the demon realm, let alone get further into the phoenix species lost grounds.”

“.......”Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

Originally he thought the rebirth shouldn't be too hard, yet he never would have imagined it to require him to get into a demon realm protected by the forgiven fox thunder monarch, causing even Mu Qingyi to be unable to get in…...

“Is there no other way?” Chu Mu asked.

The forgiven fox thunder monarch’s strength was extremely powerful. Chu Mu himself couldn’t possibly deal with it. He couldn't do it with Mu Qingyi either, because he couldn’t go half devil in front of her.

“Yes, but I don’t want to take that path.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Why?” Chu Mu immediately asked. If Dead Dream were reborn successfully, Chu Mu would have a wing type dominator rank. This was incredibly important for Chu Mu.

“There are many sleeping powerful organisms there that are also the protectors of demon realm. Any organism that posed a threat that entered will get instantly ganged up on.” Mu Qingyi paused and continued, “Anything threatening means dominator rank. This means that if I take that path, I can’t summon crown phoenix king.

“In a place like demon realm, you know clearly what would happen if you aren’t dominator rank.”

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