Chapter 919: Main Soul Palace

Wanxiang City seemed to be just as calm and bustling as usual, but the people in inner city all knew that the three palace and soul palace were constantly engaging in bloodless wars!

Wanxiang Realm’s struggle was key to both the factions. The high level of both sides were all in Wanxiang Realm, but before the territorial wars in the other cities of the realm are solved, neither side could truly start a war in Wanxiang City. After all, once a battle broke out in Wanxiang City, it would become a truly unprecedented battle between humans…...

So, though wanxiang city wasn’t a neutral city, neither soul alliance nor the three palaces dared to do anything overly aggressive here. The usual small conflicts were pushed down.

Wanxiang city’s three palaces sit in three directions of Wanxiang Altar, taking up a large space of inner city.

And, in wanxiang altar, there were around 100 palaces that belonged to three palace factions. Because wanxiang altar’s base had a huge spirit source, the architects at the time specially caused the entire wanxiang altar to have spirit houses. Almost every palace in wanxiang altar could be affected by the spirit aura, having great benefits for the soul pet trainers and soul pets.

Of course, the special design of the architects made it so the higher one was in the palace, the faster spirits moved and the thicker spirits were. Many times, emperor ranks could self strengthen in its effects.

This was why so many experts wished to step into wanxiang altar. In such a spiritual land, not only did one not have to waste spirits to feed their soul pets, they could speed up their strength increase.

Chu Mu was still used to living in a soul palace. At least in soul palace, his safety was guaranteed.

As for the palaces belonging to soul palace within wanxiang altar, Chu Mu didn't plan on going anytime soon. As long as Chu Mu brought Ning Maner around, a moving spirit source, he had no need for such thing, so wanxaing altar’s attraction wasn’t that high for Chu Mu. He would only be interested about the experts that lived in it.

From what Chu Mu saw, tianxia city’s soul palace was soul palace’s true roots. After all, the seven sacred realms were all there.

Wanxiang city’s soul palace truly was larger than any other city and the materials used to construct it were very steady. Even emperor rank organisms’ full force attacks would have trouble destroying these buildings.

Wanxiang city’s soul palace didn’t have a main hall. Main halls were usually used to provide reception for roaming soul palace members and hand missions or trade deals to them.

However, the entrance of wanxiang city itself was already extremely high. Adding on that it was the most authoritative soul palace within all of wanxiang realm, everyone who could enter it probably had some title or rank, and no scattered members would ever come.

Even if there were such members, they would definitely go to the sub palaces in mid city and outer city. They wouldn’t have the authority to go to inner city soul palace.

So, main soul palace didn’t have soul palace main hall. Instead, it had layers upon layers of clean smooth crystal rocks that made stairs upwards, as well as lifelike soul pet sculptures.

Walking up the stairs, one could see the mirror-like palace plaza. At the height of the plaza, one could see all of wanxiang city behind them.

After the plaza was the majestic and mighty main soul palace, seeming like a cold and imposing giant looking down upon people!

“Brother, I also want a palace like this!” Ning Maner said crisply.

Ning Maner used to spend all her time in the forests, so naturally her eyes went wide when she saw such a majestic palace, wanting to make it all hers so she could run around the massive pillars, smooth halls, and majestic doors.

“Then you can have it.” Suddenly, a man beside him said.

This was something Chu Mu was going to say, but somehow someone else said it first. He saw the man speak and looked him over slightly.

The man was well built and had noble clothing. He looked handsome and impressive. Even a man would be momentarily shocked at his appearances!

“Little beauty, which palace do you want? Other than the row at the back, I can give any other to you for fun.” The handsome man continued.

“What’s the row at the back?” Ning Maner went on her tippy toes, trying to see the palaces at the back. Sadly, all the palaces at the back were blocked by the front palaces. The deeper ones were not visible.

“Those are also soul palaces, except I would get scolded if I give those away.” The man laughed.

Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu were also looking this man over. Hearing his say this, Ye Qingzi said in a low voice to Chu Mu, “Do you know this person? Why is his tone so bold? Anyone of these palaces are probably worth a normal city, why can he just give them away?”

