Chapter 923: These two people are definitely not pure

“The second person is Nie Yunbing. Able to be part of eight desolations, his strength doesn’t need more explanation.” Teng Lang said.

Chu Mu nodded. Having a cyan hidden dragon, Chu Mu indeed wanted the chance to fight with this poison desolation.

“Third person is Dance Desolation Fang Wu. She is loyal to Heavenly Concubine, and second to soul alliance. If war broke out, even if Heavenly Concubine remained neutral, Fang Wu would probably stand on the side of soul alliance, so this woman we have to be wary of.” Teng Lang saw Fang Wu and somewhat understood her strength.

Only thing of worry was that Fang Wu was heavenly concubine’s disciple, so her rise in strength was hard to predict.

“Fourth person is hero leader Yuan Sui’s disciple Tao Xia. This fellow is either second or fourth because people aren’t sure. This person is very low profile, and not many people have seen him fight.”

“FIfth person is Sea Absolute Yin Zuomin and is known for water type soul pet.”

“The people after are mostly scar level people or hidden people. The people who truly were worthy of mentioning were the five people. Comparing the average strength of the top five people, soul alliance is much stronger than us.”

Three palaces covered a large amount of soul pet trainers over the entire human realm, so it had many outstanding people.

Yet, soul allaince’s advantage was that their top level experts were stronger than three palace’s, including the younger generation. Their top four people were all desolation level, stronger than some three palace senior elders.

Chu Mu remembered these people. If he had a chance to meet them, he would definitely get rid of a few of them.

“After about a year, wanxiang city will have a hidden space that opens. Though I don’t know why this space matters, I know that the struggle will be based on us. Whether we can win will determine whether the three palace can continue to reinforce or expand their position in wanxiang city.” Teng Lang said.

“What space?” Chu Mu asked.

Teng Lang shook his head and signalled that he had no clue.  

“The sealed tower?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Teng Lang still shook his head, “I’m not sure, but it’s a very important space.”

“Speaking of which, do you know where the sealed tower is?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu still remembered that his father’s three main soul pets were sealed in the sealed tower. Even now, Chu Mu could remember the shocking scene of the high tower with chains criss-crossing over it.

“Not many people know of the location of the sealed tower.” Teng Lang also had only heard of it and never seen it before.

The sealed tower is definitely an individual space, but the problem was that Chu Mu couldn't find the space it was in.

Unable to get information on the sealed towre, Chu Mu could only give up and say to Teng Lang, “I have some things to do. About the struggle between the younger generation, if I’m in wanxiang city, I’ll participate. If not, I can only rely on you.”

“You’re going to train again?” Teng Lang said questioningly.

Chu Mu nodded. Without half devil, Chu Mu’s strength was still weak. After all, the enemy he was facing was the entire soul alliance. The mission at hand was to make Dead Dream his own soul pet.

“Ok, you truly are hard working.” Teng Lang was helpless. It seems like other people's strengths didn’t come from nothing; any strength level relied on hard training.

“Then what do you plan on doing?” Teng Lang asked.

“I got a phoenix egg, and it needs to be reborn before I can sign a contract with it. Following that, I have to find the way phoenix’s get reborn.” Chu Mu didn’t say it was Dead Dream, or else it wasn’t any different from saying he was the half devil.

“Phoenix species? Brother Chu, are you kidding me?” Teng Lang said with a face of shock.

The entire human realm’s sole phoenix species organism was Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix king. Teng Lang wasn’t sure if he heard wrong, because the only phoenix people ever knew was the crown phoenix king!

Phoenixes had a species rank of super emperor rank. Once they were tenth phase, they would be invincible emperor rank and has a good chance of reaching dominator rank!

If Chu Mu had a phoenix species egg, it meant that Chu Mu already had a super emperor that might even be at dominator rank!

Teng Lang stared wide-eyed at Chu Mu. The highest species rank soul pet in the world was obtained by the person in front of him, yet this person said it so nonchalantly as if it were a normal soul pet egg!

Brother Chu…… can I see it?” Teng Lang said with some anticipation and suspicion.

“Not now, it’s sleeping and can’t be disturbed.” Chu Mu said.

“Alright, time to find a river and drown myself in it. Compared to you, I feel like I wasted my entire life!” Teng Lang’s self confidence seemed to be severely damaged, as he said with a strange expression.

“It was by luck that I got it…..”

“Why don’t I have such luck!! Why are the heavens so unjust!” Teng Lang started howling.

