Chapter 918: Wanxiang City, Wanxiang Altar

Wanxiang City’s history couldn’t be considered long. However, within 100 years, it had become humanity’s number one city. 

Wanxiang City was located on the eastern side of humanity’s territory and occupied the most fertile piece of land.

Moreover, not only were the amount of resources plenty, but the variety was many. No matter what type of soul pet trainer one was, he would be able to obtain satisfactory decisions here. 

Of course after so many years of development, the territory around Wanxiang City including the bewildering worlds gradually were partitioned by the factions stationed in the city. 

Most of the territory was occupied by either Soul Alliance or the three great palaces. The remaining territories were often far away or were not easy to occupy and these were occupied by a few ancient families of the city. Therefore, if one wanted to obtain a fitting soul pet, it was hard to avoid entering a faction. 

Chu Mu had always heard that Wanxiang City’s magnificence and beauty was incomparable to any city. When Chu Mu passed the mountain range and saw the endless walled construct at the end of the flat stretch of land, he felt waves in his heart. 

Wanxiang City was incomparably vast. From the towering city walls, it could be seen that the city was split into three: the outer city, the middle city and the inner city. 

Merely the outer city looked much more prosperous to Chu Mu than other large cities! 

As far as he could see, the most attractive part of this city was the towering mountain-like Wanxiang Altar at the very center of this city. 

Wanxiang Altar was grand and reached the clouds. The factions that were able to have a place in Wanxiang City were already considered incomparably large families. However, in the eyes of these family, even a small palace in Wanxiang Altar was unreachable and too hard to obtain. 

There were a total of 300 palaces in Wanxiang Altar. From the mountain range several hundred kilometers away, the uncanny workmanship of the city gave Chu Mu much visual shock. It was hard to imagine what heights of artistic achievement had to be reached in order to create 300 palaces, each a different shape from the other.

“The Wanxiang Altar is very pretty. I really want to take it for myself!” Ning Maner stood on the top of a tree, and looked with expectation at the Wanxiang Altar in the distance. 

“I’ve heard from others that only spirit emperors have qualifications to enter Wanxiang Altar. Moreover, in order to obtain a palace inside the city, one must do some outstanding merit for Wanxiang Realm.” Ye Qingzi was rather interested in Wanxiang Altar.  

Chu Mu’s state of mind was different than the two women. He remembered the first time he saw Wanxiang Altar, he had seen it through the defector woman’s eyes. 

Now that he was present himself, he remembered that that woman was inside the highest palace in Wanxiang Altar. Thus, Chu Mu was thinking of how to trample his way up to the highest point of Wanxiang Altar! 

Chu Mu understood that Wanxiang Altar was not as simple as being a place for the experts of the kingdom to be. It was actually a strict ranking class. Those that were higher up in the altar possessed more power and most importantly, they represented all of humanity! 

Inside Wanxiang ALtar were a few enemies that Chu Mu would have difficulty dealing with even if he transformed into a half devil. There was also the godlike existence - Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master!

Chu Mu knew that he hadn’t actually prepared enough because with his current strength, getting rid of any of Soul Alliance’s Four Heroes would be a bit difficult. By extension, he obviously couldn’t deal with the godly and mysterious Soul Alliance Alliance Master. 

However, aside from Wanxiang city, Chu Mu really couldn’t find another city that would make his blood boil

Therefore, although there was much hesitation and consideration in his heart, Chu Mu ultimately still made his way to this city! 


The size of Wanxiang City was hard to describe. As far as one looked, it was shocking and in comparison to the magnitude, one felt tiny and insignificant. 

Inside this enormous city, there were often times where one didn’t even know where he or she was located. Other times, people were incredibly far away from the places they needed to be, separated by countless buildings and intersecting streets. These streets stretched on and there were countless forks in the roar, each one of them containing an endless flow of all sorts of people.  

And this was merely the outer city. 

The outer city was dazzling and gave one a sense of bewilderment. So what feelings did the middle city and inner city give people? 

As he stepped into the middle city, Chu Mu discovered that most of the people were soul pet trainers who did not have low strength. Often, he could see experts riding on their steeds proudly through the wide streets. This would arouse a sigh from the surrounding people who would then begin to discuss the soul pet’s rank and strength. 

In every city, there were numerous dazzling people and many people who were envied. Every person strived for more power, but there were many times that after one put much effort into reaching the peak of a summit and excitedly lifted their head up, they would suddenly discover an even higher mountain towering in front of him. In between this person and the mountain would be a mountain stream that was impossible to cross. Therefore, most people who were hit by this shock would choose not to continue climbing. Instead, they would use their boastful eyes to look down at the others still climbing below him.  

It could be seen that the middle city was occupied by these people that had climbed up one peak but were unwilling to cross the mountain stream. Moreover, the mountain peak they were climbing was different in height. 

As for when Chu Mu entered the streets of the inner city, when he saw the magnificent and tall palaces, he felt an enormous pressure that was hidden under the magnificence. 

Indeed, the people who arrived here had ostensibly already divided into different classes. The spirit masters that would be considered kings in other cities were in the lowest class. Other people who would be considered experts or seniors in the eyes of others around the world would merely be normal people in this society. Only those that had reached the spirit emperor rank would truly have status… 

The humans who flaunted their strength were not that different than other creatures. If one looked at the intrinsic nature, human society was actually just a food chain. A world where the strong ate the weak. 

“Big brother, I like that Wanxiang Altar. Big sister said that I need to become Wanxiang Realm’s queen in order to possess the entire Wanxiang Altar. I want to become the Queen!” 

Suddenly, a clear voice interrupted Chu Mu’s train of thought. 

Chu Mu was stunned and looked at the naive and adorable Ning Maner. He couldn’t help but bitterly laugh and shake his head. How old was he? Yet, here he was, sighing like an old man. 

“In a few years, big brother will gift Wanxiang Altar to you for you to play with.” Chu Mu rubbed Ning Maner’s head and said something that even he thought was crazy. 

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