Chapter 909: Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon

Chapter 909: Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon

The person who paid the most attention to the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was Senior Elder Pang.

His daughter, Pang Yue, had befallen Poison Desolation Nie Yunbin’s plot after offending him, and was poisoned. 

Although the three great palaces hadn’t started a war with Soul Alliance in Wanxiang City, fights in the shadows were constantly occurring. Nie Yunbing had used a crafty method to poison Pang Yue and had proposed that she marry him. Shamelessly, he would only cure her if she married him.  As a father, Senior Elder Pang had nearly brought Soul Pet Palace’s army to invade Wanxiang Altar! 

Pang Yue was Soul Pet Palace’s first princess and was the representative person of Soul Pet Palace’s young generation. She was also a famous beauty in Wanxiang Realm and even now, her father, Senior Elder Pang, had yet to find someone fitting for his own daughter. 

Ignoring the fact that Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing was a sworn enemy, his extremely ugly face and evil heart made it so he would rather his own daughter be poisoned to death than marry him! 

Nobody could cure Pang Yue’s poison, so Senior Elder Pang could only request assistance from the noble and virtuous Madam Xiao.

Madam Xiao herself was from Soul Pet Palace. Although she had already retired, she still had influence in Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm. Moreover, she had extraordinary abilities. 

Madam Xiao knew how to cure the poison. Unfortunately, the items required were too hard to find. She had only heard of them appearing in the Thousand Insect Desolation Ground’s northern side. 

The four of them had come here this time in order to find the Ground Heart Insect that was capable of curing Pang Yue’s poison. Madam Xiao and her husband had come here before, and she couldn’t ignore Soul Pet Palace’s matters. Therefore, she had come here with Pang Xing.

Senior Elder Pang, Pang Xing, was trying to save his daughter so he didn’t care how dangerous it was. He would still go himself.

Zheng Bang was a Hunting Association expert, and was rather familiar with bug type emperors. Pang Xing had spent a lot of money to invite him, but he didn’t realize that this fellow was a coward. Thus, he was extremely dissatisfied. 

The other person Madam Xiao brought was called Zhang Ying. He was a support soul pet trainer. Without a support soul pet trainer to heal soul pets when entering such a dangerous place, the losses would be horrible. 

En route, the four of them had encountered many troubles, but ultimately reached this land. 

In truth, the Ground Heart Insect wasn’t a very high ranking soul pet. They practically had no offensive capabilities. Their only ability was to suck out the poison in a creature’s body and transform it into their own energy. 

Ground Heart Insects were exceptionally rare. Due to their special ability, if one appeared, they would normally be recruited by the leader of a territory so that when they were poisoned in a fight, the Ground Heart Insect could detoxify them. 


The four of them passed through the Heavenly Devil Insect Tribe’s thousand Insect Desolation Ground and reached the northern side’s blood colored forbidden region. 

The majority of creatures that lived here were Bloodthirsty Insects. Indeed, it was a Bloodthirsty Insect tribe. 

If it was merely a tribe, even a tenth ranked one, with the four of them, it wouldn’t be a problem to either escape or fight. However, after they heard from Madam Xiao that there was a Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon here, they became extra cautious. They were deeply afraid of provoking this esteemed magnate. 

The Bloodthirsty Insects were also called Bloodsucking Insects. Ground Heart Insects could be considered a mutated species of Bloodthirsty Insects. Therefore, there was a chance they could appear in the Bloodthirsty Insect’s territory.  

“Aunt Xiao, why haven’t you said anything from just now?” 

“I remember that Thousand Insect Desolation Ground should have a few peak emperor rank creatures. Why hasn’t anything happened since we’ve passed through their territories?” said Madam Xiao. 

“Hopefully those magnates killed each other.” said Zhang Ying.

It was naturally a good thing that they were able to peacefully traverse through these territories. Zhang Ying didn’t want to be surrounded by another tribe’s army and then have to face the ferocious looking insect emperors. 

Madam Xiao intentionally looked back at the Thousand Insect Desolation Ground. She didn’t think about this question again. Perhaps they really did kill each other. 

A moment later, Pang Xing and the others arrived in the middle area of the Bloodthirsty Insect Tribe.

The entire tribe’s territory was vast and barren. As far as they could see, aside from blood colored rocks with fissures through them, the only things there were low ranking Bloodthirsty Insects wriggling about.

The territory occupied by the tribe probably wasn’t any less than a tenth rank kingdom. Trying to find a white colored Ground Heart Insect from such a large piece of land was practically like finding a needle in a haystack. It was no wonder than Zheng Bang thought they were wasting time here!

The four of them were extremely cautious, and tried their best not to be discovered by the Bloodthirsty Insect army. 

However, after aimless searches over many days, they weren’t able to discover any traces of Ground Heart Insects. 

There wasn’t much time left. If they couldn’t find it, Pang Yue wouldn’t be able to wake up again. Senior Elder Pang was growing more and more restless. 

“Today is the last day we search. If we can’t find it, we can only enter the Bloodthirsty Insect tribe’s nest. If the Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor has discovered a Ground Heart Insect, it definitely is raising it to detoxify poisons. The chances of finding one there are higher.” Madam Xiao creased her brows. 

