Book 2 Chapter 92 - Forbidden Territory, Breaking Free From Nightmare Palace

Chapter 92: Forbidden Territory, Breaking Free From Nightmare Palace

In the depths of Nightmare City’s Nightmare Palace.

Xia Guanghan sat solitarily on the high seat. He glanced at an ornament giving off a lustre as he lowered his head and pondered.

The information regarding Chu Mu’s matters had already come back to him. His acute thinking was like Princess Jin Rou, and he was instantly able to consider the possibility of a continuous mutation.

When Xia Guanghan was on Cyan Nightmare Main Island, he had witnessed the abnormal talent of Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox.

Normally speaking, soul pets with abnormal talents were much larger than normal soul pets. Therefore, at that time, Xia Guanghan had felt that Chu Mu’s abnormally talented Moonlight Fox would undergo a mutation.

Three years later, Chu Mu had brought the formidable Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox back with him and he had risen abruptly in Nightmare Palace. Very naturally, Xia Guanghan had believed that Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox had come from a species mutation of his abnormally talented Moonlight Fox. After all, there were many different rare treasures and strange plants on Prison Island that could increase the probability of a species mutation by a lot for abnormally talented soul pets once they ate special spirit items.

Originally, Xia Guanghan hadn’t cared about this matter. After all, while mutations were rare, their ocurrence weren’t impossible.

However, when the news of the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox mutating species into a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox in front of tens of thousands of people in Jia City reached his ears, Xia Guanghan was completely stunned!

At that time, Xia Guanghan’s first reaction wasn’t to assume that Chu Mu had abandoned his original Moonlight Fox and that he had captured an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. Instead, he directly considered the possibility of continuous mutations!

Continuous mutations. Xia Guanghan was almost 100% sure that Chu Mu’s soul pet was a continuous mutation soul pet!

“The soul pet egg that the Soul Alliance painstakingly attempted to retrieve was unexpectedly obtained by this brat who lost a soul. Truly not just average luck. If I didn’t guess incorrectly, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split off Hidden Dragon Egg on Prison Island should also be in his hands.” a cold smile rose on Xia Guanghan’s face, and his expression let out a bit of a chill.

When the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had escaped to the Eternal Ocean as a transformed weak soul pet, Xia Guanghan, who had obtained this information intentionally went there.

Coincidentally, that White Nightmare with abnormal talent needed food feed to it. Xia Guanghan had casually thrown Chu Mu onto a Cyan Nightmare Island in the Eternal Ocean to have him provide food for the White Nightmare while he himself went to look for the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Xia Guanghan had an even deeper understanding of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. He even knew that the Soul Alliance wasn’t only looking for it to find the split off Hidden Dragon Egg, but also an even more important soul pet egg.

Therefore, in this period of time, Xia Guanghan had spent all his time in the vicinity of the Eternal Ocean roaming about. He had even deceived others to borrow a bit of Princess jin Rou’s powers to begin searching for it.

Only, what Xia Guanghan completely did not expect was that the soul pet he had searched for for so many years had unexpectedly ended up on a Cyan Nightmare Island where the nameless nobody he had used to feed the White Nightmare obtained it.

The things that Xia Guanghan had schemed had finally shown a bit of logic. How could he let it go? Therefore, once he obtained news of Chu Mu’s soul pet mutating, he immediately had to have someone go and capture Chu Mu.

However, he had clearly underestimated Chu Mu. By the time Xia Guanghan’s people got there, Chu Mu had already escaped without a trace. What made Xia Guanghan feel even more shame was that Gangluo City’s Chu Family had already migrated away, and the place was deserted!


“Senior Xia, the person you want to find is currently is probably at the Xiling Region. The northern boundary across Xiling Region.” suddenly, a voice rang out in the completely empty cold hall.

“Secret Killer Attendants. Come with me to Xiling Region; we must find Chu Mu at all costs!” Xia Guanghan stood up, and he flung back his robe. He proceeded to promptly exit the cold hall.

As Xia Guanghan exited the hall, ten black figures gradually appeared in the cold hall and indistinctly followed behind him.


It had been a long time since Xia Guanghan had personally taken on a task himself...


In the far off east, on a boundless and expansive piece of land, stood a towering and Heavenly Monument. It was stuck in the ground like an enormous sword, majestically, imposingly, and proudly on this expansive area between the heaven and earth.

This magnificent Heavenly Monument happened to be a clear landmark indicator of the western district, and it was called the Heaven Monument by others.

There were various sorts of legends regarding the Heaven Monument. There were people who said that this was an ultra soul pet’s backbone from the legends. After silently dying here, its enormous skeleton had been buried in this vast and obscure earth. Yet, its unbending lofty and unyielding character had supported it upright and, as time withered away, it had gradually transformed into a perfectly straight skeleton that rose into the sky. After being sculpted on a lot by the ancient people, it had finally become the currently enormous Heaven Monument.

The scorching sun shone down from high above. The Heaven Monument’s shadow stretched a long way over the earth and, with this tall Heaven Monument’s image in the heaven and earth, it illustrated a magnificent and stunning scene that was capable of making others gasp in amazement.


Underneath the Heaven Monument quietly stood a woman and a man.

The two people were separated by about two meters. Their two eyes were fixed on each other, yet neither took a step forward towards the other.

