Chapter 922: Young Generation Fight

On the morning of the second day, Teng Lang was waiting outside Chu Mu’s courtyard. 

“Is this real??” Teng Lang looked at Ye Qingzi who was gracefully walking out of Chu Mu’s room, and his expression froze. 

Teng Lang learned only yesterday that Chu Mu had arrived at Wanxiang City’s main Soul Palace. However, he hadn’t known about Ye Qingzi. 

He had come early this morning to tell Chu Mu a few things. However, he ended up meeting Ye Qingzi who was coming from Chu Mu’s bedroom! 

If a man and a woman were sharing a room alone, what would happen? With Teng Lang’s way of thinking, he obviously knew. 

“Didn’t Ye Qingzi like Chu Mu, who transformed into a devil?” Teng Lang looked at Ye Qingzi with confusion. 

“Could it be…” Teng Lang looked rather astonished and after a while, he came up with a conclusion: “Could it be that Chu Fengcheng’s charisma is so high that even Ye Qingzi was conquered by him?” 

“Young Master Ten.” Teng Lang’s imagination was running wild, while Ye Qingzi was staring at him.

“Oh… Young Lady Ye, it’s been a while.” Teng Lang hastily stopped his wild imaginations and wore a casual smile. 

“You have come to find my husband?” asked Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi didn’t think too much of it and casually spoke. As for brazenly calling Chu Mu her husband, there really wasn’t a need for this. 

Chu Mu was a huge figure right now and even princess level people from the three great palaces had to come and introduce themselves. Didn’t the devastatingly beautiful Princess Pang Yue appear yesterday? Ye Qingzi naturally had to be afraid that the three great palaces would arrange a marriage for Chu Mu, so she told others that her relationship with Chu Mu had reached this level! 

“Your… your husband?” Teng Lang’s jaw dropped. Young Brother Chu, oh Young Brother Chu, your actions were so quick! You even married Ye Qingzi who happened to be the current Tianxia King’s woman. It’s fine that you managed to get her, but you even married her! 

Ye Qingzi looked confused at Teng Lang. She thought silently: “Could Soul Palace really have arranged a marriage for Chu Mu? Otherwise, why would Teng Lang react so intensely?!” 

Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu wouldn’t play around with the grass and flowers, but she was afraid that the grass and flowers would come up and play with him…

“He’s already up. You can go in.” Ye Qingzi knew that there was no use in worrying, so she led Teng Lang to the reception hall next to the bedroom. 

In the reception hall were a few servant girls holding tea. They were a bit surprised to see Teng Lang, and after respectfully pouring tea for the third young master, they withdrew. Then, they discussed amongst one another who the young man they were serving was. Why was it that, in the span of a day, so many huge figures had come to introduce themselves. Even Soul Palace’s great third young master had personally come. 

“Young Brother Chu, you really are too low key. You were so low key last night that you even offended many people. Before last night, many people didn’t know of you, but after last night, many more people now know of you.” Teng Lang saw Chu Mu walked into the reception hall and he couldn’t help but smile and speak frankly. 

“I also didn’t know that Senior Elder Teng had summoned all of the higher ups. Eh, whatever. I came to Wanxiang City to primarily cultivate. I’ll be ignoring the matters of the palaces and Soul Alliance for now.” Chu Mu bitterly smiled as he sat down. 

Chu Mu’s primary goal was to make the Dead Dream his soul pet. There wouldn’t be a winner determined between the three great palaces and Soul Alliance for now. Chu Mu could at most deal with the Sixteen Absolutes and Eight Desolations. However, if one of the Four Heroes took action, he would be helpless. 

“Haha, that old man didn’t care. They only wanted to see who you were, but it’s impossible to have old fellows come and introduce themselves to you. As for the younger group, many of the younger women who admired you were disappointed, while the arrogant young men were unhappy…” Teng Lang was very casual. 

“Mhm. What’s the situation in Snow City?” asked Chu Mu.

Teng Lang was normally in Snow City, and hadn’t been in Wanxiang City for long. If he had come to Wanxiang City, there was definitely something up. 

“The foundations are steady there and Soul City is also in our hands. These two crucial cities have allowed us to slightly change our position, and has given our people in Wanxiang City the qualifications to talk with Soul Alliance’s Four Heroes.” said Teng Lang. 

Snow City was a tenth rank kingdom city, and the area the kingdom covered was extremely vast. Being able to completely control it was exceptionally important to the three great palaces. 

Soul City was also a tenth rank kingdom city. Because it was the birthplace of Soul Church, this city allowed the three great palaces to attract many soul teachers and consolidate a powerful position in humanity’s territories, especially for middle or lower ranked members.  This was continuous force with much potential and a long term fight. Indeed, all spirit emperors were once middle or lower ranked members. 