“This… isn’t too good, eh? This tribe should be about the tenth rank.” Zheng Bang didn’t want to take a risk like that. 

Pang Xing glared at Zheng Bang. If he knew this fellow was so cowardly, he wouldn’t have spent so many spirits to invite him.


After searching for a day, they weren’t able to find anything. Thus, they changed their target to the main nest of the Bloodthirsty Insect tribe. 

Bloodthirsty Insects had extremely powerful bloodsucking abilities. Being able to recover fighting strength from sucking enemy blood made them a species that was extremely hard to deal with. 

Fortunately, the four of them were prepared and had a high chance of dealing with them.

The four of them first snuck nearby the Bloodthirsty Insect’s main nest. Madam Xiao’s demon went to scout for whether there was a Ground Heart Insect in the main nest. 

"Hu hu~~~~”

A moment later, the demon returned.

“So?” Pang Xing hastily asked. This main nest was his last hope. If there was no Ground Heart Insect, his daughter would truly be poisoned to death.

Madam Xiao revealed a happy expression: “There really is a Ground Heart Insect. Let’s do as we planned.” 

The worried expression on Pang Xing’s face vanished. He emphatically nodded his head: “Then I’ll go and lure them.” 

The plan was very simple. It was to lure the tiger out of its den. 

Pang Xing, Zheng Bang, and Zhang Ying would anger the master of the nest and lure a big portion of the powerful Bloodthirsty Insects away. Then, Madam Xiao would make her way into the nest, and take the Ground Heart Insect. 

Pang Xing was anxious about saving his daughter. He didn’t say anything else, and promptly urged his Large Spirit Armored Beast to charge at the Bloodthirsty Insect nest. 

Since Pang Xing had already began, the other two could only hastily follow. 

As for Madam Xiao, she patiently waited in her spot. 

Approximately an hour later, countless enormous hill-like Bloodthirsty Insects rushed out from nearby Madam Xiao. Where these Bloodthirsty Insects crawled, they would leave deep tracks in the ground. From top to bottom they were covered in bloodsucking poison. They looked exceptionally malevolent and disgusting. 

Madam Xiao hid herself using her demon and waited for the Bloodthirsty Insects to chase past her before silently making her way around to the main nest. 

She knew that there would still be a powerful Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor defending there. She intentionally summoned her beast emperor and vine type emperor outside the nest. She deliberately had them exude their auras to lure the defending Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor out of the nest. 

Madam Xiao was extremely strong. Perhaps she herself would be able to annihilate a normal tenth rank tribe. However, en route, her main pets had grown exceptionally tired. Annihilating a Bloodthirsty Insect tribe may not be too hard, but after doing so, it would be practically impossible for the four of them to safely return to human territory. 

“It’s come.” seeing the fat and enormous Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor appear, the corners of her lips slightly raised. She knew that her plan had probably succeeded. 

This was the last peak emperor rank Bloodthirsty Insect in the main nest. After luring it out, there would be no creature that could stop her demon from taking the Ground heart Insect. 


A moment later, the demon indeed grabbed the white wriggling insect. A smile of relief appeared on Madam Xiao’s face. 

“Return!” Madam Xiao chanted an incantation and decisively recalled the vine type emperor and beast type emperor fighting a large group of Bloodthirsty Insects back to their soul pet spaces. 

“Let’s leave and meet up with them.” Madam Xiao said to her demon. 

The Bloodthirsty Insects moved as a group. They were in the process of surrounding two powerful invaders, but in the blink of an eye, they disappeared. The only thing they saw was a human woman riding on an extremely fast creature as she disappeared from nearby their nest!

The Bloodthirsty Insect Emperor instantly let out an angry roar. It had the Bloodthirsty Insect army chase in the direction that human woman fled!

Madam Xiao’s demon was already nearing the paragon emperor rank. The Bloodthirsty Insects were clearly inferior. Even that peak emperor rank Bloodthirsty Insect could only watch as that human traversed as it pleased with rapid speed through its territory, much less the army. 


“Hu hu~~~~”

While running, Madam Xiao’s demon seemed to have sensed something. It let out a sound that resembled a wind calling. 

“They’ve encountered danger?” Madam Xiao was stunned. 

Senior Elder pang’s strength was not much inferior to her own. Added on Zheng Bang and Zhang Ying, even if they were surrounded by the army, it probably wouldn’t be much of an obstacle to them.

Madam Xiao had her demon speed up as she rushed towards the others. 

“Ao Hou Hou Hou~~~~~”

Suddenly, an earth and heaven shattering dragon cry rang out from in front!!

A powerful sound wave was released, causing tens of thousands of low ranking Bloodthirsty Insects to instantly explode!!

Blood and flesh splattered over the ground. Madam Xiao, riding on her demon, went pale because an enormous bloody figure proudly appeared in front of her. It dominated this barren earth! 

“Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!!!” Madam Xiao cried out in shock.

She condensed her soul remembrance and look in the distance. She discovered in horror that Pang Xing and the two others were extremely close to the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

Clearly, their fight with the Bloodthirsty Insects had provoked the dominator of this bloody land, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!!

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