Chapter 916: The Man who Brought a Cyan Hidden Dragon

The three of them stepped into the village. Entering such a village for the first time, Ning Maner was very excited. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had just found a place to stay when the wild girl had already run off to play with a few of the kids of the great plains.

The young people on the plain clearly rarely saw such pretty girls. All the boys and girls circled around her.

Chu Mu wasn’t surprised at all. This wild girl was naturally amicable, so as long as people didn’t have ulterior motives, she was easily welcomed by others and escorted like a little princess.

Chu Mu knew now that meditating was useless, and his soul pets couldn’t find a good place to train either. Most of the time, he acted as a traveller and focused on gaining different kinds of knowledge.

This time, their destination was Wanxiang City. After passing this great plain, and passing a few more large kingdoms, they should be able to reach the edge of Wanxiang City’s boundaries. Even so, Chu Mu and the other two had spent nearly four months just to get there from Xiangrong City.

In these four months, Chu Mu didn’t accomplish nothing. At least he raised ghost monarch king and binding wind spirit to high class emperor rank.

Other than that, Ning, under Ning Maner’s spirit aura, was slowly moving towards top tier emperor rank.

Chu Mu still had half the ice spring on him. Once Ning reached a bottleneck, Chu Mu could use the ice spring to help Ning rank up. If so, Chu Mu would have another top tier emperor rank.

As for Dead Dream that was following Chu Mu around, it was still in its tiny form, quietly laying on his shoulder and sleeping, not giving any indication of when it would wake up.

Once a dominator rank was hurt, unless it had a rather powerful self healing, it couldn’t recover in a short time usually.

Of course, Dead Dream completely recovered three months ago. The problem was that it was preparing for its rebirth, so it would probably be in slumber for a long time.

Without much to do, Chu Mu originally planned to walk around outside, but Ye Qingzi called Chu Mu to a halt.

“I heard the locals said that eastwards there’s a bewildering world called Lang Diyi- it’s purple. I need a medicinal ingredient for the soul item I’m making, help me go find some.” Ye Qingzi was pretty straightforward with calling Chu Mu for favors now. After all, Chu Mu was absolutely free, and was looking for something to do anyways.

“Sure, but how do you plan on thanking me?” Chu Mu smiled lazily and looked at Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes at him. Why was he always acting so improper, asking for more?

“Go if you want to!” Ye Qingzi naturally knew what Chu Mu was thinking of, and turned her face away slightly with a blush.

“Alright, alright.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. It looked like he didn’t have much hope with any “games” tonight.

“There’s a local that can lead the way for you, you should be able to be back by night time.” Ye Qingzi’s beautiful eyes rippled with a slight charm as she pushed Chu Mu out of the wooden room’s door.

Chu Mu knew Ye Qingzi well now. With those eyes, he knew his night today would be wonderful and unforgettable.

Young couples always had so much energy…...


After leaving the wood hut, a honest looking man stood there waiting for him.

“Are you Lady Ye’s husband?” The man walked up, and asked slightly timidly.

Chu Mu nodded, secretly pleased with Ye Qingzi. It looked like she already was getting used to being a wife.

“Hehe, you truly are fortunate. Lady Ye is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. I used to think Man Ting was the prettiest, but if I could marry Lady Ye, I would be willing to do anything in my next life…..” The more the man spoke, the more he realized he wasn’t insinuating the right thing and quickly he tried to explain himself, “Oh, I’m not trying to steal her from you, I…. I meant….”

“I know.” Chu Mu could tell that this young man just wanted to praise Ye Qingzi, but he didn’t seem to be great with words.

“My name is Qing Yeshan. Lady Ye said you were very powerful and could bring me safely to the east plains.” The man said.

“En, let’s go.” Chu Mu already told Mo Xie to come out of pitiful appearance.

When Zhan Ye wasn’t there, Chu Mu could only tell little Mo Xie to bring him around. Otherwise, normally, little Mo Xie always sat on Chu Mu’s shoulder comfortably.

Mo Xie was an emperor rank organism. Just from its appearance, it was extremely flashy. When its nine shocking silver tails waved around, it gave one a very large visual shock.

Qing Yunshan clearly had never seen such a noble soul pet. He stared for a while before uttering some words of praise.

“Even our tribe’s most powerful Qing Yunkhan’s soul pets aren’t as pretty as yours. Your soul pet must be at least monarch rank, right?” Qing Yunshan said.

Chu Mu didn’t explain and rode Mo Xie in the direction that Qin Yunshan pointed in.

East plain wasn’t actually that far. If Mo Xie ran at full speed, she could make many laps within an hour.

However, Chu Mu didn’t have much to do right now so he slowly waited for Qin Yunshan’s commander rank ride to run while he “took a walk” through the plains.

Even so, Qin Yunshan felt that Chu Mu’s soul pet was too fast, causing his soul pet to wheeze as it tried to catch up.