Chu Mu shook his head, “Probably some rich young master. Eighth young master Fang ze and third young master Teng Lang I’ve both seen. I don’t know who the others are though.”

“Aren’t you a young master too? Why don’t you give me a few palaces.” Ye Qingzi hugged Chu Mu’s arm tighter, her eyes showing a charming smile as she asked coquettishly.

Chu Mu rarely saw Ye Qingzi act this way and couldn’t help but give her white cheek a little peck, “I gave myself to you, and that’s a lot more valuable than these few palaces.”

Ye Qingzi pinched Chu Mu’s arm. She knew the fellow knew no shame at all, so she shouldn’t have tried to tease Chu Mu out in the open.

When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi flirted, Ning Maner had walked over with the handsome man and started hearing his explanation of all the palaces.

Chu Mu didn't mind at all, letting the fellow take Ning Maner away.

“Don’t you want to care about her, what if she gets stolen away by that prince-like fellow?” ye QIngzi said as she watched Ning Maner walk further away.

“That’d be great, then she won’t come and bother rus.” Chu Mu replied.

“Be a more responsible brother.” Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes.

“No worries, let her play.” Chu Mu said.

“But that man makes me feel slightly uneasy.” Ye Qingzi pointed at the nobly dressed man.

Ye QIngzi had trained with her brother Ye Wansheng for a long time, visiting everywhere. She didn’t have the same childish and blind reverence that most women had to seemingly venerable men. She always had a frigid attitude towards them, often causing these men to back away themselves.

Ye Qingzi noticed that the man specially looked her over first and looked disappointed at first, before going to talk to Ning Maner. Though he hid it well, Ye QIngzi was observant enough to see it and instantly decided he wasn’t up to any good.

Many times people who felt good about themselves would come up and make conversation with her. Often, when Ye Wansheng was nearby, these people would find excuses. Ye Qingzi saw a lot of these people, so naturally she instantly could tell that this handsome man was not any good.

“The girl is quite smart.” Chu Mu said.

No matter where they went, there were always people interested in fourteen or fifteen year old girls like Ning Maner. Especially those with ulterior motives, whenever they saw Ning Maner’s pure and untainted eyes, they always thought this little fairy like girl was easy to deceive. In reality, Ning Maner loved to have such people come up to her because, as the real devil she was inside, she had no qualms bullying these people and loved doing so.

Chu Mu actually didn’t care about Ning Maner, and brought Ye Qingzi into the palace.

The tenth rank sub decree was still effective in soul palace, so he didn't see much problem entering the main soul palace.

“Are you Chu Fangchen?” The leading sacred guard said curiously to Chu Mu.  

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

It seemed like many people in soul palace already knew his name.

“It’s an honor to meet you at least. I am Linyin Palace’s sacred guard leader - Jia Ren.” The sacred guard leader said very politely.

This sacred guard leader seemed very young, probably around low remembrance soul emperor. Presumably after the events in soul city and snow city spread out, there were many admirers of Chu Mu, including this sacred guard leader.

Along the way, Jia Ren recited the wars in snow city and soul city and asked Chu Mu of the situation at the time. The man’s admiration and passion were truly a little too much for Chu Mu to handle.

“Speaking of which, do you know who that well-dressed man at the gate was?” Chu Mu asked randomly.

“Oh, that was second young master Ying Xiang….. Um, did he trouble lady Ye?” Jia Ren’s expression became strange.

“No, he knew better. But, he did swindle my sister away.’ Chu Mu said calmly but realized he may have misspoken and added, “Since he’s the second young master, it probably wasn’t swindling.”

“This…...this is a misunderstanding, let me send someone to tell second young master.” Jia Ren’s expression became even worse.

Jia Ren knew well that Chu Fangchen’s current position definitely wasn’t any lower than a real young master. In fact, the elders often put him in the same position as soul palace prince. Though second young master had a high rank, if he upset Chu Fangchen, he would get scolded heavily by the older generation.

“Second young master only uses his title when he sees girls he finds attractive and is somewhat casual. However, he won’t ever use his authority to do anything that crosses lines, Mister Chu you can have my word for that.” Jia Ren said very seriously.

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