Chapter 913: Tramping on the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon (1)

A black colored hatchet; violent and imposing. A flash of death caused the surrounding environment to lose its color!

For a moment, the only thing that could be seen was the imposing hatchet that Zhan Ye had transformed into. It was proud, baleful, and aggressive!! 

“Si la!!!!!!”

The black hatchet ripped apart the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s chest. Zhan Ye’s darkness secondary attribute’s effect, mixed with the beast type’s sturdiness and the insect type’s piercing and ripping abilities, fiercely tore apart its thick scales!

Immediately, a huge portion of dragon scales dripping with blood and flesh fell to the ground. A stunning scene!

Quickly, Zhan Ye’s darkness energy broke through the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s wound, and greedily poured into the flesh! 

Darkness corrosion could prevent the wound from healing, while also enlarging the wound. Zhan Ye didn’t have many darkness techniques, but as long as the darkness secondary attribute could destroy defenses and corrode wounds- this would be the most optimal attribute for Zhan Ye!

The wound corrosion ability was something Old Li had specifically trained Zhan Ye in. After reaching the tenth phase, it was extremely difficult for it to comprehend a new technique. Fortunately, Old Li’s experience was vast, and he knew that there were a few spirit items that could nurture inside a soul pet’s body. Then, having it eat darkness creatures’ soul cores and soul crystals over a long period of time, the two effects together would successfully add the darkness corrosion ability on Zhan Ye’s claws!

This technique had truly wounded the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s physique!

Moreover, the self-healing ability it was so proud of was rendered useless because of the darkness corrosion! 

“Ao!!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s body transformed into a red volcano. No matter how much it exploded with anger, the black creature in front of it would remain vigorous and energized!

At this point, it had no choice but to reevaluate this powerful enemy in front of it!


There was an enormous discrepancy in strength between a dominator rank and emperor rank. There were times when ten normal peak emperor ranks were not even able to fight back against a single dominator rank before being killed. 

Even a paragon emperor, in the face of a dominator rank, would still be instakilled. 

Paragon emperors were ultimately emperors. They were only one or two grades higher than a normal peak emperor. There was still a huge gap between them and dominator ranks. 

At the very least, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, that was near the dominator rank, was three grades higher in strength than a paragon emperor! 

This three grade gap was something that a paragon emperor ostensibly could not cross. 

Indeed, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was essentially a paragon emperor in the process of evolving to a dominator rank. Paragon emperors had no qualifications to fight it. 

However, this time, it had encountered Zhan Ye. 

Zhan Ye was practically an undying powerful life force. The Broken Limb Rebirth ability and Brave Stinging Heart gave it the powerful qualifications of fighting those stronger than it! Therefore, the rank of strength it appeared to be was actually Zhan Ye at his weakest state!

In other words, at his weakest state, he was a paragon emperor. Thus, if he could truly explode, why would he not dare to fight the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon?! 

At the beginning, Old Li had known about this enormous potential of Zhan Ye’s. This was the reason why he had chosen to stay in the forbidden region, which was full of hardships, for such a long time. It was to raise Zhan Ye. 

Raising Zhan Ye’s innate rank to a paragon emperor was actually extremely, extremely difficult. As for truly creating a dominator rank creature, Old Li wasn’t sure if it was possible even after combining all the resources. 

Of course, the most important aspect was Zhan Ye’s powerful recovery abilities and obstinate fighting intent that allowed his strength to skyrocket in truly bloody fights!

Today, the success of the bitter training was about to be displayed! 

Facing the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon which was near the dominator rank, Zhan Ye had to pull out all the stops. Old Li would also be able to give a firm assessment of Zhan Ye’s strength, and determine if Zhan Ye could challenge those at an even higher level! 


Zhan Ye’s fight with the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon continued. The Bloodthirsty Insect’s territory in the surrounding ten kilometers had been completely destroyed.

Initially, it had only been the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s destructive force that had been terrifying. A casual attack would sweep up an area of ten kilometers. 

However, as Zhan Ye’s strength rose, its attacks grew more powerful. The endless fissures in the ground were a work of art from its claws. Even the four spectators had to continuously change locations to not be affected by the waves from the two creatures. 

The strength gap had narrowed. Zhan Ye didn’t need to hide its claws, and it was finally able to fully exhibit the superior nature of its formidable life force. It recklessly attacked the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s corroded wound. 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s attacks were no longer able to deal substantial damage to Zhan Ye like before. There were many times that in order to make the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s chest bleed, Zhan Ye recklessly used its own body to block the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s techniques. 


“Crap!” Madam Fu’s expression changed, and she intently watched Zhan Ye. 

