Chapter 912: Undead Zhan Ye


Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s voice came from afar. Its roar contained an anger that it couldn’t contain anymore!!

Suddenly, the Blood barbarian hidden dragon opened its bloody maw and revealed a rolling ball of lava deep within its throat, sending white smoke out of its mouth!

The Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s throat instantly became a volcano mouth. The rolling lava was already leaking out from between its teeth and burning through the ground!


Dragon breath came out, creating an impressive beam of red that stuck close to the ground as it flew from ten kilometers away swiftly over!!

The ground was burnt to crisp as a massive funnel of lava came forth, the blood red energy threatening to melt everything!

This blood dragon breath clearly also held the Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s anger as it came over. However, its attack range was so large that even Pang Xing had to ride his soul pet away to avoid it.


Blood colored dragon breath swept across. With Zhan Ye’s speed, even being ready for it, it was hard to dodge it completely.

Immediately, Zhan Ye’s grey figure was devoured by the terrifying dragon breath, flying even further away along with the magnificent blood lava!!

The bloodthirsty insect army originally had Lady Xiao and the other two trapped in another piece of land. Luckily, the three saw the Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s attack and quickly dodged, being unaffected by the breath.

As for the bloodthirsty insect army, they were less lucky. When the dragon breath rolled across, millions of insects disappeared under the rampant energy!

“It’s terrifying!” Zheng Bang looked at the burnt ground that now covered everything in his sight and started shaking.

Zheng Bang followed the burnt land to the edges of the attack and suddenly found a black figure come out of the burning ruins, shaking off the rocks on it.

“It didn’t die?” Zhen Bang yelled out, astounded!

This dragon breath was definitely dominator rank in strength. If they went against it head on, they would definitely die. Yet, this black soul pet could stand up in such a short time, just how powerful was its life force?


Zheng Bang hadn’t even come back to his senses before the black organism became a shadow that followed the long burnt ground away.

At the same time, Blood barbarian hidden dragon followed the breath, and flew full of power into this tough insect, colliding powerfully and starting a bloody brawl!

The Blood barbarian hidden dragon was incredibly angered right now. It had been too many years since someone dared to pick a fight with it.

Though the Blood barbarian hidden dragon hoped dearly that an organism could come find trouble with it so it could have a good fight, it didn't expect all of its techniques to fail to kill a mere emperor rank.

It was just an emperor rank organism, how could it possibly stop this many attacks? This had never happened before!

Of course, what caused it to be angry the most was the wound on its stomach. In not too long, it would truly be a dominator rank organism. As a dominator rank organism, it was an absolute shame to its pride as a dragon to be wounded by an emperor rank!

The Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s red eyes stared violently, yet disdainfully at the emperor rank organism, looking down upon it!


It couldn’t even withstand that hit. The Blood barbarian hidden dragon heavily swept its claw across, and the Mo Ye didn’t even have the time to dodge before falling heavily onto the ground, the sound of bones cracking clearly heard!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!”

The blood barbarian hidden dragon angrily lifted up a foot, not giving a lethal claw that could end Zhan Ye’s life, instead stepping on Zhan Ye’s body when it was still struggling with broken bones. It was utterly torturing its foe!

This blood barbarian hidden dragon was just letting out its rage!

Seeing the cruel blood barbarian hidden dragon, Pang Xing glanced at Mo Ye getting stamped on and again decided to attack.


Suddenly, the continuously stomping blood barbarian hidden dragon let out low roar and lifted up its foot in pain, which proceeded to bleed profusely!

The bottom of blood barbarian hidden dragon’s feet had no armor, so Zhan Ye’s ink armor spikes extending caused the blood barbarian hidden dragon great pain, as if its entire body was on fire!

Red energy gathered within its angry red claws, so dense that it seemed to be dripping.

Suddenly, blood barbarian hidden dragon’s claw fell down, heavily falling towards the Mo Ye still in the pit!

Pang Xing saw that things weren’t great, and immediately told his ice type emperor rank to cast freeze!

Frost welled up and became countless crystals that swiftly covered the blood barbarian hidden dragon’s body.

Yet, the near dominator rank blood barbarian hidden dragon didn't even care about the technique. A single shake caused all the ice to shatter and its claw fell down!

The claw could pierce through countless layers of ground. If it hit the Mo Ye, it wouldn’t be a simple matter of a wound; Zhan Ye’s whole body would become mush!

When Zhan Ye’s ink armor spikes pierced the foot of the blood barbarian hidden dragon, it already casted broken limb rebirth. After it recovered its wounds slightly, it didn't dare to hesitate and quickly dashed out of the cracks in the ground, evading this lethal hit from the blood barbarian hidden dragon.

