Chapter 921: Strengthening the Ice Air Fairy

The dinner banquet was not public. Most of the people invited by Soul Palace were the elders, senior elders, holy guard captains, and other high ranking members of the three great palaces. 

Although Soul Alliance knew of Chu Fangchen, this thorny existence, in order to prevent Chu Fangcheng’s whereabouts being sold out by internal traitors and subsequently being ambushed, Soul Palace didn’t publicly let everyone know about Chu Fangchen. 

The grandeur of this dinner banquet did not lie in the luxuriousness of the banquet itself or how lively it was. Instead, it was predicated on the level of people here. 

Aside from those that had other pressing matters or were away, the big shots of the three great palaces were pretty much all here.

Of course, as the main party concerned, Chu Mu knew that the higher ups of the three great palaces were going to have a secret meeting to discuss how to deal with Soul Alliance. Chu Mu’s arrival happened to allow the meeting to shift forward. 

“Your Majesty Diagram Supreme, why haven’t we seen Chu Fangchen yet?” Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Emperor Jiang sat on the highest seat and asked with a face of confusion. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang was tall, and the majesty of sitting on the highest seat made him look like a wild beast with powerful strength and a berserk nature that could explode at any point! 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang was naturally the most authoritative person in the entirety of Nightmare Palace while also being the strongest person. The appearance of this huge figure caused many people shock, and made them wonder why Chu Fangchen was seen as so important. 

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin sat on the host’s seat. Nightmare Emperor Jiang sat to his right, while on his left was Soul Pet Palace’s Madam Xiao. 

The Diagram Supreme was an older middle aged man. His figure was robust and sturdy and he gave off an icy cold, aged feeling. His expression was solemn and cold, resembling an unchanging mask. No matter what happened, his expression wouldn’t change. 

Right now, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s eyes were resting Senior Elder Teng, who was in charge of receiving Chu Mu. He didn’t say anything. 

Senior Elder Teng knew that there were many times when Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s eyes conveyed what he wanted to say. Senior Elder Teng surveyed the surroundings, but still didn’t see the main character of today’s banquet, Chu Fangchen. Thus, he said to Teng Lang: “Go and hurry him.” 

A moment later, Teng Lang ran back with an embarrassed look. He whispered something in Senior Elder Teng’s ears.

Senior Elder Teng’s expression was embarrassed as well and he said to Diagram Supreme Ke Yin: “That brat unfortunately chose this moment to strengthen his soul pet.” 

“Oh, his soul pet has increased another rank?” the elders from Snow City had an expression of astonishment. 

They had witnessed Chu Fangchen’s strength. If his soul pet was to advance another rank, didn’t that mean his strength was going to rise another level?! 

“It should be one of his secondary pets. Whatever. Since he’s cultivating, don’t bother him. Let’s talk about serious matters first.” said Senior Elder Teng. 

“This Chu Fangchen is quite arrogant.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang laughed. From his tone, it was impossible to tell if he was unhappy with Chu Mu or was tolerant. 

“Youngsters with abilities always have strange characters. Just leave him.” Nightmare Palace’s Great Senior Elder Shen laughed. He didn’t care at all about Chu Mu’s arrogance of not appearing at this banquet prepared for him. 

Although the older people here creased their brows at Chu Mu not appearing, they couldn’t say that they were dissatisfied. After all, the occasion this time was to get everyone to know of this outstanding young man. 

However, the younger generation didn’t think like this. 

The entire higher echelons of the three great palaces had appeared for him. The lineup of people who appeared was enough to make many outstanding youngsters feel dissatisfied and envious. Yet, Chu Fangchen didn’t even show his face. This was too ungrateful! 

Most importantly, they had never heard of Chu Fangchen before. This fellow had jumped out from the rocks and immediately received this kind of treatment. All of them were thus unaccepting of this. 

“Why hasn’t Her Majesty Supreme appeared in these past few years?” asked Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

“Her Majesty Supreme is cultivating.” Soul Palace’s Great Senior Elder, Chao Sheng, spoke. 

Soul Palace’s Great Senior Elder, Chao Sheng, was the father of the crown prince, Chao Lengchuan. Ignoring Soul Palaces’ Supremes, Great Senior Elder Chao Sheng was Soul Palace’s strongest person. It was rumored he was even stronger than Nightmare Palace’s Great Senior Elder Shen Qiu.

“Oh? Has she improved?” Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s expression slightly changed, and he immediately asked a question. 

Supreme beings were a part of both Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace. Nightmare Emperor Jiang naturally cared a lot about Supreme experts, since they represented the strongest positions of both palaces! 

“If she doesn’t emerge for a year, there will be a success.” at this moment, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin who wasn’t saying anything finally spoke. 

“I hope she’ll be able to succeed. She has been delayed for many years already.” Nightmare Emperor Jiang spoke. 

Many people didn’t know what Nightmare Emperor Jiang and Soul Palace’s Great Senior Elder were talking about. Indeed, only senior elder level people had the qualifications to know about the matters of Supreme experts. 


Chu Mu hadn’t intentionally put on airs and skipped the banquet. Instead, after Ning Maner’s spirit aura nourishment, the Ice Air Fairy had touched the entrance of the peak emperor rank. Chu Mu was used to striking while the iron was hot, so he entered closed-door cultivation tonight. He began to use the icy spring he obtained from the ice palace to strengthen the Ice Air Fairy. 

Moreover, Chu Mu really didn’t know that Soul Palace had intentionally arranged for him to show his face when all of the three great palace’s higher-ups were present. He had only believed it was a simple banquet. Thus, after debating, he thought that cultivating was more important. 

The strengthening process was not particularly smooth. This was probably because Ning had barely obtained any fighting training in this period of time. Thus, while Chu Mu was strengthening it, he felt that there was a barrier he was unable to cross. 

The entire strengthening process had exhausted Chu Mu’s estimated soul power. Whether he would succeed or not, Chu Mu couldn’t be sure. Indeed, Ning entered into a deep sleep, and whether it would be able to become a peak emperor rank Ice Air Fairy had to wait until it awoke. 

After the exhausting strengthening, Chu Mu naturally had no more inclinations of going to the banquet meeting. Thus, he lay on his bed and fell into a deep sleep. 

During this period of time, a few people who had never met Chu Mu before came to introduce themselves. However, they were rejected by Ye Qingzi saying that Chu Mu was resting. 

“What background does this Chu Fangchen have?! Why is he even more arrogant than Li Hong?!” Xiao Hai spoke with an unhappy expression. 

“Our Princess Pang Yue personally came while sick to introduce herself. Isn’t this fellow only strengthening a secondary pet? Why is he saying that he’s exhausted and is resting?!” Qin Yutong spoke. 

As he spoke, Qin Yutong looked at the cute Princess Pang Yue, who could make others feel pity for. He wanted to be outraged on her behalf! 

“Whatever. Since he’s resting, let’s not disturb him. Let’s go somewhere else.” Pang Yue was good at understanding others so she didn’t complain. 

The higher up meeting didn’t permit the younger generation from listening in. They knew that strengthening a soul pet didn’t take too long, so they had come to meet the arrogant Chu Fangchen. Yet, they were turned away at the door, making them feel very unhappy. 

“Hmph, isn’t it just a middle class emperor being strengthened to a higher class emperor? If there’s a chance, I really want to fight against this fellow.” Xiao Hai harrumphed and angrily left Chu Mu’s residence. 

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