Chapter 911: As long as it isn’t dead, it’s fine

While Old Li and Pang Xing spoke, the roaring blood barbarian hidden dragon had already retracted its wings and dived down, its body becoming a blood colored meteor that lifted up huge waves as it fell towards Zhan Ye!!


The Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s power was incredibly powerful. When the blood rose up, the whole bloodthirsty bug army was sent into the skies. The yellow skies immediately had a lot of black figures appear!

Zhan Ye’s black body was also spinning around in the air. In terms of power, Zhan Ye couldn't possibly compete against this barbaric fellow.


Suddenly, the bloody shadow shrouded Zhan Ye, who was still trying to find its balance in the air. Its meaty wings flapped heavily, like two blood colored clouds blotting out the sun in the skies.

Dragon shadow!

Blood barbarian hidden dragon went into a dive, yet this time a blood dragon shadow came out of its body and flew straight towards Zhan ye.

In the sky, Zhan Ye’s dodging power was much weaker. This shocking blood dragon shadow was something it couldn’t dodge, sending it heavily into a crater on the ground!

The ground shook greatly. Rock waves traveled through the ground nearby, rippling high enough to blot the sun out.

Pang Xing stood far away, utterly lost as he stared at the dragon shadow attack, his heart sent into ruckus!!

With only two techniques, the invincible emperor rank Mo Ye was finally defeated. The Blood barbarian hidden dragon again showed its near dominator rank power!

“I told you it wouldn’t be able to defeat the Blood barbarian hidden dragon!” Pang Xian said angrily.

If they joined forces, even if they couldn’t beat the Blood barbarian hidden dragon, the six top tier emperor rank soul pets could definitely fight the Blood barbarian hidden dragon for a while.

Yet now, even the Zhan Ye Emperor, who was the only one that could wound the Blood barbarian hidden dragon, was hurt. Their fighting strength as a whole would take a huge hit. Blood barbarian hidden dragon could kill them without a threat now.

Pang Xian’s five soul pets had long since been ready for battle, staring at Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon like their greatest enemy.

“What are you worried about, don’t you see, it climbed up! I told you this is its special training!” Old Li’s short fingers pointed at the cracked crater.

“How can I not be worried!” Pang Xing stared at the damned old half man.

In such a worrying time, who cared about whether it was special training or not. Did he truly think the blood barbarian hidden dragon was this easy to defeat? It was a near dominator rank organism!

After cursing a few times, Pang Xing glanced at the Blood barbarian hidden dragon and was about to tell his five soul pets to attack when suddenly, in his vision, an extremely fast black figure darted forth, quickly circumventing the jagged rocks and appeared in front of the arrogantly roaring Blood barbarian hidden dragon. Its shark armor spikes again pierced into its stomach location!

Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s stomach armor was already rotten to a certain degree, weakening its defense. This attack therefore no longer just broke through defense but instead truly wounded the Blood barbarian hidden dragon!!


The Blood barbarian hidden dragon let out a pained roar, and stared angrily at this black war beast, slamming its claw down again at it!

Zhan Ye again decided to dodge after one hit. However, this Blood barbarian hidden dragon couldn’t let it easily dodge away. After slamming down its claw, the Blood barbarian hidden dragon turned its body around suddenly and sent its thick steel like tail sweeping, lifting up a terrifying blood hurricane that slammed into Zhan Ye’s armor!

Zhan Ye was sent flying far away, but it didn’t lay there unable to rise afterward. It immediately stood up and stared calmly at the Blood barbarian hidden dragon.

“Why is this Mo Ye’s defense so high?” Pang Xing was dumbfounded!

Pang Xing’s soul pets, other than invincible emperor rank, could at most block a few hits from the Blood barbarian hidden dragon, but other top tier emperor ranks would definitely be instantly killed in a single technique.

What Pang Xing didn’t expect was that after multiple attacks from the Blood barbarian hidden dragon, it still had such overwhelming fighting strength. This was truly unimaginable. After all, from its aura, one could tell that this Mo Ye emperor was invincible emperor rank and couldn’t compete against dominator rank!

“I can’t believe you’re the great senior elder of soul pet palace, unable to even differentiate between defense and life force.” Old Li sneered.

Pang Xing paused and quickly realized that he had made a very low level mistake.

If its defense were powerful, getting attacked won’t leave obvious marks on it. This Mo Ye Emperor’s wounds seemed incredibly heavy. In normal situations, it could no longer maintain complete fighting strength. The fact that it could still retain its original fighting strength meant its life force was incredible!

“That’s why. It’s a Mo Ye with life force talent…..” Pang Xian understood.

However, Pang Xing knew that just having life force wasn’t enough. In terms of power, speed, defense, and techniques, it was far off from the Blood barbarian hidden dragon. Its life force would allow it to last a little longer, but it was not enough to compete.