“So the current situation is at a deadlock?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. The Four Heroes won’t easily take action until the very end. We haven’t been completely defeated in the fight over Wanxiang Realm’s territory. Right now, they are relying on the strength of their higher echelons, which is stronger than ours. However, they don’t have the popular opinion. If they were to forcibly overthrow our three great palaces, the entire Wanxiang Realm would descend into chaos, and it’s very likely that the kingdoms would take this opportunity to form their own small countries. If this happens, Soul Alliance won’t be able to take the losses, since they simply don’t have the ability swallow all of Wanxiang Realm.” said Teng Lang. 

“A deadlock is good.” Chu Mu nodded. 

If both sides were at a deadlock, Chu Mu had even more time to raise his own strength. Indeed, Chu Mu had no bottleneck right now, and had huge room for growth. 

“Haha, it was actually good that you didn’t appear at the evening banquet. Soul Alliance knows that if they completely annihilate us, they won’t be able to control Wanxiang Realm. Therefore, their true goal is likely to nibble away at us, and make the three great palaces their subordinates. Perhaps some of the higher ups in the three great palaces have been brainwashed by them already.” when Teng Lang spoke, he specially lowered his voice. 

“Is this real? There are spies already?” Chu Mu creased his brows. The three great palace’s upper echelons were formed by a devoted core, and they would not betray the palaces. However, if one or two of them were lured over, they would definitely be able to leak a huge amount of secrets. 

“We’re still not sure. However, my father already senses something fishy. The incident of Soul Pet Palce’s Princess Pang Yue being poisoned is very likely to have been caused by someone leaking her information. You have already been entered onto Soul Alliance’s blacklist. If they have the opportunity, probably even the Fourth Hero Mo Ling will personally take action. Therefore, you must be careful in Wanxiang City and cannot reveal your tracks…” Teng Lang spoke very seriously. 

“Why do even the Four Heores want to deal with you?” to the side, Ye Qingzi creased her brows and spoke, confused. 

Chu Mu was currently using his Chu Fangchen identity. Why did the Four Heroes, who were more detached from everyday matters, want to deal with him? 

Moreover, this was only Chu Fangchen which could cause the Four Heroes to come. If Soul Alliance were to learn that Chu Fangchen was Chu Mu, wouldn’t that make the entirety of Soul Alliance come out to go after him? 

“Mo Ling is petty and narrow minded. He cannot stand the fact that Young Brother Chu is an existence that will threaten him in the future. Now only this, the Eight Desolations and Sixteen Absolutes all know of Young Brother Chu. They will all take action against you. You are the same as the Crown Prince right now. If you are allowed to develop, you will become a huge threat to Soul Alliance.” said Teng Lang. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He thought he had been low key, yet he was actually being watched by so many Soul Alliance members. It seemed that not attending the evening banquet last night was a wise choice. At the least, the people who recognized him were still limited. 

“Great Senior Elder has estimated that under the deadlock, the older generation will continue stabilizing the situation. Soul Alliance’s higher ups won’t dare show their heads since one small mistake could result in mutual destruction. The next battle will probably be our generation. Both sides will quietly pull out the reserve strength from the higher ups. The moment our generation collapses, we definitely will no longer have the qualifications to continue fighting them. The female soul pet trainer representative of our three great palaces was Pang Yue- being poisoned is a signal.” Teng Lang explained the present situation to Chu Mu.

“Isn’t Nie Yunbin one of the Eight Desolations? How can him poisoning Pang Yue be considered part of our generation’s fight?” asked Chu Mu, confused. 

“Nie Yunbin is the representative of Soul Alliance’s younger generation. Although that fellow looks ugly and old, he’s actually very young. He is definitely at the top of our three great palace’s blacklist. If we let him develop, he will also pose a huge threat to our three great palaces!” said Teng Lang. 

Chu Mu never expected Poison Desolation Nie Yunbin to be such a person. 

Being able to reach the high class emperor rank under 40 was already very shocking. If Nie Yunbin was considered part of the younger generation, he was under 40. 

Most spirit emperors had a lifespan of 100 years. Therefore, spirit emperors under 40 were considered part of the younger generation. Under 30 was considered a youth. 

After reaching the spirit emperor rank, one’s lifespan would increase and the aging process would decrease. Thus, 40 was considered young among spirit emperors. What Teng Lang said as the younger generation was therefore referring to soul pet trainers under 40 years old. 

Moreover, from others, Chu Mu knew that the declining Tianxia Realm’s younger generation was much weaker than the growing Wanxiang Realm. Becoming a spirit emperor under 30 was ostensibly impossible in Tianxia Realm. 

“Then tell me about the strong people on both sides,” said Chu Mu.

If the younger generation fight erupted, this was very beneficial for Chu Mu. At least he would be able to trample on Soul Alliance in public. 

“I’ll talk about our side first. The core person is the Crown Prince Chao Lengchuan. He is currently accepting the Eternal Supreme’s inheritance, and will return to Wanxiang City after a bit of time. If you have the chance, you should get to know him. 

