Chapter 915: Plain, Village

“Ha, I knew this blood barbarian hidden dragon was hiding some good stuff.”

From blood barbarian hidden dragon’s cave came Old LI’s laughter.

Coming out strutting, Old Li walked in front of Zhan Ye and said, “It had what we want. One more thing in the future, and you will be able to have Ancient Power Awakening. Then the fight would be much easier against the blood barbarian hidden dragon if you had to fight another in the wild!”

“Easier to beat? Then…… wouldn’t that be dominator rank?” This time, Zhang Ying blinked and asked.

“Little fellow, if it truly got to dominator rank, that would be truly impressive.” Old Li said.

Pang Xing and Lady Xiao’s face slightly changed. Their ranks were still invincible emperor rank, yet they could already fight near dominator rank organisms. If Mo ye reached dominator rank, wouldn’t it be able to fight a group of dominator rank organisms? That would be scary!

Old Li saw the expressions on Pang Xing and Lady Xiao’s face and laughed out loud, saying honestly, “It’s not that strong. It has two main types and one subtype, and adding on its own talent weakness, raising it to dominator rank is far harder than all other soul pets, so it won’t be able to reach dominator rank in a short while.”

Hearing Old Li’s explanation, the four of their expressions were slight. If it truly reached dominator rank, it would be invincible in the human realm. Even the most powerful soul alliance master would probably have to be worried about it.

However, reaching its current state was already abnormal. Only a few people in the entire human realm reaches dominator rank!

Seeing the powerful strength of this Mo Ye, Pang Xing immediately started discussing with Pang Xing.

The three palace and soul alliance's battle was never ending. In terms of upper level strength, the three palaces were clearly not as good as soul alliance, especially with the four heroes of dominator rank that were unstoppable.

Pang Xing calculated that if they could get the Mo Ye into three palaces, at least when the war started, they could deal with one hero. This way, the three palace would have a better chance.

Old Li seemed to understand what Pang Xing was trying to do. Now,  Old Li was training up a super-powerful emperor rank for Chu Mu, so his status was much better than before. He touted himself and replied, “Of course we will help, but not now; its training isn’t over yet.”

“It’s already this powerful, and you aren’t done yet? Didn’t you say it cant reach dominator rank?” Zheng Bang replied.

Old Li glanced condescendingly at the fellow, “The emperor rank dominator rank gap can be infinitely expanded. The reason you are all at a bottleneck is because you don’t know the way, and you aren’t trying hard enough. Their ranks are usually at emperor rank but I have ways to increase their strength further.”

Pang Xing and Lady Xiao always thought Old Li was just a thieving creature, but today they found out about Zhan Ye’s power and realized that Old Li really had a lot of ability. Otherwise, how could he train such a powerful soul pet. In fact, even after reaching the peak of human strength, he could still improve it further!

Pang Xing and Lady Xiao both had invincible emperor ranks. They and many other experts who had reached the peak of their realm were always stuck at invincible emperor without any progress. After asking countless scholars and wise men, they could still only raise their soul pet strengths by a little, yet it was already extremely precious.

One can see that Old Li who could raise the strength of invincible emperor rank truly had great powers!

“How long should it take?” Pang xing indeed wished for Old Li to bring Zhan Ye to soul pet palace.

“Around half a year.” Old Li rubbed his mustache and said.

“Oh, half a year.” Pang Xing looked overjoyed.

Half a year was very short. Going back to wanxiang city alone may take that long.

“Speaking of which, what did you come here to do?” Old Li asked.

Pang Xing didn’t hide anything, and told the news of getting poisoned to Old Li.

“Just this? The way to fix the poison is easy. Find a plant called Blood Moistening Grass. Cut open your daughter’s artery and rub the grass on. When the blood flows through her veins, the poison will naturally get absorbed by the blood moistening grass. A month of this treatment and she will probably be healed.” Old Li said.

“Moistening Blood Grass, isn’t that the grass given to soul pets when they need an emergency infusion of blood? This can cure poison?”As the soul teacher of the group, Zhang Ying asked curiously.

“Go back and try it, and you’ll know. And I suggest you not to use that earth heart bug. It doesn’t only eat poison but also bones and blood. She may lose her poison but her body will be permanently weaker. If she’s a soul pet trainer, her strength will permanently fall.” Old Li said.