CHu Mu laughed helplessly, this fellow was truly good at exaggerating things.

In reality, Teng Lang wasn’t really exaggerating things. High species ranks oul petes were already rare to find. Getting a young soul pet was even harder. Even the senior elders never got any, yet Chu Mu got one. If the elders found out, they would probably all have similar thoughts as Teng Lang, and the rivers nearby would be full of new bodies.

Only after a while did Teng Lang finally calm down and casually ask, “Speaking of which, is your phoenix a couple with heavenly concubine’s crown phoenix…. Uhh, actually I didn’t say anything.”

Teng Lang originally wanted to tease Chu Mu but suddenly realized that Ye QIngzi was still aside so he quickly shut up.

“No, their types are different. About the rebirth of phoenix species, I may have to consult her. Is she in Wanxiang City?” Chu Mu asked without skipping a beat.

“Wanxiang Altar is the queen’s palace. She should be there. However, the war goddess definitely won't see you in wanxiang altar palace. Even if she were neutral, she would have to avoid seeing us three palace people in her territory.” Teng Lang said.

“Then can you transfer a message to her for me?” Chu Mu didn’t know how else to contact Mu Qingyi, who lived at the top of Wanxiang Altar.

“This is simple. It mainly depends on whether she wants to see you. I’ll send someone to give her the message.” Teng Lang said.

Teng Lang didn’t waste any time. He knew Chu Mu was a maniac with training, so right after leaving Chu Mu’s palace he immediately sent someone to give the message to the wanxiang altar queen palace.

With a messaging courier soul pet, such a message would get there swiftly.

However, what Teng Lang didn’t expect was a reply that was just as swift.

“This quick, did heavenly concubine refuse?” Teng Lang asked the messenger soul pet trainer in confusion.

Originally, Teng Lang thought Chu Mu was close to war goddess, so seeing her wouldn’t be difficult. However, he didn’t expect the rejection to come so quickly.

“Young master, after heavenly concubine got the news, she sent someone to wait for Mister Chu at the bottom of wanxiang altar. As long as Mister Chu goes there, he can directly see her.” The messenger soul pet trainer said.

“......” Teng Lang was instantly speechless!

The female war goddess doesn’t even see senior elders often! And even if she did, she would delay it for countless days. Why did this queen level figure of wanxiang realm immediately want to see Chu Fangcheng the moment he asked? This was too hard to understand!!

“There has to be something between them!!” Teng Lang was just suspicious before, but now he was sure - their relationship was definitely not pure!


Chu Mu thought he would have to wait a few days to see Mu QIngyi. At least other people so high up, even if they had free time, would often keep people hanging for a few days.

However, Teng Lang’s answer caused Chu Mu to be surprised. He wasn’t sure whether this woman truly didn’t act that way, or simply was interested in him.

“I’ll head to wanxiang altar, do you want to come?” Chu Mu asked Ye Qingzi.

Mu QIngyi’s immediate summoning even against soul alliance’s potential conflicts caused it hard for Ye QIngzi to not be suspicious of the two.

To prove his own faithfulness, Chu Mu of course had to ask if Ye QIngzi wanted to go with him.

“She’s summoning you, so even if I really want to see this war goddess…..” Ye Qingzi said courteously.

Mu QIngyi was powerful and definitely the strongest female soul pet trainer. Ye Qingzi heard of her in the past and though she wasn’t blindly following, she had some respect for this expert.

Chu Mu didn’t say much more, switched an outfit and left to go to wanxiang altar alone.


Wanxiang altar queen palace

The queen palace was the most luxurious palace of wanxiang altar, because this belonged to the one and only queen - Mu QIngyi.

Whether it was her dominator rank strength or her status as wanxiang king’s descendant, she had the right to have such a palace.

The queen palace had a sacred and elegant water fountain within it. Aromatic petals fell from servant women’s slender fingers into the spring, sending ripples upwards.

Within the water, a beautiful woman laid against the poolside, her wet hair falling onto her white and smooth shoulders, still stuck with some fragrant droplets.

Her seductive body was hidden underwater, as if she were a beautiful mermaid napping on the water side, charming yet noble and elegant…...

“Your majesty, Chu Fangchen is waiting outside.” A servant girl walked in and said in a light voice.

“En.” This beautiful queen nodded but didn’t hurry to get out of the warm spring, still laying against the side, half closing her beautiful eyes and lost in deep thought.

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