Chapter 910: Mo Ye, Alone Versus the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon

Its bloody wings were enormous, and its skeleton that extended from the ground to the clouds was like a towering spire. Its enormous body was majestic and proud, giving people the pressure of an enormous mountain. Its pair of bloody pupils were perpetually filled with anger and violence. It didn’t matter who provoked it, but that creature would definitely suffer the savage wrath of a dragon!!

The closer she got, the more pressure Madam Xiao felt. This creature, a perfect combination of the beast and insect type, could probably create heavenly destructing strength with a casual wave of its claws!

Although Madam Xiao had known that it was extremely terrifying, when she personally saw it, she couldn’t help but tremble!

“Aunt Xiao, quickly come and save us!!” Zhang Ying saw in the distance that Madam Xiao was rushing towards them. His fearful eyes revealed a trace of hope!

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was much stronger than they had imagined. The three of them had summoned all of their soul pets. However, a single clash with the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon had led to two emperors of Zhang Ying and Zheng Bang being instantly killed. They weren’t even able to use a single technique. 

Zheng Bang was one of Hunting Alliance’s top experts. His main pets had also reached the peak emperor rank. However, they weren’t able to escape the fate of instant death. The difference in strength made even Senior Elder Pang flabbergasted!

Pang Xing’s five soul pets had simultaneously thrown themselves at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. Pang Xing had one paragon emperor and four peak emperors. His five soul pets together had barely managed to stop the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s offense and saved Zhang Ying who was shouting to Madam Xiao for help. 

Zhang Ying had felt an enormous dragon claw brush against her shoulder. She had been so scared she was slightly paralyzed on her soul pet’s back. A little bit more, and her life would have been gone!

“Hurry up and leave!” Madam Xiao quickly chanted an incantation and summoned the beast type emperor and vine type emperors beside her. 

The beast type emperor was a horned beast emperor. Its body was covered in golden and silver armor. When the horned beast emperor charged at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, its enormous horn flickered with dazzling light.


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s body slid back a little bit. Only a light scratch was left on its scales where the horned beast’s light horn had struck it. Even its defenses hadn’t been broken! 

“This…” Madam Xiao was stunned. 

Her horned beast was a genuine paragon emperor, and its light horn was its strongest offensive weapon. Even a peak emperor with extremely high defense would likely be pierced by it.

However, it was not even able to break apart the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s defense! 

How strong did its scales have to be to stop such a powerful attack! 

“Split up and escape!!” Madam Xiao recognized that their soul pets were simply not its opponents as she yelled towards the other three. 

Why would the other three insist on fighting? They all rode on their fastest soul pets and fled in different directions. 

Splitting and fleeing wasn’t an infallible plan because the moment a person was focused, that person was dead. 

Unfortunately, even with this plan, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon wasn’t going to let them succeed. The dominator of this bloody land let out a roar at the sky!!

The roar rang throughout the entire area. Suddenly, countless large bodies surged out from the earth. They attempted to surround the four fleeing people! 

“Gu gu gu gu gu~~~~~~~”

The Bloodthirsty Insect army had covered the area, and had forced the fleeing humans to return. There was nowhere to run. 

“These things are listening to the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s orders!!” Zheng Bang’s face was pale and his hand subconsciously trembled! 

A single Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon had already scared their spirits. Added on the enormous tenth rank tribe of Bloodthirsty Insects, they really were going to perish in this desolate region. 

Madam Xiao, Pang Xing and Zhang Ying had all been forced back as well. Now that their plan had failed, they had to stand together if they wanted to survive longer. Otherwise, if they were attacked one at a time by the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, none of them could even think about leaving alive. 

“I’ll delay the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. You guys try your best to kill your way out!” Pang Xing gritted his teeth!

It wasn’t important if he died here. Pang Xing didn’t want to hinder Madam Xiao who had helped him out of kindness. Nor did he want his daughter to be poisoned to death. 

“Senior Elder Pang…” Madam Xiao glanced at Pang Xing. 

“Madam Xiao, I entrust my daughter to you!” Pang Xing had already made up his mind. After speaking, he ordered his five soul pets to charge at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!!

Zheng Bang and Zhang Ying were both stunned. They looked in shock at Pang Xing’s lone figure leave. For a moment, they had bitter feelings in their heart. 

Senior Elder Pang would be unable to return. Thinking of a senior elder from Soul Pet Palace perishing, a dense haze shrouded their hearts. 

“Let’s go.” Madam Xiao was very decisive. She indignantly and justly ordered her three soul pets to open a bloody path.

Zheng Bang and Zhang Ying didn’t dare stop here. They closely followed beside her and charged at the large and fat Bloodthirsty Insects. 


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s eyes were bloody and savage. Seeing the human bring his five soul pest to kill it, it looked as if it was watching tasty prey. It madly stepped forward, barging through and knocking Pang Xing’s five soul pets away! 