“The second ranked person is you, but the only people that know of your strength are those of the senior elder rank. Only a few people in the younger generation know. This is why there are so many people unhappy with you. But what does that matter? Just wait until the day your tiger body bristles and those fellows will naturally submit. Our younger generation has a competition between ourselves, but our goal is definitely the same…” 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Teng Lang made such a strange metaphor… a tiger body bristling… 

“The third ranked person is Shen Mo, that flirtatious NIghtmare Palace Crown Prince. In the past, he was ranked second, but he’s now voluntarily given up his position. You should understand his strength.” 

Chu Mu shook his head. He had never seen Shen Mo truly take action. 

“In truth, I don’t really know much about his strength either. This fellow’s greatest ability is to hide his strength. But if this fellow isn’t hiding a peak emperor, I’ll change my surname to ‘Shen’” said Teng Lang. 

“The fourth ranked person is Li Yun. Like his father, he’s very elusive and I’m not sure of his strength for now. However, he’s definitely strong. He may or may not be weaker than Shen Mo.”

“The fifth ranked person is Pang Yue. This woman looks cute and delicate. However, she’s actually a fierce woman. Don’t be deceived by her appearance.” 

“The sixth ranked person is your big brother, me. Soul Palace’s Third Young Master most, welcomed by young ladies!” as he spoke, Teng Lang looked all flashy, causing the servant girls beside him to cover their mouths and laugh. 

Teng Lang fiercely glared at the servant girls and said: “You aren’t allowed to laugh, otherwise I’ll send you to warm the bed for the seventh young master.” 

The servant girls’ faces all lost color, and they hastily stifled their laughter. 

These servant girls had all been specially trained and were specialized in serving people of the young master and young lady level. Thus, they absolutely would not leak anything their master said.  

If they followed the wrong person, their lives would be very miserable. 

“Haha, in the past I was actually ranked a lot lower, and didn’t even have the face to show myself in Wanxiang City. Nonetheless, it was thanks to Younger Brother Chu going to the Universe Ice Gates that my Ice Mountain Lion is very powerful now.” Teng Lang raised his eyebrows. 

 “Oh? You succeeded in strengthening it?” Chu Mu grew interested. 

“Yes. After you left, I bitterly trained my Ice Mountain Lion and now, times are completely different. Otherwise, why would I dare come to Wanxiang City? Of course, there are only a few people that know this. I want to be low key and then shock people with one feat!” Teng Lang began to loudly laugh. 

“...” Chu Mu finally understood why Soul Palace called the third young master as “the most unrestrained young master”. He indeed was unrestrained.

However, Chu Mu never actually expected Teng Lang to successfully strengthen the Ice Mountain Lion. It seemed that a fortuitous encounter and taking advantage of this fortuitous encounter could allow a person’s strength to greatly rise! 

“After that is Qin Yutong, Xiao Hai, Xiao Yufeng, Wang Baisha, and others… there may be a few of them hiding their power or perhaps have maintained a low key nature after having a fortuitous encounter and greatly rising in strength. We’ll have to see in the future when we fight Soul Alliance. I’m sure that each one of us will be able to pull a huge amount of resources. Whether we’ll be able to emerge victorious in the final fight will depend on whether we’ve been able to slowly chip away at Soul Alliance’s younger generation’s power.” said Teng Lang. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. It seemed that in the next few years, the younger generation would shoulder a heavy burden. 

“As for Soul Alliance, the core person is someone whose name we don’t even know of. That person may be the Alliance Master’s disciple and is known as “Son of Heaven” by Soul Alliance.” Teng Lang began to introduce the people of extreme threat on Soul Alliance’s side.  

“Son of Heaven?”  Chu Mu never expected someone so mysterious to exist on Soul Alliance’s side. 

“Yes. Regardless, he’s very powerful. Chao Lengchuan personally admitted he wasn’t his opponent.” 

Chu Mu didn’t know much about Soul Alliance’s Crown Prince’s strength. However, since he had revealed that he could defeat Zhu Yi but was still ranked second, this meant that Soul Alliance’s Crown Prince’s true strength was probably at the very pinnacle of the emperor rank. 

Chu Mu believed that the Crown Prince was a heaven-defying person in the younger generation, but he never expected that there was someone in Soul Alliance who stood at even higher heights than him. 

This gave Chu Mu quite a large amount of shock. It seemed that Wanxiang City wasn’t as simple as he thought!

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TL: Chinese metaphor for womanizing/playing around

TL: This is really confusing because youth and younger generation mean the same thing in english, but the author used different chinese words to connote two different things… 

TL: The Chinese for “flirtatious” can mean either “flirtatious” or “literary excellence”... no clue which one the author is referring to… Chinese is strange 

TL: Play on words. The “Lang” in “Teng Lang” means unrestrained.