Chapter 917: Poison Desolation Nie Yunbin

Fighting over a woman wasn’t only something that happened in stories. If Chu Mu imagined himself in someone else’s shoes and wondered whether if he liked someone else who didn’t belong to him, would he fight over that woman?

As Ning Maner walked to the northern village, Chu Mu discovered that the houses here were rather new and simple. There were also pieces of wreckage from former houses. 

There were about 100 residents in the northern village. Although they had their own plot of land, they were not far apart from each other. It was similar to a district in a city. The exchange area was rather busy and didn’t seem as backwards as other mountain villages.

Seeing Ning Maner speaking of those “evil tyrants”, Chu Mu was very disappointed.

Indeed, aside from one person possessing a pseudo emperor, the others were all of the monarch rank. There were no opportunities to let his soul pets warm up, much less train them. 

“Hmph, so you recognize how strong we are now? Do you regret it now?” said the thirty year old man with a pseudo emperor. 

This man’s face had a poisonous scar that was the size of a palm. When he let out a proud laugh, he looked incredibly malevolent and disgusting. Women would shiver in fear when they saw this. 

The people beside this poison faced man were clearly his thugs. Right now they were sneering at the girl called Man Ting, and the other weak people protecting her. 

“Big brother, that person is called Li Qin. He also said that his lord is the senior with a Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Ning Maner now knew that Chu Mu wanted to find trouble for the Cyan Hidden Dragon master, so she pointed at the poison scarred man. 

Chu Mu nodded. His body took flight and he floated over like a phantom to the man called Li Qin. 

“Who is it!” Li Qin was stunned and glared at Chu Mu.

Li Qin was sitting on a pseudo emperor rank Terror Wolf. The emperor rank Terror Wolf’s aura caused the villagers’ faces to pale. None of them dared move much less walk up to the Terror Wolf. 

“Brother Chu, that’s very dangerous!” at this point, Qing Yunshan let out a shout. That was an emperor rank and just by stamping its feet, it could kill many people. 

To the side, the woman called Man Ting saw that an outsider was willing to help and she was happy in her heart. But when she saw how young this person was, she felt a bit worried. She didn’t want her own matter to negatively implicate others. 

“Don’t worry, that Terror Wolf is not even a small dog in the eyes of my big brother.” Ning Maner laughed and spoke to the adjacent Man Ting. 

Hearing Ning Maner’s boast, Qing Yunshan and Man Ting looked at each other. An emperor rank Terror Wolf was ostensibly capable of sweeping through their entire village. How could it be not even comparable to a small dog? This was too much of a boast and the two of them clearly didn’t believe it. 

However, in the next moment, they had no choice but to believe it. 

This was because the Terror Wolf Emperor, which they saw as all powerful and savage, suddenly laid down on the ground. No matter how much its master, Li Qin, angrily yelled at it to get up, the Terror Wolf Emperor buried its head in the ground and trembled!

The villagers were stunned by this. It was very hard to believe that the tyrannical and arrogant Terror Wolf Emperor was rendered into a cowardly small dog that lay there. It didn’t dare show any savage intent in front of this young man! 

“Who is your lord? That person with the Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Chu Mu calmly spoke. 

“You… what witchcraft did you use…” Li Qin pointed at Chu Mu and it was a while before he said anything. 

This Li Qin was evidently a bit confused. He didn’t even know that higher ranking soul pet trainers could use their soul remembrance to intimidate lower ranked creatures. 

Chu Mu repeated his words. Of course, this time, Chu Mu didn’t only exert pressure on the Terror Wolf. He even added mental suppression on Li Qin.

Once his mind was shackled, Li Qin couldn’t even give an order. He finally realized that the young man in front of him was not merely a few grades higher than him. He hastily knelt on the ground while trembling. 

The thugs around him didn’t react at all, and stared in shock at Li Qin.

“You idiots. Hurry and pay respects to this spirit emperor senior!” Li Qin cursed his thugs. 

These monarch ranks were all shocked. They didn’t expect this young man to be a spirit emperor. Fortunately, they still had a brain and seeing even Li Qin kneeling, they obviously didn’t remain standing. 

“This… senior, this subordinate has pledged loyalty to Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing. One of Senior Nie’s main pets is the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Who are you, senior…” Li Qin gave his identity before beginning to inquire about Chu Mu’s identity. 

“The Poison Desolation. Where is he now?” asked Chu Mu.

“This… not long ago her returned to Wanxiang City.” Li Qin secretly wiped the sweat on his forehead. 

Originally, Li Qin thought that after speaking of the Poison Desolation, this young man would go into a panic out of fear. He never expected him to not show any expressions. This meant that the person in front of him was likely to be a formidable existence! 

There were rarely any spirit emperor rank people that were incurably stupid. A single survey by Li Qin, and he knew that the young man in front of him couldn’t be offended. 

“So why did you come here to bully a village girl?” Chu Mu creased his brows and spoke. 

“This… this…” Li Qin immediately began to hem and haw. 