The accumulated wounds had caused Zhan Ye to slow down. 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon grasped this opportunity. A bloody energy condensed on its dragon horn, and it surged towards Zhan Ye! 

The dragon horn was the sharpest weapon of the Hidden Dragons. If it was attacked, beaten and battered Zhan Ye wouldn’t have anymore strength left to stand. 

The four spectators decided to take action.

A huge amount of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s physical strength had been exhausted by Zhan Ye. On its body were visible significant wounds. If the four of them combined their strengths, they would definitely be able to defeat this Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon! 

“If you guys attack, you are not showing respect to it.” Old Li wasn’t worried and slowly spoke. 

“Even now?! What respect is there left to show?!” anxiously said Pang Xing. 

As he spoke, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s terrifying dragon horn descended!


The dragon horn ghastly pierced through Zhan Ye’s broken armor, which was of no defensive use. It pierced through from its back to its abdomen! 


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon let out a wild roar! 

It raised its head high up into the air, raising up Zhan Ye and a huge piece of rock up with it. It was like a cruel monarch had lifted and hung the person that had offended it high up into the air after piercing it! 

The four of them went pale when they saw this frightening scene. They quickly urged their soul pets forward to the rescue. 

 “Hou Hou Hou!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a roar filled with equal intimidation force rang out! 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, that was wildly venting its anger about the enemy that was about to die, immediately realized something. It abruptly smashed its head against the ground in an attempt to pulverize the innards of the pierced enemy! 

However, Zhan Ye’s movements were quicker. It forcibly lifted its body from the terrifying dragon horn and rang along the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s rugged back. Using its two claws, it clung onto the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s two wings! 

Insect fluids continuously seeped out, quickly healing the enormous wound from being pierced. This was the sixth Broken Limb Rebirth Zhan Ye used!

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s offensive blindspot was precisely its back. In anger and humiliation, it jumped into the air and smashed its own back towards the ground!

Zhan Ye’s healing was extremely fast. Just as the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon smashed into the ground like a bloody meteor, Zhan Ye jumped off, and ran along the ground explosions over ten kilometers away.


The energy from smashing into the ground transformed into an air wave that knocked Zhan Ye up.

Zhan Ye flipped in the sky and steadily landed on the ground. Its pair of cold eyes stared at the berserk Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

Pieces of dirk and rock struck Zhan Ye’s armor, emitting crisp sounds. 

A black armor was covering Zhan ye’s body. The original blood and flesh wounds were completely healed. It was another full recovery!! 

“Sixth… this is the sixth Broken Limb Rebirth!!!’ Pang Xing stared in shock at the Warbeast Mo Ye that was as good as new. 

An entire six Broken Limb Rebirths!!

Pang Xing finally understood why Old Li didn’t want them to interfere. With such an abnormal attribute, why would it not dare fight the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. 

Madam Xiao was equally stunned!

She had seen creatures in the past with the ability to use multiple Broken Limb Rebirths. However, the only strong part of these creatures was that they had powerful resistances. 

Today was the first time she had seen a Warbeast Mo Ye with the ultra talent to combine the Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart techniques. The strength it displayed left her in incomparable amounts of shock! 

“Haha, this stupid dragon is about to meet a disaster!’ Old Li happily laughed. 

“What do you mean?” quickly asked Zheng Bang. 

“Can you not see that its strength rose again?” Old Li raised his ugly eyebrows. 

The four of them looked at the war beast that stood proud like a monarch. 

Indeed, the Warbeast Mo Ye’s aura had become stronger. The incorporeally emitting darkness effect even froze the space around it! 

The aura and intimidation emitted was different from the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s wild violence and dominating nature. However, they could tell that its aura wasn’t any inferior to the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s. 

In other words, the current Mo Ye’s strength was also extremely close to the dominator rank!! 


Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was full, and there were no wounds on its body, while the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s body was full of wounds. In this state, who was weaker and who was stronger was already known! 

Thinking of what would come next, Pang Xing, Madam Xiao, Zheng Bang and Zhang Ying felt that it was inconceivable that the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon that made all of them quake would be trampled on by a Warbeast Mo Ye!! 

“Old Li, is this Mo Ye Emperor really Chu Mu’s?” a while later, Madam Xiao finally asked this question. 

“Of course. However, the reason it’s this strong is because of my efforts!’ Old Li didn’t hesitate to pump his own ego. 

Madam Xiao didn’t say anything more. 

Madam Xiao and Liu Binglan called each other sisters, so she knew that Chu Mu was Liu Binglan’s child. 

A formerly unremarkable Warbeast Mo Ye was so strong today that it was nearing the dominator rank that was inconceivably hard to reach. Wasn’t this the most clear indicator of how successful and what heights its dead master would have reached?! 

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