The woman was wearing a light purple grandly threaded shaw. Standing silently like this underneath the Heaven Monument, there wasn’t any feeling of minute insignificance. Instead, she gave others a respectfully arrogant and sumptuous temperament.

The man wore random clothing and was slightly slovenly dressed. He stood on this large piece of earth covered in weeds, and he was exactly like a wanderer who had roamed the world unconstrained and had experienced many things. His presentation and temperament of himself could be said to be rather inharmonious with the woman.

“I didn’t come today to explain things with you.” the man’s tone was flat, and his gaze was fixed on the woman’s face.

“I also didn’t come to hear your explanation. I only want to know who did it and why you didn’t mention it to me four years ago.” the woman was already wearing an angry expression.

Hearing the woman’s words, the man let out a hollow laugh. After a while he finally said in a cold voice: “You also knew it was four years. In these four years, where have you been? Right now, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. I want to retrieve the item that belongs to me!”

Sensing the man’s bearing, the woman’s gaze turned colder as if she was deliberately shifting the mood. A while later she eventually said: “If you go crazy,  I absolutely will not say even a word more. Right now, I want to know where Mu Er is!”

“I already told you on the letter. He was killed four years ago by Nightmare Palace’s Xia Guanghan!” said the man.

In this moment, the woman’s expression had fully sunken. A terrifying cold air, like a storm, violently proliferated from the center of the Heaven Monument!

The man seemed to have felt the woman’s enormous soul remembrance, and his eyes identically transformed. An imposing energy that wasn’t inferior to the woman’s identically discharged from the man’s body.

“You still want to fight? Then come!” the man didn’t back down at all.

The two sides of energy violently clashed together. Sands and rocks flew everywhere, yellow dirt filled the whole sky and the Heaven Monument shockingly let out a fierce buzz!

“Enough! I don’t want to fight with you right now. Who is Xia Guanghan?” suddenly, the woman renounced the fight with him and completely put away her aura.

“A new person in Nightmare palace. I will eventually take his life.” the man identically put away his aura.

“Hmph, right now, aside from possessing a powerful soul remembrance, how much of a difference do you actually have from the lowest level soul pet trainer? I advise you to continue living your incognito good-for-nothing life before you obtain any powerful soul pets.” coldly said the woman.

After speaking, she didn’t say anything further to the man. She gazed at the world in the distant west. Breaking into a stride, she swept past the Heaven Monument’s shadow, and she walked towards the west of the Heaven Monument.

“What are you going to do now?” asked the man.

“To kill Xia Guanghan!”

A sandstorm danced about. On the expansive yellow colored earth, the woman’s light purple figure gradually disappeared in the western side of the Heaven Monument…

The man watched the woman leave and his face let out a rather pained expression. After a while, he finally turned his gaze towards the vast eastern side. His experienced pupils were exceptionally steady, and he determinedly strode into a measured step, heading in the opposite direction of that woman.


Xiling Region

In the vast mountain ridge, Chu Mu was riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast across the complicated mountain ridge.

Half a month ago, Chu Mu had captured Princess Jin Rou and freed himself from Nightmare palace’s control. However, Chu Mu had evidently underestimated the range of Xia Guanghan’s influence. Practically by the second day, when Chu Mu hadn’t appeared next to the princess, one of the princess’ guards had chased after Chu Mu.

Princess Jin Rou had eight guards in total, and each one was a terrifying spirit master. What made Chu Mu feel an exceptional headache was that the White Nightmare inside his body seemed to have been implanted with a soul remembrance trail by Xia Guanghan. Even though Chu Mu had already fled out of Jia Region and reached Xiling Region, that spirit master was still able to follow close behind. In this entire half a month of time, he could not be shaken off.

Chu Mu was able to guess that the news had already reached Xia Guanghan. If he didn’t think of a way to break away from this spirit master and let Xia Guanghan maintain this certain distance, that fellow would be able to use the White Nightmare to find him.

However, this spirit master’s strength was definitely not comparable to those young generation experts. Chu Mu presently didn’t have absolute assurance that he could defeat a spirit master. Therefore, he continuously fled towards the southern part of Xiling Region, and he tried his best to be further away from the regions Nightmare Palace was in control of.

Xiling Region could be regarded as relatively near, in a diagonal, the southwest border area. After continued down Xiling Region, there was a forbidden region that humans didn’t dare rashly set foot in.

Forbidden regions were normally where myriad soul pets resided, but one could often see groups of multiple powerful soul pet trainers enter the southwest forbidden region.

However, in these past few hundreds of years, there practically wasn’t a single person who could actually understand the entire forbidden region.

If Chu Mu was to traverse those regions blindly by himself, he would definitely be always detected by Xia Guanghan’s spies that covered everywhere under the heavens. Then, he would be chased perpetually due to the soul remembrance imprint on the White Nightmare.

As long as he could enter the depths of the dangerous and unknown forbidden region, he could traverse by himself unobstructedly, and he would be able to fully break free from Xia Guanghan’s pursuit.

Furthermore, once he fled the definite range, even though the White Nightmare had an imprint on it, Xia Guanghan definitely did not have such great ability locate Chu Mu over ten million kilometers away. In this way, Chu Mu would be able to truly break free from that fellow’s control. He would able to carefreely begin raising his strength at a quick speed. Once his strength was enough, he would be able to directly contend against Xia Guanghan.  

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