The reality was that Li Qin had relied on his spirit emperor status to do a few evil things. In the past, he had bitterly trained and hadn’t had a chance to enjoy life. Now that he had reached the spirit emperor rank, if he found something he liked, he had to obtain it. If normal methods didn’t work, he could only take it by force. 

“Scram, don’t come back here in the future to bother her.” Chu Mu waved his hands. He wasn’t even in the mood to take action and get rid of these people. 

“This lowly one will immediately leave…Oh, no, I mean, I will immediately scram…” Li Qin hastily stood up.

“Wait.” Li Qin had just turned around when Chu Mu stopped him.

Li Qin was truly afraid that Chu Mu would kill his emperor soul pet because he didn’t find him pleasing. If that happened, in the future, he could forget about his indulgent lifestyle. Even living a normal life would be a problem since he had offended many people after reaching the emperor rank. 

“Se...senior, do you have any other instructions?” Li Qin hastily knelt again. 

“What’s up with the poison scar on your face?” Chu Mu could see that the poison scar on Li Qin’s face wasn’t natural. It should have been given a short while ago. 

“This is a mark of my loyalty to Senior Poison Desolation. Senior Poison Desolation said that it would disappear in a month. Oh, no- not completely disappear. The moment someone is to disobey his orders, it will reappear again and will continuously expand.” at this point, Li Qin’s expression grew very unsightly.

He had initially thought that he had obtained an opportunity and could latch on to a big thigh. However, he didn’t expect Nie Bingyun to be so terrifying. He even added a poison imprint on everyone who pledged loyalty, so that no one would dare to betray him. 

Chu Mu waved his hand, indicating that Li Qin could scram now. 

Li Qin didn’t dare to stay. He quickly brought his thugs and fled the northern village in a panic. 

Chu Mu turned around and suddenly discovered that the hundreds of people in the village were staring at him. For a moment, he felt it was a bit uncomfortable. 

However, Qing Yunshan was looking at Chu Mu with a face of adoration. When Chu Mu walked over, he very excitedly said: “Brother Chu, you really are a spirit emperor!” 

“Yes. In the future they probably won’t find trouble for you.” Chu Mu nodded his head and swept his eyes over the girl called Man Ting. 

This girl was about 17 or 18. She had extraordinarily fair and smooth skin and a pair of limpid and beautiful eyes. She was staring at Chu Mu with gratefulness and curiosity. 

However, when this girl discovered that this handsome spirit emperor was staring at her, her fair cheeks immediately developed a red blush. She lowered her head and didn’t stop saying words of thanks. 

“Eh… Brother Chu, our Man Ting is already married… look…” Qing Yunshan thought that Chu Mu had taken a fancy to her.  

This person was a spirit emperor and could marry whoever he wanted. Qing Yunshan was truly afraid Chu Mu had taken a fancy to her and would take her away. 

“Big brother is acting wickedly again!” Ning Maner angrily pinched Chu Mu’s neck and acted like she was going to tell Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu returned to his senses and bitterly laughed as he shook his head: “She just reminds me of someone I used to know.” 

“Oh, oh.” Qing Yunshan straightforwardly nodded his head and let out a sigh of relief. 

“Hmph, big brother is truly bad.” Ning Maner pouted, and didn’t want to listen to any excuses. 

Chu Mu pinched this girl’s cheeks. He didn’t stay here any longer and began to return to the village he had come from. 

He had gone absent-minded mainly because she reminded him of the girl who had lived with him on Nightmare Island and eventually became his maid. They really were alike, and Chu Mu originally thought they were the same person. 

Chu Mu still remembered that that girl was called Ting Yu. Chu Mu knew that after he had offended Xia Guanghan, she had likely become implicated, so he had her find a way out when the Chu Family migrated. 

If he hadn’t seen Man Ting, Chu Mu probably would have forgotten about her. 

In the blink of an eye, so many years had gone by. It was inevitable that certain people disappeared in this boundless sea of people… 

“Big brother, isn’t that Poison Desolation very strong?” Ning Maner clung onto Chu Mu’s neck and curiously asked a question. 

“Since he’s a Desolation member, he definitely has some strength. At least, if I don’t use the half devil transformation, I can’t deal with him.” said Chu Mu.

“Oh, good luck to big brother then!” said Ning Maner. 

“Mhm. After we reach Wanxiang City, we’ll make a trip to the forbidden region as soon as possible.” Chu Mu was feeling more and more restless. 

After reaching Wanxiang City, he would find Mu Qingyi first to ask about the Phoenix species’ nirvana rebirth. The top priority naturally was to make the Dead Dream his soul pet! 


A moment later, Ning Maner returned to her room with a red face. She angrily grabbed her quilt to let off steam as she muttered: “Bad big brother. Not letting me sleep with big sister and making big sister do embarrassing things. Scoundrel, hoodlum!!” 

Thinking of that bad big brother of hers who was self-righteously using the excuse of husband and wife sleeping in the same bed to kick her out, Ning Maner angrily grit her teeth! 


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