Chapter 920: Fair Competition

Soul Pet Palace

A woman laid silently in her bedchamber, her eyelashes quivering lightly, as if she just woke up after a long sleep.

His eyes were blinking brightly, charming and dazzling, curiously looking around.

“What happened to me?” The girl said lightly.

“Pang Yue, you’re finally awake!” A few joyous sounds came from beside her.

Pang Yue slowly woke up. Her memory started when she escaped from Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing and then fainting in front of soul pet palace.

“Little Yue, you were poisoned by Nie Yunbing. Elder Pang specially went into north forbidden region in the thousand insect desolation ground to find medicine for you.” Lady Xiao came beside Pang Yue and lightly fixed Pang Yue’s hair.

“Father…… where is my father?” Pang Yue looked around and didn’t see elder pang.

Pang Yue naturally knew north forbidden region thousand insect desolation ground’s danger. Hearing that her father came to such a dangerous place to save her, her eyes turned slightly red.

“Elder Pang is currently trying to deal with Nie Yunbing. Don’t worry, Elder pang will quickly take revenge for you.” The man aside the bed said.

“En, but Nie Yunbing is really hard to deal with, let my father be careful.” Pang Yue said worriedly.

“Your poison just finished healing, rest for a while longer.” Lady Xiao helped Pang Yue to lay down again and glanced at all the people who cared for Pang Yue, signaling for them to leave first.

The people who came to check on her, other than Lady Xiao, were mostly young men. These men were all polite yet eager, telling Pang Yue a bunch of blessings and worried words before leaving.

“Heng, we can’t forgive Nie Yunbing easily!” The man that just spoke said in righteous anger.

“Great young master Qin, you can’t even fight a subordinate of Nie Yunbing, how do you expect to let Nie Yunbing go?” At this moment, another man ridiculed.

The man who was called Young Master Qin gave this fellow a glare.

Young master Qin knew well that Jiang Feng didn’t want him to get close to Pang Yue, just in case Pang Yue was stolen by him.

However, now who wouldn’t know that Elder Pang already wanted to marry Pang Yue to Qin Yutong. If not for Pang Yue getting ambushed, they may already be engaged.

Qin Yutong looked over the others as well. Undoubtedly, these people were all here for Pang Yue, and none of them were easy to deal with.

The one that just mocked him was Nightmare Palace Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s eldest son Jiang Feng, who was inferior to only Shen Mo.

Soul pet palace and Nightmare Palace never really interacted much. In the past, though there were joint marriages, they were pretty rare. Yet now, with the alliance between the three palaces, the palaces’ marriages became increasingly frequent. Nightmare Emperor Jiang had a great influence in three palaces, and his eldest son Jiang Feng was powerful as well, poised to surpass his father too. If Qing Yutong wanted to have Pang Yue, he had to defeat this powerful competitor.

Aside Jiang Feng was soul palace’s fifth young master Xiao Yufeng. This fellow was already on the blacklist of soul alliance.

The reason was simple. Xiao Yufeng, who was an expert in demon type soul pets, killed two scar type experts by himself without leaving any evidence. In wanxiang city, the three palaces usually fought in the dark, but there weren’t many lives lost usually. Even when lives were lost, they had to go by the evidence. The fight young master killed two scar level experts, yet left no evidence, which meant soul alliance couldn’t take revenge. This was to the satisfaction of everyone.

Because of this, Xiao Yufeng solidified his position within three palace and was one of the top people of his generation.

With such identity, status, and power, both of them had the qualifications to steal women from Qing Yutong.

As for the other two, one was the previous Tianxia Realm King Xiao’s son, Xiao Hai. Lady Xiao was the remarried King Xiao’s wife, so Xiao Hai called her his step mom. Though King Xiao was nowhere to be found now, Lady Xiao herself was a powerful soul pet trainer, and thus Xiao Hai learned a lot from his stepmother, gaining a lot of fame within wanxiang realm and tianxia realm.