Pang Xing himself was knocked flying. He dizzily turned around and climbed up, only to see the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon unscathed. He was even more stunned!

This Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was too strong. He thought that he would be able to stop it for a moment, but ended up being dispensed with so easily. Pang Xing knew that he would be able to last for a few minutes at most!

“Sou sou sou~~~~”

Pang Xing was about to stand up, when suddenly a black figure moving at extreme speed flashed past him. In the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. It extended its armor spikes glistening in cold light, drawing a dark cold light that pierced the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s scaled abdomen! 


The armored spike pierced the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s body without resistance. The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon let out a pained roar!!

Pang Xing opened his mouth wide and stared in shock at the black figure. Even Madam Xiao’s horned beast emperor was unable to break apart the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s defenses. Yet, this mysterious Warbeast Mo Ye had managed to wound it! 


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon angrily tossed Pang Xing’s demon aside, and its claws fiercely swiped at the Warbeast Mo Ye on its abdomen! 

The Warbeast Mo Ye recalled its armor spikes and nimbly transformed into a black shadow, dodging its attack. It once more returned a thousand meters away!

“This is…” Pang Xing looked on, flabbergasted, at this Warbeast Mo Ye.

He was certain that this Warbeast Mo Ye was extremely strong. It was even stronger than Madam Xiao’s horned beast emperor. However, despite looking in all directions, Pang Xing was unable to find another soul pet trainer. Moreover, this powerful Mo Ye Emperor had no reason to save him.


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s eyes were dense like blood, filled with bloodthirstiness and savagery. The moment it was angered its anger would become even colder. It stared intensely and the black colored war tiger that had injured it. It used its roar to tell this thing, courting death, that it had better be ready to pay its life for provoking it! 

“Let’s deal with it together!” Pang Xing used this opportunity to call the five soul pets back to his side, rearranging them into a formation. 

Pang Xing knew that now wasn’t a time to ask questions. Since this powerful Mo Ye Emperor was willing to help him, they should combine their strengths to deal with this Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. After all, it the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was very close to the dominator rank!

The Mo Ye Emperor ignored Pang Xing. It just calmly stood there. 

Pang Xing didn’t know what this Mo Ye wanted to do. He asked again, but received an astonishing answer. 

“You… you don’t want me to interfere?” Pang Xing was somewhat skeptical whether he misinterpreted this Mo Ye Emperor’s meaning. 

However, when he discovered the Mo Ye Emperor slowly take a step forward and approach the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, alone, he realized that he hadn’t understood incorrectly. This Mo Ye wanted to fight the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon alone!

“Just get rid of those Bloodthirsty Insects. Don’t disturb its fight with the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon.” at this moment, a half pet half human raccoon jumped out, appearing in front of Pang Xing. 

“Why is it you, you rotten old fellow!” Pang Xing was stunned as he pointed at Old Li.

“Haha, it’s me.” Old Li profoundly stroked his silver beard and spoke proudly.

“That Mo Ye Emperor is…” Pang Xing never expected to encounter this famous, strange thief here. 

“It’s a brat’s soul pet. I felt that it had potential so for the past few years, I’ve been training it in the Northern Forbidden Region. This Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon is its test to see the results of its training. Don’t steal it from the Mo Ye.” laughed Old Li. 

When he had scouted around earlier, Old Li had only seen the other three people. He didn’t realize Pang Xing was here.

Old Li had previously stolen many items from Soul Pet Palace. As a senior elder, Pang Xing naturally recognized this strange old fellow. 

“Only a demon would steal it from the Mo Ye!” cursed Pang Xing.

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Beast was such an extraordinary existence that if it wasn’t to protect Madam Xiao and the two others, Pang Xing obviously wouldn’t have fought with this creature, much less steal it? Was he mental? 

“It’s good that you’re not stealing it. It was even scared that you would use up the Blood Barbarian Hidden Beast’s strength. If that happened, then it would be unable to prove its strength.” said Old Li.

Pang Xing’s face immediately turned black. What was this fellow saying? The only reason the Mo Ye Emperor saved him earlier was because it didn’t want him to interfere?! 

“Whose soul pet is this? It seems to be very strong, but it cannot be the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s opponent!’ Pang Xing seriously said. 

“Chu Mu’s. Whether it’s an opponent, we’ll know once they finish fighting.” said Old Li.

“Chu Mu? Which Chu Mu? Pang Xing thought for a while, but wasn’t able to think of an expert called Chu Mu.

“You don’t even recognize Tianxia Realm’s King?!” Old Li rolled his eyes.

Pang Xing was stunned. His face was immediately filled with shock, “You’re talking about the brat who transformed into a devil?” 

“Yes.” Old Li nodded his head.

Pang Xing had heard of Chu Mu. His gaze immediately shifted to the Warbeast Mo Ye that was so strong it was going to fight the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon alone… 

Senior Elder Pang had heard that Chu Mu was a soul pet trainer with extreme potential. However, he never expected that his soul pet would be so strong!! 

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