So, for safety, Pang Xing couldn't just watch.

“Can you not be in the way?” Old Li saw the man was about to intervene again and yelled out dissatisfied.

Old Li had finally found a Blood barbarian hidden dragon to train Zhan Ye. If Pang Xing helped then they wouldn't be able to truly find out how powerful Zhan Ye was at its peak.

“I…… I…..” with Old Li’s yelling, Pang Xing had a pent up anger. He was secretly cursing in his mind that if he didn't intervene, he would probably die!

When Old Li and Pang Xing stared at each other angrily, Zhan Ye again collided with the Blood barbarian hidden dragon.    

Zhan Ye seemed to know that this attack of Blood barbarian hidden dragon was something it couldn’t dodge, so its claws became a Death God’s Dawn blade, slicing towards the defenseless stomach of the Blood barbarian hidden dragon!


The criss cross of claws split open the Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s stomach, sending huge chunks of blood, flesh, and armor!

At the same time, Blood barbarian hidden dragon’s teeth became a blood red energy. It opened up its massive maw, and bit down on Zhan Ye’s body with enough power to shatter mountain ranges!


With a crisp snap, the teeth came through Zhan Ye’s body, sending sticky blood down to the ground.

Blood dragon teeth energy locked Zhan Ye in the sky. As the Blood barbarian hidden dragon shook its head aside arrogantly, the bloody Zhan Ye was thrown before Pang Xing and Old Li, landing heavily on the ground.

Pang Xing was very shocked by the previous scene. Seeing Mo Ye emperor full of blood in front of him, his body went completely cold.

“Damnit, I told you you couldn’t beat it and you even wanted to succeed!” Pang Xing quickly recovered from his shock and cursed angrily!

“If I knew you were this wordy, I woudln’t have saved you and would’ve just let that dumb dragon slap you to death!” Old Li seemed to have missed having a good argument, and seemed to be enjoying this banter with Pang Xing.

As for the Zhan Ye lying aside, Old Li only glanced at it once and nodded secretly, “En en, as long as it isn’t dead, it’s fine.

Pang Xing didn't have the time to waste time arguing with the half human half soul pet. His five soul pet formation was already complete, but he didn’t dare to go straight into battle, instead choosing a defensive stance.


At this moment, a low yet angry roar came from below, as if the Mo Ye Emperor was groaning in pain.

“Don’t worry, I can still keep it at bay for a while. You can escape first.” Pang Xing said to Mo ye emperor while his eyes were tightly staring at the blood barbarian hidden dragon, not daring to lose sight of it at all.

“Hou!!!!!!” Suddenly, Mo Ye emperor let out a stronger roar, as if telling Pang Xing to go aside.

Pang Xing understood the meaning in the roar, and went bright red with anger. Why was it telling him not to be a bother again!

No one wanted to be a bother. If not to save Lady Xiao and the other three, to save his daughter’s life, there was no way Pang Xing would come to such a place and fight the blood barbarian hidden dragon.

“If you’re this wounded already, can’t you go aside…..” Pang Xing lowered his head and yelled angrily.

Yet, halfway through cursing, Pang Xing’s expression went still and his cursing stopped abruptly.

“This…..this…..this is impossible!” Pang Xing’s face stared stunned at the black war beast that stood back up, immersed in utter disbelief!

Mo Ye’s wounds were completely healed!!

The black and sturdy figure slowly walked ahead of Pang Xing. Its mighty armor had a cold glint that averted one’s gaze. Its four powerful limbs stepped heavily on the ground, as if it commanded this piece of territory, and no one could tell it otherwise!


Zhan Ye let out a wild roar, its speed much faster than even before. Its body became a mighty black axe that pierced towards the blood barbarian hidden dragon!!!

The blood barbarian hidden dragon similarly didn't think the Zhan Ye could still stand up. Unable to make a reaction in time, the blood barbarian hidden dragon was slammed by the black war axe. Its huge body was sent flying in one hit, its blood colored body creating a huge gorge in the ground!


Blood barbarian hidden dragon flew back and hit many bloodthirsty insect cave mountains along the way. A dozen thousand meter tall mountains fell one after another. When it was near another mountain range, the blood barbarian hidden dragon’s near hundred meter long body was but a speck in the distance that fell into the ruins of a mountain!

Pang Xing was dumbfounded, as he watched the black and proud figure that seemed near death just moments ago. He was speechless at the sight before him!

On the other side, lost in the fight with the bloodthirsty insect army, Lady Xiao and the other two turned around to find that the blood barbarian hidden dragon had disappeared!

When they followed the long gorge with their eyes, they were shocked to find that the blood barbarian hidden dragon, so powerful they nearly lost their souls at first sight, was sent ten kilometers away by an attack!

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