Pang Xing and Lady Xiao looked at each other. Could it really be that the antidote they spent so long to find had other consequences, while their problems could be solved with a simpler solution?

“Then thank you Old Li!” Pang Xing quickly said.

“Go back quick, the longer the poison is in the system the more troublesome it is.” Old Li heard Pang Xing’s praise and waved his hand, clearly pleased with himself.

Pang Xing didn’t dare to stay around for long, turning around soon.

The way back, there were many dangers that they may run into so Old Li decided to be a good person and showed them a safe way back.

Initially, Pang Xing didn’t have much hope in the infamous old man, but once he found that he truly was much safer on the way back. Pang Xing couldn’t help but be secretly surprised!

“Looks like this half soul pet old man truly is a hidden expert!” Pang Xing said.

“En, if we can bring him to soul pet palace, it would be great news for us. However, we should first check to see if the antidote will work today……” Lady Xiao said.


After Pang Xing left with the other three, Old Li brought Zhan Ye further into forbidden realm.

It said it would need half a year because Ancient Power Awakening needed one more soul item. This soul item Old Li already had an idea of having, so he would be able to find it in half a year.

Another thing, to ensure Zhan Ye didn’t get instantly killed by any stronger dominator rank, Old Li decided to do some changes to broken limb rebirth to ensure Zhan ye didn’t get instantly killed before using all six of them.

Getting Ancient Power Awakening shouldn’t be a big problem. As for changes to broken limb rebirth, that was much harder. Old Li wasn’t sure he could do it.

“Half a year and if we make no breakthrough, we’ll switch a place.” Old Li said to Zhan Ye.

“Hou” Zhan ye replied with a low roar.

“Don’t worry, dominator rank always has some things that can bring people back from the dead. As long as your soul pact didn’t split, you still have some hope.” Old Li was very sure. The reason Zhan Ye fought so hard was for only one goal.

In fact, all of Chu Mu’s three soul pets were fighting for the same goal!

As long as their soul pacts didn’t split, they wouldn’t give up!


On the green plain, a few exotic little villages were scattered and spread apart.

From far away, one could hear gallant voices singing with a string of clear chimes, its rhythm causing one to want to go closer to the villages.

The villages were all split up, but if they were connected, it would be the size of a city. All of these villages had sheep and shepherds near them, often adding in a long call to join in on the singing.

One could see that it was a purely farming village. The occasional seemingly cruel soul pets were just shepherding dog replacements.


Springtime little Mo Xie was always tired. Her small and delicate body laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder and it half-closed its eyes, yawning constantly. Her small tails hung off of Chu Mu’s back, lightly swinging. If little Hidden Dragon were here, they would definitely become the mischevious fellow’s swing.

Chu Mu turned his head to look at the bored little Mo Xie and rubbed her furry tail. “A bit longer and you won’t be so bored.”

Chu Mu finally knew why the higher one went the harder one’s rank was to increase.

If Chu Mu wanted to train in the past, he just had to walk into a bewildering world and had countless soul pets to fight.

Now, bewildering worlds that could satisfy Chu Mu were very limited. Most places viewed as forbidden regions were not any more challenging than walking on city streets.

Fighting was a key to raising one’s strength. Not accounting for difficulties in finding soul items, fighting less was a key issue that caused their strength to be unable to increase.

“It seems like if I don’t go to forbidden realms, my strength will stay in place.” Chu Mu said to himself.

Ning Maner glanced at Chu Mu and mumbled, “Brother is a maniac at training.”

Ye QIngzi knew Chu Mu couldn’t stay bored and laughed lightly, “Wanxiang city has many experts, you can look for them to fight.”

“Those fights at most let my soul pets loosen up and not cause them to lose strength over time, it won’t strengthen them.” Chu Mu said.

Many times soul pet trainers at soul emperor rank were very cautious and took battles mainly as skirmishes. Those were mainly to warm up their soul pets. If they didn’t train for a long time in battle like before, their strengths staying stagnant was an understandable scene.

Of course, not many soul pet trainers were as dissatisfied as Chu Mu. Ask any of the large kingdom masters, elders, or high class emperor rank soul pet trainers and very very few would yearn for battle like Chu Mu did!

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