The other was called the youngest elder soul pet palace expert Wang Bosha.

Of course, because soul palace had this person come out of nowhere, Wang Bosha’s youngest elder position was slightly moved.

“It was still hard to tell who will win. Qin Yutong, you may not be the one to laugh in the end.” Xiao Hai was rather straightforward, directly making clear his intentions.

“Aiai, saying who will win is too much, it should be seeing “where the flower lands”. Let’s not hurt our feelings and relationships.” Wang Bosha said with a gentle smile.

“All of you, stop thinking. Don’t you know that our greatest competitor has already appeared?” At this time, the fifth young master Xiao Yufeng smiled.

“Largest competitor?” Who do you mean?” Qing Yutong’s face fell and he asked sternly.

The others didn’t look that great either. The five of them were enough competition already, another one would be deadly.

“You truly are all clueless. The person who recently has all the fame is already in Wanxiang City.” Xiao Yufeng rubbed his chin.

“You mean the young prince? No, anyone knows that person isn’t interested in women.” Xia Hai said shockingly.

Xiao Yufeng immediately coughed to mask his embarrassment.

The other three also glared at Xiao Hai and one said, “Xiao Hai, are you tired of living, saying such things? If that fell into the prince’s ears, you won’t have much chance here anymore.”

Xiao Hai hadn’t been in wanxiang realm for long, so he didn’t know much about that unique prince. He only heard that he didn’t seem to have much interest for women.

“Young price is just busy with getting stronger and doesn’t talk to women much. Maybe his target are the two goddesses/concubines, so how could we possibly compare to him.” Fifth young master Xiao Yufeng said.

After the three palaces came in alliance, if they didn’t add anything before “young prince”, it wasn’t talking about nightmare palace prince Shen Mo or soul pet palace prince Li Yun, but it was soul palace prince Chao Lengchuan!

Prince Chao Lengchuan wasn’t involved in most affairs, but if he were, any “son of nightmare emperor”, fifth young master, or “descendant of a king” would have to stand aside.

“Then who do you mean? Can it be Shen Mo who likes to mess things up in the dark?” Qin Yutong asked questioningly.

“....”Xiao Yufeng originally thought that his hint was enough for everyone to realize, yet they were still all clueless.

“Can it be that news of the person was only popular within soul palace and soul alliance, while no one else knows about him?” Xiao Yufeng guessed.

“Its Chu Fangchen.” Xiao Yufeng felt like it wasn’t necessary to hype the man up more and just said the name.

“Chu Fangchen?” The four all looked at each other, not being able to remember who Chu Fangchen was.

“Whatever, act as if I didn't mention it.” Xiao Yufeng looked at their expressions and realized that none of them knew him!

It seemed like soul palace was good at keeping secrets, not letting such a great event spread out. Xiao Yufeng thought everyone in the world knew Chu Fangchen.

“Hey, is Chu Fangchen powerful?” Xiao Hia was the first to ask.

They were already the strongest of their generation and either knew each other or has heard of each other. However, Chu Fangchen was a name they truly never heard of, yet this person was already at Wanxiang City. Why did Xiao Yufeng make it sound as if his arrival would shock the entire city.

“I think I’ve heard of him, I think he did well in snow city, and is pretty powerful.” Jiang Feng felt like he had a faint impression but doesn’t remember where he heard it from.

“Who cares who he is, if he wants my princess Pang Yue, I won’t forgive him!” Qin Yutong said.

The others all looked at his with disgust. When was princess Pang Yue his? Qin family people were truly all shameless!

“If we compete, we’ll get scolded by the old fellows and be told we are missing out on proper business. However, telling any of us to leave is impossible. How about this, I have a way that can allow all of us to compete fairly.” At this moment, the youngest elder Wang Bosha spoke.

“What fair competition, she’s mine!” Qing Yutong said unsatisfied.

“Say it.” Xiao Yufeng said.