Zhan Ye was very speedy, instantly appearing a few kilometers away, stopping not far away from Pang Xing.

“Hou!!!!” Zhan Ye dodged the attack and roared towards Pang Xing, signaling for him to not participate!

Pang Xing blanked, and watched as the Mo Ye’s wounds quickly healed.

“This…..this is broken limb rebirth?” Pang Xing stared wide-eyed.

“Of course, you thought it had nothing to rely on and dared to fight the blood barbarian hidden dragon? Use your mind!” Old Li said.

Pang Xing was the great senior elder of soul pet palace, yet now he was being called brainless by a half human thing. Even he felt slightly embarrassed.

“It’s life force is incredibly powerful, but don’t you find this completely meaningless? Can’t you see its always just passively taking a beating?” Pang Xing said.

“It’s used to it, it was always like this in the beginning.” Old Li said grumbling.

“What do you mean “in the beginning”?” Pang Xing was still confused.

Usually, soul pets with Broken Limb Rebirth were slightly weaker in fighting strength. If one were to strengthen it again, it would take a large amount of resources.


This time, the blood barbarian hidden dragon was truly furious!!

It was nearly dead, but why was it running around completely healthy again!

What made it angrier was it could vaguely feel that the insect’s power, defense, and speed all became stronger!

The blood barbarian hidden dragon was incredibly violent, so it was to the point where it had to kill the Zhan Ye!

After Zhan Ye’ speed got faster, it no longer purely fought the blood barbarian hidden dragon head on. Instead, it chose to wander and avoid its direct assault, finding a good chance to leap forth, as if it were dragging out the battle.

Zhan Ye’s life force was already six times stronger than normal organisms. Now that Zhan Ye was invincible emperor, it means the blood barbarian hidden dragon had to kill six invincible emperor ranks before making Zhan Ye use broken limb rebirth once. This caused the blood barbarian hidden dragon to have even greater difficulty killing the Zhan Ye!


As the battle continued, the bloodthirsty insect army retreated. Losing so many troops, they didn't want to lose even more just because of the battle between dominator ranks.

Without the army’s pressure, Lady Xiao, Zhen Bang, and Zhang Ying were relieved and came to meet up with Pang Xing.

Originally, they thought the three were going to go into battle and defeat the blood barbarian hidden dragon together.

As long as a single soul pet could stop the blood barbarian hidden dragon’s attacks head on, with the four of their powers, they could probably fight the blood barbarian hidden dragon.

However, Pang Xing didn't want to let them attack because Pang Xing was staring in awe at the Mo Ye Emperor get stronger constantly. Even he wanted to know deep down just how powerful this Mo Ye could become!

When the second broken limb rebirth appeared, Pang Xing just barely understood.

The third time, Zhan Ye’s strength clearly raised two ranks and he was surprised.

By the fourth broken limb rebirth, everyone was shocked speechless because they never would have guessed that the invincible emperor rank Mo Ye had four broken limb rebirths!!


After the fourth one, Zhan Ye’s strength climbed three full ranks!

Originally, Zhan Ye’s own body’s healing had no effect under the powerful attacks from the blood barbarian hidden dragon. After all, any attack could easily cause Zhan Ye to be heavily wounded.

However, after the fourth broken limb rebirth, Zhan Ye was sustaining weaker and weaker wounds while its regeneration was getting stronger, causing the blood barbarian hidden dragon to find even more difficulty.

Most importantly, Zhan Ye could cause wounds now to the blood barbarian hidden dragon even without its defense ignoring ink armor spikes!

The blood barbarian hidden dragon’s self-healing was very strong. Until now, other than its stomach, the blood barbarian hidden dragon barely had any wounds.

“Heavens…… fifth…… the fifth broken limb rebirth! Its strength raised again!!” Zhang Ying let out a cry of surprise.

Just when the four of them thought that was Mo Ye’s last broken limb rebirth, they saw a world-shaking scene!

Five broken limb rebirths, and it had a Brave Stinging heart that constantly increased its powers. As long as it couldn’t be killed in one go, this Mo Ye would become incredibly scary!

After the fifth broken limb rebirth, Zhan Ye’s strength raised another rank!

At this moment, Zhan Ye’s strength was much closer now to the blood barbarian hidden dragon’s.

It was time for this dumb dragon to get a taste of being tortured!

“Houhouhou!!!!!!!!!!” Zhan Ye let out an angry roar. Using speed nearly five times higher than its original speed, it became an even larger black axe that slammed imposingly towards the blood barbarian hidden dragon!

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