“So you’re going to Wanxiang City. I heard you could see emperor rank soul pets there. I have never seen a single emperor rank soul pet in my life. I’m not sure if its like the elders said, how they could just stamp their feet and destroy my entire village.” Qin Yunshan said.

“It’s not that exaggerated. Your village is pretty big.” Chu Mu said.

“A while back, I heard that a northern village accidentally angered someone, and their entire village was destroyed by a single emperor rank technique. Hearing their description, even I was scared. Thankfully, it was only angry but didn’t truly harm anyone in the village or else no one would be able to survive.” Qin Yunshan lowered his voice intentionally and said.  

“Your tribes shouldn’t be able to offend any truly important characters, right?” Chu Mu used to not care about gossip because he had to meditate, but he truly was bored now that he didn’t have to meditate, so he occasionally decided to learn about such news.

“It was mainly because of Man Ting. When she went to train outside, I think she angered a character from a very large faction. This person sent someone to chase here and break all the houses as a warning.” Qin Yunshan said.

“Which person?” Chu Mu asked.

An important person in Qin Yunshan’s eyes may not even be significant in Chu Mu’s mind.

“I don’t know but I heard it was a soul pet trainer with a cyan hidden dragon.” Qin Yunshan didn’t know much.

“Cyan Hidden Dragon?” Chu Mu’s expression immediately changed.

Chu Mu remembered Old Li said before that soul alliance seemed to have five people with the offspring of Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, one of which was Dragon Absolute Wen Luo, who was famous for her cyan hidden dragon.

However, in Xiangrong City, Wen Luo didn’t seem to have summoned her cyan hidden dragon to fight at all.

The remaining people Chu Mu didn’t know, but they were definitely all soul alliance members.

“I have to get a hand on this!” Bored, Chu Mu finally found a small goal for himself!

Old Li said the other people with cyan hidden dragons were all hegemons of one place, very powerful.

Chu Mu’s other soul pets were still high class emperor rank. Though Mo Xie couldn’t be trained, his other high class emperor ranks could still get training. And of course, his training would come from soul alliance people in middle class and high class emperor rank realms!

“Yi, what’s wrong today? Usually, we see a lot of soul pets near the border, yet we’ve walked for so long today without running into a single thing.” Qin Yunshan scratched his head and said slightly embarrassed.

Not long ago, he was still boasting about how dangerous east plains were, and told Chu Mu to be prepared, yet they had walked for a while now and nothing happened. The organisms that used to come near all hid far away today.

Qin Yunshan naturally couldn’t imagine that Mo Xie’s invisible aura was strong enough to turn all the violent and cruel organisms he knew of into docile organisms. After all, the rank difference was just too big.

The process of getting the soul grass was very successful. Chu Mu even went out of his way to do good, helping Qin Yunshan finish a Green Wild Terror Wolf and gave him a soul crystal.

Because of this, Qin Yunshan had nothing but thanks to say on the way back. He excitedly told Chu Mu that, with this soul crystal, his strength could probably enter top ten of the entire tribe’s young men. This way, he could cause his secret crush, Jing Jing, to glance at him a few more items.

Chu Mu came from that position, and thus knew of Qing Yunshan’s excitement.

Many times, soul pet trainers weren’t trying to reach a certain, far away height. Instead, a lot of the time they were just trying to step forth to cause their friends and family within their realm to respect them more.


When it was nearly midnight, Chu Mu and Qin Yunshan returned to the village.

The moment he got back, the wild girl ran to Chu Mu’s side and pouted her lips, looking wronged as if someone bullied her.

“These people are so wicked, forcefully stealing women. I heard old grandfather speak of bullies like this in his stories before, but I’ve finally seen it today!” Ning Maner said.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. Such an event of course happens in the real world…...

“Little sister, do you mean Man Ting?” Qing Yunshan thought the only person that could be stolen was Man Ting, who had just troubled an important person.

“En, that sister is so pitiful.” Ning Maner said, her eyes blinking widely at Chu Mu.

Clearly, Ning Maner wanted Chu Mu to give her the permission to beat someone up.

Chu Mu restricted Ning Maner and told her that unless someone was trying to wrong her, Ning Maner couldn’t use the white nightmares to bully anyone.

The white nightmare army was sent back by Chu Mu, but he kept the original ten white nightmares. Wearing strange human clothing, though they circled around Ning Maner every day, they still had to carry out Chu Mu’s commands.

“Whatever, let’s go check it out.” Chu Mu really wanted to know who had the cyan hidden dragon. Would they be enough for Ning or Qin to train with?

Ning Maner immediately smiled widely and hugged Chu Mu’s arm, sweetly starting to praise Chu Mu for his handsome looks and confident decisions.

In her mind she thought, “Bringing a dominator rank brother to bully them is way more interesting. Let’s see if they dared to bully people with their rank now!”

Before, Chu Mu would never do such a meaningless thing, but he truly was bored now.

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