Pang Yue nearly died because of Nie Yunbing this time, so we have to take revenge. After all, its more than Pang Yue; it relates to the three palace’s reputation. Though elder Pang was trying to find trouble with soul alliance, everyone knew that the older generation had restrictions and worries, so they couldn’t fight in the city or else a war would break out. We young generations are different, where they won’t care as long as there isn’t evidence…..”

“Get to the point.” Xiao Hai said impatiently.

“What I mean is, let us do the revenge competition. The target is Nie Yunbing. Whoever can kill more of his subordinates, whoever will have the highest score and has the best qualification to marry Pang Yue.” Wang Bosha siad.

“What if we kill the person himself?” Xiao Yufeng smiled and asked.

“Then we will help him throw flowers and drink for him during his wedding with Pang Yue.” Wang Bosha said.

“Very fair.” Jiang Feng nodded.

“I have no objection, the person is mine.” Qin Yutong said.



In the bedchamber, Lady Xiao specially brought over a bowl of hot soup and helped Pang Yue get up to drink it.

Pang Yue was slightly reserved. After all, Lady Xiao had such status yet she was helping her.

Lady Xiao saw Pang Yue’s reservedness and laughed lightly. Looking out the window, she said, “Get better, look at all those fellows worried, almost fighting. Looks like they all like you a lot.”

With Lady Xiao’s words, Pang Yue’s sickly pale face blushed slightly and said, “They’re just worried as friends…..”

Lady Xiao didn’t expose her and instead said, “Speaking of which, the reason you could be awake is thanks to a young man.”

Pang Yue looked confused at Lady Xiao. Wasn’t her father the one that went to north forbidden region and found the antidote for her poison?

Lady Xiao went ahead and explained the general situation in north forbidden region.

“You mean, the reason I can awaken is because Chu Mu, who was now a devil, had a soul pet saved me?”

“En, along with your father. If not for his soul pet, your father probably couldn't have escaped the claws of the blood barbarian hidden dragon.” Lady Xiao said.

“Then I truly have to thank the man called Chu Mu. However, he’s a devil now, can he ever wake up?” Pang Yue asked.

Lady Xiao shook her head, “It’s not likely.”

Pang Yue sighed lightly. She didn’t think that her life and her father's life was all thanks to this young man. Such a favor required her to give thanks in person. Sadly, such a good soul pet trainer passed early on. Truly even the heavens were jealous of him!

“Lady Xiao…..” At this time, a servant girl came up and whispered in Lady xiao’s ear.

“Oh? The Chu Fangchen that did well in both snow city and soul city?” Lady Xiao looked slightly confused.

“Yes, this person is already in soul palace. The elders are holding a banquet to welcome him and wanted to introduce him to the other high level people of three palaces.” Servant said.

Soul palace intentionally wanted to keep Chu Fangchen hidden, so his identity reveal was still kept within the higher levels.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go to soul palace tonight.” Lady Xiao, of course, knew of Chu Fangchen. Such a stellar character naturally deserved her attention tonight.

Pang Yue laid in bed and asked curiously, “Lady Xiao, who is Chu Fangchen and why is his welcome so important?”

“He counts as the second prince, probably.” Lady Xiao smiled.

“Another prince? Is his strength similar to the prince?” Pang Yue said surprised.

“ Not yet, but he indeed is strong. Soul palace seems to be hiding his information intentionally, and soul alliance, who lost in his hands, doesn't seem to be spreading that either. However, you truly should talk with this young man.” Lady Xiao only heard of Chu Fangchen, but these alone were already enough for Lady Xiao to think highly of him!

“En, then can I go tonight?” Pang Yue nodded. A person on the same level as a young prince deserved her relationship.

“Yes, your poison is gone, so you can walk around at night. It’ll probably be good for your body too.” lady Xiao said.

Chu Fangchen? Pang Yue truly had never heard that name.

However, she couldn't help but be curious as to who Chu Fangchen was, able to command so much attention from the three palaces, even gathering all the high level personnel immediately to welcome him.

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